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This one is for the Boomers out there.


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  1. Goes without saying…230 grains of pre-lead-206 yields an explosion akin to the one pictured when achieving a critical mass (only at velocities >840 FPS)…and there’s 8 of them in a standard clipazine.

    All of you pearl-clutching, science denying, Democrats can start howling at the moon in protest whilst wearing your replica female-genitalia head coverings…3, 2, 1, howl.

    • Fired my new 460 for the first time this weekend. That picture is about what it felt like. Broke the welds on a rifle rated target. 454 was noticeably tamer, which is nuts.

      • Cut my teeth on .45 ACP, but have had my eyes on the.460 ever since I caught wind of it. And ESPECIALLY since I saw it’s stats compared to the .500! Can’t figure why S&W didn’t squeeze a 6th round into that massive frame. I wonder if/when their gonna put it on a 1911 frame? Everything else is.

  2. Obviously 6.5 Creedmoor.
    Why wasn’t that picture posted on June 5th, the celebration of Creedmas, the high holy day of the greatest caliber ever created?

    • I remember that time they fired a 6.5 Creedmoor

      Alderaan was a peaceful planet…

    • I heard a legend once about a man somewhere in the American west who fired a .45 and 6.5 creedmoor into eachother. There was bright flash of light, and a loud crack which sounded like thunder that could be heard over the horizon. His friends came to investigate and found only a smoking crater left of what was once his ranch…. But some say the story doesn’t end there, as a mysterious package dated from the 1800s with an old picture in it arrived at his families door. It’s said that the man time traveled back to 1876 and was stuck with no way to return… or so the legend goes…

      • I’ve heard the same story. Some say legend, some say fairy tale. Some say its a truth that most can’t comprehend.

        Can you imagine if there was a way to meld together the super-quantum-galactic properties of a .45 and 6.5 Creedmoor and encapsulated them into a .50 cal round?
        And fired it at the Sun? What would be the outcome? A super-nova? A collapsing universe? Any theoretical physicists in our crowd whom might offer an idea?

      • One has to wonder what “the Flash” was in the movie Book of Eli that wiped out most of civilization…

  3. Saint John the Browning just unleashed one of his heavenly thunderbolts.

    Tremble in fear all you non believers.

    • I was just pondering. Was Saint John the Browning ever just a mere mortal? Probably not.
      On my great-great-grandfather’s knee, when I was a wee lad, I was told it was he, Saint John the Browning who created the 6.5 Creedmoor.

  4. I mean a 45. ACP would have a lot of energy and if the impact site was a warehouse full of explosives, then, well maybe.

    Illlumanati confirmed.

  5. Yes, it’s a warning to us all, fire a .45 into one million tons of ammonium nitrate mixed with 25 million gallons of diesel fuel and you’d better stand back a couple extra paces.

  6. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s head exploding after judge rules California’s ban on AR’s violates the Bill of Right’s 2nd.Amendment.

  7. I like 45s, especially in my Marlin.

    There is nothing quite like a 45/70 Buffalo Bore flat-faced 405 grain magnum round at 2,000 ft/second.
    That picture above would totally obscured by the flying debris…. 🙂 🙂

    Wellll, maybe I’m exaggerating (just a little)… 🙂

  8. Bullet mass is not understood by Joe Blow. Ron Spomer reports from Sporting Classics Magazine:

    Large calibers often have more impact at close range but slow down so rapidly at long range that the small high velocity calibers like a 6.5 magnum actually hit harder at long range.

    Spomer also gave an interesting comparison. A hunter shot a grizzly bear with a 40 grain bullet out of a 22-250 at 4,000 fps. The first shot blew up on a rib causing superficial damage. Conclusion: The 22-250 is a bad caliber of bear. But the second shot went in between the ribs and blew up inside the body cavity causing instant death. Conclusion: The 22-250 is the ultimate bear caliber. Spomer gave this example to show how easily the killing myths about calibers get started.

    In 1945 the Neanderthals of the U.S. Military finally got up off their dead asses and tested the .45 acp against the 9×19. This was 33 years after the .45 acp was adopted by the U.S. Military (see the book the Inglis Diamond). They found that the .45 acp bounced off a military helmet at a scant 35 yards while the 9×19 penetrated it at an astonishing 125 yards and might have done so even further away but no one was able to hit the helmet beyond 125 yards.

    For decades I wondered why the German Army adopted the .32 acp instead of the .380 acp. The facts were the German army was not a bunch of dumb hill jacks like the U.S. Army was when they adopted the .45 acp and actually tested both calibers before adoption and found that the .32 acp penetrated a military helmet and the .380 bounced off.

    It has been known since at least 1891 with the adaptation of small calibers traveling at high velocity with smokeless powder that bullet placement and penetration incapacitate not bullet diameter.

    When you think logically would the difference of 1/10 of and inch in diameter make any difference when a living being was shot as in the case of the diameter of the 9mm v/s the .45 acp.

    Smaller diameter projectiles traveling faster are noted for out penetrating larger slower calibers as when W.D.M Bell found when he discovered that the 6.5 mm was the only caliber he tried that would consistently shoot right through the head of an elephant and the 1,000 elephants he shot proved it. And in the case of Bill Judd a large caliber elephant rifle (.600 Nitro) failed to stop and elephant after is was shot 6 times. So much for the boys beating the big bore drums about making elephants disappear in a red puff of mist.

