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You’re probably aware that as part of the BidenHarris administration’s war on civilian gun ownership, the ATF has proposed two new regulatory rules. The first lays out a new definition of what constitutes a firearm. The rule is allegedly intended to battle the scourge of un-serialized privately made firearms — AKA “ghost guns.” The rule would, in effect, end the 80% lower business and attempt to strictly regulate home-built guns, a clear infringement on the right to keep and bear arms.

The second proposed rule would change the ATF’s previous regulatory opinion on AR-15 pistols equipped with braces. The rule would reclassify most of them as short barrel rifles, regulate them under the National Firearms Act, and make felons of the owners of currently legal guns.

Yesterday, four GOP Senators sent a letter to the ATF’s acting director asking him to explain a few things about these new rules. The Senators also noted that one feature of the proposed “ghost gun” rule would be to require FFLs to maintain purchase information forever. That, they point out, is a significant step toward a national firearms registry.

Here is the Senators’ letter . . .

We wouldn’t recommend that any of the four Senators hold their breath waiting for a response.

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  1. IF (unlikely) any of the ATF thugs can read the handwriting on the wall, they would anticipate that Congress is going to flip in 2022 to Rep control of both chambers.

    THIS TIME, I’ll predict there will be payback (to the disadvantage of the progs). Commie blood/tears all over floors at the executive agencies.

    • Besides being a race based genocidal turd Gun Control is right along the lines of dope. It is one of the most easiest agendas for well meaning history illiterate busy bodies to fall for hook, line and sinker. From moms to their pantie waist husbands to airhead school kids Gun Control sells because at first glance it comes across as a solution to make evil go away. However history shows Gun Control to be the exact opposite because Gun Control is soaked in blood horror from slave shacks and concentration camps.

      So until Center X is Gun Control those 4 Senators using the same old talking points are just whistling Dixie. Throughout history and everywhere it has taken root Gun Control has put the noose around the necks of the innocent. It is past time for such Senators to cease being token song and dance lightweights throwing bones. The Party of Lincoln needs to grow a pair and place a noose around the neck of Gun Control with The Very Ugly Truth About Gun Control.

        • Could you please do a little better to contradict your yes-but-what ignorant self?

          What race you ask? When it comes to Gun Control that would be the entire “Human Race.”

        • “When it comes to Gun Control that would be the entire ‘Human Race.’”

          huh. never seen the terms “race-based” and “genocidal” meant to encompass the entire human race (unless you mean those humans who think they’re The Humans).

        • Instead of huh use duh…you wear it well. Just what race in that tiny little pin head of yours has not been subjected to race based and genocidal atrocities attributed Gun Control throughout history? I mean there has always been those who had swords and those who were not allowed to have swords throughout the history of the Human Race. And that control mindset is alive and well today right under that silly nose of yours and the noses of those just like you.

          BTW…Anyone ever tell you or make the hint that you are your own worst enemy? Seriously…you should take up knitting.

        • guthpooburger…antwerp7 needs all the help it can get…even if it’s from lint lickers that are dumber than he is.

        • “Your answer is severely lacking”

          rather she’s avoiding the question. she can’t answer it directly without making clear what she means.

      • Stop with your never ending race crap. I don’t even believe you are a real person at this point. Skin color is all you think about. Stop it.

        • maximus moron…What’s wrong twit? Too much for your bigoted worthless azz to handle? And your contribution is? Answer or gfy.

      • Please don’t feed the trolls. Although your point has been well and truly made they simply try to get a rise out of you with BS that even they don’t believe themselves

        • Rusty…I am quite aware of their MO and appreciate your concern but it should be obvious that this is not my first rodeo. Hecklers are like cow chips…From time to time somebody has to shovel.

        • Wrong. There was some garbage posted earlier and ant7 asked for clarification.
          A defendable post can often defend itself, or be defended with a simple explanation.
          In this case, no clarification was offered, probably because it is little more than indefensible rambling.
          Instead, there was name calling and purposefully misspelling usernames, along with a “gfy”. That is what actually sounds like the writing of a troll.

        • This is not the case at all. I rarely comment at all. This person essentially makes the exact comment on every post. It’s tiresome

  2. The 20-year retention period for 4473 forms is a serious threat. Particularly so when combined with the requirement for FFLs who give-up their licenses have to send their archives to the ATF which will keep them forever.

