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“Frankly, as much as I like Glock pistols for defense, I have never shot one that was accurate enough to meet my standards for a hunting pistol.” So sayeth handgun hunter extraordinaire Chuck Hawks. Glock may disagree, but they know better than to sully their rep by pursuing the tiny handgun hunting niche. That said, hunting is a HUGE market. And Glock wants in. “Hunting season is right around the corner,” Glock’s presser announces. “While some people believe that personal protection in the outdoors means carrying bug spray or sun screen, savvy hunters are increasingly carrying a GLOCK pistol on their side for personal protection – just in case that bear, boar, coyote or snake gets too close for comfort.” So what about two-legged varmints?

Nah, that’s just me, the guy who carries a hot gun at the range. Or is it?

Tennessee and Missouri have recently joined a growing list of states now allowing hunters to carry handguns for personal protection while on public land for hunting and recreation. State Wildlife Agencies and lawmakers are addressing the safety needs of bow hunters and anglers alike.

Not said but implied: personal protection has a little something to do with protecting yourself from persons. Anyway, you hear a lot about snake guns. But you don’t hear the word “GLOCK” in the same sentence. To change that non-equation, the Austrian gunmaker’s press release offers anecdotes from American hunters whose bacon was saved by their GLOCK. Oh wait; they don’t have them yet. Can you help?

GLOCK, a leading global manufacturer of handguns, is currently seeking personal stories about how a GLOCK pistol helped a hunter safely escape a perilous situation, or when a hunter ended up in a situation where they wished they had a GLOCK on their side. Hunters are encouraged to post their story on the “GLOCK, Inc.” official Facebook page

GLOCK’s FB page wants to make one thing perfectly clear: the word “story” refers to non-fictional accounts of real life GLOCK heroism—even though hunters NEVER lie.

Essays must be 100% factual, and are not limited to any subject matter (self defense, competition shooting, security, law enforcement, military, shooting sports). You may enter from now until Oct. 15th . . .

TWO Grand Prizes Winners will be chosen!!  Grand Prize consists of a check for the amount of $100.00 to each winner and inclusion of your essay into the GLOCK Annual.

A hundred bucks? That’s it? Back in May, GLOCK donated $115,000 to the NRA. Surely a gun for the winners would have been a better bet. And no, I didn’t call you Shirley [das ist ein witz].

Keith Warren, host of The High Road with Keith Warren and a vocal proponent of hunting rights for more than 25 years, is an advocate for carrying a sidearm, like the GLOCK 20 with a hunting barrel that he carries on every one of his hunts.

“I love to hunt because it’s fun and a great challenge; however, I want to know that if my long gun or crossbow has a problem or gets jammed that I’m not going to be defenseless against dangerous game,” Warren said.

“I don’t like taking chances, that’s why I always carry my GLOCK with me, whether at home or in the field.”

Fair enough.

A side arm can also be a real life-saver while tending to downed game that could quickly attract predators such as coyotes, and having that sidearm at your side can help to help keep you protected against any possible attacks. The sidearm is also beneficial for the humane hunter to deliver a coup de grace and end the suffering of a wounded animal . . .

Warren added, “While carrying a sidearm wasn’t typical for your grandfather’s hunt, it’s quickly becoming more of a must-have accessory in today’s hunting community for personal protection. If you want to explore the option of carrying a sidearm during this year’s hunting season, be sure to educate yourself on the laws in your region by visiting your state’s DNR website.”

I wonder why grandpa didn’t need a handgun when he went hunting—protection from wounded animals, predators, coupe de grace and all that—but we do. Something to do with . . . people?

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  1. I pack my XDM or SIG P220 when I bird hunt… Javelina's, coyotes, snakes, and of course we can't forget about wild animals too!


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