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Oooph, that one’s a bit rough as memes go.


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  1. Taurus has always been a garbage manufacturer and will continue to be crap.

    Even if you get one that works it’ll be discontinued soon after and Taurus will be crapping out a whole new set of models.

    Now just waiting for the guy who’s Tauri are just great to chime in.

    • OK, I will.

      1988 Taurus 85

      2015 Taurus PT111 — failed after 100 rounds at the range, got rid of it

      2015 Taurus 85 UL

      2017 Taurus 709

      • I have a Rossi 68 also — it’s virtually a Taurus 85 clone.
        Or maybe the Taurus is a Rossi 68 clone.

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    • “Now just waiting for the guy who’s Tauri are just great to chime in.”

      I’ve owned 2 over the years, a stainless .357, and a copy of a Beretta 92 AFS decocker.

      *Zero* issues with either, gutless troll too frightened identify itself.

      It’s been nice sneering at you… 😉

      • My Taurus G3C is great.
        The Rossi 461 revolver I use to have was fine.
        My Heritage Rough Ryder revolver is also fine for what it is.

        I did get a lemon S&W revolver (642) once, but the one I have now is great.

      • I’ll identify myself. 2 Spectrums that still can’t get through a mag with a malfunction of some kind.

        Probably should add those to the list of sh!t to sell and use the money buy more milsurps or G48s, both of which always work right out of the box.

        • I bought a brace of Spectrums on sale. One runs flawlessly with any of the half a dozen loads I’ve run through it. The other would FTF the second to last round, every time regardless of which load or mag was in it. I swapped slide assemblies, and the good one stayed good while the FTF one settled and now also runs flawlessly.

          My 738 TCP was had new for just over a hondo, never had a malfunction, and is my pocket/ankle BUG. Also bought a Curve with laser super cheap. No malfunctions either, but that one’s a novelty gun.

          The GX4XL Riton is still in the box, while I work on other projects. Trigger was a bit gritty, but a bit of polishing took care of that.

          As LifeSavor noted below, I thought “Why hate when you can conquer?” but YMMV of course.

        • What milsurps would you buy? They have all gotten really expensive. Mosins, Enfields, Makarovs, and SKS all use to be super cheap, but are pretty spendy now.

    • Raging Hunter in .454 Casull. Had to get a new forcing cone, which they fixed immediately free of charge and it’s been great since. But it did have to be fixed.

    • “Now just waiting for the guy who’s Tauri are just great to chime in.”

      I don’t care about Taurus one way or the other, but I love that there’s about a 50% failure rate *with brand new guns* just among people who responded to this. The lack of self awareness is kind of magical.

    • I had a G2 which was a solid pistol.
      I had a 605 Poly Protector which was a heap of garbage.
      I had a 627 tracker which was a solid pistol.

      I would consider purchasing a Raging Hunter because . . . I mean, come on. Look at that thing.

      Otherwise, pass on the rest of their products.

    • The irony of them chiming in about their Taurus collection is mildly amusing. You are basically psychic.

    • you know there are other brands… right?

      if you take a swing at a certain brand, try not to fall on your face when you miss.

      But honestly, it’s a little amusing this angers you so much.

  2. Better than 2,000 rounds downrange through my TX-22 with zero issues….think I’ll keep it.

    • You mean that you didn’t buy into the Glock Perfection Legos Starter Kit #44 ? Are you waiting for all of the boutique accessories to come out first ?
      You’re gonna’ get bored with a pistol that you just shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot…..

      • @Pb_fan59

        I did buy the Glock 44 when it first came out. My favorite LGS called me when they got their first two in…I bought the second. Ten-round magazine and $175 extra for the threaded barrel…bought that too. Same crummy plastic Glockenspiel sights…crappy trigger….Glock’ish grip. I still have it – shoot it once a year for G&G. Probably about 500 – 600 rounds through it. The TX-22 is heads and shoulders above the G-44.

        I’ll never sell it…but, I don’t like to shoot it either.

      • peanut butter, why. the hatin’ on the 44? … it’s truly leading edge purr-fection, combining crappy six pound trigger that breaks like a stale pretzel, high tech plastic sights, a composite POLYMER SLIDE, the infamous strange grip angle, and a whopping TEN round mag capacity, and it’s available in THIRTEEN decorater colors.
        So, what’s not to like?

    • I would buy the 460sw caliber revolver just for the reloading grins, but l am already getting a bit of hand pain. Not to mention budget awareness.

    • dude I’ve got the compact and the og and I didn’t clean both for the first 2000 at least then they had some cycling issues but sprayed so birchwoodcasey in them and they were back at it

  3. Caliber wars.
    Striker vs. hammer wars.
    Open vs. conceal carry wars.
    This Taurus-vs-GLOCK thing isn’t exactly Fight Club.

    I’ve never owned a Taurus of any kind, nor ever fired one, so I don’t have a dog in this fight. For me, it’s a 1911 or GLOCK FTW. Though…I wouldn’t mind having a nice .44 Mag wheelgun + levergun combo with Western leather accessories.

    • Only Taurus I tend to see in local stores are the raging hunter series. Seems ok but happy with the Ruger.

  4. Taurus is ok for what it is…a starter for spending time at the range. That’s ok because someone needs to occupy that area and they do it well. I would sooner trust a Glock with my life but truthfully I think there is better than both. Just my opinion though. Maybe I’ll get another Taurus at some point but I never shed any tears when the one I had went away.

    • I’m shying away from a semi-auto Taurus pistol for an EDC, but agree that the revolvers are great starting pistols. Well, you know what I mean.

      How did your Taurus go away, and what’s better than both?