    Yet, we PotG make no issue of these archive requirements. Why not? Do we see them as insignificant? We do so at our peril.

    We ought to insist that the ATF show the efficacy of traces by year. How many traces at the 20-year mark, 19-year mark, . . . 1-year mark are made? How many successful? How many where the FFL still has the records? Where the ATF has the records. Likely, there is some point of inflection – say 7 or 10 years – where traces are highly unsuccessful.

    Moreover, even if the trace is successful in identifying the first retail purchaser, does that lead to any useful information? If he can’t account for who he sold the gun to, then it’s not useful. If he can so account, but the next guy can’t account for his buyer, then it’s a dead end.

    I think it would be more prudent for us to bargain for a compromise. Reduce the retention period to – say – 10 years and we will agree to mark our home-made guns.

    My expectation would be that the compromise would NOT be accepted. However, it could bring the debate to a halt. Enough Republicans would not vote for the Democrat bill because they claim the Republican compromise was more reasonable. That could kill any bill.

    I fear that our inability to play the compromise game where WE GET SOMETHING in exchange for another which isn’t especially onerous will result in a total loss.

    • Mark,

      1) You presented yet another well-constructed and articulate comment. I like reading your remarks.

      2) Sorry, but we diverge at the point of “compromise”. If my private property is…well…my private property, then nobody needs to know about it or mandate from afar that I permanently alter its original condition (marking). My guns are my guns.

      • “If my private property is…well…my private property, then nobody needs to know about it“

        Does that include heroin, fentanyl or child porn?

        • minor49IQ…We are talking about a cherished right known as the Second Amendment and not about things related to your anthony weiner photo collection. C’mon Man…Show some respect.

        • heroin-yes, fentanyl-yes, child porn-no.
          the ethical issues with heroin and fentanyl revolve around your obtaining them through illicit means, malum prohibitum. Child porn directly harms children simply to produce it, malum im se.

          If you want to kill yourself, I will lovingly urge you not to and to seek help. your life matters, god loves you. If you want to build guns, have at it. If you want to harm children-we have a problem. Fair enough?

        • Miner, I know you’re not an idiot, so you know those things are not equivalent; not to each other, and certainly not to a constitutionally protected civil right.

          Red herring noted and summarily dismissed.

        • @JoshinTX,

          Absolutely brilliant answer to Miner49IQer. I was going to say something very similar (right down to the “malums”), but you beat me to it and actually wordcrafted it even better than I would have. Nice.

        • We really don’t need to know about your illegal, immoral and deviant predilections, miner.

        • None of those are protected in the constitution, nor do they have a lawful purpose and the porn has a direct impact on someone else s life and happiness.

    • “We ought to insist that the ATF show the efficacy of traces by year. How many traces at the 20-year mark, 19-year mark, . . . 1-year mark are made? How many successful?”

      This is an excellent point, since they claim that this will trace stolen guns.

      Canada had a long-gun registry that cost them over 1 billion, and the end result was it was next to useless for law enforcement uses.

      So, they abandoned it.

      Now that we know it doesn’t work for the purposes they claim it will, we know it has another use, nefarious…

      • “we know it has another use”

        yes. one big trace event encompassing as many as they can find.

      • Well, at least the government abandoned it and ordered the records destroyed. Apparently the RCMP didn’t get the memo–all these years later they still have the records, they just won’t admit it.

    • “Moreover, even if the trace is successful in identifying the first retail purchaser, does that lead to any useful information? If he can’t account for who he sold the gun to, then it’s not useful.”

      Oh, it can be. 🙁

      Mark, just what do you think the intended purpose is of laws requiring gun owners to report lost or stolen guns in a certain time frame (usually around 48 hours)?

      Have you noticed there has been a push to pass those laws in recent years?

      Uh-huh, yeah. Gun registration.

      Every time you hear a gun-grabber use the term “close the (X) loophole” when talking about guns, it’s a strong warning the airtight gun registration they want is being threatened…

    • This is where 100% background checks come in. And probably one reason they are being pushed so hard. Those “laws” completely eliminate the ability to transfer a firearm and tell them to pound sand if they want to find out who now owns it. It works for crime investigations, and confiscation.

