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Last November, a man legally shot a woman in self-defense and he recently got his award from the State of Wisconsin.

Marie Wilson was involved in a melee outside a gas station in Green Bay, Wisconsin last November when she tried to shoot at a group of women who were fighting. A bystander named Jaylene Edwards told police he was “observing” the situation and, “was in fear that Wilson would start shooting everyone” when she retrieved a gun and began waving it around. He then drew his handgun and fired multiple shots, killing Wilson.

Brown County District Attorney David Lasee
Brown County District Attorney David Lasee

A Brown County District Attorney press release issued last month said, “The physical altercation seemed to largely involve female combatants, some of whom were in possession of weapons that appeared to be bats, brass knuckles, and pepper spray.”

In his statement, Edwards stated that he had seen Wilson get a gun, rack and load the gun, and then wave the pistol around and point the gun at him. Edwards stated that he was giving her benefit of the doubt. Edwards stated that at this time, some of the females were still fighting. Edwards stated Wilson began to point the gun at the girls who were fighting and everyone else standing around. Edwards stated that he removed his weapon from his right hip, took aim, removed the safety, and fired an unknown number of times. Edwards stated he wanted to protect himself and everyone else in the area as he was scared for his life and everyone else’s life. Edwards stated that he was in fear that Wilson would start shooting everyone.

Based on Edwards’ voluntary statement to police following the shooting, Brown County District Attorney David Lasee concluded the evidence backs up Edwards’ claim of justifiable self-defense, so no charges will be filed against him in Wilson’s death.

However, ten days later, Edwards was charged with carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.

The criminal complaint against Edwards indicates that “Detective [Jason] Lieck asked Edwards about the Smith and Wesson .40 caliber handgun. Edwards indicated he bought it two weeks ago off the streets of Milwaukee and that he bought it for protection. Edwards stated the gun was on his right hip and was concealed under his coat. Edwards stated he does not have a Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) permit.”

The criminal complaint states that, “On November 16, 2021, at about 3:45 p.m., Detective Leick reports Edwards arrived at the Green Bay Police Department and spoke with investigators.” There’s no mention of Edwards having an attorney with him at the time. If there’s a lesson here, it’s that you should never talk to the police until you have an attorney present. Period.

The district attorney deemed Edwards’ actions justifiable, but now he’s the one defending himself in court.



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  1. Permit system is bogus. It is a violation of human and civil rights. If the shooting was justified there is nothing else to be said.

    Hopefully it is just a misdemeanor charge there.

    • I should be a felony charge. The da should get at least7-10 for trying to violate Mr Edwards rights.

    • I was think the same thing and looked it up. I’m no attorney, but it appears that it’s a misdemeanor with up to 9 months in jail and a fine of $10,000. Also, Wisconsin is an open carry state with no permit required to do so.

      I agree, too, permit systems seem to be about being a revenue stream to local sheriff’s offices. In the case of Santa Clara, California Sheriff, Laurie Smith. https://bearingarms.com/camedwards/2021/12/15/california-sheriff-indicted-in-concealed-carry-bribery-scandal-n53516

      Of course, NYPD did the same thing, but for permits to own a gun: https://money.cnn.com/2016/04/26/news/guns-bribery-handgun-license-new-york/index.html

      • As long as the weapon can be seen it is not concealed. I.E. If Edwards had a coat on and the Gun could be seen it is not concealed. Hopefully the judge will see the charge for what it is.
        Concealed carry laws belong in the crapper…excuse my French.

        • “Concealed carry laws belong in the crapper…excuse my French”

          the flush toilet was invented by thomas crapper, a brit.

        • Southern,

          Yes, I know. My joke was a play on words. Which made it a double-layered joke…

        • Hi. In WI. and most other states a gun is concealed “if any portion is covered”. CCW laws are in direct violation of the 2nd Amendment..”shall not be infringed”.
          In my state, Colorado, we also have to give the morons in Denver another $10 to run a state background. Money hungry whores!!!

      • I still believe it to be unconstitutional to charge a fee for a person to use their Constitutional right. If states want to permit concealed weapons holders then they should have to cover the fees. Your religious rights aren’t taxed nor any other right. In fact, when Democrats tried to suppress Black voting rights by charging a fee to vote, SCOTUS ruled it to be Unconstitutional. The same should be true for 2A.

    • This would be the perfect test case to get firearm permit requirements declared unconstitutional and to have constitutional carry instated by the supreme court nationwide, but will any “pro gun” law firms or activist groups take notice of this incident or realize its potential?

