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Does this prohibition include Beloit’s finest? Assuming they’re exempt from the order, are the po-po really worried about licensed concealed carriers with business in their cop shop? Or do they think the fearsome moral force of this window decal will prevent an actual bad guy with ill intent from strolling into their constabulary and opening fire? Really?  [h/t Jim Wisch]

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  1. They ban weapons, which includes mace, knives and sticks. Hopefully it’s a safe area with a short walk to the parking lot.

  2. This is about as ridiculous as a no eating sign in a fast food joint. Or better yet a No Mail sign at the post office.

  3. It’s illegal for anyone other than a peace officer to possess a weapon in a police department in Wisconsin, regardless of posting…

  4. If this is Beloit, Kansas, It is the law.
    However, if it is Beloit, Kansas, the improper signage makes it invalid.

  5. MA prohibits non-LEO guns in a police building. No signs are needed. I’m sure that those with criminal intent are aware of the prohibition and honor it just as assiduously as they honor the rest of the Commonwealth’s laws.

  6. If entering there armed carries an actual penalty then they’re probably required by law to post. Idk about there but in Ohio, restricted zones that carry an actual criminal charge for carrying (Law Enfrocement buildings and certain government buildings) are all posted.

  7. All these ” no gun zone” laws are in place to get people in trouble after a hostage situation. anyone who commits crimes in these areas usually commits suicide so they don’t get in trouble anyway. Someone tell me the point, other than letting lawmakers say they ” did” something to prevent gun crime. What a joke.

    • Well one point is, the borderline maniacs among the gun owners who still obey the laws aren’t going to lose it and do something stupid, other than picking up a stapler and bashing someone with it. Those guys leave their guns in the car or at home, as it should be.

  8. Obviously they are “worried about licensed concealed carriers with business in their cop shop.”

    When are you guys going to stop taking it so personally. If you few who comment here are as fit and responsible as you say, fine, but you’re outnumbered by all the ones who are not. The cops know this.

    And the benefit to the cops is they don’t have to try and figure out which ones of you are ready to blow.

    • Honestly, those of us with permits go through enough getting them. And I wasn’t particularly commenting on this particular shop, more on the general state of things. And we aren’t out numbered by the lunatics. At least not among us permit holders. It seems like we are among all gun owners, but that’s just because for every maniac there are hundreds of us who quietly own guns.

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