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Minimal protection is still protection?

(I do not endorse my own ballistic baby joke, it’s deplorable and I renounce my association with myself and hereby call for me to cancel me effective immediately and lasting until this time tomorrow)


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    • I think you all are misunderstanding the reason for the ballistic material used in the construction of this pack… think diaper malfunction

  1. That baby is not quite thick enough to be effective… Increase the processed food and sugar so it’ll do a better job, LOL

    • The Meat Shield. He’s wearing the device too low though; the head should be higher so as to better cover his thoracic cavity…

    • You gotta have twins. Fat American twins.

      I’m hoping there is no hell. A lot of us are going to burn together if there is.

      • I was once asked by some Jehovah Witness folks if I thought I was going to heaven. My reply quickly ended the conversation. I said: Why would I want to go someplace where I wouldn’t know anybody. We’ll all have are special place in Hell if such a place exists.

  2. All tacky comments aside…So would have had one of these 40’ish years ago when our youngin’s were that size.

    I’m fine with O.D. However, thinking one in tiger stripe would be nice for those long walks in the country. Plenty of room for hanging an AFAC and baby supplies on the MOLLE straps.

  3. If a Green Beret thinks it’s fine that the mother of his small children volunteers to serve in a combat zone, then sure, why not take the next logical step. Robert Lewis Dabney explained over a century ago that American “conservatives” are spineless progressives at heart, and it’s still true today.

    • Most Republicans on the public scene today couldn’t bear to be compared to the likes of Abe Lincoln or Theodore Roosevelt. Nothing spineless about those “Progressives”! They’d wilt and crawl away were such men alive today to be compared to.

      Lincoln, the leader who saved the United States of America from its own worst enemies of the time, and then set forth the plan to welcome them all right back in. For which he was murdered.

      Roosevelt, who earned himself both the Medal of Honor in combat and the Nobel Peace Prize at the negotiating table. He knowingly cost himself the Medal of Honor in his lifetime by speaking out against the military brass that were failing to get the troops home promptly after the Spanish-American War. The delay, leaving our men in terrible conditions, contributed to much illness, suffering and death and it was Theodore Roosevelt who stood up and loudly said so.

      • Who would want to be compared to Lincoln? He murdered over 600,000 of his own citizens to force loyalty and obedience. He forced a war just to stop independent states from leaving a voluntary union. In any other setting he would have been remembered as a tyrant, but winners write the history so he gets a god-like statue.

  4. Sir we are going to have to de-platform you from your own website. We are are offended, because we are offended you need to relinquish your 1st amendment right.

  5. avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

    I wonder if my apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll’s mother used him like that when he was a baby.

    Right, PeeeGeeeTwoo?

    (Now watch as he always takes the bait… *snicker* 😉 )

  6. Kid looks a bit too big to be carrying like that to me. Just about ready for something in .177 to watch your six. Let him pick out his own gear.

  7. Hows a squaw supposed to pick up sticks and plant corn with a baby in the way?
    Babies go to the back , they have for centuries.


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