      • OH HELL NO
        You know that won’t happen.
        Pro gun organizations seem to mostly run defense. But with the constant attacks …..
        I would really like to see more offense from the pro gun side to restore lost rights and remove laws that in no way enhance public safety. Like 99.99% of them..

    • The best defense against this charge is that the 2nd amendment does not authorize any state to issue any type of license or permit pertaining to a weapon as we have the right to keep and bear arms! Attack their authority not the charge!

  2. Hhhhhmmmm.

    Bought a gun “off the street”. Possibly stolen gun?

    Concealed carry of possible stolen gun?

    Didn’t know govt permission was required for legal concealed carry?

    Didn’t call 911?


    • Off the street could mean none of your business.
      Circumstances don’t always allow time to call 911.
      Then the cops show up and shoot you by “accident “

        • Could be totally legal. Just doesn’t want to involve the seller in the shit. I would do the same for a friend or relative.

        • Not in every case. You seem t prefer the treck to the FFL, standing in line, laying down your plonk on the counter, putting a bunch of stuff on a government document, all for what? Criinals get their guns :off the street”, and so do hionest and law abiding folk. Used to be able t buy “off the street” or at a gun sow, in my state, Now they;ve forced “background checks” on every change of possession (and then back again for a borrowed gun) And guess what? Murder and other violent crimes involving ilegal use of guns has steadilyINCREASED every year since they did that. So the law as done.. what, exactly?Except punish we who abide by the law on the excuse that some break other already exisitng laws by getting their guns without the BGC. The check does nothing.

        • Wasting your time with Retard7 he is as antigun as they come. Find it strange this happened in Green Bay, it’s a pretty dull boring white town. Somehow I doubt those involved in the fight were. Half wonder if it’s some wonderful Chicago residents deciding to visit up north.

        • Are private party transfers legal for handguns in Wisconsin? “Off the street” means a felony in California but could be a perfectly legal throw-away term elsewhere.

      • Did anyone here read the whole story, including the linked documents, and maybe do some, I dunno, research, before they canonized this guy? Let’s go over the facts and the inferences you can draw from them:
        This guy apparently lives in Green Bay, where the shooting was, but he traveled over 100 miles to buy a gun “off the streets” in Milwaukee. If he’s a legit person, why can’t he buy a gun in a store (or a private sale; they’re legal in Wisconsin) in his hometown?
        The shooting happened at 2:19 a.m. on a Sunday morning, i.e., at the end of a long Saturday night. Have you ever met someone at 2 in the morning who wasn’t working or traveling, and was sober? I haven’t. So the odds that he was sober when he fired the shots are approximately zero.
        And it was 32 degrees and snowing in Green Bay at the time of the shooting, according to weather records. Most legit people are home in bed at that time, in that weather, even in Wisconsin. And according to the Green Bay crime map, the location of the shooting was in a high-crime area.
        So an altercation between armed women spontaneously erupted in front of him and he shot one of the women, apparently in a justified shooting. He then fled the scene and turned himself in at the PD TWO AND A HALF DAYS later, after he’d been identified by eyewitnesses and security footage of the shooting. What do you bet that in a city the size of Green Bay (107,000 in April 2020), the footage of him shooting the woman showed up on the TV news?
        So he gave himself TWO AND A HALF DAYS to sober up (and maybe empty his pockets and car of stuff he didn’t want the cops to find), then moseyed down to the PD to tell them things they already knew. And, of course, there’s the big question: Why was he at a gas station in a high-crime area at 2 a.m. on a 32-degree snowy morning?
        Does this sound like a case you want to take to the Supreme Court?

    • certain demographics suggest themselves.

      and I’ll bet the story, as told, is missing a few key elements.

    • If the gun HAD been stolen it would have been reported to that database, and checked by the copper on scene by radio before etting the guy go. That check happens u=thousands of times a day all accross the nation. Unless it had been stolen last ngiht and the database had not yet been brought curent.. but he had bought ot two weeks prioir. NOT stolen.

      • “If the gun HAD been stolen it would have been reported to that database”

        Only if someone decided to report it, right?

        • Valid point, I would not report it, because I do not believe it would be returned to me even if recovered. So why bother?

      • Or perhaps it had one of those boating accidents y’all like to joke about. See, the fun thing about skirting the law is that you can’t just pretend that it’s innocent when YOU do it.

