Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
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Forgive the firearm industry if we seem jaded. We’re just not buying the calls for unity and healing. Not when our industry has been called “the enemy” and not when far-left firebrands are calling to create “lists” of Americans who dare to disagree.

It’s like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is the Grinch Who Stole Freedom. She’s making a list and checking it twice. She’s going to tell America if you didn’t vote nice.

Forgive us. We’re not buying it. The firearm industry, and gun owners in general, are leery of being put on “enemies” lists. Or terror watch lists. Or gun registries. We know these things are ripe for abuse for radical ideas like rehabilitation, re-education, indoctrination, or confiscation.

It’s un-American. Period. It’s also telling that while Joe Biden is calling for the keys to the White House and telling Americans he’ll heal and unite the nation, he’s not disavowing the overt threat by a member of Congress that those who disagree with a radical agenda will be listed. He’s also not walked back his accusation in 2019 that the firearm industry is “the enemy,” and his threat to come after us.

– Larry Keane in Gun Industry Knows Being ‘Listed’ Isn’t Healing or Unifying

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  1. I ain’t buying the chit Occasional-Cortez is shoveling…there is massive fraud in this election. Lock n load.

    • I completely agree. That occasionally coherent pinche cholo puta can vete al infierno as far as I’m concerned.

      • Election doesn’t make sense. You are going to tell me that people voted for republican for the house and senate, but a democrat for their president?

    • “there is massive fraud in this election”

      Well, you had better hurry to the US attorney’s office with your proof because all of trumps other lawsuits have been trashed by the judges.

      • Then again I’m a M & M, a Moron and Marxist, who’s lies get trashed every time I post, so what do I know?

      • Having seen the judicial “resistance” in action over the last four years, anyone with half a brain would place exactly zero faith in the impartiality or accuracy of any of those rulings. But hey, it’s all fine, as long as it drags Joe Biden’s corpse over the finish line.

      • There are over 70 million people who feel like this election was rigged and I don’t care a good goddamn about your smug, facile arguments. The fact is, this government is legitimate only insofar as it has the consent of the governed, and there is a big plurality of people who don’t think this election was fair and don’t want your leftist agenda; and they damn sure don’t want it shoved down their throats.

        The one thing that’s allowed for the peaceful transfer of power is that both sides can agree our elections were conducted in a free and fair manner. That doesn’t exist anymore. Another thing is that change instituted by the winning side has always been incremental, there’s always been compromise, and everything was done with the recognition that the Constitution sets limits on what can be done. Now, despite the slimmest of slim margins (if Biden pulls this cheat off) the left is claiming a “mandate” to completely “transform” this Country into something entirely different than anyplace I want to live, and they have a record of using force and intimidation to get their way.

        Biden and his ilk are an existential threat. He’s is a not very bright political hack and he and his family are corrupt as hell. He may be imposed on me and he may be called “President” but he’ll ALWAYS be the slimy little bastard who stole his way onto office.

        How 70 million people deal with their deeply held belief that the election was fraudulent remains to be seen.

        • “…our elections were conducted in a free and fair manner. That doesn’t exist anymore.”

          Considering the election is currently ongoing, maybe, We The People, demand it. So that it does exist, today.

  2. When Trump won his speech was loaded with unification, being everybody’s president, standing up to the forces that divide us. But that was all mythical dogvwhistles to the 70+ million multi-racial multi-ethnic klansmen out there.

    Biden & Co. run on promises to divide and punish and somehow that’s unification. I suppose if you imprison, re-educate and exterminate your “others” you’re left with unification.

    As an aside the tweetering idiots out there are shocked and appaulled at Biden’s neo-con war-mongering get-along gang he’s putting together. There’s some mild joy to be had in the “I told you so” and “what did you expect?”

    • Biden’s also in a tough spot between the radical leftist and moderate democrat wings of his part.

      Let the internecine warfare commence.

      • The radical leftists will be trouble. They were promised a revolution which is not going to happen. The DNC’s useful fools may find their usefulness will end at inauguration day.

      • I don’t think he thinks that. I don’t think he’s that deep. He’s just going along with the program. If a teleprompter can’t help you make a sentence, what else up there isn’t working?
        Notice that he’s not taking any real questions? Any non-rehearsed questions/answers?

      • There is no “moderate wing” of the democrat party. They march in lock step and vote the party line. Deviation is not allowed and will be punished.

        It is the communist way.

        After they get full control they will eliminate or “reeducate” everyone they suspect may resist their agenda.

        Be Prepared !

