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Gun control advocates are inveterate bloody shirt wavers. They never miss an opportunity to exploit firearms-related deaths to further the cause of civilian disarmament. Regardless of the circumstances of those deaths and the lack of an impact gun control would have had on those particular cases. What’s not on view: hundreds of thousands of annual defensive gun uses and the tens of millions of disarmed people killed by tyrannical governments all around the globe. In that sense, I’m “ghost voting” for gun rights on behalf of my murdered grandparents and millions of Jews exterminated by the Nazis. Godwin be damned.

Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Maryland Likes to Keep Gun Owners in Legal Jeopardy">Previous Post
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  1. “Godwin be damned” may be the most prophetic thing you’ve ever written on this site.

    If it looks like a Nazi, talks like a Nazi, and walks like a Nazi, it’s a damn Nazi – and will complain bitterly that it is NOT a fascit and you should be ashamed for pointing it out.

  2. Fully 50% of those ‘ghosts’ got exactly what “the life” had coming for them. And they knew it going in. No one should care if they died, and the world is better off without them.

    • Proven by vote-counts in Chicago. Dead people vote multiple times in Chicago elections and all for The Democratic Machine.
      Chicago residents I know are proud of their corrupt system. It amazes me. I couldn’t leave IL fast enough.

  3. More liberal clap trap. The lesson of 1994 has faded and they need another. We need to send Skankles packing and elect Trump. Sick and tired of the nigizerangs saying he needed to steal to get cloths. These idiots are so stupid they would not know the difference between a law and a right, but they sure know what good crack is and where to get it. Black culture is rotten and they blame us for their BS life styles. Its not my fault they can not live like humans.

    • It’s not often that I’m tempted to call out another commenter, but in this case I feel I have to. This dude is a racist, and we don’t need him speaking for us. I Googled “n*igizerang” and the top two hits were a story on stormfr*nt dot com, and this thread. Let’s not let the armed intelligentsia be associated with this kind of bs. Ban him, or at least FLAME DELETE it.

    • There is no more a thing called “black culture” than there is a thing called “white culture” or “brown culture”. It is a useless characterization, much like our liberal foes calling us members of a “gun culture”. These kinds of generalizations are what LIBERALS are known for, as they use fear and emotion to divide people. Conservatives should know better. Did a “black culture” produce Colin Powell, Walter Williams, or Thomas Sowell? Yeah, facts get in the way of bitter ignorance, don’t they?

      Save your racist and ignorant rants for somewhere else.

    • Slow in the trailer park today, jim? Months only half gone and your ebt is maxxed? Watching your 14 yo sister breast feed her 2 yo baby getting boring?

  4. We should use any and all means available (as long as they do not harm anyone) to prevail in our cause. That includes getting emotional support for our cause just like gun-grabbers do. Why we are so incredibly reluctant and/or inept at getting emotional support is beyond me.

    We cannot stop gun-grabbers from waiving the proverbial bloody shirt. We should be doing the same in addition to our reasoned talking points grounded in facts. We should be showing pictures of the people who only survived a violent encounter because they were armed. We should be showing highly emotional video interviews of woman who begin crying as they recount the fear of realizing that a man was going to rape them … and their tears of relief because they were able to use a firearm to stop that scumbag rapist before he physically violated her. We should show highly emotional video interviews of victims showing how devastated their family was upon realizing how much they would miss their family member had he/she not used a firearm to prevail over a violent attack.

    We have a huge advantage over gun-grabbers: we can appeal to both reason and emotion whereas gun-grabbers only have emotion. We must be relentless and use ALL of our advantages to full effect.

    • I agree with this in theory, but the problem is that it is simply not that easy to talk about it for most people. People spend years psychologically processing taking a life, even when they were completely 100% justified. Plus you have a variety of other reasons you can’t talk about something like this after it happens. Investigation may still be pending. Civil suit may still be possible. You may not want to be seen as “mouthing off” about killing somebody, especially if their family is the type to hold a grudge and do something about it.

      And, let’s face it, if it is not something that made the news, but one of those “I remember once when I had to draw my gun, but thank God I didn’t have to use it” stories, it will just be chalked up by the other side as a “never happened” and have less impact than a life lost. To counteract that, we need the real stories from real survivors who had “make the ultimate decision.”

      The advantage the victims have is that their stories can make the front page immediately, the media loves parading them around for one of their causes, and telling their stories is often therapeutic in some sense as they seek “justice.” While we have a lot of DGUs each year, a large majority of them, I suspect, don’t have the same impact that bloody shirt waving does, especially after 2 or 3 years pass before the survivor can talk about it.

      That being said, the ones that can talk about it, should be talking about it, every chance they get.

      • M3M9,

        Of course victims would not be able to talk about an event if their responses could jeopardize their position with respect to criminal prosecution or lawsuits.

        If evidence and testimony makes it obvious that the victim shot the attacker and was legally justified, the victim should be able to discuss his/her feelings immediately before and after the attack without any legal jeopardy. (I would instruct the victim to talk only about their feelings since this is an emotional appeal … and also to ensure that they don’t say something about their actions or surrounding circumstances that could call their response into question.) Of course their family faces no legal jeopardy whatsoever sharing their feelings about the thought of losing their family member to the attacker … and still having their family member alive.

        And I would only conduct video interviews of victims when there is solid evidence that their attack and self-defense actually happened as they portray it.

  5. People of the gun , we don’t know how to fight back correctly . These liberal yanks operate on 90 % emotion so every time a bad guy is taken down or stopped and a good guy is saved , there should be a picture of the surviving victim taken and there should be an app on peoples phones where these photos and brief story of how they were saved by a gun are downloaded , a photo of the terrible gun that was used heroically should accompany the photo and any time the gun haters throw out this emotional trash , our side would have an instant rebuttal .

  6. Many a time on TTAG I have thought of something I would like to add to the conversation and reading down through the comments I come across Uncommon_sense and my thoughts were right there , from their keyboard and I needed to add nothing . This time we were literally a couple minutes apart from the same basic idea and I didn’t see the comment until I had posted .
    ………………..and , I wonder what Mitch is going to get for Kentucky to OK Barry’s Supreme court nomination . Maybe another bridge or something . I’m sure he won’t get any changes to the EPA coal burning rulings , you can bet old Mitch is holding out for something special for the Bluegrass .

  7. Wow. I remember watching TV shows and movies, and in a few of those, there was this idea about using the dead to commit voter fraud – it always sounded like a dumb idea, and never thought it was real, but now I guess it is.

    How can they infer which way any dead person may have wanted to vote? Especially children?

  8. I’m “ghost voting” for gun rights on behalf of my murdered grandparents and millions of Jews exterminated by the Nazis.
    Voting Democrat, I see.

  9. 30,000 by gun violence? 20,000 were suicides.
    Of the remaining 10,000 – 80% are gang/drug related.

    Perhaps if we banned gangs and drugs and violence…
    Oh wait…

  10. The lady who watched her parents murdered in Luby’s (can’t recall her name right now) because she’d left her gun in her car because of TX law, had only the bloody shirt and emotion, but she parlayed that into getting GW Bush elected governor, concealed carry, and her own spot in the Leg for a few years.

  11. Calling these misguided fools “bloody shirt wavers” is letting them off too lightly. These people, more often than not, are the bloody-shirt creators. Their support of anti-gun policies is what creates defenseless people who are preyed upon by criminals with guns in the first place. It has been said that liberals are conservatives who haven’t been mugged yet. Is it possible that some of these anti-gun folks are just gun owners who have never felt defenseless against a gun toting criminal yet? I know 2 people that fit this concept perfectly.


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