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Top gun control groups have notably avoided discussing Hunter Biden’s recent gun conviction and his likely appeal on Second Amendment grounds. As reported by Politico, these groups are reluctant to comment on the case, with one activist stating, “No, we’re not going to get in the middle of this shitstorm. Nothing good can come of it.”

Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, was convicted of owning a gun while using drugs and lying about it on a purchase form. His lawyers are expected to appeal, arguing that the ban on drug users possessing guns is unconstitutional. This appeal could leverage recent Supreme Court rulings that have expanded gun rights.

“The nation’s top gun control groups are awkwardly avoiding talking about Hunter Biden’s gun conviction — and his widely expected appeal on Second Amendment grounds,” the Politico article stated. “Not a single one commented on the case or the broader legal question, underscoring how uncomfortable the politics around the case are for the gun control groups pushing hard for Biden’s reelection.”

President Biden has not addressed his son’s case directly, focusing instead on promoting gun control measures at a recent Everytown for Gun Safety event on the same day his son was convicted. He emphasized that the Second Amendment does not permit unrestricted gun ownership, stating, “There’s never been a time that says you can own anything you want.”

A lot of the younger Biden’s defense hinges on the still recent Supreme Court ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen. In the Bruen ruling, the Supreme Court essentially stated that the legality of gun laws must be measured by whether they are consistent with gun laws that existed at the time of the nation’s founding.

“A decision that both gun control groups and the president decried. Bruen spawned a slew of conflicting lower-court rulings about how closely today’s gun laws, including the drug-users prohibition, must mirror those form the late 1700s,” the Politico story authors, Myah Ward and Betsy Woodruff Swan, wrote.

But they point out in the article how “the president’s son relied heavily on Bruen in seeking to have his charges tossed out before trial.”

Gun control groups’ silence on the Hunter Biden case contrasts with their strong support for Biden’s reelection, highlighting the political sensitivity of the issue. Politico notes that “The movement for tighter gun laws has seen substantive policy success under the Biden administration,” partly due to the president’s personal commitment to combating gun violence. But it’s also partly due to his reckless willingness to shove executive orders onto the American people where Congress should be making the laws. He also filled his cabinet with anti-gun-minded bureaucrats willing to do his political bidding.

Meanwhile, gun rights advocates, including the NRA and Firearms Policy Coalition, have been vocal, even if a little split on the Hunter Biden case, with the latter offering to assist Biden in challenging federal gun laws. As Politico reports, the Firearms Policy Coalition stated, “Countless lives are destroyed every year under the federal government’s unconstitutional and immoral regulations. We proudly work to eliminate these laws and create a free world. Just as we have in many other cases, we stand ready to assist Mr. Biden in his challenge of federal gun laws.”

NRA on the other side has been more critical of Biden.

“The National Rifle Association has always stood for the lawful use and possession of firearms. Mr. Biden’s documented lifestyle choices at the time of purchasing a firearm made him a prohibited person under current law,” said Randy Kozuch, executive director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, in a statement to Politico.

For pro-gun advocates, the irony is evident: while Hunter Biden’s legal team fights for broader Second Amendment rights, leading gun control advocates are conspicuously silent.

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  1. Looks like scotus has kicked the bump stock ban to the curb.

    As for bag man hunter. They either got to pardon him or kill him. Otherwise they risk him talking. Remember, he’s facing other charges.

    • Yep, daddy has his pardon ready to go, that way if his keepers don’t juice him enough and he blows the debate he has a both a stick to deal with the dump Biden at the convention Democrats and a way to encourage his son not to turn states witness. The laptop is still a problem for him though.

      • I think that he will be ‘suicided’ before it is over. biden is not in control. Those that have used him to illegally gain control of the country are facing severe penalties when they are finally brought to justice.

        They will try to lessen their exposure by taking out their low tier folks.

    • Yes he is, which causes this citizen to wonder how court trials on these charges might turn out.

      • I don’t understand why Robert Hunter Biden calls himself “Hunter”, since the only thing that he “hunts” is another piece of ass like the one that he had who was married to his dead brother Beau. I am trying to figure out why he should be kept alive. Same for the rest of his family!

  2. “There’s never been a time that says you can own anything you want.”
    Yes, there has been.
    It started on December 15, 1791
    Sorry Joe

  3. It was particularly ironic that on the very day of Slo CCP Joe’s speech to the Gun (Non) Sense University, his son Hunter was convicted for lying about his drug addiction to obtain a firearm. You can’t make it up!
    And. then just today, while Slo CCP Joe was supposed to be watching a sky diving demonstration, he aimlessly wandered off looking lost. The Italian PM had to go collect him and bring him back to the G-7 group.

    • Mr. President Biden became bored with the sky diving demonstration because he is a highly decorated WW1 paratrooper logging over 10,000 successful jumps with only one minor mishap which was the time he landed on his head crashing into Nancy Pelosi’s crotch. Hence forth coining the phrase “Muff Diving”

  4. The gun trial was a sham.Yes, he broke the law. A very minor one compared to his foreign $$$ making for his father. This is just throwing a bone to distract the country. Put him in jail over the gun crime.

    But do not forget his other more serious crimes. video 2 min long.

    “vivek ramaswamy notices something that other people are missing, about the hunter biden case.”

  5. I predict that Hunter Biden will NOT appeal his conviction, especially not on the grounds that the relevant law violates the Second Amendment. There’s no need. He will receive a light sentence, which his father will commute, even if he isn’t pardoned. So there’s no real punishment involved. The only reason for an appeal, which would pit him against his father and the Democrat Party (that’s the downside) would be to clear his name and improve his reputation. The world already knows he’s a scumbag and whether or not he is technically a convicted felon won’t change that. Also, he is probably going to plead guilty to some of the tax evasion charges now pending, because trying those would likely result in exposing his father, so he’ll be a convicted felon anyway.

  6. Plenty of young, poor black men from the ghetto were convicted of what Hunter Biden was recently convicted of.

  7. Of course the FakeNewsMedia had gone silent.
    They are cuplable for electing Obama and Biden by mass disinfo (lying) to the People, and thus have no choice but to double down in desperation.

    Look over here! Pay no attention to the rank hypocrisy of the Deep State natsec liars and progressive marxist socialists in Congress.

    Solzhenitzin was right.

  8. I will say that having addiction problems at 20 or so shouldn’t mean you lose your constitutional rights for the rest of your life.

    BUT- Hunter was documenting his drug abuse like some Tik Tok fool.

    It looks like you CAN avoid the felony if you simply claim to be clean and sober when you walked in the LGS, just DON’T be the most famous addict in the country.

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