  3. AOC pulled in more campaign cash than even Nancy Pelosi. She’s now a big wheel in the DNC, thanks to her ability to gain donations (over $10 mil, last I looked), even as she runs in a very easily duped district. That’s her power base.

    But in the halls of Congress, there’s some blowback brewing, and it is coming from the senior leaders of the DNC. Pelosi and Clyburn were basically promising that they were going to increase the DNC’s seat count in the House by, hopefully, double-digits.

    The DNC not only did not increase their seat count, they’ve lost seats to the GOP – and as the vote counting continues, they’re losing more seats. The GOP won’t flip the House, but Pelosi a) didn’t deliver on her promises, and b) the people who lost “winnable” races are pointing squarely and openly at AOC, and then Pelosi for not squelching AOC. The phrase “defund the police” is mentioned again and again in post-election analysis as what cost Democrats “winnable” seats, and the other far-left agendas of AOC and her “squad” are also mentioned.

    Today, there are pieces running in the press of an interview with Clyburn effectively pointing the finger at AOC for some of these problems. She’s now on the leadership radar as a “problem” that has to be “solved.” AOC still doesn’t understand the team dynamics in the House. Up until now, she’s been deluded into thinking that being young and looking really well in some high-dollar designer dresses was her ticket to power. I think she’s about to get a really unpleasant lesson in what happens to members who become election problems for the team.

    This loss of winnable seats might well cost Pelosi the speakership in the House, as members of the DNC delegation decide that they need someone to lead the House who will put AOC in her place.

    • They should talk to the Clinton’s. They have a long history of dealing with people who become a problem going back to their Arkansas days.

    • Cortez would look fantastic not wearing a high dollar designer dress. Other than that, I can’t think of anything nice to say about her.

      • I disagree. Ugly mind = ugly person.

        She HATES YOU, and wants YOU punished.

        I would have no part of her.

      • Fantastic? She is a rail with pancake boobs and a little boy body.

        And leadership won’t do much to her. She is where the energy of the party lies, and her group is actually growing. They challenged and beat the last pro-life Dem in the House, replacing him with another squad member.

        She will likely challenge Schumer for his Senate seat in two years.

        They created this little boy body Golum in the universities (where they are making more) and now it is out there doing exactly what Golum’s do…Burning It All Down.

        • Exactly… she’s just another low IQ spoiled little rich bich….
          Not that I wouldn’t hit that…. but….. you know…. lol

      • Blech…nasty.

        I’m with Grumpy. That…female…is ugly inside and out. Even if she wasn’t a stick insect with disproportionate mudflaps, she’d still be repulsive.

      • A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
        And no one can talk to a horse of course
        That is, of course, unless the horse is the famous AOC!

        • Cortez will look like Valerie Jarrett in 15 years.

          Speaking of that Iranian, she just said without a shred of irony this little gem;

          “Their intent is to delegitimize this election and thereby delegitimize President-elect Biden’s presidency,” said Valerie Jarrett, who was a White House senior adviser to President Barack Obama. “It is damaging to the democracy. Once again they’re putting their short-term political interests ahead of the interests of the country.”

          These are sick, sick people.

    • Maybe the Democrats’ fake ballot filler-outers should have filled out their whole ballots instead of just checking Biden. The massive amount of late fake ballots with nothing checked but Biden-Harris is biting the (D)s in the butt.

  4. We’ll have to see how the challenges and recounts work out at the POTUS level but at this point it’s a fight for the Senate. The GOP could actually lose that chamber in Georgia. Lefties are now openly calling on people to break Georgia law (in a felonious manner, no less) to flip that vote.

    If the GOP doesn’t maintain at least 51 in the Senate, hence giving the Dems the majority or Harris the tie-breaking vote, even our resident Biden apologists will be crying in their drinks because at that point the only thing between us and really serious advances on the gun control front is the SCOTUS or a legit rebellion.

    • We have about 5 weeks to prepare for that contingency.

      A few federal judges there could be very helpful in making sure poll observers aren’t hindered in any way from seeing what will be going on at the precinct level. And that ballot boxes are accounted for, etc….

      • There is still a reasonable expectation that once the investigation into the MASSIVE FRAUD in Wayne County Michigan (Metro Detroit) gets sorted out, John James (who has already filed suit) will be found the winner of the Senate seat and ousting Gary Peters. Prior to the “pause” in counting, votes for James were closely tracking with votes for Trump. If Trump prevails in Detroit, it follows that John James would ride the same wave, IMO.

