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Yeah, this isn’t so much a meme as a simple display of fact. The only funny part is that some people actually think a “gun-free zone” sign could possibly be of benefit.


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    • “…some people actually think a “gun-free zone” sign could possibly be of benefit…”

      I’m not sure deep down that they really believe…but they do believe that something ..”any little thing”..must be done to make themselves feel better and safe. Critical thinkers they are not. They lie to themselves.

      • Kenosha after Rittenhouse quieted down rather quickly. They know the cops wont shoot unless they are seen doing something extreme. Year and a half ago we had a test run for many of the riots in Albany and it was a bit wild. When many business owners, community members, and even some gangs made it clear that rioters would be shot in Troy’s planned protest we had a very peaceful and largely uneventful protest for every other one that happened in 2020. Knowing someone is willing to kill changes a lot of mental calculus.

    • At the school I currently teach for? Yeah, I’d take it seriously. At the school I personally went to where I grew up in Cali? I think the parents would withdrawn their children before anyone could think to attack it…

    • Take it seriously? Depends. My sister can shoot. Been doing it all her life. Teaching, too. Would she shoot? Probably not. However, I have an old girlfriend. Also, teaches. She will definitely shoot you. And ask for seconds.

      • ” Shoot you and ask for seconds” .
        Ain’t fair, just because she’s knows a cop, or x cop, she gets to keep her dead guys.
        Ain’t fair at all.

        • “Ain’t fair, just because she’s knows a cop, or x cop, she gets to keep her dead guys.
          Ain’t fair at all.”

          This is why I like reading what the Possum writes. The ‘Marsupial One’ just has the knack for putting thing in their proper perspective.

          Don’t ever change, Possum… 😉

    • Within any homeschooling group up here I would take it absolutely seriously. For about half of the smaller church/temple/other based schools very much so. Otherwise good luck with the school resource officer not pulling a Broward.

    • If it was teachers from when I was in high school, I would absolutely believe that! Heck, we had a former Marine officer for a biology teacher, and one day when a student wasn’t just being disruptive but actually charged up and pushed the teacher, the teacher decked him with one punch — and the teacher got praised for it by parents who were tired of hearing that another class session had been half-useless because of this one disruptive student.
      That, and the fact that during hunting season it wasn’t just students with rifles in their vehicles so they could head straight for the hills after school, teachers did too!

      • Absolutely correct then the feds had to but in and make it illegal. We all had shotguns or rifles during any hunting season in the parking lot . Both the faculty and student parking lots. And we had to pass metal detectors to enter because some idiot in another town knifed a band teacher during a game. Last time that town elected a Democrate to any office to. Lol

  1. Signs are just that. Signs. Gun free zones AKA civilian disarmament zones can have very successful track records when implemented correctly (airports), as can heavily fortified FAFO (eff around and find out) zones.

  2. Depends on your point of view. To some the death of a sociopathic career criminal at the hands of a would be victim is the tragedy.

  3. Those who hung up gun free zone signs should be charged as criminal co-conspirators. After all the signs lured gullible parents with a false sense of security. The results were exactly as predicted.

  4. If you are truly well trained and consistently well armed, is it considered baiting if you display a “Gun Free Zone” sign on your premises ? Asking for a friend.

    • Hey, Wiley,

      You just gave me an idea……

      What if I post a “Gun Free Zone” sign at my brother-in-law’s home? I think more highly of him than anyone else in the family, and I think he is a dirty, perverted little beast.

  5. For sure man on the right, shoot a few holes in their Gunm Free zone signs.
    What a novel idea, I’m envious.

      • rant – LOTS cheaper what with current ammo prices and also stealthier to just sneak around with a .38 pencil or hole punch. Same result with no real jeopardy to the puncher 😉

  6. The term “gun-free zone” does not have a legal definition unless its defined specifically as part of some law, your state may not have a definition for it in their statutes. The term is used by both pro-gun and anti-gun to describe places where the average person cannot legally carry a firearm.

    But what about the sign? That means its a “gun-free zone” doesn’t it?

    No, it doesn’t actually even though its used like it does.

    What the sign means is a point beyond which no guns are permitted – UNLESS AUTHORIZED, not if a gun can be legally carried there or not. Yes, this confuses some … here’s why – for example, in some states, a right granted with a permit is to be able to carry your firearm in a place past where the sign or a prohibition demarcation exists for others who do not have a permit. A property owner may also selectively allow people to carry past the sign, even, for example, a school may allow people to selectively carry past the sign. In other words the sign can be subjectively applied by the “property owner” (or state or city or county) who has the authority to allow carry or not past the sign.

