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  1. My question is this the 9mm that gets to “blow” the lung out of the body? Also wonder what the ballistics are, will it be “deep” penetration into the body?

  2. Only available from the shelf located in the back of the LGS, behind the red curtain. Next to the special gun lube.

    • It almost sounds like you have personal experience regarding what’s in those kind of rooms.

      (Because, I do… 😉 )

  3. “No no no! Our group is supposed to be “c*cks not Glocks,” not “c*cks for Glocks!”

    (Remember those folks from a few years back?

  4. Authorized ONLY for on-duty Officers in Penal Colonies.
    This is the Mini Me to “Guns are Penises!”
    PS: My Kevlar Jock Strap is on order…
    until then, tell her I’m just glad to see her.

  5. When it has to go “BANG” when you pull the trigger, and you don’t want to end up having to do a “rack and slap”.

  6. @MAXX & Friends:
    The fact that the penis ammo generated lots of interest begs the question:
    WHY DO WOMEN REACT SO FIERCELY TO FIREARMS? To the point where they insist their emotions trump the very Bill Of Rights itself!
    And are the males who support this public hissyfitting secretly wishing that they could explore their “feminine side”? Are they?
    Your observations are valid. Maybe it’s time that the answers to my questions became a requirement.
    Maybe there should be severe penalties for those who violate the rights of others.

    • MADDMAXX December 22, 2022 At 23:12
      Your comment is awaiting moderation
      I do not “personally” know any women who “react fiercely” to firearms, all I see is a few Liberal and RINO politicians of both sexes and a well-funded group of Karens that pop up from time to time, the rest is a smoke screen of made-up numbers (95% of ALL Americans agree, REALLY?) they are never very clear about where they conducted their surveys (ask Giffords group you can get 100% agreement; ask the Hells Angels you’ll get 100% for the other side) … All the women in my family are proficient with firearms whether they carry daily or not (many do), there’s a LOT more anti-gun money than anti-gun people out there… Can’t help you with that “feminine exploration” question, might ask Adam Kinzinger he seems to have grip on that…

      WTF? “Moderation Jail”? REALLY? For WHAT? Guess I need to take a couple of days off… Merry Christmas everybody…

  7. MAXX, my take is that all Leftist politics is basically Theater. As is Leftist “News”. The validity of your “percentage” comments are these days irrefutable. Thanx for replying to my post.
    God bless all you guys, and the staunch and true women that we married! Debbie, God bless you and yours!
    Merry Christmas all!

  8. Those definitely aren’t soft point bullets.
    Soft points can cause disappointment in the bedroom, but these bullets are designed to get hard, stay hard, and expand when they enter!

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