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GLENN: Dateline Washington. The Commerce Department is halting exports of most US-made firearms for 90 days, and reviewing its support of the country’s biggest gun trade show to ensure such backing does not undermine US policy interests. Steps that could slow two decades of growth of gun sales abroad.

We go to Stu…Burguiere. Our analyst on guns. And regional gun expert, to tell us what he thinks, the government is actually doing here.

STU: Well, Glenn, guns are evil. And they should be banned. And they not only should be off the streets of America. But be off the streets of the entire world. The sales, of course, also, help gun companies, and improve their businesses. And since we want them all to go away, and the Second Amendment to be destroyed completely. We do not support these exports.


GLENN: Today on the Daily. The government banning gun sales. It could only harm the gun companies. Today, we talk to gun enthusiast Steve Burguiere. About what the lack of guns means. In his life.

STU: Do you ask a question. Or do I just start talking? I don’t know how this works.

GLENN: No. You just start talking.

STU: But you didn’t ask a question.

GLENN: I just said you were a gun nut.

STU: Guns help protect people from, you know, lawless mobs. That, you know, the left continues to empower.

GLENN: So you’re insinuating that black people on the street, or brown people, are lawless mobs.

STU: I said nothing about anyone’s skin color. Why are you?

GLENN: We’re the New York Times. I think we understand what you’re saying, gun nut. Racist. And that’s all the time we have.

STU: I didn’t get a chance.

— Glenn Beck in Is This What the Government’s 90-Day Firearm Export Ban Is Really About?

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  1. Never gets old how tolerant liberals consistently perform on the word association test.

    thug = black person!
    mob = group of black people!
    drug dealers = black and hispanic people!
    gang members = black and hispanic people!
    low income housing = black people! (keep them off our island, hispanics too)

    Always good for a laugh.

    • Get your words straight Jack! Hispanics and African-Americans don’t know how to get online. Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids. Clap for that, you stupid bastards.

  2. Over 40% of the supply in European, Australian, New Zealand, and South American Civilian Firearms Markets are US Made.

    This move by Dear Leader Biden is about choking off those supply lines and logistics, especially in Europe in wake of the October 7th Pogrom Terror Attacks on the Jewish People of Israel.

    Civilian Gun Ownership was already gaining steam in wake of that Ukraine War.

    The Eurocrat Pigs can’t tolerate that.

    • I knew reloading components and ammo were fairly big over there didn’t know we had much in the way of firearms let alone lat level of market share. Neat.

      • As I mentioned when this came out I can get locally made projectiles, firearms and brass but after some “interesting” government and corporate decisions I can’t get any primers or powder made in Australia anymore.

        Firearm wise I have a mix of Australian and five other countries with the majority being from the USA.

        Local gun shops are similar with about half USA then the rest of the world.

        • Weren’t you of Oz directed to declare and turn-in to your Euro socialist overlord for destruction all those evil things several years ago?

        • Can you still buy priming compound and a good punch, hammer, and hard surface? ……….or strike anywhere matches sucks but can work especially with something like trail boss where the less than exact primer charge is less of a problem.

    • The US market is where almost all of the development in small arms is happening. The Europeans are a distant 2nd with everyone else just making clones of various quality. Export from the US is profitable because everyone knows we make the best and if you are going to bet your life on a firearm the best you can get is what everyone wants.

  3. The ‘Gray Lady’ aka supported,,, he whom must not be named in 1930’s Germany (he was purging an unwanted religion don’t you know) it’s for the ‘Greater Good’. Oh and those pesky self reliant individuals across Ukraine & Russia that needed purged 1932-33?, the ‘Gray Lady’,,, well nothing to see there either, it’s for the ‘Greater Good’.

    I’ve an inclination to believe if this place goes to ‘Hell and a handbasket’ (maybe a ref. to the French and the revolution) the ‘Gray Lady’ just has that track record.

    • They all did. The same corporate, media, political and academic groups who fawned all over Hitler back in the day are still fawning all over fascists today.

      The entire Ivy League has been a fascism think-tank for over a century and “IBM and the Holocaust” has been replaced with “The Greatest Capitalist Who Ever Lived”, a book about how IBM made all the greatest things possible for everyone.

