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GLOCK dealers will be rolling out some new products on Saturday, August 26th. This will mark the fifth generation of “perfection” since GLOCKs first hit the market back in the early 1980’s. How many of you plan to participate in any of these launch parties?

GLOCK fans will no doubt eagerly snap up the new guns as fast as they hit the stores. The only question remains, how many and for how long?

Like many gat owners, I plan to put my paws on one of Gaston’s new generation guns to check it out, though I prefer Gen 2 and Gen 3 versions. Why? In short, I don’t care for the texture of the stippling on the Gen 4s.

Of course, nobody knows for sure what improvements GLOCK has made to the Gen 5. Or if they do know, they’re bound by non-disclosure agreements. This being the internet, rumors abound, and the company had done little to any quash false speculation. In fact, to the contrary, the more speculation, the less they need to spend on advertising.

You can count on TTAG to give you the skinny as early as possible. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. Well this is very exciting. I hope they did something to the grip angle, and maybe something to make that slide look a little prettier or sexier rather.

    • There was significant speculation that the 17M for the FBI was basically the Gen5. That would mean a slide stop mirrored on the right side of the gun, no more finger grooves, and a slight flare to the magwell. And I think that’s about the score of it. There’s certainly some sort of physical change inside as there’s only a single pin now near the locking block, but details aren’t known to me. Also, it’s *speculation* that the 17M represents what’s happening in the Gen5. Could be other stuff instead.

      BTW at least one range will be doing their launch party at midnight the night before! Since that’s when the embargo on the new guns technically expires (as soon as it’s the 26th). For instance, the range I used to visit in Spokane, WA is kicking off their party (link to their FB event) at like 11:00 PM on Friday then revealing the gun and opening up the shooting range at midnight 🙂

      • M/gen5 internals are supposed to be identical to the g43, only scaled up.

        Rifiling is supposed to be lands and grooves instead of polygonal

    • I hope they never change the grip angle. I mean why not just make additional models with “1911” or “hybrid” grip angles for consumers that want them, but the “luger” grip angle was maybe the #1 reason I purchased my glock. Idk I just always shoot better with luger style grips.

      I am working on it though. Going to the range this weekend with my newish 1911 to try to figure out straight grip shooting.

      Intellectually I understand that I should be able to shoot just as well with either design, but currently I do not shoot just as well. I can reliably hit an 8″ target from 60′ with my 4″ Glock 19, while I can hardly keep it on that target from 20′ with the 5″ 1911 ::eeek:: I know I’m terrible. I’m working on it.

      • You won’t often here this, but I say if that’s what you shoot best, stick with it.

        Now, if you want to diversify something’s gotta give, but I gave up my Glock for the same reason. I own all Sigs and a Springfield Armory. If I’d kept the Glock, it would have jacked up my whole line up. What little practice I’ve done when I had the G19 has messed up my point on others a litte, and I shoot those exceedingly well on my own. I may pick one up as a Lonewolf or Polymer80 lower, but I also don’t own any striker-fired, so….

  2. Be nice if the new generation of Glock perfection shipped with a barrel that supported the case wall properly so’s it would shoot reloads. Metal sights would be nice instead of that cheap plastic they use. Be nice if they had an above average trigger instead of a sub par one. Changes to the grip angle would be appreciated.

    Of course, by the time all that’s done, there won’t be much Glock left.

      • I described a lot of guns. Glock’s “perfection” is just about the only modern pistol who’s user manual specifically recommends against reloads because they cheap out on the barrel. S&W M&P, CZ P10C, Sig P320, Walter PPQ, Springfield XDs, even cheap imports like Canik all have better triggers, better grips and grip angle, and barrels that can shoot reloads without dumping money into aftermarket parts. Most have better sights too.

        • Glock doesn’t “cheap out” on their barrels. It’s designed the way it is to improve feeding and reliability. Granted, other pistols are just as reliable and have fully supported chambers.

          The unsupported chamber is only known to be a problem on the .40 S&W versions. I’ve run thousands of 9mm reloads through my Glocks without a hitch.

    • I’ve been shooting my reloads in my Glock 19 ,20, and 29 and i’ve never had a single problem with them that was a result of the chamber not being fully supported. the only slight disadvantage I’ve found is the brass wears out a little faster because that particular area gets worked more. But it maybe reduces the brass life only 1 or 2 reloads at most from my fully supported aftermarket glock barrels.

    • The Glocks with barrel issues related to unsupported brass were chambered in .40. My Model 20 (10mm) doesn’t cause any problems with brass. The polygonal rifling is supposedly a “no-no” with lead, but I have found it depends. My Gen 2 Model 21 has no problems with leading, but my Gen 3 Model 21SF does NOT like lead. I don’t shoot lead through my Model 20. My model 17L doesn’t have any problems with lead. My model 26 (3rd gen) HATES lead no matter the hardness or velocity. YMMV.

