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I’ve heard worse ideas.


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  1. Oh boy would i like a closet full of AK12’s and PKP machine guns, throw in a few AS VAl’s and SVD’s too… ahh now im just day dreaming again.

    • Who knows half of what they have. To put it mildly if people thought Mexico had the crap that is likely in Ukraine then most people would support invading them too.

      • Ehhh, we KNOW China has petri dishes stacked all over and no one is rushing to invade them, are they?

        • There are 1.4 billion reasons plus nukes why we’re not.

          But, heck, the US paid for a big stack of those petri dishes.

    • “Pathogens!, Get your container Fresh Pathogens right here! Special friend sale just for you!”
      yelled the Ukrainian salesperson.

    • Hard to say what they have. Remember the Soviet Union controlled Ukraine for a long time and had nukes there. The possibility of a bio lab is not far fetched.

      However, just like we own firearms, the possession of a bio lab is not inherently evil. With Countries like Russia, China, NK and Iran, not studying biological weapons is malpractice.

      • Look up “Rebirth Island”. It used to be an island in the Caspian Sea. You can now drive a truck there.

        • Vozrozhdeniya Island. Rebirth Island was an island in the Aral Sea. The former island’s territory is split between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. In 1954, the Soviet Union constructed a biological weapons test site called Aralsk-7 there and on the neighbouring Komsomolskiy Island, which also no longer exists.

      • It’s not old soviet biolabs that are a concern. it’s current U.S. funded biolabs that worry us. And apparently Ukraine had a bunch.

        • The source for that is testimony from Assistant Secretary of State Nulan, to Congress, in public.

  2. This one reminds me of the cop at the window of the car with the quotes “I swear it’s medicinal officer” “we’ll first of all… That’s a machine gun”. If only my vices were useful enough to be “legal” in certain states.

    • Maybe after the war there will be a fire sale. I would buy one of those BTR’s driven across the border once and abandoned in the mud for a nice discount.

      • Define “discount”?

        You’ve been able to buy them for years for < $20,000. Price varies by model.

        Generally, it's been like trying to buy an old Soviet GAZ-66 in that the shipping's the killer. To this day I still think I should have bought the one my neighbor had in Costa Rica, primo condition for ~$1000, shipping be damned.

        • A discount, maybe 10% off the cost to get the Russian stench out of it? 90% if there are AT holes in it.

        • Cue walter beverly the third from Gilligans Island now to call me a liar and point out how no one shopping for a Bugatti would be concerned about mileage 🙄.

  3. No thanks on the armored vehicles. Too expensive to feed and spare parts from Russia would be a bitch. As for the AK’s or other weapons, perhaps, if the prices were right.
    Although I wouldn’t turn down a few cases of ammo and maybe some of the explosives or RPG’s. Have a couple big oak stumps I would like to remove. Trees that blew down during hurricane Sally.

  4. Those diesel Mine Resistant vehicles look nice. High quality diesel, NBCW climate control, bullet resistant windows, that would be great to take camping.
    I hear you can get the tires cheap from China.

  5. Forget those pieces of trash, what do you think is going to happen to all the leftover antitank and manpads when this is over? Did you think these stay at home globalists thought thru all the unintended consequences?! These are the same people that unleashed covid…

  6. I remember when The Wall fell, and the Pact forces in East Germany were orphaned from their supply chains and frankly starving.
    Grenades $5 each, AK’s for $50, is that T72 for sale comrade? Sure it is, for hard currency…

    • The flea markets at the Brandenburg gate back in ‘90 were amazing, lots of NOD and other electronics.

  7. “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling.”

    There are plenty of Ukrainian AK47’s to be had as well, perhaps even some unused MANPADS that went missing in the fog of war.

  8. Forget AK from Ukraine, buy good lightly used gear from Afghan Surplus you want M4 he will sell you two dozen cheap, since he got them cheap and needs to make just a bit of profit for his cousin who liberated them from storage. You need ammo, unlike the store down the street he has plenty of that too. You already paid for it once with your tax dollars….

  9. I got bad news for you. When this is over, Russia will own all of Ukraine’s beach front property. Maybe you should take a plane to Warsaw to load up with Ukrainian weapons after Putin compels them to disarm.

  10. I’d say it’s a race to see if Putin takes a bullet before Russia bleeds out.
    The west is pumping bigger and better AA while Russian inventory of heavy missiles runs out.
    Earlier it was “obvious “ Russia was going to blitz in 3 days, now it’s a race to see if Ukraine will tolerate 1 million dead before Russian military begins to refuse Grosny orders as they fear Russia will need to pay reparations.
    Let’s see where this goes.

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