      • There are higher quality better hardware available for just a few bucks more. Particularly for Taurus. I’m a Beretta fan and consider them to be better but there are others like 1911’s from Springfield and Kimber. If I’m going to pay $400 for a Taurus then I can $500 for a PX4.

        The Taurus Milennium I experienced seemed loose. It didn’t malfunction all that much but it never made me confident. It was just an ok gun.

        I know it’s all subjective but you asked.

  5. I have never owner/shot a Taurus, so, no opinion, but folk on this blog whose opinion I do respect seem to have had mixed experience with Taurus.

    I do not understand the Glock-hate. I own two. They are firearms. They are not perfection but serviceable and reliable. I prefer my M&P, but the Glocks are accurate and easy to maintain. They have some faults but you learn to master the guns you own. That’s part of the fun.

    Why hate when you can conquer?

  6. I have only one gat that’s not drop safe but I load one chamber, skip the next one, then load the other four, so it’s OK.

  7. Add me to the list of people with Tauruses (Tauri?) that work great. A 692 revolver and the aforementioned GX4. My GX4 is not on the bad list. Shoots better than the Shield I traded in for it.

  8. I’ve got a couple Glocks and a couple Taurus’s in the safe. Never had a problem with any of them. Neither are my first choice as carry, everyday weapons, but they do what I ask of them. They go bang when the trigger is pulled and I can hit the intended target with them.
    My EDC weapons are older firearms I’ve had for decades and know them down to the pins and screws to be dependable.
    Colt 1911A1, Smith & Wesson model 25. Colt SAA, Walther P-38, Walther PPK are the usual choices. And sometimes, if the feral hogs are back, I carry a S&W M500 out around the farm. Heavy and powerful, yes, but still easier than toting around a long gun.

  9. AI scanner used in hundreds of US schools misses knives >

    “A security firm that sells AI weapons scanners to schools is facing fresh questions about its technology after a student was attacked with a knife that the $3.7m system failed to detect.

    On Halloween last year, student Ehni Ler Htoo was walking in the corridor of his school in Utica, New York, when another student walked up behind him and stabbed him with a knife.”


    Just to note: Daily across the United States there are ~1,400 criminal attacks against victims using knives. You rarely hear about them in the news or stats, not as sensational as guns I guess even though gun use as criminals means weapons (including mass shootings when they happen) represent less than 1% of the criminal violent acts carried out daily across the United States by use of non-firearm weapons such as knives/edged-sharpened/blunt-objects/poisons/ligatures etc… stats reporting for these attacks is sparse because the stats are driven by convictions and unless the criminal is caught and convicted its not reported in stats but it resides in police reporting.

    • A simple metal detector wasn’t enough? The schools had to specify and install unnecessarily complicated machines that cost more than standard technology? And they don’t work?

      It’s almost as if the powers-that-be don’t really want to protect kids.

  10. … stans would pair w/ ollies.
    moes would pair w/ larrys, two different curlys, shemps, and occasionally a joe.
    yes, there were actually six of ” the three stooges”.

  11. Had a Taurus PT709 Slim. It failed catastrophically at the range (fte, ftf, stovepipe). The thing was very picky about ammo. Sold it and went with a Ruger LC9 briefly (it sucked). Gave it to a friend and found salvation with the Sig P365.

  12. 4 taurus pistols over the years:
    pt24/7 g2c
    thousands and thousands of rounds fired through them
    never had a problem with any of them except the pt92c didnt seem to like certain 147 grain hollow points
    and the g3 doesnt like this 124 grain nato spec stuff made in turkey with really hard primers i get a ftf every once in a while
    i havent shot it a ton yet
    maybe 500 rounds
    but so far the g3 is as accurate as any pistol in my collection
    which consists of colt smith sig glock ruger springfield and walther

  13. As if no other firearms manufacturer has ever had a recall? Isn’t there a massive lawsuit against Sig over P320’s firing by themselves? Sig, S&W, Ruger; have all had to recall guns at times. My CX4 isn’t among those recalled. It functions as it should and I like it as much as my more expensive Hellcat. I also have a 85 in .38 Spl which goes bang every time and cost me more than less than a S&W J. Most of the complainers on here probably never even shot a Taurus.

  14. “Now just waiting for the guy who’s Tauri are just great to chime in.”

    I love Taurus. My TX-22 has seen 5,000 flawless rounds. In addition, Taurus customer service and support are awesome. Keep the faith my friend.

  15. I’ve a Taurus 85, I’ve ran going on 14 years. No issues whatsoever. Trigger was a tad gritty DA, but it smooted out after a couple of hundred rounds. I reload to +P pressures, and ot’s handled them without a hiccup.

    My Bro in Law has a G3C, It hasn’t given him any problems and I found it to be a reasonably Accurate, and it functioned fine with every brand/type of ammo he’s ran through it. I’ve thought about picking up a G3C just as a spate carry gun.
    As for recalls, just about every manufacturer has had a gun out that needed recalled.
    I believe Taurus is putting more effort into their QC.

  16. It’s always fun for some keyboard warrior to jump on an opportunity to bash a brand like Taurus. Yeah, they’ve had their share of problems. Of course, Sig has had major issues with the P365 and P320, and Kimbers are notorious for having issues (R7 Mako recall). Then there was the Walther PPS M2 recall and the M&P Shield EZ recall. I could go on. The point is that guns are machines and machines are prone to problems Good QC will weed most of them out but many manufacturers that are supposedly better than Taurus and cost a heck of a lot more have had plenty of serious issues. And if you’re a fan of any of those brands you will jump to their defense. As for Taurus, I’ve owned a G2c for around 5 years and put almost a thousand rounds through it without a single hiccup. That may not be true for everyone, but my experience is positive.


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