      • Not all stolen guns are reported. Some investigations into burglaries are so lackadaisical and poorly managed that one finally just sucks it up and doesn’t bother contacting the police about a burglary. I have had businesses burglarized seven separate times in the 50+ years I have lived in this city. At least they send a volunteer out to take the info and check the crime scene in this city. In Los Angeles, they don’t even bother to do that. You phone in your burglary report and pay a fee to get it typed up if you intend to file an insurance claim. Of course filing an insurance claim means that your insurance rate goes up for the next 20 years above the normal increases.

        In both cities if the burglar walks in to the local cop shop and confesses they may make an investigation and report. OR, if the traffic cop makes a stop for a traffic violation and finds a bunch of stuff in the back seat and then upon searching, a bunch of stuff in the trunk, he will make an arrest because a burglary or possession of stolen goods ranks higher in the Brownie Book than a mere traffic stop.

        In one of the burglaries my wife had cleaned the window that was used as the entry and exit point the day of the burglary. The volunteer lifted a perfect exemplar of full right hand latents — five individual latents including the thumbprint. It never got sent to Skitzomento to the state crime statistics repository. When I asked the “Burglary Detail Dick” about the latents he didn’t even know they had been lifted. He said it probably wouldn’t do any good to send them to Schitzomento. I replied that it might not, but certainly nothing would be gained by the latents sitting in a file cabinet. So he should send them in. He agreed that the PD would. When I asked him about the latents a month later he didn’t remember. He said there was no return on them. There was a sudden aroma of a vast quantity cow manure in the pizza joint where we were having the local merchants meeting. So when I had a gun stolen out of the back of my truck I didn’t bother to report it. It got snatched up from a local bad guy and he told the cops he had bought it from me. The truck was parked by my business. Even after I told the cops how he had obtained it and they wondered why I didn’t report it to then, I explained my experiences with the local PD and crime enforcement, including one burglary that happened on a Sunday afternoon with the burglary being witnessed by a guy who was sunning himself on his porch across the street. He told my business partner about watching the burglar take stuff out of a window on the front of the building and watched a cop car cruise by so he didn’t bother calling 911 and the cop apparently never noticed the guy taking stuff out of the window of a business on Sunday afternoon on the main drag through town.

        The local PD spent a lot of time trying to pin gun sales on me including send a mental retard in to ask me to sell him a gun. What a joke! They finally gave up and prosecuted the dude for possession of stolen property. I don’t know and really didn’t care if they prosecuted him for felon in possession, a five year bottom crime in CA. This county only continues felons arrested in possession of a firearm on probation. They get credit for time served and are released with no additional time. perhaps not even any additional time on probation — and this is a county where the DA always runs on a strong LAW AND ORDER NO DEALS platform every time somebody runs for the office. It’s almost never a contested election usually the retiring DA quits early so his golden boy can be appointed interim DA and then when the campaign rolls around of course his occupation is listed as DISTRICT ATTORNEY and he steamrollers in unless he has pissed off the local law enforcement unions somehow.

        Bottom line, there are lots of reasons why victims of a burglary don’t bother to report it and what was stolen. Why waste one’s time on a useless pursuit when other problems that can be solved present themselves simultaneously.

        In the instant case, some of the defects in the case and therefore the reason for the prosecution appear to inquiring minds. What is left out is the guy who is loitering in a gas station at 0200 on a wintery snowy morning in Wisconsin. What is his criminal record or lack thereof. Just exactly what was he doing with a loaded gun in a sketchy neighborhood on a crummy morning at oh dark thirty besides watching a ditch brawl(edited for screening)? He just shot someone and put them on the ground. Why doesn’t he call 911? Why does he wait 2.5 days to turn himself in?

        The article didn’t say if he was a convicted felon in possession of a firearm which, by the way is also a federal, although rarely prosecuted, felony with an eight or ten year bottom.

        Politicians and bureaucrats wring their hands and beat their breasts about gun violence but the remedy is already on federal books at a minimum and most states have them too. IN CA it used to be a five year bottom offense, rarely prosecuted and Moonbeam McBrown reduced it to a wobbler meaning it can be sentenced or not depending on the whim of the socialist judge. Federally it can be an eight year bottom or a ten year bottom depending on some details with which I haven’t bothered to acquaint myself. Want to cure gun crime? Start enforcing the armed allegation — in CA it doesn’t have to be a gun. It can be any deadly weapon. Possession of a knife, billy club, nun-chucks, throwing stars, shobi-zoe (look it up, deadly ninja weapon of mass destruction) switch blade knife with a blade longer than 2.5 inches, regular knife with a blade longer than 4 inches. The feds can invoke the armed allegation if the felon even just has gun parts or loose ammunition. That’s how you cut gun crime. Put ’em away for at least five years, must serve, eight years in a federal pen or ten years in a federal pen. Ten years out of circulation at least cuts down the the choices of victims significantly.