    • I have to agree with Haz, further the black letter of the law from Congress says that the FFL must maintain those records for 20 years. ATF does not get to change that law and any FFL with half a brain has been feeding records that are more than 20 years old into the shredder as they hit 20 years. Realistically the possibility of useful trace information on firearms sold more than 10 to 12 years ago has to fall off dramatically; the only reason for acquiring this information is for enabling future bad behavior by ATF.

    • I have often wondered, even asked in various places, what the success rate of traces is. But what I found out is that the ATF won’t tell anyone how many failed traces there are compared to how many successful ones. At best, they will publish how many traces they have been asked to run, which is a small fraction of the number of firearms seized. I suspect that in the vast majority of cases trace are unnecessary (perp caught with the gun, finger print, confession, dna, etc.) or failed because the recovered firearm is one of many stolen and therefore untraceable firearms.

      The whole microstamping thing was sold as a tool for tracing firearms based on casings left at the scene of a crime. No one stopped to ask how microstamping was supposed to be any more effective than the several states’ stores of spent casings (which was not at all). What the bill was really all about was banning semiauto handguns in California and creating a registry of all of the new ones sold.

    • I say it’s none of ATF’s (or anyone else for that matter) business what guns I buy, own, sell, destroy, drop in the lake , or give away. If you pass the background check (which is unconstitutional too IMO), why does ATF need the paperwork unless they have nefarious intentions to use them against us? The fact We The People have allowed our “politicians” (read demon possessed power mad assholes) to even pass these unconstitutional laws is the VERY reason why we’re in the current predicament we’re in right now.
      They are constantly infringing on our 2nd A rights OF WHICH THE LAST FOUR WORDS ARE: *SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED*
      Read the 2nd A much?

    • Sorry, I don’t compromise my rights away.

      The Left’s idea of compromise is how much to infringe, not whether or not to infringe, or what infringements will be abolished.

      They very notion that my right to bear arms can or must be altered to impact crime is absurd. Murder is illegal. If that fact, the social stigma and the punishment that go with it are not enough, no additional laws on the weapon or manner will discourage the perpetrator.

  3. I get that the gov wants a registry.
    I also get that the gov is endlessly inept.
    Which is why the gov isn’t just offering a free-NFA-for-all-powered-by-NICS as a solution to the alleged brace problem which would undoubtedly collect a shit ton of names and serial numbers.

    • Nothing to add except it’s gonna get worse. Lawful gun owners are the most background checked folks in America. I expect nothing from SCOTUS to be positive. Good for these Republicans…

    • Shire, 10s of millions of firearms needing to be put on the NFA are still illegal until that stamp arrives in your hand.

      That makes every braced pistol in your possession a felony waiting to happen.

      Can you risk that? Did you notice that proposed regulation said nothing about it?

      If they are going to do it, then it ought to be no cost to existing braced pistols, and a promise of no prosecution UNLESS the BATF denies your application.

      Will they agree to that? HELL no! That’s the proof they are coming for your guns.

      In America, innocence is SUPPOSED to be presumed until proven guilty in a court of law. What’s this fascist bullshit?

      • “In America, innocence is SUPPOSED to be presumed until proven guilty in a court of law”

        in their cosmology, you’re guilty until you’re under their ownership and control. it’s their religion.

      • Sorry, got to disagree “promise of no prosecution UNLESS the BATF denies your application.”

        If you purchased the item legally then BATF should not be allowed to deny. Frankly if you aren’t in jail I am not convinced that you shouldn’t be able to buy a firearm, especially if you don’t have a history of violent felonies.

        Further since the M4 has an 11.5 inch barrel it is clear that short barreled rifles are part of the commonly issued equipment and per Miller should be perfectly fine for Militia organized and unorganized. We need a court challenge against the ATF and the NFA on just that very issue.

        • When the law was originally passed, the Attorney General told Congress that it did not violate the 2A because it was not a gun ban, only a gun tax. (See Miller v. U.S.)

  4. A lot of people around here say, ” My gunm is registered. ” because they filled out a 4473 form. You know I think they’re right.

    • I know my guns are registered because California requires a Dealer Record of Sale (which includes a description and serial number) for every firearm other than black powder arms, and they keep all of that information in a computerized database. The only issue with the database (from the government’s perspective) is that it only goes back to 1/1/2000 for hand guns and 1/1/13 for rifles.