    • Every pistol manual I have read says not to shoot handloads. Ruger, SW, Glock, Kahr, Rossi to name several. I reload 40, including glock brass I pickup at the range. Recent generation Glocks leave a rectangular imprint on the primer and a barely noticeable bulge on the side. I have never had an issue with the”Glocked” brass.

  3. Rumor has it, the new Glock 7 will be a porcelain gun made in Germany. It doesn’t show up on your airport X-ray machines here and it costs more than what you make in a month!

    Changing the grip angle would involve changing the magazine design, making them incompatible with previous generations. I don’t see that happening.

    • I am certain you are right about the grip angle. I think anyone expecting major changes beyond no finger grooves and better sights is fooling themselves, though they might surprise me and go MOS on the standard issue.

    • Those movies were the reason I bought my Beretta. Never too old to pretend you’re John McClane.
      Regarding the Glocks, I’m guessing they will be not much different than the old ones if history is any indication. I think I’m going to trade/sell mine for a Walther.

    • Try a “Timber Wolf” after market frame….They got the grip angle just about perfect (and it uses Glock mags). Lets see…Correct Grip Angle, Undercut trigger guard, Flared mag well, Pic rail, Extended “Beavertail”, Best MAG Release on the Market and Adjustable “Match Trigger” for $249.99…Seems like Lonewolf Distributors “Timber Wolf” frame beat Glock to the punch!!

    • Just get rid of the finger grooves, a little bit of beavertail, and get rid of that damnable hump. Smooth the trigger guard area and we’re good. Oh, wait, I did. Almost as much invested as purchase. But I got a Glock! Yay.

  4. Obstreperous owner+corporation+fanboy levels of ego at no additional charge.

    Well I waited 7 years to finally move from Gen3 to Gen4, so somebody safe queen a G19Gen5 for me; I’ll telepath/twittermail you in 2024.

  5. There’s a good chance we will see minimal improvements. The Amglo in the name sounds like a name for a night sight – maybe gen 5 glocks will do away with the cheap plastic sights. Additionally, the gen 5 may come with no finger grooves and a possible improved grip texture.

    • Guessing AmeriGlo Bold — same as FBI. Since it’s listed, it’s got ti be an option. Factory installed night sights have been Meprolihhts (not plastic).

    • Only GOD is “perfect”, but as long as GLOCK is claiming that they are, it’s nice that they keep coming out with “improvements”.

    • Do steel sights generate more accuracy potential than plastic? Enlighten me.

      There’s plenty of room for improvement on Glock sights (as the robust aftermarket will attest), but the problem isn’t the materials used.

  6. If its perfection why is there 5 generations? The 1911 is far superior with one design change since its start 100+ yrs ago. lets see how many people I annoyed with that.

    • The 1911 you buy today has major improvements from the gun you would have bought a hundred years ago. Better sights, beaver tail, better safety, drop safe, better materials, but if you want, you can go buy an old 1911, or an old Gen 2 Glock.

    • Given how many 1911 require serious work (either at the build or after) to be truly reliable with all types of ammo, I am guessing you are a fanboy and commenting as such.

      I have had old and new 1911s and love them, but like everything else there are tradeoffs. My grandfathers souvenir shoots roundball all day without a hiccup but lacks modern accuracy. the two kimbers I had sucked donkey d$%k, the Springfield arms I had was picky on hollowpoint ammo. The “low end” Ed Brown I got as a gift is totally awesome but starts just north of $2,000.

      But my glocks go bang, everytime and feed all factory ammo…..and I don’t care if I scratch them…and hold more ammo than the revolver like 1911 (not that there is anything wrong with revolvers, just another tradeoff like the 1911 is).

    • I would have said the same thing 10 years ago, but if Ruger, S&W, and Taurus can make a polymer revolver, why can’t Glock?

  7. It would appear that Glock has been paying attention to how Apple has been marketing it’s iPhones. Also, wasn’t the last book of the Harry Potter series marketed this exact same way?
    Regardless, I have nothing against Glock Perfection or Glock firearms. I have fired many and found them to be adequate in the extreme, but *for me* they lack the ergonomics, solid feel in hand, and accuracy of almost any model Walther, CZ or 1911. (Relax -it’s just MY opinion).
    If Glock wanted to make a quick billion $ they would come out with a radical new concept – a pistol caliber carbine – like the Hi-Point which would accept Glock brand 33 round magazines and have a lifetime warranty … oh, wait…

  8. Scene: A gun shop. One corner is occupied by a group of customers wearing black t-shirts.

    A man and woman enter…

    Man: Morning!

    Gun Store Employee: Morning!

