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Tuesday’s coming up quick! Grab that voter guide this weekend and figure out who your Pro 2A pols are, who your preferred school board candidates are, etc. Don’t neglect those down-ballot elections, y’all!


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    • Yay so I can vote for a good Republican like Marco Rubio in FL so he can backstab me on red flags… actually more like a front stab, he loves him some red flags and it’s very proud to be the red flag champion. Of course we don’t want Dems to gain ground in the Senate…. so hold your nose and vote for the lesser of evils like usual? Ugh. Not going to vote for Wilton Simpson though. Gotta have some principles.

      I would like to hear what the #Gunvote platform would be should the Republicans triumph in the midterms and again in 2024. Like what would they actually do or go for if they really could, their gun rights dreams or long game they are playing. Something more than “we support the second amendment, vote for us and we will save you from the Dems.”

      • Realistically, the Republicans won’t be able to pass anything meaningful since Dems hold the President for 2 more years. What they will be able to do is stop the Dems’ attempts to destroy the country: pack the Supreme Court, pass Green New Deal, try to make a few new States, spend trillions, etc. They might be able to have hearings and impeachments without convictions (need 67 votes). Getting control of the House gets most of those benefits, but getting the Senate stops terrible Federal Judge nominations and maybe passes sane policies by budget means.

        • They CAN pass bills and send them to Braindead, let him veto them at his (and the Democrats) peril, those who are still blinded by party loyalty will see what he’s doing… OR, maybe they get a veto proof majority and Brandon can just go take a two year vacation in Delaware.

      • No YOU should vote for the bitch that wants to TAKE your shit WITHOUT you being “red flagged” or ACCUSED OR CONVICTED of anything other than being an American citizen… Vote for her and Charlie, I’m sure they’ll give you “special” treatment when they come for YOUR guns…

        Yeah don’t vote for Wilton: Blemur is a MUCH better choice, with Charlie and Demmings would be the tri-fecta, the perfect storm…
        Blemur on guns: “As Commissioner of Agriculture, I will ensure that all applications for concealed weapon carry licenses are thoroughly vetted before being issued and that those who evade these measures are held legally responsible”.

    • water walker,

      While I agree that Dims tend to be MUCH worse, the reality is that . . . we should NEVER believe or rely on politicians. Republicans screw their “constituents”, perhaps not QUITE as frequently as do Dims, but they surely do.

      Remember, the model our Founders discussed, and promoted, was the “citizen legislator” – the person who would leave his/her life of business, for a LIMITED period (G. Washington’s famous “two terms and OUT”). They ABHORRED the idea of “career politicans”.

      While my dear daddy and I disagree about almost everything, politically, he was right about one thing . . . “NEVER vote for an incumbent”. Get elected, make your statement, get your job done, then GTFO, before you become a Swamp Monster. Like Gerry “I Shat Myself” Nadler, or Malig-Nancy Pelosi, or “Mitch the Bitch” McConnell, or Kevin McCarthy. Or Eric “Duke Nuke’em” Swallowswell, or Adam “Pencil Neck” Schiff. Or Bernie “I’ve NEVER had an actual job” Sanders. Or Elizabeth “Pocahantas” Warren. Or Liz-ard Cheney or Lisa “It’s MY seat; I inherited it from my daddy” Murkowski.

      Get rid of career politicians, for the good of the country.

        • I really enjoy the experience of voting in person.

          Waiting a few min. in line, small talk with other voters in line, I even one year bumped into someone I hadn’t seen in like 15 years…

        • @Geoff I’m a little jealous, we haven’t had in-person voting since the 1990s. I’d much rather go in person and pull a lever rather than hope that the observers are permitted to do their job 24/7 for weeks at a time.

        • Maxx we all tend to vote day of to see if anyone tried to vote in our name or the dead relatives that we are still trying to get off the voting rolls.

        • I made a special trip to the Auditor’s office last week. It’s just as secure as voting in a polling place on election day. No mail-in bs for me.

        • I plan on being at my voting location by 8AM, the early on their way to work folks will be gone and it’s too early for the lunchtime voters, always 25/30 booths with 10 people to sign you in, in and out in under 10 minutes then a long leisurely ride up the coast, a couple of brews at one of the local “biker” bars and home before the afternoon rains… I love my life…

    • “Voting is a threat to democracy.”

      From 2021, Lester Holt :

      “I think it’s become clearer that fairness is overrated,” Holt said. “Before you run off and tweet that headline, let me explain a bit. The idea that we should always give two sides equal weight and merit does not reflect the world we find ourselves in. That the sun sets in the west is a fact. Any contrary view does not deserve our time or attention.”

      Holt added, “Decisions to not give unsupported arguments equal time are not a dereliction of journalistic responsibility or some kind of agenda, in fact, it’s just the opposite.”

