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The Obama Administration has released details of the President’s State of Union address for Tuesday. Economy. Jobs. Deficit reduction. Spending Cuts. Reaching across the aisle. Yada yada yada. The only real suspense: will the Commander-in-Chief throw his support behind Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy’s bill to ban high capacity magazines? We know the Prez will address the Safeway Massacre at some point in his speech. Members of the medical team that treated Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford will be in attendance. Chances are President Obama will say something vague about gun violence and closing loopholes, look determined during the standing O and let it go at that. Meanwhile, high capacity magazines are selling like cocaine at Studio 54 . . .

In fact, our friends over at (a.k.a. Suarez International) have a new name for high-cap-mags. Here’s the ad copy from today’s pre-State of the Union email blast and the ad at the link above:

Glock 33 Round High Capacity Magazine.  This is the IN-famous 33 round magazine that has been in the news over the weekend.

Fits and functions in all Glock 9mm pistols.  We call them “Happy Sticks” and find them essential for home/business/estate/maritime defense.  One is not enough, stock up now.  Not only that, but the mere act of owning one will totally upset any liberal around you.

How great is that?

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  1. Happy sticks sound good to me . Looks like the hoopla the gun haters have created about hi cap mags has backfired on these fools. The only thing they accomplished was to help dramaticly increase the sales of “happy sticks” and guns. LMAO

  2. No civilian has any legitimate purpose for a 33-round magazine in a 9mm selfloading pistol. That’s more rounds than were fired in the shootout at the OK Corral. Beat cops don’t use these things — for all the obvious and logical reasons. You don’t need one either, unless you are poorer at target acquisition than Ray Charles, or the home you are defending also happens to be a meth lab. Please don’t insult my intelligence by telling me you need one. It’s wanker bullshit, brought to you by the loose end of the room at the local gun show. Don’t tell me you simply want one; that only makes you look like a loser in my book.

    Buy one of these and essentially, you ID yourself to the law enforcement community, the public at large, and to me as a) a self-absorbed, overage adolescent or b) a paramilitary wingnut or c) the next nightmare shooter. (Note: option a is the best case scenario.) For the moment, forget government regulation. The firearms sport needs to police itself by shunning and ostracizing the marketers of this junk as well as the people who buy it. We don’t need it around, nor the grief and mayhem it is so capable of delivering. Some things are beyond the pale by any objective measure and this is one of them.

    Just say no. Seriously: Is there ANYTHING these sick goons will sell that some people won’t line up and buy, no matter how stupid, useless, and irresponsible? 33-round pistol magazines? Riot guns? Shot shell revolvers? Really?

    • Oh wait litmus test time!

      I assume you’re also one of the Fudds that sold us out for the AWB.

    • You got it all backwards. I am thankfull that the idiot in arizona used these, had he not used it the death toll would have been much much higher.

      Before starting let me offer a bit of credentials, the only 9mm I own is my Luger, which though did have high cap mags, they were somewhat inificent and are exteemly rare and hard to find these days. In pistol, I prefer to shoot the 40cal, and my glock 22 is my favorite of the 8 semi-autos and one revolver I own. The 40cal does not have a 33 round magazine, but it does have a 30 round mag which is close enough. I do not own a 30 round mag, nor do I want to own one, but because I shoot a lot and have a lot of friends who shoot, I have tried the 30 round mag more than once.

      I know anti-gun freaks (which lets face it, describes you) hate facts, so lets introduce some.

      Fact one – 33 rounds and yet only 6 deaths. Reason – The glock itself is a light gun, but bullets are heavy and 33 9mil rounds ways a lot. Further, having them come from the magazine well as they do makes the gun unbalanced and far less weildy. the result of this is you now have a gun where the “kick” of each shot is amplified due to the fact that the gun is off balance. The extra weight then makes it much harder to re-aquire a target. I can easily put 30 rounds into a tighter cluster on the target using 2 15 round magazines than I can with one 30 round magazine, and I can do it in far less time. That is without the long mag getting caught on something and really messing me up, which I found happened a lot even in the relatively cluster free environment that a good range should be.

      Fact two – He was stopped while reloading. Reason – I can drop a 15 round mag and have another one inserted with a round chambered in about 10 seconds. The 30 round mags however because of their size and weight are much more difficult to insert. I find with them I have to actually turn the gun and use my eyes to help line things up for the new mag, a problem I dont have with the 15 round mags. I have never tried speed reloading using two 30 round mags, but based on inserting one 30 round mag I would say I could not do it in less than 30 seconds, 3 times as long. And that is with the second mag sitting on a counter with easy access, if i hald to pull it from a pocket or pouch I could see it easily taking over a minute to reload. Clearly in arizona he also had this issue as the people who stopped him said he had problems reloading so they were able to approach him and stop it.

      Fact 3 – the large magazines are well, large. In arizona it was said over and over that it was stopped because an elderly woman was able to grab the mag he was trying to reload and hold onto it. A 15 round mag only has room enough for one hand, no one else is grabbing it during reloading unless the reloader is doing something horribly wrong. A 30 round 40cal glock mag is almost three times the length of a 15 rounder (needs even more space due to the spring), plenty of room for two more hands on the mag. If someone puts two hands on the mag, you lost it because you only have 1 hand unless you are willing to give up the gun to use your other hand. Which is exactly what happened in Arizona.

