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Have a great weekend, y’all!


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  1. There are times when a citizen truly risks something, and that is in the discovery and defense of the Pewpew. The world is often unkind to Pewpew talent, Pewpew creations. The Pewpew needs friends.”

    – Anton Ego

  2. No doubt he is armed with that eight bullet per round .9mm assault weapon with the shoulder thing that goes up.

  3. Probably more entertaining than Black Panther 2 which my son paid for us to see yesterday. What a Snoozefest…yeah Rats with Gats! THAT’S the ticket😎🤪🙄

  4. The great thing about being retired is that everyday is a weekend. Turned down a job driving tractor(offered good$)because I told the guy he wouldn’t like my hours. “I’ll be there when I get there and I’ll leave when I please.”( No clock chimes Wake Up anymore).
    Monday-Friday, Sat and Sun are the days people bother me the most.
    Now since this is the Truth About,,,
    Has anyone had any experience with a Pietta 1873. I just bought one awhile back and found the cylinder would rotate backwards out of battery if you turned the cylinder by hand and the gunm was at full cock or safety notch. It locked up in the right place and everything lined up but I dont think that’s supposed to happen. My Rugers dont do this and neither does my girlfiends Heritage. Anyway the gs said theyd order anothern and replace. My ? is , is this just the nature of an 1873 and if it is I dont want it. That’s bullshit, for instance, if I was dragging it behind me cocked and some rocks or shit turned the cylinder, I might get hit with chunks of lead flying out the sides if the trigger got pulled by a stick or something.
    People might think a SA revolver isnt very fast until they go shootzing with me. Then they get jealous that they cant stick their tales in the trigger guard, aim the gunm with their front feet and fan the hammer with their back feet. Both going at the same time , whew gattlinger fastermucher I must say.
    Has anyone had any experience with the Pietta’s and are there any things I should know about besides they make good hammers for nailing up Wanted posters

    • I have one of those Possum, and I haven’t shot it yet. I’m out of town for business, but when I get home I’ll look at the model number for you, and see if it does that. I know some guns like the BFR have a reverse indexing pawl, so it spins both ways, but not at full cock. That’s interesting.

    • “Then they get jealous that they cant stick their tales in the trigger guard, aim the gunm with their front feet and fan the hammer with their back feet. Both going at the same time , whew gattlinger fastermucher I must say.”

      LOL! That was so good that I’m sending you a dead guy for Christmas.

    • Thanks for the laugh, I have come to think WP selects something with more than a dozen words at random if the amount of m0d3ration falls below X per day.

  5. Rat gun owners? You mean Liberal Gun Owners, or as some know them “Temporary Gun Owners”.

  6. You gun folks in Nevada, congratulations. Republican Joe Lombardo will become Nevada’s 31st governor – defeating Democratic incumbent Steve ‘gun control fanatic’ Sisolak

  7. senate race still tied at 49 republican and 49 democrat. 51 is needed for majority control. Each is two seats away, 33 of 35 races officially called but Alaska although not officially called yet the winning candidate from the ranked choice run off system Alaska uses is Republican. Alaska went to a ranked choice run off. When Alaska is officially called, this will add one more seat win in the senate for republicans.

    In ranked-choice elections, voters identify a first choice on their ballots, then rank the other candidates in order of preference. If no candidate receives a majority of first-choice votes on the first count, the election moves to an instant runoff. The candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated, and ballots cast for that candidate are recast for the voter’s second choice. The process repeats until a candidate reaches a majority.

    house race republicans seem to be getting closer to majority control with presently 211 seats, democrats are at 199 seats. 218 is needed for majority control.

    • Democrat Mark Kelly projected to win Senate race in Arizona… so that would add one to the democrats for senate.

      • You folks in Colorado …. Republican incumbent Lauren Boebert in Colorado’s third congressional district … as of this morning (an hour ago) the result of the race has still not been declared but Lauren Boebert leads Frisch by 0.38 percent or around 1,122 votes.

        Although Boebert is leading and is likely to win the race, Colorado’s election law requires all votes may have to be double-checked plus there are still a few thousand ballots that need to be counted because they were mailed on election day and have only just arrived to be counted. So for now disregard the claims by democrats and media that Frisch is the (projected) winner as its basically disinformation.

    • Barring a miracle, Nevada & Georgia will likely go democrat and give them control of the Senate with no need to worry about Manchin. The House will too, as the remaining races are close and the Mail-In Ballots yet to be counted will be mostly democrat. Be prepared for lots of new totalitarian laws…..and economic chaos.

      • For the U.S. senate, Nevada and Georgia are both still listed as toss ups, neither is listed as leaning R or D, and Georgia is going to a run off in December. Georgia and Nevada are the only two listed as toss ups.

        But…. about 13 hours ago the Republicans flipped Nevada in the Governor race so we need to see how that shakes out too.

        • At this point, for the house, the republicans have the votes out there for more seats to widen their already considerable lead over the democrats. The democrats need to gain 19 seats, the republicans only need 7. To gain 19 seats (37% of the majority) at this late stage with the number of races left to call (there are 25 left to call) that’s a really hard hill to climb and would mean the democrats would need to win 19 of those and that’s 76% of the remaining races.

  8. A Disney feature like this might help raise their stocks… The woke/gay/tranny thing doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.

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