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I was¬†tasked with finding new silencers at SHOT, and boy did I. It seems you couldn’t throw a rock at SHOT without hitting a can, many of them quite modular. A point we’ve beat to death around here, buying cans is expensive and time consuming. As such, consumers are demanding “do it all” silencers that can be attached to multiple hosts while still doing a good job quieting things down. Griffin recently jumped in with both feet with their Optimus, a one size fits all can that can do everything from .22 LR to .300 Win Mag. Given that the Optimus has quickly sold out, they’ve also gone forward with another modular can, the Alpha.

Griffin Armament owners (and brothers) Evan and Austin Green, are anything but subtle. They’re both about 6′ 5″ and built like corn fed midwesterners. They also have a habit of crowding your personal space a la LBJ¬†while they rapid fire pepper you with questions. It goes without saying that Griffin is positioning their new Alpha can to compete with SilencerCo’s Omega, but Evan wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss the reference when I was interviewing him on the SHOT show floor. Got it.


Built as a user serviceable, centerfire can, the Alpha features 17-4 stainless throughout, and a patent pending ratchet locking end cap. The Alpha will feature swappable end caps with different sized apertures to compliment the host of choice.

The Griffin guys tell me that the Alpha will weigh in at approximately 16.3 oz with a brake and that they’re seeing about 137 dB at the muzzle on a 20″ .308 and 133 dB with a 14.5″ 5.56 and the appropriate end cap. MSRP is $1050 and it should be available in the next few months at your local dealer of choice.

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  1. Griffin is forever a no-no because of the Front Towards Arabs incident. They’re on the same shelf as Troy, HS Precision, and Dicks.

    • Dude, you hold a grudge longer and more closely than my ex-girlfriend.

      “forever a no-no” because of a small batch of legacy products in a group buy that were overruns from a unit purchase? I doubt you’re even aware of the details other than what you read on Silencer Talk, M4C, etc.

      The owners of Griffin Armament are both combat Veterans who have served their country honorably. They make industry leading products with top level performance and extremely competitive pricing. They most definitely will not miss your business. Have fun paying more for an inferior product.

      • I followed the original thread on the WI HTF on AR15 when it happened, so no, I didn’t just read about it. Their attitude after the incident was terrible, and it’s forever turned me off their products. I see no difference in their actions than Troy, HS Precision, etc.

    • As a owner of the 556 can with the extra writing on it,I gotta say let it go, it was a joke gone wrong. Everyone also forgets the owners offered to remove the writing at no cost before I picked it up, they have great products I own 3 of there cans, they also have some of the best customer service and support IV ever seen

  2. I haven’t looked into this, because I haven’t caught the suppressor bug yet, but I’d like to get clarification on this. I think I remember reading somewhere that components of suppressors constitute a suppressor… each needing a stamp. Please tell me I’m misremembering and I’m wrong about this.

    • Bob, There are no “extra parts” included with the silencer. There is a takedown tool, muzzle device, pusher tool, and ratchet mount 30 caliber end cap. The additional end cap in 556 if you wanted to buy one is an Alpha Muzzle Brake cap. The alpha Muzzle brake is being introduced to the market soon. Extra baffles are not able to be sold separately. Additionally if a user has a baffle strike and needs replacing they would need to send in the suppressor for service as the damaged baffle would need to be replaced at the factory and destroyed per BATFE regs.

      There is a lot of confusion over NFA regs. Generally speaking the only people following regs closely are the manufacturers.

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