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The fact that New York City has a de facto gun ban is not news to anyone who wants to carry a firearm legally in The City That Never Sleeps. The People of the Gun living outside The City So Nice They Had to Name It Twice also know that civilian disarmament is alive and well in The Big Apple. But Stossel’s report may be something of a surprise to Americans who live in what the liberal elite call “Flyoverland.” This report reminds the so-called silent majority that their countrymen are not free from the yoke of tyrannical gun grabbers. If nothing else, this makes Americans cherish their gun rights and, fingers crossed, keeps it as an issue that impacts their choice of political party. So props to Stossel. Now take the bastards to court. [h/t DrVino]

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    • +1 for this.

      he’s a member of the liberal media who saw the light. If only it could become contagious.

  1. He’s kinda dorky looking in case you haven’t noticed, and what’s with the intentional corny diction? He needs to work on his persona.

  2. If you live in NYC, getting a permit is easy.
    Rather then going to Police Plaza however, your first stop will be the Uhaul parking lot.It’s a lot cheaper then $430.00.

  3. Yesterday I bought another S&W 44 Magnum at one of my favorite gun stores in Lakewood, Colorado. My wife and I were out in less than 15 minutes. The background check took less than 5 minutes. And isn’t that the way it should be. It’s no wonder this state has had 2 successful recalls. Working on the recall of the Wicked Witch of Westminster – Hudak. The people are saying “NO” to the Bloomberg money and saying “YES” to sensible background checks and gun laws. Hey Bloomberg it took me less than 15 minutes! How come it takes a year in New York City? Which part of “shall not” don’t you understand?

    • Next week on “Which One Doesn’t Belong?”
      Background Check required for:
      Amendment 1 – No
      Amendment 2 – Yes
      Amendment 3 – No
      Amendment 4 – No
      Amendment 5 – No
      Amendment 6 – No
      Amendment 7 – No
      Amendment 8 – No
      Amendment 9 – No
      Amendment 10 – No

  4. One more thing Bloomberg my wife and I both have Concealed Handgun Permits and both of us have carried for over 10 years.

  5. Seeing that kind of bullshit makes me glad to be an Ohioan.

    I’ll save this video to show people who think that “may-issue” systems do not infringe on 2A rights.

  6. When they say “We don’t want to take your guns away” they actually mean it to some degree. This is there approach, make it as onerous as possible to get one in the first place.

  7. Meanwhile, in the Formerly Free State of Maryland:

    On 11/15 the backlog was 47,210.
    In Seven days the backlog shrank by 4,191 applications or 599 less per day.

    If no more applications were received after 11/15 it would take 79 days to process the existing backlog at the rate they were working.

    I feel like I live in the sixth borough of New York.

  8. “Friends of ruling class – that’s who gets a gun”

    And there it is people. That is their objective. That is their idea of sensible gun restrictions.

    • Exactly.

      Back in the early 90’s, when Florida was the only state with the new “shall-issue” law we now know so well, the situation in much of California showed why shall-issue is not only a reform for people’s ability to protect themselves, it was a reform needed to stop police corruption.

      The way you used to get a CCW in Los Angeles was you had to know “the right people.” They’d tell you who in LAPD to talk to. They’d also tell you to what private little campaign/charity/slush fund you needed to write a check before you submitted your application. You needed to be ready to pony up between $1K to $10K. This was back in the 80’s, when money was worth more than it is now.

      Then you would submit your application to the LAPD. Your application would be denied, out of regular political policy… but they’d put in the “word” for you over to the Culver City PD or the Long Beach PD, who would then call you in and see if they could get your CCW processed. Since your CCW was good anywhere in California, if you got a CCW out of one of these other departments in LA County, you were on your way.

      Why get the permits out of these other cities in LA County, not the city of LA or LA County? Because then the LAPD and LASD didn’t have the political issue of a new permit on their books for when the LA Times came sniffing around, inquiring about what the LAPD was “doing about gun violence.”

      • That’s still the norm in Central & Southern California. Those that donate to the sheriff (for unincorporated areas) or to the chief or the political power in the city end up with a permit while the mundanes go without.