      I’m loving it. All the lefties I know are at each others throat and just yesterday one was going on about far-right attacks on Jewish people since the Hamas attack. I raised my eyebrow and said “far-right? You sure?” Later that day she was pale and wouldn’t talk to me.

      This whole thing has made for some great crow-eating entertainment. Of course none of this will change the party they support like a vital organ and they’ll contort their ideology any way they must to make genocidal antisemitism seem like the “good” thing because god-forbid they ever not support the party.

      • So, it is only liberals, progressives and other left wing extremists committing crimes against jews in the US? Ok.

        • Nothing is ever only one way. Don’t be stupid.

          But just like the rise in reported hate-crime against Asians during COVID the primary culprit of the day is not who the media would like you to think it is.

          Unless progressive demonstrations and ivy league universities are suddenly full of right wingers.

        • Ok 95%.

          Just as the MSM prog meme of a couple years ago about a spike in attacks on Orientals. The leftist wanted you to assume was “rightwing militia”. NO, the attacks were/are by BLM types. As the case for many years. A spike? maybe/maybe not.

    • Most U.S. Progressives / Democrats / Academics were very supportive of what was evolving in 1930’s Germany. Read William Shirer’s book “Berlin Diary” for a journalist’s stark and candid view of the events and politics in Germany from 1930 through 1940. The number of prominent U.S. diplomats, politicians and citizens who supported Germany’s solutions to their economic woes was high. Many of them expressed the sentiment…”well, you can’t make the perfect omelette without breaking a few eggs.”

      The world witnessed the birth of the “Big Lie” during these years and modern U.S. Democrats are using Germany’s playbook (almost) in it’s entirety.

      Shirer was one of the first (and last) true journalists. Even back in the 1930’s he didn’t have much good to say regarding the NY Times and their political bias.

      • Why wouldn’t “progressives” support authoritarian left wing governance (fascism communism results are about the same) as to taking it on Operation Paperclip and various later MK projects are a fun read.

        • woke’ism … James Lindsay speaking at the European Parliament (in Europe woke’ism is also an issue.)

        • Maoism (as in Mao Zedong) – how the left wing wages “dialectical political warfare”.

          “The Left moves operationally and according to a battle logic known as “dialectical political warfare.” The dialectic is the operating system of the Left, and it works by marrying a truth to a lie. Political warfare is a method of conducting warfare in which political means are used with hostile intent to get an enemy to behave in a desired fashion—propaganda is a great example. Perhaps the greatest dialectical political warfare tactician in human history is the monstrous figure of Mao Zedong, Communist dictator of China until his death in 1976. His tactics and cultural revolution are a testament to the fearsome and destructive power of dialectical political warfare, and they’re happening here in America and throughout the West today. Where Mao claimed to be employing “Marxism-Leninism with Chinese characteristics” in China, the “Woke” and environmental “Sustainability” movements we face in the present … Maoist Marxism with American Characteristics.”

        • James, I’ll watch that later. Of course it was a lie. I assume they mention that only pieces of the video were released in the beginning so they could whip the country into a frenzy (based on lies). Blood is on their hands. The ensuing craziness ended up taking mostly black lives, both directly, as a result of the mostly peaceful riots, and indirectly, as a result of the Democrat push to pull back from law and order.

          As usual, the Left ends up hurting the people they’re pretending to help.

        • That’s an interesting detail proving what I’ve said since the beginning. He should have brought up the fact that the entire video wasn’t released until the crazy 2020 BLM nonsense was well underway. I bet most people don’t know that Floyd said he couldn’t breathe and that he ate too many drugs before anyone’s knee was on him. They had him in the car. Floyd didn’t want to stay in the car. It wasn’t murder. It was a sloppy arrest. Floyd was a dead man after he ate the evidence when the cops showed up.

  4. I remember when Glenn Beck. An outsider who moved to Texas, was terrified of open carry in that state. Now he seems to have changed. Those 2A history lessons have had their effect.

  5. But, still too cowardly to call it what it is … islam/moslems. A “mob” of what?! Call it what it is!

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