GOA Files Suit Against Bump Stock Ban in Western District of Michigan

Gun Owners of America kansas 2a protection act appeal supreme court

courtesy GOA

As we reported earlier, GOA promised they were going to file a lawsuit against President Trump’s unconstitutional bump stock ban when it was announced. Now they’ve made good on that.

The GOA has officially filed their lawsuit in US District Court for the Western District of Michigan. GOA filed in coordination with the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Tim from the Military Arms Channel and Rachel Malone, the GOA’s Texas director. The suit is also getting financial backing from the Oregon Firearms Federation and BamaCarry.

Why did GOA file in Michigan? The Wolverine State is part of the Sixth Circuit which has a record of being very pro-gun, and generally more skeptical of illegal government regulatory actions than other circuits in the country. So now we have multi-front attacks on the Trump bump stock ban being fought by the GOA and the Firearms Policy Coalition.

Here’s hoping more join the fight. It would be good to see the NRA join in. A good friend of mine, Stephen Stamboulieh, the man behind a few prominent cases such as Hawaii’s open carry lawsuit, Young v. Hawaii, is also planning a suit against this violation of the Second Amendment and tells me he will be filing it soon. Stay tuned.


  1. avatar Karl says:

    The whole solution to bump socks is to let free citizens buy a full auto weapons. Then no one would want the dreaded bump stock.

    1. avatar Sora says:


      1. avatar frank speak says:

        we’ve already had this debate…and the issue was decided…back in the eighties….when they seriously considered placing semi-autos [with large capacity magazines] under the NFA…what happened was a compromise…

        1. avatar Hissey says:

          if i understand you, the NFA was not and is not and never will be in conformity to the authority enumerated to the federal government. Shall Not Be Infringed is the only authority allocated by the states to the federal government regarding the right to keep and bear arms. It does not matter if the weapon is a semi or an auto or a select fire … the problem is criminals within our government who take the Oath and then defecate on it without legal consequences specifically the death penalty for Treason.

  2. avatar George from Alaska says:

    This is good news… I’ve read from the NRA themselves three times now that they plan on joining the fight. When and how they did not say. We need them, we need everyone on this. This issue is far, far beyond the fight for bumpstocks… it could easily lead to the loss of everything if not challenged and beat.
    We do not need infighting or people saying that these pieces of plastic are not worth fighting for or people who don’t believe in them as an accessory…. despite 10+ years of approval of at least 8 different models by three or more companies…
    If the ATF/Attorney General have their way this will be the first time I recall that the Federal government will be going back in time and taking items away from people that were legally purchased. Even when ATF “reclassified” the SWD Street Sweeper and the South African Stryker rotating drum shotguns as “Destructive Devices’ many years ago people who had legally bought them were allowed to keep them and they were registered as DD’s for free. Dealers and wholesalers had to dispose of their inventory after the effective date. It’s now ridiculous as there are shotguns with more quality and I believe just as big or bigger drums or stick mags being sold now.
    Don’t let your friends be complacent just because they can keep their AR’s and binary or rubber band them. I have several registered select and full only firearms and besides doing an expensive mag dump for the thrill of others, I and others with them practice two and three shot strings for accuracy.

    1. avatar Mike Hawkizard says:

      You can’t compare the usas 12/ street sweeper reclassification to this. There’s no equivalent to the Hughes Amendment for DD’s. As much as it sucks, the law is crystal clear about no new machine guns.
      I don’t know if any of these suits address it, but the conflict is whether or not the Hughes Amendment supersedes the GCA in granting an amnesty. It would appear that it does, hence no grandfathering.

      1. avatar Anymouse says:

        Hughes brings up a bunch of legal questions that have never been decided. If the authority to enforce NFA comes from Congress’ ability to tax (part of Internal Revenue code), and yet it refuses to accept the tax, does it have any validity? Without a tax, is the registry valid? (Recent ruling says ACA hinges on tax) Can someone be charged with tax evasion if the government refuses to accept the money? Can the government ban militarily useful arms (protected by 2A per Miller), especially now that machine guns are standard issue to infantry?

        1. avatar Longbow says:

          That IS the argument that SHOULD be made.

      2. avatar Kroglikepie says:

        The law is also crystal clear on how new laws are to be passed, and neither the Hughes Amendment, nor the ACA followed the law. Your point?

    2. avatar Fudds McKenzie says:

      You have full auto and don’t know the NRA greenlighted the bump stock ban? Sounds like you’re being complacent.

  3. avatar Ben says:

    I beg the NRA not to taint the competency of the other organizations. Sit this one out, Cox. Relegate yourself to the sidelines of history.

    1. avatar Nobody special says:

      Don’t worry they will sit this out. They only care for fudds. The rest can be banned and damned.

      1. avatar SouthAl says:

        Why wouldn’t they sit it out, they wanted this. Oh yeah, if they get in it they can use it as another reason to ask for more money.

        Lucy: “I promise I won’t move the football this time Charlie Brown.”

        1. avatar Fudds McKenzie says:

          Yup, there’s no reason for them to sit it out. They can nose around, take credit, obscure their role in creating the rule to tools with short attention spans. Most impirtantly they can taint any outcome with compromise so they can stay wealthy and powerful be selling the same half-assed recognition of the RKBA over and over every year for decades to come.

  4. avatar Kevin (The Other One) says:

    ” It would be good to see the NRA join in.”

