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Gun blogger and Boomershoot originator Joe Huffman captured this image (and the one after the jump) of a Glock 34 handgun that exploded at yesterday’s Lewiston [Idaho] Pistol Club Steel Challenge match. Handload? Of course! Other than that, TTAG is investigating . . .

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  1. Not all cars. Just the Ford Windstar, which probably combusted spontaneously out of shame.

    Obviously, this is a man bites dog deal. I'd fire any Glock any day of the week and a thousand times on Sunday. Still, it happened. The truth hurts. Well, the guy holding the pistol, anyway,

  2. Actually, that Glock looks better now than it did before.

    I know Glocks are good, but do they have to make them so damn ugly?

    • Yes. Form follows function. Also, the Glock may not be a beauty queen but it's way prettier than the ungainly looking Springfield XD that many Glock-haters seem to favor. Not that it matters, of course, the Springfield is another form-follows-function design that works just fine.

      • I'm afraid that "form follows function" has become cryptospeak for "I know it's coyote ugly, but it works." Is there some obscure law that Glocks can't look great and work great, too?

        The form of the Ferrari follows its function and it looks awesome. The Glock works great and it looks like a farm implement. That's not what I expect from a gun that calls itself "Perfection."

  3. So the frame cracked behind the barrel? Interesting. Of course, anything mechanical will break/fail if subjected to enough stress. Seems like the slide stayed on the gun, though, so it "failed safe." I'm not going to sweat shooting my Glock, particularly since I swapped out the .40 cal barrel and magazine for 9mm versions.

  4. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With that being said, I love my Gen 4 Glock 30. The older Glocks-not so much.

  5. The glock barrel with polygonal rifling will cause an extreme amount of lead fouling if used with unjacketed bullets, and the manual says that unjacketed ammo shouldn't be used. Did the shooter replace the glock barrel with one that has normal rifling, or did the reloads have unjacketed bullets? I'm just wondering if he took a known risk with the idea that he would clean the barrel often enough so that the lead fouling wouldn't get to the point of causing unsafe pressure levels.

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