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March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day, and lawmakers all over the country will be championing it today on their social media accounts and other outlets. Well, here’s some hard truth: any lawmaker who voted for gun control, supported gun control, and/or introduced gun control fights against Women’s Rights.

Anti-gun lawmakers don’t get to use #InternationalWomensDay.

Women are the largest growing segment of new shooters. As reported in The New Face Of Gun Ownership by The Cut:

In the ’90s, most gun owners cited hunting and sports shooting as the primary reason. Today, surveys show that two out of three Americans who own guns keep them mainly for self-protection; women especially say it’s the driving consideration. The demographics of who owns guns are also changing.

In fact, it has been reported many times over the last two years that women are the largest growing segment of new shooters.

The Root reported that “More and More Black Women in Chicago Are Taking Their Safety Into Their Own Hands, Obtaining Concealed-Carry Gun Permits.” WTHR 13 of Indianapolis reported “More women, especially Black women, are becoming gun owners.” WRAL of Raleigh, NC reported that” Gun ownership: Growing number of black women getting firearms, stats show” and News 5 of Cleveland, OH reported that “‘The Second Amendment wears lipstick’ — Study shows gun ownership among women on the rise.

Even the Wall Street Journal reported that “Women Are Nearly Half of New Gun Buyers, Study Finds.

Gun control disarms adult women of not only purchasing a firearm, but of carrying that firearm on their person. In many places, especially college campuses, women are the main targets of violent crime.

According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN):

Women between the ages of 18-24 are at an Elevated Risk of Sexual Violence Among undergraduate students, 26.4% of females and 6.8% of males experience rape or sexual assault through physical force, violence, or incapacitation. 5.8% of students have experienced stalking since entering college.

Over the past decade in Florida, the Republican-led legislature has blocked pro-gun legislation that would allow women to protect themselves. They have blocked Campus Carry and Constitutional Carry.

In 2017, it was the Florida Senate Pro Tempore that killed Campus Carry. State Senator Anitere Flores (R) was the deciding vote that year and she did it with a smile.

When the Republican Florida Legislature passed the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act (SB 7026) back in 2018 — a gun control bill, which among other infringements, stripped the rights of 18-20 year-olds to lawfully purchase firearm — those Republican lawmakers made sure that women remained the victims of violent crimes.

In New Jersey, there was the horrible case of 39-year-old Carol Browne’s murder. Browne was trying to obtain a permit after filing a restraining order against an ex-boyfriend. Browne took the measures she could to protect herself against her 45-year-old ex, including installing security cameras and an alarm system, but was unable to take ownership of a firearm in time.

She was found stabbed to death outside her home, by the very person she was trying to get a gun to protect herself from.

Constitutional Carry would have allowed Browne and numerous women across the country to be able to defend themselves without the need to lease their rights back after jumping through all the hoops created by the bureaucratic red tape of anti-gun lawmakers.

Back to Florida, the Republican-controlled legislature looks like they’re once again going to kill Constitutional Carry.

If Florida has Constitutional Carry, it would mean that law-abiding adults could immediately carry on their person any lawfully-obtained firearm without having to first go through and then wait on a bureaucratic process to obtain a permit.

Again, female victims of domestic violence (or worse) are prohibited by law from arming themselves outside of their own homes until the government goons in Tallahassee approve their application for a government-issued permission slip.

Don’t fall for meaningless pandering from politicians.

Demand that your legislature recognize these rights as human rights, and support the ability of women to protect themselves.


Floridians of all walks of life and backgrounds want their Second Amendment Rights to be secure.

Luis Valdes is the Florida Director of Gun Owners of America.


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    • Didn’t even realize it was a holiday or the origins………..inadvertently celebrated it by getting my wife a holster and laser training cartridge for her new pistol. Not sure I am doing it right 🙂

  1. If a woman could defend herself against sexual assault how is herr dacian the nazi ever going to lose his virginity?

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) PR

      “…how is herr dacian the nazi ever going to lose his virginity?”

      Or my obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) troll, for that matter.

      (The same one who claims he’s “highly educated”, yet refuses to show the proof. Likely the same for his claim he’s married, with kids.)

      What a clown he is! 😉

      • Really glad you two are regulars here.

        Two glorious minds, in the same place at the same time.

        How truly blessed we all are that you gracelessly share your deep intellects.

        • nameless, brainless troll,

          You are blessed every day God and Darwin allow you to continue being an oxygen thief. Consider self-immolation – actually, don’t consider it, practice it.

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        • Sarcasm, you bet.
          March 8, 2022 At 17:43……..


          Commentor Too Stupid, Didn’t Read!

          That sums up your existence here on TTAG loser!

          Do yourself, your family, TTAG readers, the human gene pool, and the ENTIRE WORLD a solid. Suck start a 12 gauge shottie. 👍

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          You should ask jwm. I bet he understood it and it wasn’t the first time he got ‘told’.

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          And James, it was a joke, don’t do it.

          Really..don’t.. because I can imagine you doing that.

