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I mean, it works to prevent “gun violence.” Why not for microscopic organisms?


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  1. On that note, I am acting as my own general contractor for some renovation work at my home. Every one of the pros arrived wearing masks. I explained we have a ‘No Masks’ policy. Masked people are not permitted entrance. Every one of removed their masks, revealing a relieved smile. Some said “Thank you”.

    A few even shook hands.

    One of the subs Carrie’s, but he does not know that I know.

  2. Why stop there? Let’s also have “heart-attack-free” zones and “cancer-free zones”!

  3. A “liberal free” zone would also be kinda nice, especially when enforced with big, black and evil looking ARs and shiny gold-plated and pearl-handled 1911s….. 🙂

    • Oh, yeah, the point of that was that the ATF has basically made itself a meme.

      According to the guy who made that thing his next project is making it semi-auto or slap/slamfire.

  4. Actually, this pic should be mailed/sent to every large newspaper and the MSM news desk as editorial comment towards the ever-present drum beat of antigun pablum. Really, no additional words necessary.

    If it’s not a copyright infringement I may start doing it. How about it, TTAG?

  5. I have yet to be able to acquire a free gun in a “gun free” zone. Likewise free smokes in a “smoke-free” zone. Ain’t it ’bout time somebody done somethin’?!

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