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It’s like cats and dogs, man.


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  1. Steve is old school, he doesn’t like all the youths walking around with their new fangled M4s and M16s courtesy of the Biden administration. He likes to reminisce about the times when rifles were blued and had wood stocks, shot 4 moa and ate all the steel case ammo you could throw at it.

    • He does get to snicker at least, when they lose those tiny springs and roll pins in the sand. 😮

  2. You don’t tug on Superman’s cape
    You don’t piss into the wind
    You don’t put M parts on that forty-seven
    And you don’t mess around with Steve
    A-dootin’ do-de-dow dee dee dee-dee dee dee!

    • I tugged on Superman’s cape. I used a 4′ pole with a hook on it, while I was standing behind dacian. I think that’s how he got his drain bamaged.

  3. To be entirely fair, putting M4 stocks onto things that are not M4s is always aesthetically displeasing and never a functional improvement. Was it Tapco or ATI that made the one that bolts onto an H&R single-shot shotgun? Blech. This kind of trying-too-hard wannabe-GWOT-larping is why a lot of us always throw up in our mouths a little when we see an SKS with a plastic Tapco “xtendo clip,” an SKS with a folding stock, an SKS with an M4 stock, an AK with quad rails, a Mosin or Enfield that has fallen into the hands of Basement Bubba and gotten “sportsterized,” and so on. Worse are the pawn shops and gun store salesmen who tack an extra zero onto the price tag they hang onto these abominations and say “it’s a custom gun.”

    • No, he just passed the first rite of manhood in the Middle east. They take the diaper off the butt and wrap it around the head. Looks like they forgot to wash it first. Either that or someone walked in the room with 1 of the new M-4’s Biden handed to the Taliban.

  4. That moment you realize Russians like AR style stocks and they themselves make most of the buffer tube conversions. So-called purists are delusional. Make no mistake, I like the classics just the same, but modern ergonomics are superior.

    Have a couple myself & I recommend CustomGuns or LAC as being the best I’ve used.

    • Should mention one thing about those I advocate, both have models that bring the bore axis directly in horizontal alignment with the shoulder instead of the classic downward angled style, which makes recoil management much more effective.

      Works beautifully when FA, fast fire, or 12.7×76 is on the menu.

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