        I attempted to get a permit at one time for a good cause and the cops just laughed at me and told me not to waste my time, that I wouldn’t get approved and then I’d have a denial on my record. The fact that I had a security clearance, worked with tactical nukes in the artillery, and participated in the Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) weren’t even considered as an attestation to my having a solid character in the eyes of Law Enforcement.

        I thought that was pretty pathetic, Uncle Sam trusted me with nukes but Chief Charity didn’t because I wasn’t an “Only One,” a donor or a sycophant.

        This is why shall issue is needed everywhere!

        • “This is why shall issue is needed everywhere!”

          No, what is needed is the abolition of any and all infringements on the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms, regardless of what they’re called.

  9. New York and New Jersey especially make California seem like Texas.

    Having walked into a gun store to buy a handgun in California, ignorant of any of the laws, and purchased on 30 minutes later (10 minutes to get the HSC) and picked it up 10 days later, I still have a hard time imagining the ordeal in New York City or New Jersey. I thought I had it bad.

    Never waited more than 10 days to get a gun here. And even that is bad enough.

    I dream of a day that Texas is like Arizona, California like Texas, and New York like California. Each would be a significant step in the right direction (giant leap in the latter two cases).

      • How easy is NJ with conceal carry permits? Not very easy at all. Also NJ makes it their job to ignore the FOPA transport laws for traveling with firearms. NJ sucks big time.

      • It is far easier, though, to buy a handgun in California. I was think mostly about the rules about general ownership or purchase.


        New Jersey

        1. Make two copies of an application for a permit to purchase a handgun
        2. Make two copies of a “mental health” background check consent form
        3. Make copies of Driver’s license and Social Security Card
        4. Submit in person to local PD
        5. Pay local fuzz around $65 for fingerprinting and card, + $2 for each handgun you want to buy (only one every 30 days)

        1-5 must be repeated each time you want to buy a handgun, whereas you can get the firearm owner’s card for buying longguns just once (good for life)

        6. Wait 30 days, or often months, for “approval” then you may go purchase the handgun you applied to be permitted to purchase, subject to NICS and even if they processed your application super-quick, law states between submission and actually buying the gun, at least 7 days.

        7. Similar process even for private party (of handguns)


        1. Go to gun store. See gun you like
        2. If you do not have a “handgun safety certificate” take 5-10 minutes to fill out a multiple choice test that a monkey on crack with half its brains already being eaten could pass. And if you couldn’t, you should be allowed to drive frankly. You need to be under the care of an adult. Pay $25. Get HSC for 5 years. (it really does just amount to a $25 tax on your first purchase every 5 years)
        4. Fill out 4473 and the DROS (it preexisted the 4473 and is redundant), give thumbprint. Pay another $25 for the DROS fee
        5. Come back in 10 days to pick up gun
        6. One every 30 days for purchases from a dealer (with some exceptions). No limit private party
        7. In private sale, basically the same, except no sales tax needs be paid.

        8. NB: No social security card crap. Just DL and proof of residency…I use my car registration, but a bill works.

        See the major difference? I have a little extra paperwork, and every 5 years a $25 fee. And I do this in the gun store. In New Jersey, you have to make a separate trip to the PD, provide lot more paper work, wait an indefinite amount of time (7 days minimum, usually 30 days or more) for “approval. Pay even more in fees.

        Also, the entire state is like San Francisco as far as CCW goes, whereas at least here there are some counties that are almost shall issue in practice.

        Now if we were talking about the restriction on which guns may be sold/owned, that is a different matter. There CA earns its notoriety. But on other things, no so much.

        • Correction in new joizy you can get more than one pistol permit at a time I they expire I think it was 90 days and I was told its easier to renew an expired one by the local pd. But you can only purchase one handgun every 30 days. The whole process only took me 3 weeks but I was lucky and the officer was a nice guy who pushed my stuff along. I believe the only reason it took that long was I had to wait 3 weeks for the finger printing apoointment. It took my buddy almost 6 months in his town. They played games and the receptionist incharge of the applications was never there.

        • In Florida,

          1. Find gun you like
          2. Go through background check
          3. Wait a few days if it’s a handgun and you don’t have CCL
          4. Pick up gun

          Not to mention that there are gun stores on every corner around here. Only negative is that with so many gun owners ammo goes much faster when we have scares than in some places.