        • Speaking of “reasonable expectations”. The situation the country finds itself in today is, in fact, unprecedented. No one trusts anybody. I, personally, would consider it a “reasonable expectation” for all 9 in SCOTUS plus however many are on the Appeals Courts of the US to take off the week of 1-7 January and PERSONALLY AND PHYSICALLY oversee every polling place in GA, with zero limitations on where they can stand or what they can look at or photograph. With armed Secret Service agents beside them. Because I am pretty certain that serious shit is going to be attempted, possibly on both sides. And it MATTERS, to the entire country, while all the interested parties nationwide can collect in one state to do their worst. I need a new container of popcorn.

      • “A few federal judges there could be very helpful in making sure poll observers aren’t hindered in any way from seeing what will be going on at the precinct level.”

        Maybe, if it has enforcement attached to it in the form of LE. Court orders were obviously ignored in PA. So blatantly in fact that it’s actually almost surprising.

        The real question is how effective “the list” and subsequent actions stemming from it are. It’s one of the most transparent attempts to illegally influence the judiciary I’ve ever seen or heard of in this country (granted there may be something that’s escaped my notice). I doubt that’s lost on the lawyers who might make “pro Trump” arguments or the judges who might hand down “pro Trump” rulings. So there’s a question of how their actions might be influenced.

        To be entirely honest if Progressives don’t have a little bit of anxiousness right now then they really are morons. If this kind of thing is even widely perceived to be rigged and allowed to stand… damn. A lot of them may spend their final minutes wishing they were treated as well as Daniel Pearl.

        Regardless of the reality the perceptions on both sides at this point are taking us into some pretty dangerous ground and as I’ve noted before, when it comes to really crazy events in history you usually can’t identify the match that lit the fuse until it’s all in the rear-view.

        “Uxorem Caesaris tam suspicione quam crimine carere oportet” should have been the watchword(s) here. It wasn’t. I hope that doesn’t lead anywhere nasty.

    • “…but at this point it’s a fight for the Senate.”

      Really? So the constitution has no meaning to us? It’s bad enough the left says the 2A doesn’t exist, BUT NOW they are saying fair elections don’t exist either.

      This is the tipping point that people will look back on and say… That stolen election was the point of no return for America.

      The fight for the Senate is a retreat and attempting to reinforce a line that has been breached.

      THE ELECTION IS NOT OVER! We must go on the offensive and stop the theft…now…while we can and while it is still happening.

      We stand for Liberity.

      • If they cheat and get away with it what the fuck does it matter?

        The Constitution is just ink on parchment. It means exactly nothing if no one is actually willing to defend it or fight for it. If the country allows fraud then the country is no longer what it was.

        The first line of defense is to prevent any fraud.

        The second is to expose any fraud and correct for it.

        Everything after that is determined by the first two. But yes, if they openly steal this election through cheating and intimidation then we have some serious questions about if we roll over and accept it or if we move to the “last box”.

        At this point I have very little *faith* that anyone will actually fight if things turn out to be fraud. Shit, even the LARPers don’t want to do that, mostly they are unwilling under any circumstances. The gear and guns are just a hobby to them. They have no interest in entering a two way range.

      • If this stands, our nation is dead. There will never again be this kind of enthusiasm for a candidate. November 2020 will be the time America ended. There is zero possibility Joe Biden got the most votes in history

    • Yes….. and once they control the Senate, it’s over…. game f k n over…

      What would George Washington do to such traitorous people?…..

      We should follow what punishments the founders set forth for such TREASON

  5. “It’s like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is the Grinch Who Stole Freedom. She’s making a list and checking it twice.”

    There are now a number of them out there gleefully admitting they are indeed making ‘lists’ for retribution.

    They even bought a domain for it :

    How very… Fascist of them to do that.

    Perhaps lists need to be made of those creating such lists, and perhaps that could be made public as well… 🙂

    • The Lincoln Project is also doxxing lawyers representing Trump in PA while calling for civility from the other side of its mouth.

      What an amazingly civil group of people. They had better hope that 1) this doesn’t go too far or 2) that if it does go too far that the Covid restrictions keep the sheep in line. Otherwise when people hoist the black flag they’ll be cutting throats for realsies.

      Also, of note, exit polling and other indices suggest that of the people who actually did vote for Biden as much as 44% of them didn’t actually vote for him but rather voted “Orange Man Bad”. Not because they had policy differences with Trump but because they didn’t like his abrasive personality.

      Well, that’s called being a REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEtard and they may just find out how badly they’ve fucked up here. I bet they’ll just love Biden’s CoV-2 plan when they discover that a big player in that plan is Ezekiel Emanuel, ya know the guy who’s authored a bunch of “ethics” papers on how no one should live past 75? And who’s the highest risk for CoV-2 again…?

