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There’s a flag on the play! Constitutional violation, bad law. Penalty, mass non-compliance.


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  1. The administration nor the ATF does not care about our rights, so why should we care about their laws?

    • Well…laws…color of law…repugnant to the Constitution…null and void…etc, etc…

    • It gets hard when the punishment is less harsh than the idea of being a defenseless non-commie is American Zimbabwe.

    • I think they are ok with that, I mean stuff like the new pistol brace rules seem to be about making things more subjective rather than less so. Are you in compliance? How could you know? Make lots of laws that no one can keep track of, surely everyone is guilty of something. But that allows for selective prosecution, they can make an example of someone as needed or take you down if you are “crossing the line”. And these aren’t light penalties either, so they can at least scare you into taking a deal.

  2. It is the citizens duty to stand against injustice. The enemy of justice is plain and has identified themselves beyond doubt. joe burden and the rest of the fascist left are the enemies of justice.

    • Your right about dacian being mentally ill. I thought about his statement on how he likes ” toying with people’s minds” that’s fcked up.
      Poor guy. Even though I dont like him anymore I still pray for him.

    • Same up here with the idiot manchild in Ottawa. I’m ready and willing but neither I nor anyone else really seem to be doing anything about it. Globally. I’m getting to the point where I actually hope it gets worse for two reasons; we (all) deserve it at this point and no one will fight back until it does get worse and maybe/probably not even then (if we even manage to retain the means to do so in any effective way). Being an army of one is gonna suck pretty bad, I think. Good thing I bought them 15lb plates.

  3. Try to build a silencer or turn your gun into a machine gun and flaunt it on social media. Don’t worry bro the second amendment says you can have whatever you want.

    • david…Never mind your pasty mouth pencildick hoggwash…What you better never do is attempt to tell me what I can have…Capice?

    • Hoggonyourknees. My girl’s brother thinks your cute. He loves mid transitioners.

    • Absolutely not the real davidhog.
      David Hogg thinks all gunms are machine gunms, theres no ” turning it into” in his mind.

    • Were I to make a silencer, or modify a firearm to be fully automatic, I would not be dumb enough to broadcast it on social media. I’m happy to tell you what I legally own, or about some of the antique firearms I have collected, but would never admit to owning or creating something illegally. I may not be a college graduate, or part of the social elite, etc. But I am not stupid.

  4. When they can pick and choose which laws they want to comply with, so can I.

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