    • He had had it for two weeks, not enough time to go and pay the bribe to get the Mother May I Card, and certainly not the several weeks itusuall takes for the dumb thing to arrive in the post.

    • If it WERE stolen, he would be charged with a more serious crime.

      THIS is exactly what happened to Bernie Goetz in NYC.

      • “If it WERE stolen, he would be charged with a more serious crime.”

        The news article doesn’t give us enough info to form an opinion on that, thus the speculation about provenance.

  3. Edwards should have been charged with murder because that is exactly what it was. The woman he killed with the gun was obviously trying to get the other girls who were fighting to stop. She shot no one and did not discharge her gun. Edwards took the law into his own hands and acted like judge , jury and executioner.

    I think that Edwards problems over this cold blooded murder are just beginning.

        • Reasonable doubt is the cornerstone of our judicial system. His story is that the deceased pointed her gun at him, which made him fear for his life or the lives of others since she had the opportunity, ability, and intent to do harm. The physical evidence supports his story since there is a gun with the deceased fingerprints. Unless there is contrary testimony or video evidence, it’s hard to disprove his story, and prosecuting him would be pointless.

      • Dackie By KNows All. Just ask him. He;ll be so happy to tell you.

        Were you THERE<DAckie Boy? Seems your rant is naight but nosebleed sectin quarterbacking over a play you did not even see because you were facing the other way.

    • You are an idi0t, or your reading comprehension is very poor. She was wildly pointing that gun at everyone around the area including noncombatants. He could have, and likely should have shot her the moment she pointed her gun at him.

      • “You are an idi0t, or your reading comprehension is very poor”

        neither. he’s an “opinion leader”.

  4. The DA better hope that people like me won’t be on the jury, because jury nullification!

  5. Sounds to me like he wasn’t guilty of one crime (murder), but is guilty of another (carrying without a license) and that the district attorney followed the facts and made the correct charging decision based on the law.

    Disagreeing with a law doesn’t make violating it legal, not should district attorneys ignore laws on the books when they are violated. This is the legislature’s issue, not the DA’s.

      • Remember this is Wisconsin, the venue for the Kenosha riots/mayhem, and the insane jury trial of a yng man who brought a lawfully possessed rifle to a privte business to help protect it from the destruction it had suffered the previous night, and thepromise they’d be back to finish the job they’d started. Two interesting facts resulted from the taking out of action the three vicious rioters who WERE busy about destroying property that night. (one of them being an illegally armed felon in possession of a firearm)

        • The only person illegally armed there was the punk bitch who cried like a baby in court. Nobody asked him to be there; he took it upon himself to play out a fantasy.

        • “The only person illegally armed there was the punk bitch who cried like a baby in court.”

          Gee, I don’t remember seeing Joseph Rosenbaum (the convicted felon, AKA ‘prohibited person’ carrying a handgun illegally that night) crying in court… perhaps you’re speaking of the last time you went to court? Since you’re the worst “punk bitch” around here.

          Also, you apparently don’t know the first thing about Wisconsin state law, which clearly states that Rittenhouse was legally armed. Of course, we wouldn’t expect you lefties to understand how laws work, because laws don’t matter – it’s all about your “feeeelz”…

          “Nobody asked him to be there; he took it upon himself to play out a fantasy.”

          Wrong again, rocket surgeon… he was asked to be there!

          The only one playing out a fantasy here is you, by thinking you have a valid point which could possibly be relevant to this discussion. Now go away and let the adults speak.

      • That kid was fully justified and those shitbags got exactly what they deserved. He is more of a man than you will ever be and deserves a medal not a trial.

    • @Forrest: The law required all the Jews to get on the train…. Now go and be a good little citizen and don’t question your government or it’s laws.

    • Well said, Texas Richard. I see you have joined others in fleeing the Peepuls Republic of Kallifornicatia. If you have been one of the bleeding heart liberals who ruined the former golden state into the crapper please change your politics with the change of abode. Don’t ruin Texas with Kallifornication type political ideation.

  6. If there’s a lesson here, it’s that the police are not your friends.

    They may not be your enemies, but they sure as hell are not your friends.

    • They’re kind of like a grizzly bear. Fine in their own habitat but best to keep your distance. Best to keep away from car fights as well.

