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Hahahahaha LOL. Okay not really a funny one, but still.


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  1. Pretty much what the Ninth Circuit just decided. 10+ mags for the occupants of the Capitol District, for not for thee, plebes.

  2. Bloomberg, Feinstein, and the Puppet actually love guns. They just want to pick and choose who gets to use them.

  3. The same folks that want to defund the cops are the same folks that only trust the cops with guns. It’s f@cking pathetic at a whole new level.

    • And jwm the dullard and charter member of the ‘Hitler had some good ideas’/MAGA cult knows what it is to be ‘f@cking pathetic’, believe me!

      • I suppose you refuse to travel on the nation’s interstate highway system because Hitler did it first then.

        • You’re right. People who compare Trump to Hitler need to knock that off, and apologize to Hitler’s anscestors for the unfair comparison.

      • “…knows what it is to be ‘f@cking pathetic’, believe me!”

        The ‘f@cking pathetic’ one is the demented, sniveling coward of a little boy who lacks the testicular fortitude to identify himself.

        Tell me, what’s it like to look in the mirror every morning and realize you’re still the same worthless POS you were yesterday? That it will never get better, and that you’ll most likely die alone in a filthy apartment infested with roaches? 😉

        • Angry? I’m laughing at the frightened little boy who will die alone!

          Your best friends will be cockroaches… 😉

        • “Man, f**k this dude.”

          That’s his problem, no one wants him ‘in the biblical way’, if you know what I mean…

          *wink* 😉

      • To set the record straight, dumbass. The only person I’ve ever heard say anything favorable about adolf was dacian the dunce. He admired hitler’s courage.

        Again, pathetic.

    • Trolling the comment section of a meme posting. Ha haha ha ha. Oh man this guy’s a keeper…if he was understands the meme anyway.

  4. I need a new range bag. 4 pistols and 16 mags, including four 32-round glock mags. Plus, the usual gear. Suggestions?

    • @LifeSavor

      I tried the one big bag route…it was too heavy and unwieldy. I settled on two Uncle Mike’s Side-Armor Range Bags (at roughly $65 each I had to space the purchases to fit my budget). The bags are a number of years old and are holding up well (I overload the heck out of them). A single large central compartment accessed by a wide, zipped flap gives easy access to two handguns (or more) and ammo. Miscellaneous supplies carried in the three large outside zipped pockets. Uncle Mike’s SKU: 53411.

      Just my $0.02 worth.

      • OGM,
        Two bags! That is what I have been wondering. Thank you for that! I’ll take a look at Uncle Mike’s. Good product, that.

    • “What did I eat?
      That last politician I made certainly did stink.”

      I bet roadkill farts are the *nastiest*… 🙂

      • Wind direction, face the breeze.
        My kids had a pet possum and I think my boy was lazy so hed fill up two bowls of water instead of one.
        The opossum would crap in one bowl and not the other. We eventually turned it loose about a mile away from home across the river. One day I looked out the yard to see the dog going after it, and hed kill possums, the dog ran up to this one but didnt bother it. Pretty sure it was the same one, pure white possums are not real common as this one was. Evidently “our” smell was still on the possum or something? This was about 6 months after wed turned it loose.

  5. Dan

    Why is every comment I try to post held for moderation?

    Some get posted and some disappear.

    Same name and email as always.

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