        • See, if you follow the law, purchase thru legal means, and not be a criminal, this can be done. I’ve proven this for over three years here. Been 100% real.👍

          Besides, the has FAR more effective ways to track firearms, owners, and criminal activity then TTAG. If you fail to understand that, you’re actually dumber than dog sh!t.

          If you’re ever feeling froggy and want to jump, track me down, and DO it 🤡.

  2. The people who need equalizers (firearms) the most (women) are also the dumbest when it comes to self preservation.

    • My wife is 110% for Constitutional Carry and Campus Carry. She’s 110lbs soaking wet. She’s not dumb at all. Thanks for making gun owners look like crap.

      • @Bob: In general there Bob, not in a case by case basis. If it wasn’t for women voting Democrat, we wouldn’t not have had a Democrat president in 100 years. Fact matter.

        • Bob and MB are eating frozen dinners tonight and sleeping on the couch. MB…Voting men were putting democRats in public offices across America long before women had the right to vote. Facts matter.

        • Debbie maybe you want to come and live in… IDK… this century?

          And FYI men voted to give women the vote. (Over 100 years ago) Facts Matter

      • Bob. only 110%?

        She’s not really putting the effort in, eh?

        Get back to us when she cracks 200%.

        • sarc…Why should he “get back” when most men are maybe @ 70% and many will fold like a cheap tent every time some knee jerk sugarcoated Gun Control rhetoric sounds good to them?

        • I was picking up a shirt that was 60% off. The salesperson told me that was on top of a store wide 50% off sale, so it was 110% off! I told her that meant she owed me for the shirt. She looked very confused.

      • And then there are women who can go into a gun store and the macho counter man sizes you up with a .380 and you ask him to see the Glock 20 cause you heard someone talking about it at the book club. First you check it for empty even if he did and then you pull back on the slide a pinch, pull down the slide lock and dismantle the weapon to make barrel inspection easier. Then you reassemble it, rack the slide, pull the trigger and let macho man know you’ll think about that .380. Been there done that.

        • Incredibly poor form. One should not take down, nor dry fire another’s firearms, in this case a gun stores, without asking first.

          But as you made clear you’re a woman with something to prove to the “macho counter man” so I’m sure it’s fine.

          It’s not like as a woman you will be held accountable for your actions.

    • Exactly that MB. Deb… please. You’re one of the posters on here I like the most, but although you’re technically correct, what bearing does that have on what MB said? It appears you didn’t think that one out that well.

  3. The Far Right are forever the hypocrites. They scream 2A rights for women out of one side of their mouth and then out of the other side of their mouth make them sex slaves by outlawing what they do with their own bodies.

    quote—————but was unable to take ownership of a firearm in time.————quote

    Most states have emergency provisions for getting a ccw or a firearm. And if not almost all states have safe houses for women as well.

    Its easy to see how t tag often distorts reality with its propaganda.

    • Yeah, dacian the stupid, damn those hypocritical Rethuglicans who . . . don’t want to see women raped or murdered, and don’t want to murder babies. So inconsistent of them.

      You become more stupid by the moment, dacian the stupid. Return to your happy little Leftist/fascist circle jerk with MinorIQ and the nameless, brainless troll, you pathetic halfwit. And go pound salt in your @$$.

    • I’ve received some push back on this, and I just want to clarify:

      Quote———-The Far Right are forever the hypocrites. They scream 2A rights for women out of one side of their mouth and then out of the other side of their mouth make them sex slaves by outlawing what they do with their own bodies. ————Quote

      It is obvious to me, that the “right” wants to protect the innocent. Not necessarily protect lives. And the 2A is for defense, of the innocent. That is it’s purpose. Defense of family, defense of self, defense of country. And banning abortion isn’t just coming from cisgendered heteronormative male white patriarch. Women too, are advocating for laws against abortion. Particularly, women on the political “right.” and the reason? To protect the innocent. Again. So the argument of being hypocrites, depends on frame of the argument. It depends on the perspective. Almost anything can be viewed as hypocritical, when viewed through a certain perspective, but that perspective is generally not the perspective of those advocating for it. From their perspective, it’s about innocence, responsibility, and the sanctity of life. From the left’s perspective, it’s about rights, freedoms, government oversight of their bodies. Yet if you switch the conversation to gun rights, suddenly to the left, it’s not about rights, freedoms, or government oversight. Then the perspective changes to safety, the need for more oversight, and about one’s faith in fellow man. And this is because of their top axiomatic beliefs have a priority. And their perspective shifts, based on that priority.

  4. I am very glad to see more women interested in owning, carrying, and using lawfully obtained firearms.

    If more people in general had them and carried them, would be a better place. Criminals need to feel the sting of a potential victim turning the table and putting the shoe on the other foot.

    Now, it’s time for companies to start putting out more belts, holsters, and other gear for women.

    A Girl and a Gun

  5. I’ve introduced several women to firearm shooting/ownership/defensive carry in the past decade.

    Of those who initally purchased “for women” gear, almost EVERY one has replaced it all with non-gender specific stuff.

    The gender specific stuff is usually relegated to range use only once they get into the culture.