    • Agreed. Stay away from cops. Unfortunately, even scrupulously following the law may not help you. I feel sympathy for the guy who exercised his rights and saved lives.

      Another thing. At least he was using a .40 and not a 9mm.

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      “If there’s a lesson here, it’s that the police are not your friends.”

      Yeah, even in my pro-gun jurisdiction with sheriff Grady (“Because they ran out of bullets”) Judd he probably would have gotten an identical charge.

      But here’s the thing – Where that guy is at, he stands a decent chance of taking a plea bargain for maybe a misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace.

      Unless he was a white Trump supporter, of course… 🙁

  7. “ Edwards stated he wanted to protect himself and everyone else in the area as he was scared for his life and everyone else’s life.”

    Protect yourself, not “everyone else” and stay away from cat fights in the first place. And change WI law, like Iowa and 20-some other states have done.

    Finally, remember that one being charged is not the same as being convicted. In all reality, when someone dies as the result of another’s actions, there will be a very broad investigation* and one needs to have their “papers” in order ahead of time.

    *Unless, of course, one is a member of the US Capital Police and you willingly shoot and kill an unarmed female…

  8. The guy said too much, way too much. The lesson of such things is keep your mouth shut and let your attorneys talk. “I was afraid for my life and the lives of bystanders” is wholly adequate!

    • police have 24 hours after shooting someone before they are required to make a statement. follow their example.

      • This is VERY bad advice. You need to say at least a few bsic things at the scene, else the copers will figure it out their way on their own, and your ods of skating away unharmd expponeitially drop.
        I would have described the action up to the point of firing my weapon, explaining that my perception of the situation, was that the armed female had the intention.and capabilty and opportunity to begin shooting innocents, starting with myself and then to the others at the scene. nd THAT is why I fired. It appeared to me, given whtat I had seen myself, that she had the intent to begin shooting those involved. It seemed to come down to her, or myself and the others in the situation. SHE was armed, and appeared ready to use her weapon.

        Then shut up. If the cops persist, inform them that wyou WILL cooperate further, but am now in shock, need to get to a safe and quiet place, recover from the situiation, and talk with y legal representation. Here is my contact information, call me in a coule of days after I’ve consulted counsel.

        My attorney wold learn I did not have the Mother May I Card, and that this COULD be a real issue. He would probably recommend skirting or declining to answer any probing questions as to details of where/hoe my weapon was positioned. “Gun ws purchased from a private party,”. in accord with Wisconsin Law. Gun hd been in the car and I retrieved it. (in the car is not concealed upon one’s person). “where?” Near the driver’s seat. The gun was on my right hip in an holster, plainly visible to anyone who cared to look. Then shut up.

        • Take it from a retired cop: DO NOT TALK TO THE COPS.

          Those who availed themselves of their Miranda rights virtually always fare better, in both the short and the long term, than those who blithely ‘cooperate’ in the mistaken belief that they can actually talk themselves out of being arrested and charged. After some time elapses, after talking with legal counsel, after composing one’s thoughts and forming them into a coherent whole that can be articulated at leisure, is FAR better than blurting out something extemporaneously.

          Yes, you may spend some time in jail before posting bail, or pre-arraignment, and pre-indictment; That period is almost a ‘given’ in a serious criminal event, and you are NOT going to talk your way out of it.

          Even if set free post-incident, even if your original story is incredibly ‘good,’ expect that you will be formally interviewed later on, and perhaps arrested formally at that point.

          No matter what, even if you are sure that you are ‘in the right,’ it is NEVER a good idea to talk to those who may very well be working on getting you criminally charged without legal counsel, and maybe not even then.

          If you MUST blurt something, then ‘I feared for my life. I don’t feel well. I need medical care, and I need to talk to an attorney. I do not wish to answer any questions now; Perhaps later, after medical/legal assistance. May I go? Am I under arrest?’ is enough.

          But, you do you.

  9. Sounds to me as if the prosecutor learned from the Rittenhouse trail and took the easy way to mollify his constituents.

  10. Well two strikes there. Buying it off the streets and concealing without a permit. Not surprising at all that they charged him even though self-defense may have been warranted.
    Not sure what the laws are in Wisconsin but both those moves were bad ones.

    • Two strikes ?
      The right to bear arms shall not be Infringed.
      You can exercise your Rights as long as you get permission from the state?, that doesn’t sound like any Right at all.

      • ” buying it off the streets” is just Newspeak for a peer to peer private party sale, i.e. not through a dealer. I have procured the majority of my gun collection in the same manner. Don’t let yourself be sucked into the Left’s re-verbing of America.