    Man: Well, what’ve you got?

    Employee: Well, there’s SIG and Ruger; SIG Walther and Ruger; SIG and GLOCK; SIG Ruger
    and GLOCK; SIG Ruger Walther and GLOCK; GLOCK Ruger Walther and GLOCK; GLOCK
    and GLOCK;

    Customers in black: GLOCK GLOCK GLOCK GLOCK…

    Smith & Wesson GLOCK GLOCK GLOCK…

    Customers: GLOCK! Perfect GLOCK! Perfect GLOCK!

    Employee: …or a Benelli Vinci, a Mauser with a custom stock made in a Mannlicher
    style of Turkish walnut with ebony inlays and an ajustable trigger in a fitted
    case with a matching SIG and GLOCK.

    Woman: Have you got anything without GLOCK?

    Employee: Well, there’s GLOCK SIG Walther and GLOCK, that’s not got much GLOCK in it.

    Woman: I don’t want ANY GLOCK!

    Man: Why can’t she have SIG Ruger GLOCK and Walther?

    Woman: THAT’S got GLOCK in it!

    Man: Hasn’t got as much GLOCK in it as GLOCK SIG Walther and GLOCK, has it?

    Customers: GLOCK GLOCK GLOCK GLOCK… (Crescendo through next few lines…)

    Woman: Could you do the SIG Ruger GLOCK and Walther without the GLOCK then?

    Employee: Urgghh!

    Woman: What do you mean ‘Urgghh’? I don’t like GLOCK!

    Customers: Perfect GLOCK! Wonderful GLOCK!

    Employee: Shut up!

    Customers: Perfect GLOCK! Wonderful GLOCK!

    Employee: Shut up! (Customers stop) Bloody Customers! You can’t have SIG Ruger GLOCK and
    Walther without the GLOCK.

    Woman: I don’t like GLOCK!

    Man: Sshh, dear, don’t cause a fuss. I’ll have your GLOCK. I love it. I’m having GLOCK

    Customers: GLOCK GLOCK GLOCK GLOCK. Perfect GLOCK! Wonderful GLOCK!

    Employee: Shut up!! Smith & Wesson are backordered.

    Man: Well could I have her GLOCK instead of the Smith & Wesson then?

    Employee: You mean GLOCK GLOCK GLOCK GLOCK GLOCK GLOCK… (but it is too late and the
    Customers drown her words)

    Customers: (Singing elaborately…) GLOCK GLOCK GLOCK GLOCK. Perfect GLOCK! Wonderful

  9. This promotional pic speaks volumes: it clearly shows the Gen 5 Glock firing when the case is closed on it while loaded.

    This may be a bigger scandal than the P320 fiasco but at least Glock disclosed this dangerous flaw in advance of the pistol’s release instead of knowingly and willfully covering it up…

  10. I’ve been eyeballing the M&P 2.0 for some time. Maybe Smith will drop the price a bit when Gaston’s new piece hits the market. Oh, and after the kinks are worked out this should be neat.

  11. dont think it is wild speculation that this model will have a lot of the features found on the “Summer Special” and 17/19M models that circulated earlier this year:

    – Front slide serrations
    – no finger grooves
    – Better sights?

    Yeah, I’ll buy one

  12. What the heck is that picture? The briefcase from Pulp Fiction? What, is the Gen 5 gonna be cloaked in His glory? Is it gonna be a drab, bland, unremarkable product with many similar competitors, each more identical than the last? And even more identical to the previous model year than that?

    • In the words of Indiana Jones: “Don’t look at it. Shut your eyes. Don’t look at it, no matter what happens!”

  13. I hope they go modular–with Glock’s aftermarket and following they’d make a killing and due to my my weird hands a modular Glock that could accept third party grip modules would be the only way I’d buy a Glock again. I love the design of the Glock’s internals and how it operates but I’m not going to carry something I can’t use well. :/

  14. By definition, perfection can only have one “generation”. It wasn’t perfection with gens 1-4, nor will it be with gen 5.

    • Nonsense. Gaston Glock is like an Austrian Chuck Norris. He has taken perfection and made it more perfect!

  15. Either Glock makes the Gen 5 with a modular trigger pack (e.g. P320 and Honor Defense) or they are flaming idiots.

  16. My only Glock is a Gen 2 Glock 19 I bought new. Looking forward to the new Glocks myself and may tempt me to buy another one. The Glock 19 size/weight/capacity/performance makes it the perfect high capacity 9MM CCW pistol for me.

  17. All you chodes crying about what gen 5 Glocks “better have or else” are hilarious lol. I highly doubt they’ll suffer if you don’t buy one.

  18. I mean I know what they were going for in the graphic…

    But it looks like a glocknade going off in its case.

    Not the best idea guys.

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