Gun Control-Supporting Florida Republicans Running in Tomorrow’s Primary

Courtesy WCTV

Tomorrow is primary election day in Florida. This past Legislative session, the majority of the Florida Republican party sided with gun-grabbers and pushed SB 7026 through into law. The post-Parkland bill will strip Floridians between eighteen to twenty-one years of age of their Second Amendment rights, impose a mandatory waiting period on long gun purchases, and outlaws any “rate-increasing devices” come October 1st.

The majority of those who voted in favor of this bill are term limited out, but not all of them. Some are running to keep their seats.

House District 50 (Oralndo Area) Rene Plasencia (R) voted in support of SB 7026 this past session and is being challenged by George Collins in the primary. During his 2014 campaign, he praised Governor Rick Scott on “gun rights, economics, taxes, and pro-growth strategies.” That was before he voted to restrict Floridians’ rights this year.

House District 52 (Melbourne Area) Thad Altman (R) voted in support of SB 7026 this past session and is being challenged by Matt Nye in the primary. Originally a member of the Brevard County Commission, Altman has been a career politician, jumping from public office to public office since 1984. He’s been a member of the Florida House, then the Florida Senate, and went back to the House again when he was term limited out in the Senate. Altman voted in support of a gun control bill in 2013 and he voted in support of one in 2018 too.

House District 116 (Doral/Miami Area) Daniel Perez (R) voted in support of SB 7026 this past session and is being challenged by Frank Polo in the primary. A newcomer to the Florida House, Perez won a special election for the seat on September 26, 2017 and one of his first acts in office was supporting a gun control bill.

Senate District 4 (Jacksonville Area) Aaron Bean (R) voted in support of SB 7026 this past session and is being challenged by Carlos Slay in the primary. Another career politician, Bean has been in office since 2000, starting in the Florida House and then jumping over to the Senate in 2012. Running on a strong Anti-Illegal Immigration platform. He stated, “I know it feels good giving benefits away. We are giving so many benefits to non-citizens…does it matter even being an American citizen anymore?” I guess it must feel good for him to strip the Second Amendment rights of Floridians.


  1. avatar FedUp says:

    What about Rick Scott, candidate for US Senate?

    1. avatar Bob says:

      Rick Scott is getting a no vote for me… I’ll leave that option blank. If bill Nelson wins it then Oh well. At least I know bill will stab me in the front whereas rick will stab me in the back

      1. avatar Nanashi says:

        Vote for Nelson.

        Either way you get a pro-illegal alien gun grabber, but it Nelson wins there’s going to be a Republican on the ballot in 2024.

        1. avatar Marcus says:

          That’s pretty silly, if not stupid, you assume their will be a “Republican” on the ballot but their might not be or worse. And in the mean time lets let Dem vote for treaties and Supreme Court picks that have greater influence on enforcing/overturning bad federal gun laws. Do as you wish but if you really want Nelson to vote against other Supreme Court picks especially after RBG croak’s that’s the risk you choose to take for at lease six more years.

        2. avatar FedUp says:

          It might be silly to assume there will be a republican on the ballot in 2024 if a RINO gets his butt kicked in 2018, but it’s guaranteed there WON’T be a republican on the ballot in 2024 if Scott is the incumbent and doesn’t want to retire.

        3. avatar Big E says:

          What Marcus said. A vote for Nelson is a vote for Chuck Schumer, plain & simple. F%^K THAT! (and Nelson….and Scott, for that matter)

        4. avatar Rivahmitch says:

          2024 may be too late. By then, the way it currently appears, the Democommies will be back in Washington and any hope of saving the Republic will have moved from the third to the fourth box.

  2. avatar TheUnspoken says:

    Maybe those Republicrats thought after Parkland, if they voted for gun control the progressives and left would be glad and thank them for voting for “common sense gun control”? They are wrong, the left is now using the Madden shooting again to blame the GOP for not acting after Parkland. The Left is lying as usual, in this case the GOP gave them want they claimed to want, no bump stocks/cranks/rubber bands/belt loops, no under 21, red flag law, but as the gun control Powers that be said through their Parkland puppets, “give us an inch, we will take a mile.”

    Anyway, no vote from me for Rick Scott, Bean, or anyone else who sold us out. Usually I have to settle for the lesser of evils, but I’d rather keep predictable Nelson.

    1. avatar Anymouse says:

      The shooter was from Baltimore, which already has restrictive gun control and nothing to do with FL laws. Are they proposing anything in particular, or is this a chance to pass the next arbitrary X items off their wish list?

  3. avatar Turd Fergusen says:

    This probably would have been a bit more timely had it run a week or two ago, considering the Florida has early voting, and the majority of voters have already cast their ballots.

  4. avatar m. says:

    vote out/recall all anti-2a d-suckers in the US

  5. avatar Jay in Floriduhhh says:

    Im not voting for the 1st time in my life.
    Its a waste of my time here in Florida.
    All politicians here LIE.
    Every blasted one of them.
    NONE can be trusted by their words.
    Not a one of the backstabbing rat bastards. Especially if they call themselves a Republican.
    What ever happens here happens.

    1. avatar UsedtobePun says:

      I think what you meant to say was “voting is a waste of time”. As in period. If at this stage in the 21st century anyone, especially an American, believes that “their vote counts”…then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell them.

      Politician = Treacherous Scum Villian Thief

      Regardless of “Red”, “Blue” or any other color they want to identify with.

    2. avatar Sora says:

      Sounds to me like some Lying Liberal trying to discourage votes from us. I bet same guy is out on street calling for “Common Sense” gun ban votes.

      Ohio, etc recently were decided by a thousand or fewer votes. Remember what happened to Alabama when people didn’t vote “because of the INTEGRITY” BS? They could have voted the guy in and then recalled and replace with someone else from same party later.

      VOTE. I DID all the way from war zone.

  6. avatar GS650G says:

    The conversion of Florida to a northeast satellite is underway.

  7. avatar Ing says:

    With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?

  8. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    Lack of any candidate whos so far BS in the commercials run and articles Ive read. Represent what I want to have done here. Im out in the cold here in Sunny Florida. Turning into an OFWG I guess. Through having no real representation. My area here in South Eastern Florida has turned into a slave area. Polluted and ruined by North Easterners and turn coat RHINOs.
    I don’t take any politician at his word anymore.
    Except The Donald. He is doing his best to keep his campaign promises. Although from the fake news you will never hear about it. Nafta put me out if business and now its gone. Another promise kept.

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