      Other facts, that may not have played a role in arizona:
      – Due to the large size of the high cap mags, they are much harder to conceal, how the arizona guy got 3? of them close enough to the congresswoman to shoot her without being spotted is a mystery to me. Experiment: Try hiding a butter knife on your person. Not so bad is it, you coulb probably hide 3 or 4 no problem. Now go out to the shed and get the machette and try to conceal it. Not so easy is it? The butter knife is a bit longer than your standard mag, the machette is about the same size as a high cap mag.
      -High cap mags get really really hard to fill really fast. On a standard mag I can put the 15th round in no problem with a small plastic load assister. On the 30 round mags I usually gave up at about round 25 because it became near impossible to get another round in. The few times I fully loaded a 30 round mag it either reqired a mechanical press and some inginueity or two people and a lot of sweat and pain. And I load mags alot, workout, and would consider myself stronger than average people. Seeing the guy in Arizona and I doubt he made it much past the 20th round unless someone helped him load it. What does this mean, you get all the negatives of a large mag, for 5 to 10 extra rounds.
      -I briefly mentioned this but will mention again here. High cap mags stick out of the bottom of the handle really far, and they still have the plate on the bottom of the mag. End result is you have this huge thing sticking out of the gun which tends to get caught on anything and everything, not a plus when in a shootout I would imagine.
      -High cap mags tend to cause jams more frequiently.
      -High cap mags cost a lot more than even 2 standard mags, leaving the person who buys them with less money for bullets.

      So, do I want high cap mags banned? No way!

      Not only is it stepping on the constitution to ban them, but I wish every moron who wants to do bad things with a gun would stick strictly to high cap pistol mags, as it will always reduce the damage they can do, just as it did in Arizona. (Note: High cap rifle mags is another story entirely.)

      I will never buy one myself, because they are usefull only as conversation peices and range toys.

      Do I think someone who wants them banned is a moron? Well, I am afraid the facts speak for themsleves in this case.

      Have a nice evening, and next time try thinking before crying.

  3. It’s not up to any pseudo-sage to tell other people what they need or don’t need. Needs aside, what we really don’t want is more sanctimonious Cabot claptrap.

    • You may as well try to tell me you “need” a bazooka or 2 kilos of heroin. Fat chance. I know better and so do you. And if you don’t need one, why do you want it so badly? That’s sort of a trap, isn’t it?

      So. How did a 33-round pistol magazine become the emblem of our personal freedoms? Oh, look: The people who SELL the 33-round magazines told us that. (Read the press release excerpt above; it’s hilarious.) Are we really that flavor of sucker? There was a terrible tragedy in Tuscon and this cretin wants to ride it as far as he can. Is that where you want your dollars going?

      • Heroin? Sure. This War on Drugs bullshit is ridiculous. I have no use for drugs but it’s your body and your life. Why should I care? You had ALL the information out there to (supposedly) make the best informed decision.

      • What I need is none of your business, nor is what I want. This is a private transaction of a legal product. Nannies need not apply. Why don’t you go to “work” for the EPA? They “need” apologists.

        • A 33-round magazine doesn’t have to be a legal product. Restrictions on their sale and possession would be entirely constitutional under any Supreme Court you could construct.

          Here’s what I want to know: At what point, if any, do the gun hobby and gun industry make some effort to regulate themselves? Where are the boundaries?

          • You don’t.

            You regulate the consumer base by locking up violent criminals with longer sentences, and reduce the amount of people being turned into criminals by ending the War on Drugs IMMEDIATELY. There will be less desperate dealers, less addled users, and less wankers called “drug kingpins.”

            Then you use ALL of that money you save every year and look into mental health itself.

            (Oh, and throw in some more defense spending cuts as well.)

            Have you considered ANY other alternative options yet?

      • why not own a bazooka- try to find a fucking rocket moron- bazookas were obsolete after the LAWS Rocket was invented- and the LAW waSs replaced with the AT-4, as for heroin not interested, and really no use for a bazooka either.

    • I’ll phrase it this way: When I see a 33-round magazine for a self-loading pistol being sold and marketed to civilians, I see an irresponsible product offered by an irresponsible vendor. If he knows anything whatsoever about firearms, he knows no civilian has any need or use for such a thing; he only wants to make a buck. Who might be potentially harmed is someone else’s problem. He’ll lay it off to improper use, or poor screening, everything but his own greed and selfishness. “If the magazine had been used properly, it wouldn’t have happened,” he’ll say.

      The problem is the magazine has no proper or legitimate consumer use. It’s useless for hunting, sporting, or home defense purposes. It’s tits on a mule. In practical application, mowing down people five to 20 at a time is pretty much all it’s good for.

      • I use a Springfield XD-M 9mm with a 19-round magazine for home defense because no one ever ended a gunfight (or home defense) saying “Damn! I wish I’d had less bullets!” It’s also true that an increasing number of street attacks involve two or more people. (OK they’re mostly gang related but still.) I make that nine-and-a-half bullets per perp. If there’s three of them, that’s six-and-a-third bullets apiece. Just sayin’.

