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“We believe in citizens standing up to their government, just not our government.”

Perhaps this is related to our ruling class’ obsession with banning “assault weapons,” despite the fact that they’re used in likely less than one percent of violent crime or murders. Should guns only be legal for militia use, or are militia-appropriate firearms “weapons of war that shouldn’t be available to civilians?” Interesting.


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    • I agree. I am genuinely curious though. How do you square that sentiment with your involvement in Vietnam (I am sure you have been asked that many times)? I ask because awhile ago I used to have stripes on my arm too . . . when we bombed the crap out of Serbia.

      • Well, he was a lot younger and less experienced and less knowledgeable then. In fact that experience was probably a big part of what lead to his current position. People do learn and grow.

        I was never military but I can tell you I used to believe a lot of the lies and BS that was in the history books at school. The more I learned the more I learned that it was almost all lies and propaganda.

      • I was 17 when I enlisted. How many people do you know that are just exactly as they were at 17? I have changed. I hope for the better. If you have the fortune to outlive your youthful mistakes life has a way of educating you. And now I have kids and grandkids.

        Had a grandson that was infatuated with the Marines. I hope that I have talked him out of that. None of my kids and so far none of my grands have worn a uniform and I’d like for that to continue.

        I have regrets. Regrets that I have to live with.

        • It was what I was jwm .
          I’ve two family members in marines now. They’re Dad was in army, two tours in land of sand. They Just had to show pops they’re better. I’m hoping the ‘Powers That Be’ dont turn them loose because there’d be no enemies left to kill , and then what happens?

    • Quote ——– I’ve said it before. Any .gov that will not trust me with a firearm is not a .gov to trust. Or serve. ——-Quote

      More jethro wm psychosis! You never served in the military!

      And this is spoken like a “freedumbbbbb” loving cisgendered heternormative white patriarch. You were probably there, on Jan 6th, at the capital, trying to overturn our government, insurrecting it up, while wearing a kkk hoodie, blackface, carrying a tiki torch, and an AR15. You are the embodiment of whiteness, and thus white supremacy. To reduce white supremacy in the US, we have to abolish white people:

      creamy loving,


  1. Every organization has as its primary mission, growth. With the failure to grow, the mission becomes survival. The Ukranian government handed out guns, not to provide for the welfare of its citizens, but for it’s own survival.

    Yes, you could argue that the government’s survival is for the benefit of its citizens…you could argue that…but when does any government actually have the benefits of its citizens in mind?

    • LifeSavor says “but when does any government actually have the benefits of its citizens in mind?”

      I won’t try to name names, but I think some revolutionary governments have the welfare of it’s citizens in mind. It took a few years for the US government to start it’s descent into corruption.

  2. That’s the very last thing that’s stopping them from implementing all their agenda! Almost like the founders knew what they were talking about, eh?

  3. Why is so difficult for the anti gun crowd to understand that no regulation, prohibition, or ban on any type of firearm will do anything to prevent violent crime, domestic violence, or anti government terrorists? By definition a criminal is someone who refuses to obey whatever laws they choose to disregard. Nor have or ever will the current and proposed background checks, or other requirements for permits, classes, or whatever crap they can dream up prevent anyone who the fools deem as unfit or undesirable from obtaining a gun if they want to procure one.
    Of course they also don’t understand the oh so civilized countries that restrict civilian ownership of firearms do not do so to protect the citizens from violent crime. They do so to protect the government from the citizens/subjects/peasants/slaves.

    • Oldman, your use of clear thinking and logic, and inferred support of Second Amendment rights makes me think you might be radically influenced by experience and truth. Such as it is.

      I sir, salute you.
      And I have your six.

      Same goes for you JWM.

      • Stupid to the level of impeachable derangement, and Liars to the point of deleterious Deprivation of Rights to the level of criminal prosecution under 18-241-242.

        • Yes, you are exactly correct. I got 10 bucks says none of that happens. Canadian though, so you can match me with a fiver.

    • One would think that the Euros, of all peoples, would know the need for civilian armament, and the dangers of civilian disarmament. Hitler- and Putin- could give a ratsass about your “civilised” beliefs and feelings. The weakness of your limp-wristed attitudes about “democracy” is being shown every day in the streets and fields of Ukrainia. The cry for “More Guns” is loud and clear, and it seems that the USA once again is rushing to fill the gaps. You’ve sewn the wind of gun control, now reap the winds of war on your own!

  4. Remember when the politicians, mega corporations, and the media put all of their focus into trying to save people from…illicitly manufactured fentanyl overdoses, which was responsible for about 64,000 deaths last year in the US? Me either. At least we’re aware of their priorities.

    • Excellent point. And one of many that could be made. it’s all a lie. And a deliberately orchestrated lie at that. Much like Damien. I mean dacian…

  5. Once the shooting stops in the Ukraine, their government will want those guns returned to them.

    Ukraine’s biggest problem occurred in 1994 when they allowed Slick Willie Clinton to fleece them out of their 2,000 nuclear warheads in return for future US “protection”. What saps !!!

  6. The same people who armed and trained the taliban and overthrew the government in Ukraine in 2014, have been arming and training neonazi militias in Ukraine that murder journalists, politicians and innocent civilians. 😀


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