        • I figure if you can legally own a firearm and the gun is not listed as stolen, then it’s none of their damn buisness who you bought it from.

        • Agreed. Even up to 1990 in Kallifornicadia one could make private party firearm purchased without reporting it to our masters in Schitzomento.

      • Agreed!

        A Right denied is every Libbies wet dream.
        The First and Fourth are moldering away. The Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and the Eighth are subject to Media’s select interpretation. The DNC politicians are trying to diminish the Tenth to the point where it disappears.
        …and the Second remains under continuous, intensive attack from the history illiterate, warm fuzzy feelings people and those who pander to them.

        No one cares about the Third (yet).
        The Ninth is just more yada, yada, yada in their ears.

        The Amendments lo más importante these days are the Fourteenth and the Fifteenth…all the others are subordinate or moot…just ask any woke Progressive.

        • To the left (and to a dismaying number on the right), the Bill of Rights need contain only the sentence, “You have the right to shut up and do as you are told.”

        • If ANY can be simply ignored, then ALL can. And suddenly there is no USA, no president, no Congress, no laws, no taxes, and no restrictions against a violent coup! Is that really what they seek?

    • Wisconsin law allows for the transfer o ffirearms between private parties without goind throgh an FFL. That is why the “transfer” of Kyle’s rifle was not prosecutable. The SALE through the FFL would have been illegal, but theprivate transfer of possession was fully legal despite BInger’s mad fixtion otherwise. Else the jury wiyuld surely have hanged him on that charge, which was dismissed because WI’s law is clear, and he possessed that rifle lawfully. NOr was it a “straw purchse” because Mr. Black did NOT transfer it to a “prohibited person”.

      • Because Rittenhouse provided the money for the gun purchase, it was illegal.

        If it was not clearly an attempt to circumvent both state and federal law, why didn’t Rittenhouse just walk into the hardware store and buy the gun himself?

        Being 17 years old and a resident of another state, he was not allowed to legally purchase a weapon in Wisconsin.

        Rittenhouse and black conspired to circumvent both state and federal law, Rittenhouse provided the funds and black falsified a 4473 in order to purchase a weapon with Rittenhouse’s Covid check, as has been testified under oath by both Rittenhouse and black.

        No matter how you look at it, Rittenhouse was provided with a weapon illegally.

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      “Well two strikes there. Buying it off the streets and concealing without a permit.”


      What does buying it ‘off the street’ have to do with *anything*?

      At least where I live, if I wanted to buy a used gun from a neighbor, friend, guy at work, pretty much anyone I wanted to buy from is perfectly legal. Hand him/her the money or barter item and transfer possession.

      I take it you live in a slave state where you have to ask permission from the government to make a private sale?

      I’d seriously consider moving as soon as I was able… 🙁

      • For those unable to comprehend such simplicity, “transfer possession”, above, means hand it over, not go find a notary.

  11. If anyone on the left decries this as racist or biased or unequal policing or whatever due to Rittenhouse say “I absolutely agree with you, lets change the laws to make it so that he could carry concealed legally. Bet that’ll go over well.

  12. Although Edwards’ actions were deemed to be lawful self defense, it doesn’t sound as if he was trapped, with no possible escape. I didn’t read his age, but it sounds like another young hero wannabe like Rittenhouse. His first mistake was putting himself at risk unnecessarily. I know I seem callous, but he could have driven away and called 911.

    • Folks need to read the entire incident report and understand that this was two gangs showing up at two in the morning to have a rumble.

      It is interesting to see the local DA supporting this sort of gang violence, everyone there should’ve gone to jail for assault with a deadly weapon, etc. but it seems there were no charges except for the shooting incident.

  13. Another example of why it’s nearly always a bad idea to involve yourself in other people’s fights.

  14. D A really does look like a PINHEAD. &
    Anyone who wave’s a gun around me or mine will definitely get a reality check.
    Weather or not they get hurt or worse is up to their stupidity.

  15. T T A G , has caved,
    Last two comments have been deleted.

    [Edit by John B.: Checked the comment “trash” and you weren’t in it. Not since 2/2/22. Anything with more than one link or suspicious URL links, or anything like “pussy” “lesbian” or similar, or graphic sex words will get automatically put into “pending.” Just FYI.]

    • Their system sometimes flags comments that don’t contain profanity or anything that is even remotely questionable. It’s done that several times saying the comment is awaiting moderation and then it disappears.