    • They are right. ALL gun laws other than the 2nd A are unconstitutional. The Founding Fathers did not require background checks, 4473 forms nor any other gun control laws. Back then if one wanted a gun, he went and either made it himself, had it made, or bought one.
      Somehow everyone seems to have forgotten that…………
      God Save The USA.


    Federal firearms dealers have for decades been required to keep records of firearms sales and the ghost guns being treated as firearms would simply be also recorded at point of sale with a serial number put on them by the manufacturer.

    No F.F.L. holder is required to turn in his records that are 20 years or more older. They may indeed even destroy them if they so wish. So the great propaganda pushing by the Far Right is not totally accurate on the Government seizing records and forming a registry.

    Ghost guns have in a short period of time have rose astronomically in regards to their being used in crime and mass murders. I have previously posted studies that prove this beyond all doubt and in one state they rose over 300 per cent.

    The great paranoiac fear of the Far Right is registry. Its basically a far right paranoiac fantasy as the government does not need a registry to outlaw the use or possession of a particular type or style of firearm. Just making the possession of such a banned firearm illegal with punishment that includes prison time, loss of personal assets, loss of your job and a huge fine has proven in the past very effective as with the various machine gun laws proven passed in the U.S. In foreign nations that previously had no registration when they did implement a ban and confiscation history has proven that the average citizen is not going to take the risk of keeping a banned weapon. Key board commando bravado is one thing but harsh reality when your own ass is on the line is quite another.

    One must be aware of the fact that the government already has a vast dossier on you. The Government really does have a deep state, their new computer system called “Carnivore” picks up key words and phrases you may use on your cell phone or internet chattering. Any threats or illegal bragging can be picked up and investigated by the deep state. Jimmy Carter admitted he knew the deep state was spying on him including his phone calls and internet use. When a President has no freedom of privacy and can do nothing about it what chance do you have?

    The government also has a new device that sees right through the walls of your house and will in many cases pick up images of any weapons or even of you when you are screwing your old lady. As a matter of fact there was a court case against the police using this device as illegal search. Of course the power mad corrupt courts ignored the Constitution and made it legal with the usually lies that it would be only given by court order if they thought a crime may have been committed. Yes we have heard that baloney many times before as in actuality the cops that do have it use it daily and then only get permission after the fact if they find something. Years ago the now defunct “Gun Week” magazine ran a story on this problem as well as the governments Carnivore computer system.

    Remember that you are being photographed on average 350 times a day by security cameras and you are being tracked everywhere you go by your cell phone and your home computer. The government knows how much money you make and what you are spending your money on. Many times they know even what caliber of weapons you own through your purchase records of ammunition so if a particular rifle was banned chambered for such ammunition and the government had no record of you turning the gun in you would be arrested in a matter of minutes. So much for the need for registration as its just an out of date old fashioned and obsolete governmental tool.

    The Far Rights ballyhooing of another revolution is asinine and ridiculous so do not expect another revolution to save your guns or that they could even be used in a revolution. One must be reminded that as I type these lines half of our members at our shooting club have not competed in any matches this year because they cannot get any ammo, even the ubiquitous .22 rim fire ammo. Now how do you think you would get enough ammo for a revolution when even in peace time ammo is so scarce not to mention that the Feds would seize all ammo factories.

    And one must remember when the Nazi Trump Insurrectionists tried to overthrow the American Government to establish a Trump dictatorship their own relatives turned them in to the Feds so once again revolution is only the wet dream of the far right who live in a fantasy world which for the most part did not even exist during revolutionary times but that is another long, long story filled with patriotic myth and propaganda and drum beating.

    As a smiling Nazi once told his interrogators during WWII ” We told the people they would obey our laws “or else” and everyone knew “what or else meant”. So much for worrying about an obsolete tool like registration, its as obsolete as the Ford Edsel, the Ford Motor Company giveth and the Ford Motor Company taketh away and ditto for the Federal Government they also taketh away.

    • “Nazi Trump”

      when you realize that “nazi” means “nationalist”, things come a little more clear.

