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Gun Freedom Radio Interviews Hunting Editor Kat Ainsworth

TTAG Hunting Editor Kat Ainsworth was interviewed this week by Cheryl Todd of Gun Freedom Radio.

TTAG Hunting Editor Kat Ainsworth was interviewed by Cheryl Todd of Gun Freedom Radio this week. Topics of conversation on the podcast included Northwest TacCon, which was hosted by the Firearms Academy of Seattle, and the importance of training and having a plan. They also discussed TacCon training blocks such as Moving Targets, which was taught by FAS instructor Belle McCormack, and Dr. William Aprill’s Violent Criminal Actors lecture.

Check it out starting at the 30:20 mark in the hour two segment of episode 121 on Gun Freedom Radio by clicking on the link below. The segment will be aired on August 4, 2018, but is available online today.

You can also visit Gun Freedom Radio’s Facebook page and click through to the podcast interview using the link on the episode 121 post:

Gun Freedom Radio interviewed TTAG Hunting Editor Kat Ainsworth on their podcast this week for episode 121.



  1. avatar Owen says:

    Nice, ahem, suppressor!

    1. avatar Dog of War says:

      Tactical giggity.

      Oh, and off topic… anyone heard any news about the Hearing Protection Act? I imagine it’s just disappeared into the ether of black whole senate or house committee meetings.

      1. avatar Ken says:

        Basically the Parkland shooting killed it as well as the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act because guns.

      2. avatar 41mag says:

        no, but I read (with skepticism) that the NRA is having financial woes.

        It’s Rolling Stoned, but they cite legal filings.

        1. avatar Stereodude says:

          If you had even bothered to make the briefest skim of the material you would have discovered the headline is mostly wishful thinking. The NRA is playing up their case to the judge.

      3. avatar Jon in CO says:

        I have a feeling everyone is waiting for midterms to determine how and what we can push through. If there is an actual conservative swing around, we could see it this time next year. Who knows.

        Not holding my breath on anything positive happening.

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