    The sign is a legal demarcation point when used according to law. Its like a fence, a fence is also a legal demarcation point a person must circumvent in some manner to enter the property – unauthorized circumvention is trespass but if the property owner allows the person to enter the property by the gate in the fence line they are authorized even though others are not. The sign is that type of demarcation, a point which someone would need to “circumvent” (by ignoring it) that delineates that guns may not be carried beyond that point UNLESS AUTHORIZED.

    The sign was intended for business “property owners” to use to signal they did not allow firearms on the premises, not to establish a “gun free zone”.

    In states that require the sign to be posted if a business property owner does not allow firearms. If that sign is not posted no one can do anything to you legally if you carry on the premises except ask you to leave at which point if you stay your are trespassing (at a minimum). But this comes with a caveat, and that is if you had been previously (or prior entry) told in some manner not to enter with a firearm even if no sign is posted and you then enter carrying you will probably be arrested and charged with some sort of firearms violation.

    If the sign is going to be used, all 50 states requires it to be posted in plain view on ALL public accessible entrances to the “place” (no, you can’t, for example, run around to the loading dock at the back of the building then claim “no sign so I can come in with my gun”). If there is an entrance on which it is not posted and you use that entrance truly unaware of the prohibition on firearms for the place this is one of those very rare times where “ignorance of the law” can be a real excuse (but that may also has some caveats as well depending on your jurisdiction).

    • “for others who do not have a permit”

      Should have been

      and not for others who do not have a permit

      • Oh, something else to add. Some businesses put up a sign other than the one required by the state. Ignoring the other sign is not a “chargeable” offense unless state law says it is. Ignoring the state required sign is always a “chargeable” offense unless you were authorized (as in given permission) to carry there.

        The sign is not a restriction if the “property owner” does not enforce it. What I mean by this is, for example, you want to go to Waffle House for breakfast and you see their sign on the door that says no firearms allowed but its not the state required sign. If you enter and they do not warn you no firearms and ask you to leave then, generally, you can stay but the second they ask you to leave you had better be out that door even if you have not finished eating your meal because then it can become a firearms offense (in some states) if you do not leave immediately.

        • Oh, about school zones… states can preempt the federal law on this point.

          Using Mississippi as an example here because its my favorite state to use as an example for this: In Mississippi its legal to be in that federal 1000 foot area with a fire arm if you are driving on a city/county road and/or transiting the school zone (for any reason, does not need to be just for hunting like the federal law says) and you do not need to lock it up and can continue to carry. But, it is legal under Mississippi law for a non-student to possess a firearm on educational property so long as the firearm remains in a motor vehicle and is not displayed in a threatening manner. This means for Mississippi you can carry in school zones (if on foot or not in a car you can’t enter the actual school property) and additionally on educational property as long as you stay in the vehicle (e.g. dropping kids off at school).

          so check you state laws to make sure.

    • To continue to use Mississippi as an example, in relation to permits (enhanced in this case) and in context with signs prohibiting firearms:

      see the section entitled “The opinion, written to the City of Corinth, outlines the following places where the Mississippi statutes authorize a person with an enhanced permit to carry regardless of signage posted by a state governmental entity: ”

      check your own states laws, especially in “constitutional carry” states.

  7. Fortunately here in GA, the no guns signs are simply ignorable decoration, though businesses that post them tend to go belly up.

    • had an interesting thing happen here with the signs.

      Some convenience stores were using the state prescribed sign and someone noticed that these stores seem to have more successful robberies than the stores that did not have the sign and armed their employees and allowed gun carry by customers. Sure, some of the other no-sign stores had the occasional robbery attempt but none successfully completed and no employees or customers hurt. The stores with the signs were getting hit very frequently with everything from assaults on customers to grabbing stuff and running out, to outright robbery and someone was hurt, a few killed, even if they complied.

      So anyway, someone noticed this trend and joked about the sign. So one store owner thought about it and took the sign down and let his employees be armed and let armed customers come in. Prior to that the store was getting assaults on customers to grabbing stuff and running out to outright robbery – assaults on customers almost daily in the store and robbed a few times a month, it was ruining business. So this one store owner took the sign down and let his employees be armed and let armed customers come in. The next day after taking the sign down there was an attempted armed robbery and the bad guy gets shot by the employee behind the counter. As the bad guy is trying to get away he screams “fuc%er, you ain’t suppose to have a gun here!”. Cops caught him limping down the road with a bullet in his leg. The store has not been robbed successfully since, has no had a customer assaulted, no on tries to shoplift and run out with stuff. Word got around, and today there are no convenience stores in the area with gun prohibition signs. Our local crime rate for convenience store robberies dropped by over 70% after all the signs went away.

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