      • I’m hearing a substantial part of the gains we made down ballot were because the usual ratio of votes down-ballot aren’t making much sense in some places. They voted ‘orange man bad’, but nothing in the local and state races. And that may explain why we did so well in the House…

        • “They voted ‘orange man bad’, but nothing in the local and state races.”

          Forging a large number of ballots is a time consuming process. They only had enough time to do so much. How many actual voters in PA do you think took the time to vote for a democrat president and the democrat attorney general, then didn’t bother to check any box for the statewide Auditor General and Treasurer? “Forgetting” to check those two boxes resulted in republican wins (with fewer total votes than the attorney general received).

        • There are some oddities all over the place but to really figure out what, if anything, some of them mean would require pulling data for the last number of cycles and I’m way, way too busy this year to do that.

        • That may have been the case elsewhere, But in Michigan the Dem were not prepared to lose a U.S. senate seat to the Republicans. It is more likely they marked off the straight Democratic Party Ticket box rather than voting just for Biden.

        • Democrat logic for Michigan Senate vote: Michiganders were afraid to elect someone that didn’t look like them (Michigan’s 79% white).

          Democrat hypocrisy: democrats only roll out that logic when it’s convenient for them.

      • “Not because they had policy differences with Trump but because they didn’t like his abrasive personality.”

        This is very true. I personally know people like this. I’m sure we all do. It’s shallow, but not surprising.

    • How much do I have to pay to get on that list? If I were hiring, I would already have feelers out announcing that those who made the list would get first consideration for top jobs. Somebody should have already contracted for thousands of “I’m on the LIST!” bumper stickers and yard signs. What a dipshit AOC is!

    • Cool, I opted into their emails. Can’t wait to see what their fuckery is and that respond appropriately.

    • This trash doesn’t seem to realize that Patriots are also making lists. After a few of those get checked off the list some will be hiding in the basement with joe.

      • I didn’t make a list but I remember which houses had the Biden signs. If DC ever takes their little socialism experiment too far, I know which neighbors cats and dogs I’m eating first.

  6. How about we actually prepare for the Georgia run off elections……? Can we? Please? We know some of the things the democrats will do, and we need to wargame the new ways they will do it………since we have a Republican governor…how about calling out the State Police to secure all ballot counting facilities before the election and during the freaking count? How about that? And since the Dept. of Justice will be in the hands of the democrat party at this point, there will be federal interference in the election…so we need to prepare for that as well…..we need ballot safety teams outside ballot counting locations, at every door, window and sewer drain to make sure elections won election night aren’t lost the following morning…………and ballot watchers who can’t be thrown out or kept away from the actual ballot count…… about we start there……right now……..before our last chance to put a check on the fascists is over?

    • “…how about calling out the State Police to secure all ballot counting facilities before the election and during the freaking count?”

      Whatever it takes…

    • How about we actually prepare for the Georgia run off elections……?

      *****The Presidency of the United States is being stolen.*****

      Does that matter to you? Or is it we talk big until it’s time to step up?

    • But they’re anti-fascists! It’s right in the name “antifa”. They can’t possibly be anything but benevolent. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

      • Rapists need a gig like this. AntiRa.

        Might cause some problems with the pro-Apep faction but… worth it for all that “willingly given” poon, right?

        Yes, for the smoothbrains and sub 83ers out there… that was very heavy sarc.

  7. Anyone who believes Biden/Harris will not try to kill the gun industry and gun ownership. Look at every despot who controlled a country that guns could owned. They confiscated guns so the population could not defend itself and then went whole hog. We are looking at the end of America.

    • I feel like most gun owners are over it. In states like NY that have already enacted draconian restrictions, most people are just doing what they want anyways. No idea how it is in Cali, but the AR genie isn’t going back in the bottle no matter what kind of laws they pass. If the Whiskey Warrior incident is any indication, heavy handed gun control enforcement from the feds would be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

      • You conservative Republican sure do pick strange ‘heroes’.

        Whiskey warrior was a drunken wife beater.

        He was not red flagged because he was a veteran, the police became involved because he was drunk and threatening his wife with a firearm.

        Now I realize to many on this list, that’s not a crime, it’s just a husband’s right.

        But to the rest of us sane Americans, it’s a crime and it needs to be addressed immediately to protect innocent people.