      • NAZIs banned guns. NAZIs confiscated guns. NAZIs killed (shot, hung, starved and gassed millions of Jews and killed lots of Americans during WWII. NAZIs ran the German news media and put out pure propaganda. NAZIs tried to take over the world.
        Now… In case you haven’t noticed , it’s the current democrats who are anti semetics. It is the current democrats who want to ban and confiscate firearms in America. It’s the democrats who run the MSM (CNN,CBS,NBC Big tech like Google, Twitter, Facebook etc), it’s the democrats news media who is spouting all the Democrat’s propaganda and “anti Trump/anti GOP BS, as well as “climate change” , we’ll all be dead within 12 yrs bullshit, we got to be rid of fossil fuels bullshit on the news, and the dems are now in with the globalist (NWO) to take over the entire world with all of us as their slaves .Now tell me again how Trump is a “NAZI”. You don’t even know what a NAZI is. FWIW you’re the one siding with the NAZIs IMO. Evidently you do not believe in freedom, nor America as a free country. Maybe you should read the US Constitution and Bill of Rights? BTW how long have you supported communism?
        The only thing you got right was You chose the correct screen name. Your brain is about as big as an ants.

        • That is not the whole story, because upon seizing power the Nazi’s actually relaxed. for the “law-abiding German citizen,” the very restrictive gun laws that had been put in place by the proceeding government (the Weimar Republic.) The Nazi’s did however tighten the gun laws against certain members of the citizenry by prohibiting gun ownership among Jews and others that the Nazi Party deemed to be “enemies of the National Socialist state.”

          Really, most Germans didn’t do much of anything to stop the Nazi’s from seizing power. Just like, despite the national mythology popularized by Charles de Gaulle, for various reasons most of the citizens of France were not involved the resistance movement against the Nazi occupation of their country.

          Point is, that widespread existence of Guns and gun ownership alone aren’t enough to stop tyranny. One also has to have the political will to take up arms and the perceptive ability to recognize tyranny when one sees it. For instance, during the Antebellum period in the United States, despite the fact of 2nd Amendment and an abundance of arms in private hands of the citizenry the fact is that very few American citizens saw enough tyranny in the system of chattel slavery to to actually risk all by taking up arms against that “peculiar institution.” It wasn’t until the then progressive Republican government compelled the citizenry to take up arms against the seditionist states of the South through the imposition of a military draft on the military aged male population of the North that large numbers of the male citizenry of the United States took up arms against the today nearly universally recognized tyranny of the institution of chattel slavery.

          Just saying.

      • NAZI was used to describe and were the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. You should use big words like NAZI when you don’t know what they really mean. ROFL.
        So you can now add yet another plus to the list of NAZI- like agenda for the democrats. The democrats are the ones who want socialism in America. Again, tell me how all this makes Trump a NAZI and not the democrats?
        You’ve been deceived by the democrats, because you’ve been brainwashed by the democrats. And you’re now a useful idiot of the democrats.

        • You should NOT use big words like NAZI when you don’t know what they really mean. LOL

          the above is to correct my typographical error

    • You seem like you (correctly) believe that a global Orwellian state is coming… however you also seem like you either enjoy that fact, or believe it’s pointless to resist it. That’s sad. Have you allowed them to break you mentally and turn you into a defeatist? Or are you a supporter of such a system?

      Also your knowledge of what you call the “far right” is ignorant. Check your superiority complex and really learn a thing or two about politics outside what MNSBC or your leftist college professor told you.

      • “Or are you a supporter of such a system?”

        he thinks he’ll have a place in it. over you.

        “your knowledge”

        it’s not knowledge. it’s feelings. for him, that’s knowledge.

      • Don’t look now but the Orwellian state is already here. You now have to have your papers in order to board an aircraft, to go to work, to go in a store,etc.
        Now they want to take our guns, one type at a time. As soon as they are allowed to ban unregistered braced AR pistols with barrels shorter than 16″, the next one will be short barreled rifles, then rifles with a 16″ barrel, , then 18″ and so on. Make no mistake that is the democrat anti gunners plan. And has been all along. Hide and watch…….

    • dacian isn’t very bright, intelligent or cogent. That entire mess of a comment was pure gibberish, full of assumptions typical of leftwing arrogant and self-entitled folks who presume to have far more importance and knowledge than they actually possess.

      The facts about registries are clear in history. The government does not yet have a registry, which is why it wants one, and countries which have attempted confiscation without prior registration lamented the difficulties.