    I disagree. I would like to see them provide funds and support, but for the most part stay out of this fight. The NRA has become the anti-gunners boogeyman, if they jump in it will only give the anti-gunners a better means of raising funds to support more anti-gun legislation. They will use the NRA and the bump stock as a means for a HUGE funding spree, and we do not need that. I think it is much better to have organizations that are not well known to the likes of CNN & MSNBC to fight this battle and keep this more on the legal quiet side.

    1. avatar 556SBR says:

      Thanks Kevin (The Other One)!
      Finally a reasoned response that mentions the NRA without the usual “I hate the NRA”, “not one more dollar” comments. The NRA has to tread carefully now that the anti-gun crowd and anti-gun politicians and the anti-gun media have decided that they are the target to attack. Hopefully others on this site will realize that that makes it easier for GOA and other organizations to pursue pro-gun agendas.

  5. avatar possum says:

    If prez Trump’s bumpstock ban is unconstitutional maybe it’s time we the people ban the bumpstock banner. Evidently oaths to office, words having no meaning,

  6. avatar Jim Bullock says:

    Machine gun – Self-fires multiple rounds from an operating mode in which each round’s discharge readies and fires the next, w/o individual per-round action by the shooter.

    Shooter’s action puts gun in “pew, pew, pew” mode. Gun goes “pew, pew, pew” until it is turned off.

    “Hold the trigger down” is actually a safety feature – interrupts “pew, pew, pew” mode if there’s a slip, drop, or grip change. Trigger does not actually fire each round.

    Not a machine gun – Shooter does something, distinct and discrete, to the gun to fire each round.

    If they want to ban auto-loading, do that. Limit rate of fire, do that. Forbid silly range toys, do that. The problem is, this “bump stock ban” as “machine gun” is dishonest on its face. The finger fires each round. The gun is never in “pew, pew, pew” mode. It doesn’t have one, even with a “bump stock.”

    The other problem is that an auto-loading carbine firing med-power or pistol rounds from a generous-capacity magazine is the least bad, personal defensive arm we have so far for a group of situations becoming more frequent. Robberies. Home invasions. Group blitz attacks. Hostile mobs assaulting one’s family at home, on camera, because tbey don’t like what you reported about immigration.

    When the wee-wee’d up Antifa mob in black comes to break through my door with their bicycle locks n worse, enough rounds to stop everyone who keeps coming is a solution. One musket ball before going down while reloading is a gesture.

    They don’t want you to be able to place enough undividual well-aimed shots to stop everyone coming to splinter your bones, because if you van do that calling up a mob is less useful.

    How do they run you out of the political conversation if you can #shootback? Everything else about this is noise and distraction.

  7. avatar doesky2 says:

    Well I would do my part in voluntearily surrendering my unregistered bumptsock (aka MachineGun!!! OMG!!!) if they gave me in exchange a chit that allowed me to purchase a newly created full-auto AR15 lower or Full Auto AK receiver.

    I would surrender my unregistered bumpstock that the MSM has said thousands of times on TV is equivalent to a macine gun in exchange for a full-registered and backgound-checked AR15 lower. Sounds like a great way to get those evil unregistered bumpstock/machineguns out of circulation and replaced by your dreamy background checked and registered equivalent AR15 lower.

    Sounds like a “common sense soulution” that both sides can get behind.
    Sounds like a solution that even the dumb-ass NRA can recognize as a win-win.

    Lastly don’t say stupid things like “The Hughes ammendement doesn’t allow that!” when we are in the era that pre-existing law means anything that some black-robed fool thinks it means on any given day.

  8. avatar Fudds McKenzie says:

    The NRA are controlled opposition, if there’s anything we need them for we’ve already lost it. Let that sink in.

    Rosie ODonnell is anti-gun right? What clever little fudds you all are that you can wrap your heads around that. Now try it with an anti-gun entity that isn’t helping you by telling you they’re anti-gun, and that you sent money to, and voted in line with and shrilly defended to the few of us who are not tools. I know it’s embarassing for you but in the long run you’ll feel better if you just admit it now.

  9. avatar Hissey says:

    There is NO enumerated authority for the federal government to mess with the 2nd. The state constitutions are not to violate the US Constitution so starting in the 1700’s all firearm bans, restrictions, limits, on ammunition, type of weapons and accessories are unconstitutional, unlawful and criminal. Criminal because the people who passed such rubbish are authorized to adhere to the Laws of our land, specifically the 2nd Amendment (Shall Not Be INFRINGED)… The Bumpstock Ban and the Red Flag dictate are not acceptable. Sure President Trump doesn’t want people murdered but infringing on the rights of the law abiding is 100% wrong…me thinks the advice he is getting is purposely wrong at worst and perhaps given out of ignorance at best of our founding documents. ALL AMERICAN Gun owners MUST be FOR adhering to the law… the 2nd and the US Constitution and related documents whether you like or dislike the bumpstock agree or disagree with the Red Flag dictate…either you are 100% for supporting our original laws or you are 100% against it. One final comment: our Founding Fathers had like weapons as the Red Coats,… are we to have less? Are the enemies of our nation limited to semi autos and pistols??? Our Troops shed their blood or at least willingly put their lives on the line for our freedoms to be secure… have we developed a big yellow streak, does America have any BRASS ??? I support GOA…and I pray for President Trump to know the TRUTH and to hear and obey GOD alone. God help America, pray folks.

  10. avatar AUSTIN says:

    I’m still bothered by the fact that we know nothing more about the Las Vegas shooting now than we did 3 days after it happened! Supposedly the shooter used a Bump stock but did he? Where are the photos that show this to be true? Too many gaps in this! If the Govt is going to outlaw them then they need to pay fair market value for every one that is surrender! Too many questions to many empty holes!

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