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  1. And of those very few, how many would even feel remotely capable of employing a firearm in what amounts to a crowded coat-closet full of innocent bystanders and aviation fuel? Pick me! Pick me! And Massad Ayoob!

    I understand your concerns. I think its odd that cops can't routinely even carry on planes (only those that take a class about how to get through an airport with firearms and have a note from their chief that they are on duty). Allowing cops to carry would provide 2 million free air marshals. Hmmmm, on second thought, how well trained are they?

  2. How many states require shooting proficiency as part of their CCW test/application? How many require gun-retention training? How many require force-on-force combat simulation?

    The answers are few, none and none, respectively. But forget that; how many of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia are thusly qualified? And of those very few, how many would even feel remotely capable of employing a firearm in what amounts to a crowded coat-closet full of innocent bystanders and aviation fuel?

    And would Mr. Beck feel the same about CCW holders who happen to be Muslim? What about dark-haired adult males with Islamic-sounding names? Like Masad Ayoob?

  3. Full disclosure: I do some freelance work for Glenn Beck. And while I get what he's talking about here and see his point, I think there's a better way to handle this than letting every Tom, Dick and CHL holder carry on a plane.

    Does your state have an "endorsement" system on your driver's license? You know, where you're have a standard license, but you add an endorsement to be able to operate a motorcycle, or a multi-axle truck? Why not extend this logic to CHL-land?

    You could have a special training course (which the CHL-holder would have to pay for) that would involve extensive training, funhouse work, simulations, lectures on what happens when you depressurize a plane at 20,000 feet, et cetra. To qualify to even TAKE the training, you'd have to agree to undergo psychological testing (to weed out the guys who just wanna go a Dirty Harry on someone, and so forth) and the obligatory criminal background check. The endorsement would have to be renewed with testing every couple of years, otherwise you'd lose it (but not have that affect your CHL). I'd say ANYBODY other than a Sky Marshall that wants to carry should have to go through this kind of training, in order to carry.

    Of course, I'd also like to see mandatory training for pilots and flight attendants, giving them the option to carry if they like. Think about how much less crap a flight attendant would have to take if you had to worry that they were packin.'

    My OTHER solution to the problem is one that I think Richard Branson could successfully pioneer. I call the concept NAKED AIRLINES.

    Instead of going through security with your valuables, you strip in a private room. You separate your clothing and personal effects into one container, your carry-ons into another. They check your clothing/effects for you and give you a claim check, along with a complimentary terrycloth robe. They screen your carry-ons six ways o' Sunday for any problems and hand 'em back.

    You fly wearing the robe. Instead of "First Class," "Business Class" and "Great Unwashed" they divide the plane into "Rich/Powerful or Hot," "Well-off or Attractive" and "Ugly on a Stick."

    When you land, they take you to a private cubicle, hand you your things and you dress and leave. You get to keep the robe.

    When everyone is near-naked and nobody has a weapon, the only things we have to fear are fear itself, unscreened freight, checked bags, and the TSA's full-body cavity searches.

    Then there's be the Hugh Heffner spin-off – NEKKID AIRLINES. (The difference in 'naked' and 'nekkid' as anyone from the South knows is 'naked' means you are unclothed. 'nekkid' means you are sans-clothes and up to somthin' naughty.)

    Think of the possibilities. Well…think of them in the "Hot" and "Attractive" sections…thinking about the Ugly on a Stick section might put your mind's eye out. (Mental floss! STAT!)

  4. I think the airlines should pump nitrous oxide into the cabin. That'll keep everything all safe and tranquil.

    Any other stoopid ideas, Glenn?

  5. My thought on airline safety is to issue all adults who want one, a nice solid knife upon entering the aircraft. if 25% of the passengers had knives they could shred any hijackers. Dry cleaning bills for all the blood should come out of TSA's budget for not stopping the whacko(s) from getting on the plane.

  6. For the record, I'll take my family on any flight where either Masad Ayoob or the Rabbi or both are present and armed (as long as they're loaded with Glaser Safety Slugs!) There are *some* among us with sufficient training to be an asset in a skyjacking situation, but the average CCW holder is more of a liability than an asset and so is the average police officer.

    But I do like the idea of 'crowd-sourcing' our airline security against hijackers. Blunt and edged weapons are not successful hijacking tools unless ONLY the hijackers have them. If the passengers have them too, an attempted skyjacking will devolve into a bloody melee resulting in several dismembered hijackers.

  7. So we lose our Constitutional right to be free from having our “junk” squeezed by a govt drone, get to watch our wives groped too and then can only exercise self-defense when in an area without people who might get hurt in cross fire just to travel on a plane.
    The way I look at it I would rather all good guys fly armed and risk the incidental cross fire than sit helplessly while fanatics fly me and mine into the Pentagon.

    Live free or die. More than a sound bite?
    Seriously, if I can’t carry around people and fuel I cant even go to the quickie mart. If you buy into average law abiding citizens not being “sufficiently” trained to carry in situations we know are risky, where can we exercise our rights? I love the rank and file police officer but they can’t be where we need them when we need them so we need to be able to protect ourselves.

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