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Hey, the AK should just be happy it’s getting used. Seriously though, who cleans guns? Mine all look like that.


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  1. It’s been four days since my last trip to the range, and I haven’t yet cleaned my guns I shot that day. My eye’s beginning to twitch. Will have to clean ’em up tomorrow after work.

    I take care of muh gunz.

    • Made me smile!

      Going to the range tomorrow…Friday morning will be cleaning time.

      Tomorrow will be a .22LR and .38 HBWC day followed by lunch with my range partners. We’re having a shoot-off between the S&W Model 52 and the Colt Gold Cup National Match .38 Special Mid Range followed immediately by a shoot-off between a trio of S&W Model 14’s (winner picks where lunch will be). I will also be trying out an FN 502 I picked up a couple of days ago.

        • Come on up!
          Private club indoor range is perfect for winter.
          Bring your favorites. Between our group we have lots of older revolvers / autos to shoot…plus a plethora of modern plastic framed pistols and Mattel rifles. I’ll drag out the 45-70 Contender pistol in your honor.

          We range from 62 to 78 years old with a number of retired LEO’s, DoD and spouses regularly attending…all are firearm enthusiasts.

        • @Gadsden Flag

          update: the S&W Model 52 eked out a win over the Colt. The Model 14 shoot out was fun. Three old-school revolver guys shooting for lunch privilege…I lost. A retired electrical engineer took the honors and chose a place called HuHot for lunch. So good…sooo full!

          The FN 502 digested approx. 150 rounds of mixed 22LR. No stoppages of any kind. Comfortable and accurate to shoot. It appears to be a keeper.

          Cleaning materials set out for tomorrow.

          It was a good Thursday!

  2. The above picture is 100% so spot-on it’s not funny. Not the face but definitely my hands (and anything else I accidentally touch afterwards). Barrel, BCG, upper and lower receivers…they’re all a mess after a weekend of shooting.

    The more I think about it, I should just fill my power washer with Hoppes #9 and go to town on my AR before bringing it inside…

  3. Clean, or not, the AK, or any derivative, works. It doesn’t really matter which. An AR is something else. Better be pulling PM on that thing everytime you’re in a patrol base.

  4. Carbon build-up is just free dry lube! 🙂

    It’s the excess gun oil slathered on by “caring” owners that turns it into the gummy, action-clogging crud of doom. A drop each on contact surfaces. A DROP.

    And a scrub of the barrel and chamber every once and a while to clear foul from the rifling and prevent FTEs from a “sticky” chamber.

  5. I have a sonic cleaner that does small parts pretty well. Air from the compressor to dry and inspect. High lumen white led light is a must to see.

  6. I bought an AK two years ago, I cleaned it when I got it. I have not cleaned it since but occasionally pour vodka into the receiver.

  7. I clean after range time. Field strip and run a few patches thru the barrel and a light oiling of metal parts. Maybe twice a year I will go full GI and white glove without using harsh stuff or scraping off the finishes. I do find my zen cleaning firearms. Maintenance on any of my tools is zen for me.

  8. I’ve seen this meme with shotgun not AK. What’s particularly funny is I don’t think I own a jag for a shotgun. I may own a cleaning rod adapter, I think.

    Then again I don’t own an AK either. Need to fix that. Building a 7.62X39 AR right now, does that count for anything?

  9. A friend of mine didn’t clean his SKS after a range trip. It never worked properly again after that. It would randomly fail to cycle, even when using Chinese PS copperwash ball ammo.

    It got so bad he would take out the gas piston so he would use it as a straight-pull bolt action.

  10. funkmastap287:
    Thanks for sharing that. I read it with interest. I used to scrub bores with copper brushes after every trip to the range but have come to believe (in my old age) that this is wrong. So.. I agree with Patric Rogers on that score. Now I run two or three wet patches (Hoppe’s No. 9) through a bore to give it a good soaking and then dry it out with dry patches. No jags or brushes.
    For several years, I’ve been using Tetra Gun Grease on wear surfaces of semiauto actions on advice from the main guy at my LGS whose encyclopedic knowledge of things ballistic I respect. This partly due to a belief that oil will run out over time while guns are in storage.
    Anyway, I don’t shoot hundreds of rounds through any of my guns at a range session and don’t feel a need to slobber them in oil, or margarin for that matter.


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