    • New Jersey sucks. I would post my whole process, and hopefully will someday but it will literally take me all day to write.

  10. I watched Stossel in the days after Newtown blab on about gun control, background checks and assault weapons. Seems as if he’s had a change of heart.

  11. Go get em John,by the way,join the NRA,GOA and USCCA .and let’s all help with the Lawsuits against these entities that deny our rights.They did it in Illinois they did it in Colorado,Calif,New York,Wash DC,New Jersey,YOU ARE NEXT!

  12. Well said. This is exactly what the antis want – long applications, exhorbitant fees, onerous magazine restrictions, and veto capability for law abiding citizens who attempt to obtain permits. The Second Amendment is supposed to be out carry permit.

  13. Precisely the same story in SF as NYC — except the application fee is much, much higher, and no one gets a CCW. I think the current count is 2.

    • The current count is zero, unless someone issued the new Sheriff a CCW (not being LEO, he would need one to carry a gun). On top of theat. although I understand some changes have been made, SF has issued regulations in the past that far exceeded those mandated by state law. The basic requirements for a first time CCW are 16 hours of training, an optional psych interview, an interview or two, and a lifescan for criminal background. Issuance is discretionary. The state mandated cost is $160 application fee and a maximum fee for the psych eval. That’s it. (The classes cost about 160-200) To these requirements, SF added a requirement that an applicant [ass a skills test at the SFPD shooting range, under the watchful eye of an SFPD range officer–the costs of which were both to be paid by the applicant. A mandatory psych, and a limitation to specific calibers for an approved CCW weapon 9the same weapons as approved for SFPD officers). total cost was well north of $1500, and was totally illegal. CalGuns did threaten to sue, and the policy was changed–at least on paper–but still, as far as anyone can ascertain, no CCWs are issued by the SFPD or SFSO. Strangely–and I think it is because of all of the pending lawsuits against various southern California counties challenging the “may issue” system, the annual report of total numbers of CCWs has not been published since September 2011. IMO, this is to avoid giving the plaintiffs evidence to support their contention that in certain counties “may issue” is in fact no issue.

  14. Nothing to contribute here other than to say that John is my favorite media person. Dan Mitchell is equally right-minded, but he doesn’t get anywhere near the press John gets.

  15. I live in an rural county in upstate NY, boarding the Adirondack park. it took me 11 months to get a permit and even then the county judge only issues “restricted” permits that allow the carry to occur while hunting/fish/camping/hiking/target shooting. I don’t need my gun then. I need it when I’m in the local towns or nearest city where crime is rampant and the cops are scarce. Its total bullshit in NY state

    • Those ‘restrictions’ are an interesting item in and of themselves. In NY any administrative restrictions (not counting the 5 boroughs Sullivan Act issue) have no force of law. Therefore a ‘restricted’ permit is just a carry permit. But of course if you get caught they can yank your permit because, why not?

      What a stupid system.

    • I used to live in Ulster county where they didn’t issue restricted permits.
      That’s one of the things that always made NY a mess. It has always been county by county.
      Since I no longer live in NY.
      Did the permit system change under the Safe Act bullshit??
      I read the Ulster County web site the other day and it seems as the permiting system is still the same to me.

      When I lived in Orange county it had the restrictions. I asked the judge what they meant exactly as in “Large Sums of money?? He said if you come before me Ill decide what it is at the time. With a wink.

  16. Hmmm, Let me see, I get up in the morning, put on my clothes; then I clip on my OWB holster and magazine holder along with my Sure Fire light and Leatherman and walk out the door into the metro area of Albuquerque.

    Did I check to make sure that I have my license to OC my gun? Nope, don’t need one. The way it should be.

    What a hell hole; to live in such a place, denied the most basic of freedoms; makes me want to vomit.

  17. Bloomer should have his permits and licenses revoked along with those of his security detail. Those getting permits and facilitating permits for the elite should be busted for racketeering and accepting bribes.

    The only reason needed is the 2nd Amendment and the 9th Amendment. Being required to have a license to have one at home is absolutely insane.

    What is scary is that this population centers are impacting the elections for POTUS and U.S. Senators which is taking its toll because it overwhelms the “fly over” America. This is the problem the 17th Amendment created in 1913 when state legislatures no longer elected the U.S. Senators.