        “Meanwhile, Booth was posting on Instagram Live as Whiskey Warrior whipping up much of the veteran and pro-second amendment community into a frenzy, saying that the police were using red flag laws to confiscate his guns. Booth claimed to social media followers that he was being “red flagged” by police because he is a veteran.

        This was not the case.

        In response to recent mass shootings, many states have passed red flag laws which allow a judge to order someone’s firearms to be temporarily confiscated if they are suspected to be a danger to themselves or others. New York is one of seventeen states that currently has red flag laws, however, Connecting Vets was able to speak to an officer with the Carmel Police Department who responded to Booth’s stand off who said that this case had nothing to do with red flag laws.

        “The incident was widely reported to be a law enforcement effort to seize firearms under ‘red flag’ laws. This information is incorrect. The law enforcement response and subsequent arrest was related to a domestic violence investigation,” Putnam County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.

        Back in September, police were called to Booth’s home for a domestic dispute. His wife claimed Booth was intoxicated and threatened her with a shotgun, prompting her to call the police. Law enforcement officers placed Booth under arrest, which automatically triggered an order of protection under New York state law. This is separate and different than red flag laws. Under an order of protection, Booth automatically had his firearms confiscated by police.

        Saturday, Booth’s estranged wife called police when she awoke to find him at her home, standing over her in her bed. Since this was a violation of the protection order, police reponded. As police approached Booth’s home, the Sheriff’s Department said an officer thought he heard a gunshot and called in for backup. Upon spotting the police, Booth barricaded himself inside his home.”

        • Much like the left stands behind heroes that end up being criminals most of the time… Breonna Taylor being a rare exception…
          Hmmmm. Funny how that works.

        • don’t know nor care anything about whoever this whiskey guy is.

          However, you liberal folks pick weird heros too friend.

          Like the drug dealer shot in her home, and the deviant who sexually assaulted his ex, and the felon crackhead who robbed a pregnant woman at gunpoint, and the other criminal who assaulted a gas station clerk and the responding police officer over petty robbery. As a matter of fact, every single one of the lefts recent martyrs either had an extensive criminal record including violence, or was in the act of committing a crime. Indeed, even the saintly ecclesial souls who come to protest these fallen hero’s tend to have a history of criminal sexual deviancy involving children, domestic abuse, or drug dealing.

          Funny that. I’m sure there’s a valid excuse which you will surely enlighten me with shortly though. Like how their just rewards in the form of quick perforation absolved them of all sins because the fuzz playing rough with shitheels is just so much more pressing than the reality of their actions.

    • It’s one thing to call for confiscation, entirely another to do it. Look at how they list control over a police sshooting. You think they won’t have worse when they try to disarm a place full of pissed people?

      All they will do is make guns cost more and limit their use in public. Both bad things but this land isn’t being disarmed like Venezuela.

      • While I agree with that concept and have espoused it myself, I do have a major fear on the subject. Teensy law after teensy law has been passed, but never enforced, leading to the “need” for another teensy advance of gun control, this will certainly end all evil on the planet, and again not enforced, completely ineffective. And on, and on, you can now see that for decades they have been playing a game leading inexorably to a registry, every outrage results in screeching for common sense gun control, which is always broken down to the innocent-sounding universal background checks. UBC will do nothing whatsoever to decrease any manner of crime, but it will necessitate a national registry. Which is the goal, not background checks. Now, all this time, there has been no enforcement of anything, deliberately necessitating more and more laws, in addition to decreasing fear of those laws, since they are never enforced, why get crazy about them?

        But after they finally believe they have that registry, they just need one more law in order to save the planet for the righteous, and that law is universal confiscation. Few will actually fight it, these laws are never enforced anyway. But now, we’re at the endgame, a hundred million copies of the registry will go out along with orders for “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in!”, and the door-to-door killings will start. Because they *DO* intend to enforce that one, with tanks if necessary. Possibly with nukes, if Swalwell is to be believed. Rewards for ratting out your neighbor, final realization why we’ve been practicing “no questions asked buybacks” all these years. I’m pretty sure I won’t be here for it, but my guns will still be around, and I wish you kids well.

  8. My sister showed me messages shes been getting from her work saying there’s no voter fraud and that trump supporters are dangerous. This is a major non profit “neutral based” company.

    They can take their love and caring and sharing and pound sand.

  9. When the bartender from NYC calls for internment camps built by residents I think we’ll know how their unity message is being interpreted.

    The big question is who’s Harris going to have as veep once Joe is deposed. Pelosi is too old and knows SotH is a better position than VP. More money and power.
    AoC isn’t old enough. Stacy Abrahms is probably on the list.
    But Willie’s side piece might have to go with he CA rep from San Fran and worry about 2024. AOC will be up for running at that point.