    The girl who used to cut my hair has an arsenal now, shoots at least once a month, and rings an 8″ steel gong @700 yds (AR-10 308W) with ease. Even dialing in for crosswind. 😄

    • Well done, Sir. We need much more of this. I know a gal in her eighties who is a s=lead instructor fot the Well Armed Woman outfit. SHe loves it. So do her clients. SHE can shoot, too. I think she’s prolly trained at least a few nundred women, helped them get into equipment that WORKS for them. Some of it is poofty “cute” but functional. Was helpit to instruct at a KNown Distance shoot a year or so back. Husband/Wife team are on the line. During the prelims and warmups, sighting in, getting personal dope on the rifle, ammo, day, etc, it was obvious she was quite comfortable handling that cutesty tiny pink and purple anodised AR pattern rifle she had. With purple sling. Fist glance I thought “oh good grief”. By the time we werew working at 400 yards I had a whole lot more respect for her AND her cutesy MBRPDL (min battle rifle please don’t laugh) At 400 yards shooting 5.56 65 gn spitzer hollowtip rounds, she was keeping ten rounds in a four inch circle offhand. On the mat slow fire she was grouping about an inch or less coE is about. After things got going wel for the day, standard chatter turned to her rifle. Oh my Husband made that for me. I really love it. Lightweight, fits me perfectly (she is very petite and feminine) and is the coolest looking real rifle I’ve ever seen.”. I teased her a but along the lines of “well then the bad guys seeyour rifle and bust up laughing over our “girly gun” they will be too busy laughing to realise it ain’t just for show before they take their final breaths, all of them. SHe said YUP.

      • Nice.
        After spending some time around awesome female shooters, I would never laugh at one because of their size or firearm appearance.

        I was at an indoor 25yd handgun range last week. Two women in an adjcent lane were chewing 2″ diameter holes out of targets set to 10 yds (offhand shooting). They were shooting an HK USP with RDS.

  6. Serious question – why differentiate?? I have good friends (men) who are anti-gun, and I know many women who carry daily. EVERY human has a right to self-defense, and to use the tools best suited for them to defend themselves. Because women TEND to be smaller and weaker, guns are a good tool for a woman to defend herself with. One of the best pistoleros I know is a 65 year old woman, former figure skater, who is barely 5′ tall, weighs about a buck, soaking wet. She carries a compact 1911, and she can outshoot most of the people on this forum (me included).

    I don’t question how anyone chooses to defend themselves – except the people who DON’T choose to defend themselves. They need to quit polluting the gene pool.

  7. Guns don’t save lives. They take lives! Ban all guns now! I know it “sounds” like common sense to arm your 19 year old daughter as she walks down a dark street where clubs are pounding music, but you have to ignore your instincts, and realize that she is more likely to kill herself with a gun, or have her gun taken from her, than getting raped and filled with sub IQ HIV infected gametes. So put the gun away, and accept that if another rapist is spared gun violence, another life is saved. And saving lives is our top priority.

    • The whole you’re mire likely to be killed by your gun than kill someone with it was debunked at least 30 years ago. The latest study, commissioned by and subsequently buried by President Barack “The Savior ” Obama shows that while 33k people die a year from gun violence, 2/3 of which being suicides, somewhere between 600k and 1.5 million people use guns defensively. Plus, the Israelis have proven conclusively young people properly trained with guns can hang out in night clubs without hurting people. Us, rapists and the like target college women because they know they won’t be armed. That would change if they had to guess, don’t you think?

      • Well, dacian the stupid, since idiocy IS the hallmark of every “real” dacian the stupid post I’ve seen, I fail to see how this is a differentiator. The fake dacian occasionally almost makes sense, perhaps we can use that to tell you two apart, since you NEVER make any sense. You do, however, remain too stupid to insult.

    • More PEOPLE owning and using them is good. Now if women are beginning to wake up and realise how useful guns are for THEM, more will get more of them. Better. Many might even decide to stop voting for the faux-safety clowns who have led directly to the status quo of today. Better yet. Doing away with ALL the 23k+ laws now on the books that have uttelry FAILED to reduce violence and crime would be best. It has always been illegal to use guns to kill innocent folks. (or anyting else.. rocks, clubs, gasoline in a bottle with a rag poking out) .It is the taking or harming of innocent life that is the crime. Hammers are used to kill more folks yearly than are guns. Are hammers registered? Serial numbered? Prohibited to make or repair at home? Require a Mother May I Card to carry one on your tool belt? No? Then WHY my battered old Browning? Far as I know its never been used to kill anyone in all its fifty plus years of existence.

      • That battered old brown ing in the hands of a 110lb woman facing a 250lb rapist might change its history.
        Hammer Paper Scissors.


  9. A larger town we seldom go to had “women’s day” parade that looked a whole lot like a democrat “mostly peaceful” protest. Lots of sign and costumes pushing leftist goals.

    Yes, there were a few that did not but majority were left leaning.

    • The other glaring hypocrisy for the Left on Women’s Day is that the entire transgender movement is about erasing the identity of woman, but Leftist progressives always seem to overlook that dichotomy.

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