Grand Power K22: SHOT Show 2017

Speaking of underrated guns, Slovakia’s Grand Power — at least in the U.S. of A. — is one seriously underrated brand. Don’t fret if you aren’t familiar; TTAG will be bringing you a few Grand Power reviews soon. Though they make pistols in 9mm, .40, .45, and even 10mm, I’m perhaps most excited to test out their .22 LR-chambered K22s.

My interest in the K22 is primarily due to the fact that they’re “real guns.” They aren’t watered-down, corners-cut, shrunk-in-the-dryer, pot metal rimfire versions of centerfire pistols, as so many .22 LR pistols these days are. The K22S and K22 X-TRIM are full-size pistols seemingly made to the same levels of quality as Grand Power’s centerfires, with machined steel chassis and slides and no cast or MIM parts. They’re modern, polymer semi-autos in .22 LR that are built for more than just plinking at cans a few times a year.

The K22S is the standard model. Its steel slide has received some serious lipo to drop weight and cycle .22. Same frame (complete with replaceable back straps), trigger, and controls as Grand Power’s centerfire K100. 

Then the K22 X-TRIM kicks it up a notch with controls and styling cues from the 9mm X-CALIBUR. The X-TRIM also has a threaded, 5″ barrel, a fiber optic front sight, and a fully-adjustable rear sight.

Both models have truly ambidextrous controls, with slide stop, safety, and magazine release fully mirrored on right and left sides.

From this angle (photo above), I think it looks fantastically cool.

Grand Power’s double action pulls are incredibly smooth, and the ~4.3 lb single action is short and crisp. Seen above is the trigger in single action staged against the sear, then fired and at the full rearwards travel stop. It’s one of the nicest DA/SA triggers you’ll find this side of a CZ Shadow. Finding that trigger on a polymer-framed .22 LR? Fuggedaboudit!

Of course, centerfire quality comes at a centerfire price. The K22S’ MSRP is $528, and the K22 X-TRIM’s is $788. Are these lifetime-warranted guns worth it? Stay tuned for the review(s). . .


  1. The guns look great but the brand name sounds like something a Chinese advertising firm came up for a cheap airsoft gun.

    1. avatar Sledgecrowbar says:

      It doesn’t translate well but think “Hi-Power” when it meant “large magazine” and you get a better idea. They are really nice guns. Rotating barrels like the Beretta PX-4.

  2. avatar Vhyrus says:

    My biggest problem with Grand Power, other than they’re straight up kel tec levels of unobtainium, is that, for basically the same price of a brand name gun, you get one with zero aftermarket. Good luck finding a holster or spare mags. It’s not even a CZ or sig clone so you can’t even force it into a standard holster. Please tell me why I would buy this gun over a beretta or a CZ? I’ll wait.

    1. avatar Winston M says:

      I’ve been shooting Grand Power for a couple of years, and it is MUCH easier to get holsters, mags and parts these days. If you are in the US, Eagle Imports carries everything – all the models, mags and spare parts. Red Hills Tactical make a couple of variations of really nice holsters for IPSC/USPSA and 3-Gun

    2. avatar Dave Copping says:

      Bladetech offer an OWB holster for the X-Calibur which will work with the shorter slide models as well. Red Hill Tactical also make a variety of holsters for the product line. Henning Shop make mag pads for the 9mm and the 40/10/45 caliber mags. Eagle Imports carry the spare mags 24/7 so the local gun shops can always get them through the distributors.

  3. avatar Deano says:

    Ooh, I like the K22S, very Beretta-esque with the open slide.

    Wish it would come in around $350-400…

    1. avatar Dave Copping says:

      Compare it to a gun in that price range….
      There is no comparison.

  4. avatar Dave Copping says:

    Bladetech make an OWB style holster for the X-Calibur which works for the shorter slide models.
    Red Hill Tactical make a full array of holsters for the entire product line.
    Eagle Imports have mags 24/7 so the local dealers have access through distribution.

  5. avatar Dave Copping says:

    The pistols are not polymer framed any more than a STI 2011 is. The frame is a hefty CNC machined steel part surrounded by a polymer grip. Just like the STI, if you remove the polymer grip you lose the mag catch and the trigger but everything else is set into the steel frame.

  6. avatar Ralph says:

    The new Ruger Mark IV Target in stainless lists for $689.00, and the aluminum-framed version for $529.00 to $569.00.

    Maybe Grand Power prices aren’t as high as they seemed at first.

    1. avatar Gearshiv says:

      I can walk into any gun shop in the USA and get a cart full of bits and bobs for the ruger not to mention the factory the ruger was mad in is about a hour drive from me. This is also price comparing to a target model vs a non target

  7. avatar Heartbreaker says:

    I have a K100 and K22S. Love them both. Another great thing about them is the ease of takedown. Pull down on the glock-esque takedown levers, pull the slide all the way back, pull up, move forward and off. Very simple and easy to clean.

  8. avatar DMD says:

    Not for me–a .22 at that price?? No way !!! DMD

  9. avatar Valer Rodina says:

    Great guns. Mine got me from novice to expert in year.
    Factory is high tech as well

  10. avatar James Wilson says:

    One of the 10mm is in my future.

  11. avatar Hellbilly says:

    You got my attention when you mentioned 10mm, the Chuck Norris of all pistol cartridges.

  12. avatar Charlie says:

    I don’t have a problem with products from Slovakia, but I’m about tired of plastic handguns. Can we do something else now?


  13. avatar Jan says:

    Well a live about 20 min drive from the Grand power factory and i have K22 and P1 (k100 with short slide) but about K22 it is 22 that eats everything i put in it… from CCI minimags, federal, and all the cheapest crap… 2000 rounds and about 3-4 times it didnt go fully in to battery may be because of -20 outside but still for 22 its amazing compare to other 22 pistols i had this is the only one that has no problems with weaker ammo…

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