    Joe might regret jumping in. He was better off skimming Hunters deals and swimming in his pool naked.

  10. AOC and her “squad” are an embarrassment to the left wing, and a damaging one in terms of votes lost. Spanberger was correct, they should ban the word “Socialism” from use by their side. Instead of admitting to that and similar themes having weakened the Democrats down-ballot, AOC is insisting it was because the Dems did not have a good enough social media skill set.

    She is an idiot and the voters will tire of her noise and anti-American attitudes, then slide into obscurity.

    • “the voters will tire of her noise and anti-American attitudes, then slide into obscurity.”

      Maybe someday, but that hasn’t been the reality of the past few years. That wing of the party has been gaining momentum.

      • AOC+Squad have enjoyed some media fascination which enhanced their apparent, but not their real, attraction to the voters. They cost the Democrats votes, that is very clear in the down ballot losses and weak showings. Judging by how hard they worked to present their message over top of their Presidential candidate, who does not support their message, I’d say they are far less popular than the media fascination makes them out to be.

        Bernie Sander had a lot of media fascination, look where he is.

        AOC+Squad will follow him down in the coming years.

        • Sanders is a long-time US Senator and a multimillionaire who advocates confiscation of wealth like his own. His anti-American stupidity and treason has paid him pretty well.

        • Bernie is not where he is today due to the will of the people. Bernie is where he is today because the democrat establishment decided to put their full support behind Joe just when it looked like Bernie was about to beat him in the primaries. A straight up campaign between Bernie and Joe without help from the puppet masters probably sees Bernie winning more often than not.

        • enuf…you forgot to let everyone know how you voted for hilliary clintoon and voted for and donated to biden/harris…You are one lowlife two bit democRat lint licker and 2A back stabbing pos.

        • Your vote (and contribution) enuf for Harris/Biden was a de-facto vote for the Squad.

          You don’t get to un-own that.

          So kindly, STFU.

        • oh hush and just go vote for them already. You won’t get back your moderate democrat party anytime soon, even your boy Joe is just as corrupt and self-serving as you accuse DJT of being. Joe is just gonna do whatever enriches himself as much as possible until the dementia takes him.

        • The squad, who you voted for enuf, is getting larger. They will at least double in size.

          Here is what one of their newest members said; A few other Democrats are doubling down on their anti-police agenda, including a few incoming members like Democrat Representative-elect Cori Bush (D-MO). She agreed with Rep. Tlaib that she’s not going to remain silent..

          No wonder you voted for Biden, you have so much in common, like being perpetually wrong.

          Full story;

        • Biden finally takes five (5) prescripted questions, and every question is about Trump. Time comes to shoot the mofo, we may have to fight the liberals for the pleasure. He does not plan to do anything which might please any voter on any side of any question, except the straight up communists who wish to be dictators for life.

    • Meanwhile, dictator for life Trump is preparing for his attempted military coup:

      “A day after President Donald Trump fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper, three staunch loyalists to the president were named to top defense jobs. Among them was a former Fox News commentator who failed to get through Senate confirmation because of offensive remarks he made, including about Islam and former President Obama.
      The abrupt changes sent reverberations through the Pentagon as nervous civilian and military personnel waited for the next shoe to drop. And they fueled worries of a wider effort to drum out anyone considered not loyal enough to Trump.”

      Now that’s what I call a national security professional, a former Fox News commentator.

      In other news, tail wags dog!

      • In other news, presidents have always appointed people who are willing to work *with* them, not against them…but now it’s bad and wrong, because Trump. The gaslighting continues.

      • marxist miner…algore spent 37 days trying to say he won in one state. This democRat fraud involves numerous states where election fraud has been discovered and will be investigated whether your punkazz likes it or not. In the meantime you and your smelly democRat ilk can sooth yourselves with your same old slander and libel we’ve heard for the past 4 years.
        If you have proof of the POTUS being a tyrant you should gather up your evidence and hop on your tricycle and pedal up to the White House and make a citizen’s arrest. If not then stfu and gfy.

      • Dictator for Life Trump sounds better than Temporary President Until His Dementia Sidelines Him joe biden.

        Look at it this way, miner. If Trump actually does call out the military to keep himself in office you will at last have a chance to prove just how dedicated to the cause you are. Lead by example and storm the barricades as it were.

      • Esper was just another deep state MF’er that didn’t execute on his order from Trump to get us out of the Middle east like Trump ordered him to do. Esper (like Matis) were of the mistaken opinion that they were president.