      • Exactly what happened.
        No cussing, no derogatory remarks, which is not normal for me,
        Just stating facts.
        But I’m a little gun shy, been kicked of of several platforms,
        Examples, Fakebook, & even the Daily Wire when I was sticking up for Josh Shaprio, which really upset me. + a couple others that sucked anyway.

        • It’s the system. It happens. It’s not a man behind the curtains otherwise I’d kick him in the nuts!

      • and then it often comes back, making the winer look like, well ,you figure it out. I am glad there is coment moderation. We see some nasty stuff here, but I’m sure we’d see a whole lot more if it wer not moderated to some degree. I’ve left such sites. No tolerance for gratuitous trash.

  16. He talked too much. It’s inconsequential where the gun came from in regards to why he fire shots in self-defense and the defense of others. Maybe the gun floated out of the sky. He didn’t need to tell them he was carrying it. NEVER volunteer information. Maybe it was in his car unloaded with the ammo separated.

  17. His first mistake was talking to the cops without a lawyer.


    Don’t make a statement until you’ve talked to your attorney.

  18. He should immediately file a multi billion dollar civil rights lawsuit against all parties involved and not let up until they are bankrupt.

    • He should assure, through his attorney, that all involved are aware that he identifies as a homeless black Democrat with pronoun “dipshit”. That should take care of it!

  19. @Tionico
    “Except punish we who abide by the law on the excuse that some break other already exisitng laws by getting their guns without the BGC. The check does nothing.”

    Ok, that rips it. I have had enough of this plainly disprovable pro legal gun owner nonsense and sniveling about how BGCs are useless, ineffective, infringing on rights, and inconvenient (as if you have better things to do than legally purchase a firearm).

    Fact: On 17Jun17, Virginia Governor Terry Mcauliff, at the scene of a shooting, reported that 93 million people are killed by gunfire every day; every day. What is the death count today, right now, today? It isn’t 93 million per day any more, is it?

    So there. Take your complaints about gun control, and blow it out your barracks bag.

    • I never have nor never will purchse a firearm from a prohibite person, or that I cannot be quite certain is not stolen. WHERE did the creep who held four hostages at that synagogue got HIS gun? “off the streets”. He was a non-resident alein. Should NOT have had that gun. BGC fail. How about the dirtbag shot up the Sandy Hook school innCT? Mudered his Mum, stole HER guns. BGC fail. Or the clwon shot up the church in SUtherland Springs, TX? He had been cinvicted of two felonies and domestic violence, and DD from Air Force. He bought his frifle through an FFL. BGC fail, he WAS a prohibited person. Now bout the punk who shot up his high school in Florida, bught HIS rifle from FFL. The local LE had refused to charge him wiht any one of his four known felony crimes, and domstic violence, and had a restrining order agaisnt him, BGC fail. My state used to permit prvate sales of firearms face to face. I have bought and sold many guns that way. No crime ever committed with any of them. BGC changed nothing. Since universal BGC mandated I’ve only bought one gun, but know I could buy anything I want tomorrow. But I don’t like the FACT that my state are now keeping a record of every purchase made, searachable database, my name on them. Not interested in playing that game. Nohting to hide, just Nunnadere bidniss.

      Backgruond checks ARE useless, Many more stores like the above, all abysmal failures of the mandatory backgruond check lws. I’ve also bought guns BEFORE the NICS system was even a thing. And know many others who have, and still own those guns. HOW is that a rick to anyone? NONE of those guns have ever been used unlawfully.
      You can have all your anal retentive gun control laws. Every one of them is an affront to our Constitution. NONE of them have done a thing to rpevent or reduce violence.
      And what si this insanity about 93 million people killed by ginfire every day? Mc AUliffe is loony of he claims that. There are not 30K deaths caused by gunfire every year. And two thirdss of those are suicides. If a gun is not availble for someoone who wants to “check out”, there are other ways to “end it all”. Backgrond checks do nothing tos to that ,either. . “GUNS are not the problem, It i the evil in the hearts of men that are the problem. Remvoe guns from society other means will be emplioyed. Study the numbrs in England and Australia, even Canada. More people are killed twith bare hands and feet each year than are killed using guns. Do you dvocate registeirng and licensing hands and feet? Nope. Take those who do perpetrate evil upon others and deal tih them, don’t try to reduce their evil deeds by restricting what I may/may not do about my own firearms.

      Don’t happen to have a barracks bag, so I suppose you will have to use yours.

      • “And what si this insanity about 93 million people killed by ginfire every day? Mc AUliffe is loony of he claims that.”