    • I hear you. The free states should make laws that forbid government employees of blue states from carrying firearms and hiring employees that carry (security guards) while traveling through their states. I think it should be a felony with a minimum sentence, perhaps 10 years. HR 218 has loopholes that would make it possible for a state to do so by restricting the kind of firearm they could carry — i.e., restrict them to low power BB guns, sling-shot, or match-lock. Too bad it will never happen, but it is fun to fantasize about it.

  18. Like a spoiled child that breaks his toys when mom and dad order him to share, douche bags like Bloomberg would rather see more crime and violence than share their freedoms with the common people. Elitism at it’s worst.

  19. This got me researching. I was shocked and disgusted how many states require a permit to purchase a handgun. New York, Illinois and Hawaii are the only ones (I think) requiring a permit to OWN a handgun)

    1. California- good for 5 years. Requires a 20 question multiple choice test, administered at the gunshop. $25 fee. Study guides also available at same gunshop. Though a brain dead monkey could pass without any study.

    2. New Jersey- a separate permit to purchase for each handgun. Separate trip to PD and background check (besides NICS). $67 or so.

    3. New York- Trips to the PD, varying fines (several hundred a year in NYC)

    4. Frickin’ Nebraska. You either need a CCW (shall issue) or a certificate to purchase. Fee is $5, but worse than CA in that you have to travel to the courthouse and fill out an application. Good for 3 years. Oh and applies to private party (meaning universal background check for handguns)

    5. Connecticut- You have to take a course. You have to go to a state building, fill out forms in front of their officials, have a photo taken, criminal and mental records submitted. $35 fee.

    6. Hawaii- like New York. Mental health waiver, background checks, trips to popo. $35. Plus more to background check. You have to make three trips to the police. One after you get the gun, so they can verify you bought the gun they authorized you to buy. Oh and you had to have taken a course, etc.

    7. Illinois- FOID card of course. $10. You can apply online or by mail.

    8. Frickin Iowa. Again CCW counts. And you need it for private party. You apply with your sheriff, who states the reason why he denies you if he does so. It is good for 1 year

    9. Maryland. Handgun Qualification License. The minimum course would be the minimum for CCW in California!. Separate background check and trips.

    10. Mass- You have to go to the PD, take a class, separate background check, 30 days You need one for frickin pepper spray

    11. Michigan, if in a private party sale. Not from an FFL. Again, a UBC for handguns

    12. Minnesota- this also applies to modern sporting rifles. However, rather than going to the PD you can pay extra EACH visit to the FFL and sign a waiver allowing him to run a background check. So you don’t need to make a separate trip, but if you buy a lot, you would save by doing so. Not required for PPT

    13. Frickin North Carolina- You need one even if it is a frickin gift, any private party. A separate permit for each handgun. You can buy 5 permits at a time though. $5 a pop. Takes 7-10 days (effective waiting period. CCW exempts (but hey it exempts in California too)

    14. Rhode Island- You must take a course. SOME gun stores can administer the written test.

    That is 28% of states.

    New York and New Jersey seem to be the worst. California, I would say, among these 14 states is the 3rd BEST. Only Minnesota’s and Michigan’s permits are less onerous. North Carolina, Iowa, Nebraska are only better in that, while CCW exempts in California, you can actually get a CCW in North Carolina, Iowa or Nebraska. Still for one without a CCW, California is actually less onerous. WRT to “permitting” you to buy a handgun, as a general proposition. Of course the selection you may buy from is another matter.

    Come on people in those states, like North Carolina. CERTAINLY, these laws can be undone there.

  20. Like John Stossel ,glad to see him go to the more.conservative FoxNews.Won’t visit NY,won’t Order any thing from any business there do not plan on spending money ther at all ,I say starve the beast,then see what happens.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  21. Thank you John Stossel for helping to bring this to light, but doggone it, I think you made my blood pressure spike a bit…

  22. I grew up thankful that I lived in America. Now I’m just thankful I live in a flyover state. While Kansas still has a way to go concerning 2A freedoms, I can’t imagine living in one of these liberal hell-holes. I pray I never will.

  23. In Arkansas, see pretty gun, take background check, pay the man, walk out. Smile at the sign that says, EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH with obamas pic.

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