      Confiscation is much easier when registration precedes it. The US government may get a 15% compliance rate (the rate of compliance in CA with registration), but that is it. And the mere threat of imprisonment for possession may scare dacian, but is not an effective means of disarmament.

      • “the mere threat of imprisonment for possession … is not an effective means of disarmament”

        it’s no threat at all – the real imprisonment comes after the confiscations. comply or not, the imprisonment is the goal.

  6. “I think they’re right”

    well yes and no. there’s a record of the purchase, but it’s a paper record that requires physical effort and presence to access, and generating an action response is slow and expensive. but the ones behind all this want an electronic data base that can be automated for immediate remote search and action response for pennies per action. so yes the firearm is “registered”, but not the way they want.

  7. “Ghost guns have in a short period of time have rose astronomically in regards to their being used in crime and mass murders”

    actually blacks commit most violent crimes and are responsible for 3/4 of all “mass shootings” in the united states, and they don’t use “ghost guns”.

    “I have previously posted studies that prove this beyond all doubt and in one state they rose over 300 per cent”

    sure. from one to three is indeed an increase of 300%.

  8. Notice it’s only the Republicans who fight back and push against the communist gun grabbers. Notice it’s only republican run states that are gun friendly. Compare and contrast red states vs blue states and think where you’d rather be.

    Think about that when some shill online tries go tell you “iTs BoTh PaRtIeS!”, or some concern troll cries “it’s pointless to fight back they’re all in it together anyway!”, or some butthurt never trumper still crying “bu bu bu bu tRump!”.

    • The highest poverty rates are in Red States and they receive the most Governmental welfare payments. In other words they are the beneficiaries of the most socialist benefits and they rant against the hand that is feeding them and preventing their actual starvation. If they owned a goose laying golden eggs they would probably shoot it to eat. I am not being facetious in the least.

      • “they rant against the hand that is feeding them and preventing their actual starvation”

        the looting is not between states. it’s between leftists posing as being “the had that feeds” and everyone else.

        (speaking to rearden) “they always said the battle was me and kinkaid against you and oren boyle. but it wasn’t. it was always oren and kinkaid against you and me.”

      • Do you know why that is? The liberal states literally ship their homeless populations to the south.

        Also if you research state economies, Florida and Texas have giant nation sized economies. California does have the biggest in the nation, but that’s not due to politics. It’s due to the shipping industry from China, the tech industry, and agriculture. When the water gets shut off from the Colorado that will end though.

        • California also has the highest poverty level, and that one state sucks down 1/3 of all welfare dollars in the country.

  9. If either of these rules, which would NOT be binding law, are implemented, the ATF will be operating unlawfully thereby opening itself up to both criminal and civil actions under both Title 18, Section 242, and Title 42, Section 1983 of the United States Code. 1) Article I, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution, clearly dictates that the only government entity that can enact binding law is Congress, and the only law that they can make must be “in pursuit thereof” the mandates of the U.S. Constitution. This unelected bureaucracy is NOT Congress. 2) Article I, Section 9 mandates that “No… ex post facto Law shall be passed.” Criminalizing a currently lawful item is a willful breach of that mandate. Furthermore, any law (colorable regulation in this instance) that is “repugnant” to the mandates of the supreme law is “null and void” (Marbury v Madison, 5 US 137). When/if any U.S. citizen that is damaged by a “colorable law” (false law), he/she has the ability to hold those responsible liable both criminally and civilly.

    • There is history by the ATF to prove they have done just that many times over and few if any of their rulings were ever overturned. The Street Sweeper shotgun, the SPAS shotgun, various semi-auto rifles that had fixed firing pins and were slam fires and had been on the market for decades. The ATF even banned the leather wallet holster which is not even a firearm. Now that one was really over the top but no matter the ATF is more powerful than God in the corrupt Federal Bureaucracy. When it comes to firearms the courts almost always side with the gun banners because the corrupt judges, many of which are conservatives, want absolute power over everyone. They are the scum of American society.

      • It’s really sad. You actually are too dumb to realize how dumb you are. Conservatives are not pushing gun control. Only the fascist left is doing that. The same fascists you support.

        Are you wearing a swastika armband as you type?

