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Social media. Good times. This was fun.


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  1. Yeah I seem to recall a Video in the retaking of Fallujah. A Lance Corporal running onto a bridge using his body and armor to protect children and women who they were using as shields then shooting in the back. So the Marine was a Man Warrior, and the jihadi’s were just baby cowards. You can be twitter brave, talk of being brave, or actually Brave. I’d take a pissed of Marine (even though they still like to snack on crayons, cause, yeah we Army still make fun of them) but better to have crayon eaters with you then, cowards that shoot children.

  2. My friend who was a Marine personally preferred the purple crayons since his favorite flavor was grape. My army buddy always said If you issue a Marine two rocks, he’ll break one and loose the other.

    • I told a version of that joke to one of my nephews, a jarhead on his third tour. He claims that they would eat the rocks for breakfast and shit out sand by lunchtime. Oorah!

  3. Must be a prerequisite for enlistment in the Marines. Like my cousin who served 24 years as a jar head. Balls the size of watermelons. And a brain the size of a golf ball.
    Would still want a Marine if going into a fight.
    Of course, being a career NCO, if I were going to do it again, I would have gone Air Force. Unlike the other services, The Enlisted stay in the rear with the gear and the Officers go get shot at.

    • Marines might not be the most intelligent people you will meet, but Marine grunts are the most ingenious people you’ll ever meet. Sky blue was always my favorite color crayon btw, reminded me of glacier freeze Gatorade. That was the only flavor I could drink while it was piss warm. Hot fruit punch will make you puke.

  4. I wonder what Geoff the (fully vaxxed and boosted) Florida Pervert will have to say about this meme? Something painfully stupid and unfunny no doubt…

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      “Something painfully stupid and unfunny no doubt…”

      No where near as painful and stupid as what looks back at you in the bathroom mirror in the morning.

      Seriously, improve the world, jump off the roof of a high building… 😉

      • Lol. See, stupid and unfunny. Every time. And even if my life was as bereft of meaning as yours is, I still wouldn’t consider doing what you suggest.

        Also, the 2nd Amendment is inviolable, except when it comes to losers like GTFP and his receptacle Lamp the Pretend Attorney.

  5. Not having any experience with instragram I’ve no clue as to what this meme is about.
    On another note
    I just made a big pot of beans with bacon
    then sat down with it and a cup of coffee and enjoyed my meal while listening to ” The Battle of New Orleans”

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