        As for 30+ magazines, they’s way too clunky for my tastes. But even though I admit that Loughner’s “happy sticks” made the attack more efficient, I don’t think this is an issue worthy of new legislation. Spree killing is rare. If you want to reduce firearms lethality, you have to look at the aforementioned gangs. That’s where the action is. You want to tackle street gangs? I’m in. This? As callous as it sounds, it’s not worth the enormous expense and hassle and (ducks) loss of liberty.

        At what point do we say to the government “stay out of my business”? As Ralph pointed out, after regulating the amount of bullets a gun can hold (setting aside the fact that you can reload in less than two seconds), the next step is how many magazines you’re allowed. Or when you can carry them (i.e. only to the range and back). Etc. There is a place where you need to draw the line—nuclear weapons are a no-no—but this isn’t it.

        • I HATE it when people call cartridges “bullets.” I hate it the same way some of you guys do when people call magazines “clips.” I also hate it when people confuse “less” and “fewer.” Drives me straight up the wall.

          But then I also hate it when people correct each others’ grammar on Internet forums, so never mind. Thank you for your thoughts.

          What I was looking for here: some willingness on the part of today’s breed of gun enthusiasts to take responsibility and impose some standards and limits on their own sport. However, I don’t see any at all. Near as I can tell, you guys have one note: meeeeeeeeeeeeee. Do I have that wrong?

          • Not really. Most gun owners hereabouts are concerned with self-defence. As in “self.” Not the community. Not society. Themselves, and their loved ones. Call it selfish, if you must, but at least it’s honest.

          • “What I was looking for here: some willingness on the part of today’s breed of gun enthusiasts to take responsibility and impose some standards and limits on their own sport. ”

            When “some standards and limits” consist of putting upwards of oh perhaps 40 million people into prison for 10-100 years…I don’t think this is where you are going to find your base of supporters.

      • These extended magazines were originally intended for a fully-automatic version of the Glock 17, the 18C. The fully automatic version was developed at the request of the EKO Cobra Austrian counter-terror unit.

        If it somehow works for them, it should be able to work for civilians with proper training. I’m sure those Korean store owners back in the King Riots would have loved this magazine.

        There is no real difference between a civilian and an LEO/Mil individual. There is only an artificial difference, based on the arbitrary rankings we assign certain people. At the core, we are all humans with roughly the same capacity to learn. What makes an LEO better than the rest of us?

        In this case, lets put a sports car in the place of the extended magazine. No one is going to drive the sports car 100+ mph because its against the law and you’re probably going to lose control and crash into people. Not to mention extremely poor fuel efficiency. And yet sports cars are still being sold today. If someone abuses that sports car to the point of endangering people, are you going to blame the car or the person?

  4. I won’t support a ban on 33 rnd mags because it’s just a stepping stone to more gun control. Anyone who claims otherwise is full of sh!t.

    • Earlier I told Magoo I was sorry for calling him a gun hater, well I was wrong to apologize because you are not only a gun hater but you also hate gun owners. I don’t care about your lil old gun 30 miles away in the barn. When were you appointed to decide what we can own or want to own. You must really hate that I have 75 and 100 round DRUMS NOT MAGS for my bad ole AK and AR. OH BOY I must be pure evil. I don’t even know how many hi cap mags I have , but most likely enough for a small war. Anti is right on with the war on drugs comment, we have all seen how a strict ban has stopped all drug use. Magoo and his friends must be happy to know that their paranoid fear of hi cap mags and guns has helped the sales of both to skyrocket. LMAO

      • Find some of the Norinco 120’s for your AR- and I have seen 150’s advertised for the AR (a super Beta C mag). Gotta thank the Germans for the double saddle drum mag. AK drums stop at 100 I hate to say. Buy up before the “libtards” screw us up permanantly.

  5. They keep call hi cap mag high cap clips. Gee how smart have be realize that High cap mags what put in bottom firearms in gun holds the ammo . Clips are what put in top some firearms that push in gun internal magazine they never ever been high cap buy way most gun used clips all been rifles. So if this people try pass this stuff do not have clue to know what different is between them. What that tell about what they know about guns.

    • I never figured out if “Guy Chabot” was a dude or a girl. Not flaming, I really can’t tell. I know that “Guy” should be a (french) man’s name but I never got that vibe from his or her posts.

  6. I don’t own a Glock at present.

    However, Magoo’s railings against 33-round Glock mags gives me a real urge to go buy a bundle of them.

    Actually, instead of a 33-round 9mm mag, I’d probably go with the 27-round .45 mag made for the Glock 21.

    You know, EMF is going to market it’s “JR” carbine (just right) that takes Glock mags.

    And there’s always one of those Beta C-mags for ARs that hold 100 rounds.


    • I own hi-caps. I won’t go into details. It’s knowone’s business. I own AW’s how many and what type are my business. Ban what you want they won’t be registered or surrendered. Deal with it.


    To the people that want to take away my 2A rights you can let me take away your 1A rights and let me say


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