        • quote—————-Are you wearing a swastika armband as you type?————quote

          No its Nazi’s like you who push the Far Right agenda of the master race, xenophobia, hatred of refugees, hatred of immigrants, hatred of all minorities, and hatred of all religions except of course your own. The Far Right Nazi’s follow Hitler’s book Mein Kampf word for word. Hitler and the Republicans hated workers unions and did everything to destroy them, lowered pensions and workers rights and safety in the work place, were against family leave, would not vote for affordable health care or mental health care, or affordable drugs, hated socialism, aid to education, tried to privatize public utilities, Hitler destroyed the free press and Trump did his best to do the same. Hitler and Trump and the Far Right Republicans supported and support wars of rape, pillage and conquest. Do you miss the smell of napalm in the morning?

          Trump like Hitler had his own beer hall putsch in an attempt to forcibly take over the government. Trump took Hitler’s putsch and campaign strategy (based on racist hatreds) from his readings of Mein Kamp that he kept at his beside. Trump called Latino’s rapists and criminals and it was music to the ears of his Far Right Jack Booted Racist Nazi’s. They loved Trump because he hated the same people they do, minorities, refugees, immigrants, Liberals, Muslims, Blacks, Latino’s, Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, Muslim American veterans, the list is endless.

          Today in the news it was revealed Trump (like Hitler) tried to give orders to destroy the free press and free news media and even destroy the popular comedy show Saturday Night Live. While many other Presidents, even Republican Ford appeared on Saturday Night Live at the intro of the program Trump because of his megalomania never did.

          Biden’s two Sons were veterans but Trump had 3 generations of his family that never served a day in the military. Trump called Viet Nam Veterans idiots for serving in that war. Trump called American dead buried at Normandy losers and morons. Biden has never made any disparaging comments against the American Military or its fallen soldiers.

          Do you have Trump’s and Hitler’s portraits over your bed. They are both interchangeable in case you only have one. If you do, shame, shame, you need both above your bed to be a loyal jackbooted storm trooper.

          And by the way the Socialists are in control now so enjoy the ride. America now has a chance to become a civilized country with equal rights for all and affordable health and drug care and affordable education.

          White privilege is fast coming to an end and its about time. By the way history repeats itself, the Red Army won over the Far Right White army didn’t they? Or did you flunk history too. Face facts you are on the wrong side of history. During WWII Russian and U.S. troops fought Hitler’s Nazi’s, why are you fighting for Trump’s Nazi’s ???? You would think that after the American people turned against you and your fellow Nazi’s that stormed the capitol that you would have given up. If you were not there, shame, shame, you stabbed your comrades in the back and deserted them. Good Nazi’s are loyal to the end.

          And face reality every civilized nation on earth has safe storage laws to prevent theft and needless accidental child deaths. They all also have universal background checks to prevent criminals and psychopaths from buying second hand guns at bars, flea markets, gun shows and internet chat rooms. And surprise, surprise they still own lots of guns too but only the right people own them, the law abiding people that is. Is this getting too complicated for your conservative mindset???

          Quit now you are only making a fool of yourself. It would seem that you enjoy wearing a hair vest to torture yourself with. Does your old lady tie you up and whip you too???? Do not answer that question we already know the answer.

        • ant7 June 22, 2021 At 16:10

          quote—————–he’s a shill. that’s all.————quote

          Perhaps you should look up a word before using it and making a fool of yourself. I do not associate with gamblers or gambling. Here is the definition of a shill

          definition: an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.

          And lastly I post historical facts and that is not encouraging people that is educating them. Is this getting too complicated for you? Go back to school you flunked English class.

        • “its Nazi’s like you”

          just remember that “nazi” means “nationalist”. that’s what he’s opposed to – you being part of any kind of nation.

        • “an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler”

          yeah. you’re an accomplice, thinking you’ll get part of the take. you’re a negative shill, not posing as a customer to entice but rather spreading misinformation to assist the swindle, but a shill nonetheless.

        • Alfred E. Popa-Dacian. Like I said. You’re too dumb to breath without being reminded. Explains you being a drop out.

          I claim no religion. Some of my grandkids are mixed race. I’m all for legal migrants.

          You’re the fascist. You prove it with every comment but you don’t have the smarts to see it. You’re being used. Manipulated. That’s what happens to you low iq types that have no hope and no future.

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