        And oh… you’re a stupid Fuck.

        • “Esper was just another deep state MF’er”

          You do know that Donald Trump appointed Esper to his position, right?

          So you’re saying Trump appointed a member of the deep state as his secretary of defense?

          If that statement is true, that means Donald Trump is an incompetent idiot who can’t tell a deep state operative when he sees one.

          Or are you’re just full of shit and Mark Esper was another Trump Lackey who wasn’t quite crazy enough for Donald’s upcoming military coup attempt.

    • they should ban the word “Socialism” from use by their side

      Just like how they banned the use of “gun control” and now everybody’s totally fooled by it? If you change your words but not your agenda, you’re just being dishonest.

  11. “It’s un-American. Period. It’s also telling that while Joe Biden is calling for the keys to the White House and telling Americans he’ll heal and unite the nation, he’s not disavowing the overt threat by a member of Congress that those who disagree with a radical agenda will be listed.”

    How long did it take Biden to call for an end to the Summer of Violence? 100 days? He only very softly condemned it then because the polls were beginning to shift. What does that tell you about Biden?

    House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn warned his party is being destroyed by the “defund the police” movement that arose over the summer. Notice he didn’t warn that actual lives and communities were being destroyed, just that his political power might be in jeopardy. What does that tell you about democrats?

    Wallace to Biden in first debate:
    “Will you urge your supporters to stay calm while the vote is counted, and will you pledge NOT TO DECLARE VICTORY UNTIL THE ELECTION IS INDEPENDENTLY CERTIFIED?”

    Joe: “YES”

    Who’s out there asking Joe & Co. why he isn’t sticking to this pledge? It’s the same people that memory holed the Biden family corruption story. The most immediate threat to this country is the corrupt media and tech companies that are working overtime to craft narratives and censor real stories, either by hiding them or through omission.

  12. aocs and the squads rise to power and the democrat partys now widely known penchant for provable verifiable massive voter fraud when combined together are the watershed event that marks the beginning of the end of the democrat party in its current form and its historical grip on power
    especially in the inner cities of america
    the amount of infighting going on in the democrat party right now is a pretty good indication they know whats coming
    theyre on the ropes now
    and theres nobody in the ring in a black and white shirt to stop the fight

  13. AOC called for a list of names of Trump supporters…sounds a lot like a no-fly list…right?
    Sounds a little vindictive… right?
    Why no list of criminal gun owners?
    Oh… THAT would be racist…right?
    Left is as for inclusion until you disagree with them… the you become a racist!

  14. “Unity and healing” my ass! There’s no statute of limitations for all the nasty, underhanded sh*t they’ve done for last five years!!!

  15. Since everything the progressive left says is a lie, that means they’re going all-in on persecution and strife.

    And since they get everything that matters completely backwards, it also means that they really do believe they’ll be creating unity and healing.

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”
    ― C. S. Lewis

    • “And since they get everything that matters completely backwards, it also means that they really do believe they’ll be creating unity and healing.”

      Well yeah, if everyone who disagrees with you is dead or in your gulags then everyone out “free” in society is all harmonious and shit.

      Why do you think these assholes always try to murder their way to “utopia”?

      • Perception is reality. Who controls the means by which information is delivered? Cable is going the way of print media.

      • That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to point out here and everywhere else I comment on the internet, hoping people will see the ugly pattern behind the pretty words. You know and I know…but if this election season is any indication, far too many people are failing to connect the dots.

        • Or they don’t care.

          As I’ve pointed out here before the connection between a disease outbreak or percieved public health menace and the demand for dictatorial government is strong and quite well studied.

          People are willing to narc on their neighbors out of fear. This is exactly how you get people asking for things they’ll come to bitterly regret.

          I’ve been kinda slow rolling g the whole psychology of this slowly here for several years. In retrospect that was a fuckup on my part because I figured we’d have longer on this, which is to say I didn’t forsee a pandemic or how badly one this mild would scare the shit out of people. I mean an IFR of 0.14% isn’t good, nor is a novel virus, but it’s not the damn Black Death.

          And at this point the UK’s NHS says, and has said for awhile, that the lockdowns will kill more than the virus. Yet BoJo locked down again. CDC has not issued an opinion on it that I’ve seen, but look at suicide, OD, missed medical diagnoses, delayed care… all the same as the UK so it will likely be that way here too. People are literally having heart attacks and are too scared to seek care. There’s an actual problem with necrotic sinus infections these days. Shit dude, they cut my aunt off from cancer treatment for months. When she finally went back the cancer that she had been beating handily was so bad she needed emergency surgery. We still don’t know if she’s going to make it. Because, as we all know, CoV-2 is more dangerous than untreated cancer, right?