    The 9×19 was and still is the most popular police and military pistol caliber ever made, not the .45 acp. The 9×19 shoots flatter, has more velocity and therefore on average more consistent bullet expansion. The 9×19 is lighter in weight to carry large amounts of ammo. It has on average higher capacity and milder recoil making it easier to shoot it more accurately. Remember the 9mm with on average 10 more shots than the .45 acp is better than standing there with an empty .45 acp handgun.

    The proof is in the pudding so to peak as no other nation except Norway ever chose the 45 acp for a military cartridge. There was good reason for this because the .45 Acp was and is a turd. This is all way over the heads of the flag waving people blinded by super patriotism who worship the .45 acp as a religious icon with the usual accompanying bronze age mysticism of prayer, ritual, incantations and painting their bodies blue while dancing naked by the light of the moon.j

    • Hey, jerry. You still don’t get invited to any gatherings, do you? Has Greta taken out a restraining order yet?

      • Brilliant response or did your grandmother help you with that. Someday when you pass the 5th grade level perhaps we will be able to read a response not filled with just nonsense and having nothing to do with the post. Try again Jethro before the cows need milked today.

        • Creepy, creepy the way your face book pages were lit up about that under aged Greta. At least she was under aged at the time.

      • And by the way Jethro anyone who would denigrate Greta has all the educated people of the world shaking their heads. You would think with all the scientific data out there about global warming even the mentally challenged would get the picture very clearly. I guess that is asking for miracles when dealing with a person like you. Be sure and attend your QAnon meeting today. The Shamon will soon be there once he gets out of prison.

        • Oh Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg, the “special” girl from Sweden.
          The Swedish David Hogg but “special” with four names.
          You have serious issues, say Hi to Tintin for me.
          If you practice some of her “Selective Mutism”, we would all be better off.
          The .177 BB went right through the German paper.
          For decades I wondered why the German Army adopted the .32 acp instead of the .177. Blah, Blah, Blah.

    • Having been shot by both I can tell you that the .45 hurt MUCH more then the 9mm.
      I walked home after the 9mm bounced off of my head, the .45 put me in the ER.
      Ron Spomer (Clinically diagnosed retarded), Inglis Diamond (Canadian), Norway (Really)?
      The .45 made for A LOT of dead Nazis. On April 8,1940 Norway was invaded by the Nazis.
      If they were armed with more 1911’s and Thompson SMGs this likely wouldn’t have happened.
      After the Nazis invaded, Norway actually made 1911s for Nazi Germany.
      The Nazis loved them and the .45
      As for the .32, the primary use of a Nazi handgun was to put a bullet in the back of someone’s head at close range. For their use the .32 was just fine.
      I have seen some pretty PO’ed people after being shot multiple times with a .32 Beretta Tomcat.
      It’s a pretty worthless caliber except Hitler did kill himself with it so it’s got that going for it.
      You are actually better with a .22 or .25, the .32 is great for shooting someone who is French.


    • Dacian You were fine until that last paragraph and the ad hominems… Either will kill or incapacitate. So will the .32 with precise aiming…

  9. Dacian said:
    “It has been known since at least 1891 with the adaptation of small calibers traveling at high velocity with smokeless powder that bullet placement and penetration incapacitate not bullet diameter.”

    Well, in that case, 0.17 is even better than the 45.
    H0w about a needle with a diameter of 0.03″, traveling at 10,000 ft/sec ?
    It will work great at 4 miles…

    I’m would bet that 90%+ of .45 shots are less than 50 feet.

    For self defense on my property, which is max at 580ft line of sight, I would much prefer my Marlin 45/70 and/or my AR10 to my AR15, or my 22.

    You’re describing what is typically shown in movies, where skinny Angelina Jolie beats down a 300lb thug. Ain’t gonna happen.

    Mass is where it’s at. The Rock vs Angelina, or a 50cal vs a 5.56….

    The A10 Warthog 30mm round from depleted uranium comes in at 6,000+ grains. Now, that is quite massive, especially considering the 4,000 rounds/minute….

    Much better than the tiny 750 grain 50cals formerly used on fighter planes.

  10. avatar Now a five year old pointing his finger like a gun would get that kind of a reaction from liberals!

    A nine may go thru you, but a 45 will knock you on your ass and stop you!

    • What you posted is against the laws of physics. You would have known that if you had not flunked physics class assuming you ever even had any which is highly doubtful.

      I might add the owner of Second Chance Vests has put on demonstrations where he was shot point blank with a .44 magnum multiple times one shot following another and he did not even flinch. So much for your rants and rectum gas about the mythical knock down power of the .45 acp. I might add people where shot several times with slugs from a .12 gauge shotgun and did not fall down and even survived. Again proof the laws of physics are correct not your rectum gas and 45 acp myth worship.

      • What a moronic thing to say. The strength of your arguments would be greatly increased without the Jr High level ad hominem attacks.

  11. dacian said:
    “What you posted is against the laws of physics.”

    I say that what you posted is against the law of common sense.
    Given the speed, mass ALWAYS wins…..

    38s and 9mm, cross-sectional area = 0.100
    45s cross sectional area = 0.159

    A 45 has 59% more area than a 9mm or 38
    Give similar propulsive pressures, 45s beat 9s all day long.

    Buffalo Bore 124gr 9mm+P JHP = 413ft.lbs
    Buffalo Bore 185gr 45+P JHP = 561ft.lbs

    The 45 makes a 59% bigger hole with 38% more pressure than a 9mm.

    For comparison, a 357 Magnum, same diameter as the 9mm (0.356″) = 899 ft.lbs.

    But then, it’s pretty obvious math is not your strong point….

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