      • Holt employed that tactic while “moderating” the first debate between Hillary and Trump. That was the point I realized the news, and specifically NBC, was a joke. Yes, I was late to the game. Up until that point, I chose NBC if I watched the national evening news because their anchors didn’t act like they were conducting a funeral like the CBS anchors. I haven’t watched NBC news or any national network news since then.

  1. Did anyone else see the clip aired a few days ago showing the poll workers ask Biden for his ID as he showed up to a poll station to vote early? He gave a look of “uhhh, okay” to the onlookers as he took out his wallet and extracted his ID. The (black) lady politely accepted the card and scanned it into the electronic (Dominion?) system, as per her locality’s policy.

    Not a peep from ‘ol Joe about discrimination or systemic raycizm. Just compliance and proof of his identity to proceed.

    Gotta love it.

    • Here’s a better edit showing him presenting his ID, and going with the flow without complaint. Quite a different posture than his (and Kamala’s) recent rantings about how it’s horrible to request ID.

    • What I see is a guy who’s fine with Jim Crow 2.0 in his home state. Everyone knows requiring an ID to vote is racist against black people…which is why they have black people checking for ID.

  2. Joe Biden has already been called out on Twitter for his lies, for example, > Twitter fact-checks Biden claim on corporations making billions > … and > Twitter adds fact-check to Biden White House’s tweet bragging about Social Security’s COLA of 8.7% >

    In the first example Biden claims it was 55 corporation, in reality it was 14.

    In the second example it was claimed the COLA increase was due to Biden leadership when in reality its because of a law from the 1970’s during the Richard Nixon (a republican) administration and would have happened anyway no matter who was president after Richard Nixon. Oh, and the amount is also not because of Biden as its calculated automatically no matter who is in the white house. In short Biden and democrats claiming credit for something they had nothing to do with, a lie.

    So Biden is upset about it some, that he was not able to use twitter to get his lies out to the very liberal majority who use twitter. Biden and the democrats were fine with Twitter, they rejoiced when conservative and republican voices were censored on twitter and drove a campaign to make that happen. Biden and the democrats were fine with twitter, until Biden and the democrat White House started being caught in their lies on Twitter when Musk took over and the democrats are suddenly concerned > Musk’s Twitter: ‘This is exactly what many of us were worried about’ (the ‘many of us’ being the democrats) > > and now the democrats are worried they have no place else to go to put their lies out on social media.

    So now suddenly Biden is not so pleased with twitter > Biden: Musk bought ‘outfit that spews lies’ >

    • COLA takes inflation into account when calculating the increase in SS benefits. Since Sleepy Joe caused much of the inflation, it can be said it is due to him. Not from his “leadership” but his lack thereof.

    • Democrats: “There is no crime problem!”

      Also Democrats: “There’s a crime problem in red states!”

      From the article: Hochul…whom allies point out is in a tricky political spot talking about crime in New York City as a 64-year-old White woman from Western New York

      The governor can’t talk about crime in her state’s largest city because of her age, race, sex, and city of origin? It sounds like we need to get the local Diversity Inclusion & Equity board on the case.

      • That is actually on the ballot sorta forgot if it was #2 or 3. Weird year as even Schumer has had to at least send out mailings if not campaign in some areas. Pinion kicked his ass in the debate.

  3. Hey Kids, It’s Send In a Pre-Cancelled Ballot Time!

    Step1) Get your Daddy’s Mail In Ballot
    Step2) Open the Envelope, look inside…
    Step3) See How Well the Squiggly Lines protect his privacy!
    Step4) Fold up the ballot and put it in the envelope.
    Step5) Shine your flashlight through the
    “signature” window.
    Step6) The checkbox tells you if he is a (x)Democrat or (eeeyu!) a (O)Republican.

    See how easy that is? Heck, a machine could read that! It’s the most fairest and bestus voting in the Whole World!

    PS: You get extra points if you cut open the envelope to show your teacher the cool patterns where we didn’t put those squiggly lines! Tell Daddy it’s all Trump’s fault!

  4. Like most of us, I will celebrate the victory on Tuesday, drink scotch and be happy.

    Like most of us, I will grumble and wish we had a party with 2 $hits after 1/6/23 when they do the usual of nothing, zero, nada but compromise with libs for 1.5 years and then tell us we gotta vote for them or we’ll lose our rights.

    Like most of us, I will then rinse and repeat.

    God I wish the dems weren’t so criminally evil so actually had a choice.

  5. “…Grab that voter guide this weekend and figure out who your Pro 2A pols are…”

    Sadly, that’s likely what a majority of our so-called 2A supporters do. It amazes me how little actual in-person experience with the candidates many gun owners have. It’s not all that difficult, just takes a little effort and committment.


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