          This has gotten way the fuck out of hand on more than a few fronts and still the Karens support it. And I suspect it’s going to get quite a bit worse before it gets any better.

        • Yes, exactly…again.

          I’m lucky the only health-related thing I had to delay for covid reasons was something benign that actually could wait a few months.

          The sad thing is that everyone is doing this to themselves. They’ll demand more and more coercive control from government to make themselves feel safe, then one day they’ll wake up in a very different society than the one they grew up in and they’ll wonder what happened (or future generations will), when the truth is, THEY happened.

  16. They are not referring to unity and healing with the gun community. They are talking about healing within the party from all the hurt and craziness they were responsible for creating with their hatred of Trump.

  17. Reminder that the Democrat party has well documented history of implementing crimes against humanity on American citizens.

  18. No. The country is not going to dramatically change because Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are president. I know people think they accomplished something by replacing one moron with another, but it doesn’t work that way.

    • Nah… Why would opening the borders and offering free everything(!) change a nation? I’m sure it will have no effect at all.

  19. This “congress critter” needs to find some other group to sell her rubbish to. Perhaps The Flat Earth Society, if they are still around.

  20. As some day it may happen that a victim must be found
    I’ve got a little list — I’ve got a little list
    Of society offenders who might well be underground
    And who never would be missed — who never would be missed!

    The task of filling up the blanks I’d rather leave to you
    But it really doesn’t matter whom you put upon the list
    For they’d none of ’em be missed — they’d none of ’em be missed!
    You may put ’em on the list — you may put ’em on the list;
    And they’ll none of ’em be missed — they’ll none of ’em be missed!

    Just a reminder that Democrats aren’t the only ones who can draw up lists.

  21. to ANYWAY , that was a good show. but you just dis’ed by using it for any other c#*t. now about this election. they HAVE found proof of cheating. dead people voting and a “glich” in the machines that seem to point to a softwear that seems to point to ( surprise) peolosi’s husband and the clintons. ( hey go figure).not to mention the votes that where counted while the observers were not allow to observe ( violation of the law by the way, but we know commies are above the law). and then there are all of those stupid scumbag gun owners who vote for the very people who OUT RIGHT TELL YOU THEY ARE GOING TO TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS. how stupid can people be. Biden is already talking to the ATF about the pistol braces and I’m sure other things.

  22. In other (Fox) news:

    “Presidential-elect Joe Biden is now leading President Trump by more than 50,000 votes in Pennsylvania, a state where Trump is contesting the results of the election days after Biden was declared a winner.

    Biden has the lead by 50,481 votes, eeking ahead by a 0.75% margin– just over the .5% needed for a losing candidate to request a recount.”

    • A recount wouldn’t do anything anyway. I’m guessing their strategy will be to request a complete audit based on irregularities. Who knows if they’ll be able to get that, and if it will make any difference anyway. At a minimum, they might be able to document some fraud, making a case for election reform. Based on what we’ve seen lately, I expect the media and democrats would be completely uninterested in those findings, and Big Tech will suppress anyone that is interested. It will be like it never existed, just like the eye witness to Joe Biden’s business deals.

    • “At the city’s federal courthouse on Thursday evening, attorneys for Trump asked a judge to issue an emergency order to stop the count, alleging that all Republican observers had been barred.
      Under sharp questioning from Judge Paul S. Diamond, however, they conceded that Trump in fact had “a nonzero number of people in the room,” leaving Diamond audibly exasperated.
      “I’m sorry, then what’s your problem?” asked Diamond, who was appointed to the federal bench by President George W. Bush. Denying Trump’s request, Diamond struck a deal for 60 observers from each party to be allowed inside.
      At one point on Friday afternoon, 12 Republican observers and five Democrats were watching the count, according to a ballot counter who was working.
      After that “nonzero” answer, Diamond pressed the Trump campaign lawyer to be more explicit — and he suggestively invoked their standing with the bar: “I’m asking you as a member of the bar of this court: Are people representing the plaintiffs in the room?” The lawyer responded more directly: “Yes.” By the end of the hearing, Diamond invoked his right to make sure lawyers in his courtroom acted in good faith.”

      That’s some real shyster talk from the Trump lawyers, ‘non-zero number’.

      The judge caught the Trump attorneys lying in open court and admonished them that they had a higher standard as officers of the court.

      What a bunch of liars, falsely alleging election fraud is election fraud.

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