        Measure twice; cut once. ‘Fraid you let one get by you.

        • Come on, guys, we don’t know what his native language is, we should be nice. He CLEARLY missed the whole point.

  20. Not having a permission slip to carry, concealed or otherwise, is not a chargeable offense in MS and 20 other states. Have y’all figured out what the problem is yet?

  21. I don’t have enough info on the shooter to form an opinion on him being in the right or wrong. So, just answering generically:

    If you are a “Bad Guy”, please talk your pie-hole to hoarseness around the police. Blabber to your heart’s content. Brag on endlessly about your daring do, your macho character, etc.

    If you are a “Good Guy”, don’t be stupid about it!

    What’s next?

  22. 1. Don’t talk to the cops. Hire a lawyer for that. “Concealed? No, I’m sure it was clearly visible.”

    2. If you have permit requirements, follow them. Protest them if you want, work to change the law, but follow it until they change. Keeps you out of jail.

    3. If there’s a battle going on next to you and someone in the battle points a gun at you, shoot them. Dead. And then see #1.

  23. @John in AK
    “Take it from a retired cop: DO NOT TALK TO THE COPS.”

    Taking it from a detective sergeant at our gun range: (paraphrase) “If you refuse to answer any questions (“I want my lawyer”), my report will read something like this: “Subject/suspect was completely uncooperative, refusing to answer basic questions regarding name, employment, relation to the injured party, whether the gun used was legally purchased and/or properly registered. At every turn, the subject/suspect turned away the simplest inquiry. In my 20 years service on the force, people who refuse to cooperate, and evade questioning, are grounds for elevated suspicion, and subsequent arrest. My report will be read into trial, verbatim, not necessarily to the advantage of the subject/suspect.”

    The point being made is that refusing all questions will likely influence others to be skeptical of a defender’s truthfulness; with bad outcomes all around. A defense shooting will be saturated with adrenaline, likely causing the defender to suffer motormouth disease, so strong discipline is required, but zero answers to questions (such as, “Are there any witnesses who should be contacted?”) could all to easily lead to a contact report that the defender is hiding something.

    Might it be prudent to talk to an attorney experienced as a self-defense lawyer (as opposed to a criminal defense lawyer whose natural inclination to treat all clients as a criminal seeking a defense for illegal actions), ahead of need?

    • As an ex-crim-defense lawyer, let me reiterate: DO NOT TALK to the police. Tell them you have been advised by your permit instructor to say that, and then say nothing more. They will understand. In all my years, I have never seen or heard any such “reading into the record” of a cop’s notes saying “he’s not talking, he must be hiding something, he’s guilty!” Never.

  24. ” I have never seen or heard any such “reading into the record” of a cop’s notes saying “he’s not talking, he must be hiding something, he’s guilty!” Never.”

    Your experience is your experience, and I am not an attorney*. One of the best known attorneys regarding self-defense shootings (Andrew Branca) disagrees, and declares he has seen “say nothing” go bad in trials regarding DGUs.

    *I do know that a detectives report can be elicited at trial through questioning by the prosecutor. And I do know that a professional criminal defense attorney will advise DGU clients the same as an actual criminal client.

    Save you some time:

    Readers: research attorneys, pick one you are confident in, but be informed always.

  25. @LarryinTX
    “Come on, guys, we don’t know what his native language is, we should be nice. He CLEARLY missed the whole point.”

    Kinda uncertain as to whom you are referring.

  26. In his book ‘The Law of Self Defense”, Andrew Branca makes a very strong case for not getting involved unless there is no other alternative, i.e. if your life of the life of a loved one is in danger and you cannot get them out of harms way, only then should you resort to self defense. It doesn’t sound like Mr. Edwards life was in immediate danger and from the description of the events, it appears he had the opportunity to exit the area safely. I know for some that is hard to hear but Branca argues the time, money, and stress involved in defending yourself from charges can be avoided by not getting involved.

  27. If Edwards saw that “The physical altercation seemed to largely involve female combatants, some of whom were in possession of weapons that appeared to be bats, brass knuckles, and pepper spray”, he should have turned around and walked away. There were obviously no innocent persons or victims involved here.

  28. To Billy m: AMEN! My earlier point exactly, but you said it much better than I did. If I’m a sheepdog, then my flock is my loved ones, not random, armed people at a gas station. Hopefully, Edwards will learn that without a felony conviction on his record

  29. Someone who knows how should set up a “Go Fund Me” or similar to defray this guy’s legal and other expenses incurred.

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