Sen. Dianne Feinstein
Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. (Hannah Mckay/Pool via AP)
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The next Director of the ATF must be committed to enacting policies that will allow the agency to fulfill its mission to protect communities and combat gun violence. We need someone with experience in firearms and domestic terrorism who is prepared to take decisive action at the ATF. We urge you to nominate a director who will: 

1. Implement regulations to stop the proliferation of ghost guns. 

The ATF has wrongly determined that critical federal and state gun safety laws, such as background checks, do not apply to “unfinished” frames or receivers that can be easily converted into functioning firearms. Ghost guns are untraceable firearms constructed by individuals using unfinished gun components and are often sold as easy-to-assemble kits that are completely unregulated. ATF estimates that approximately 10,000 ghost guns were recovered by lfeaw enforcement in 2019. Likewise, in Washington, D.C., three ghost guns were recovered by police in 2017, 116 in 2019, and by December 17, 2020, over 280.

In 2019, a 16-year-old student at Saugus High School used a .45-caliber handgun that was assembled from unfinished gun parts to shoot five of his classmates, killing a 14-year-old boy and a 16-year-old-girl. The ATF should clarify the definition of a firearm to include any frame or receiver that is designed to be part of a functioning firearm, or could easily be turned into one; 

2. Issue a new regulation clarifying which gun sellers must get dealer licenses and run background checks.

The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act requires anyone “engaged in the business” of selling guns to obtain a federal license. The current regulation defining this term is vague and has allowed private individuals to illegally sell dozens, or even hundreds, of firearms without life-saving Brady background checks or oversight.   

For example, in 2018, Thomas Caldwell, an unlicensed gun dealer in Wisconsin, sold a handgun to a four-time felon that was used to kill Cmdr. Paul Bauer, a police officer in Chicago. From 2015 to 2018, Mr. Caldwell had posted 202 ads for gun sales. In Odessa, Texas, a gunman, prohibited from purchasing firearms, used weapons he bought from an unlicensed firearms dealer to kill seven people and wound 25 others. The ATF must strengthen the regulation and clarify the number of private sales an individual can make before the seller is “engaged in the business” of selling firearms; 

3. Modernize, strengthen, and prioritize oversight of the gun industry. 

Tens of thousands of guns are trafficked into cities and into the hands of criminals every year. These guns can enter the illegal market through a variety of channels. The federal government must create the standards for regulating the gun industry. According to the most recently available data, a small percentage of gun dealers are responsible for the overwhelming majority of recovered crime guns, yet the ATF frequently allows these businesses to continue transferring firearms to the public without repercussion. The ATF must take steps to crackdown on bad apple gun dealers such as revoking licenses from dealers that consistently break federal laws, revising its internal standards for taking action against negligent Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs), strengthening the application process to obtain or renew an FFL, and increasing record keeping requirements.

Moreover, the ATF’s compliance inspection system for the gun industry must be reformed. The ATF only inspects an average of 7 percent of FFLs per year (including only 12-13 percent of gun dealers, pawnshops, and manufacturers), and rarely takes serious action against those FFLs who have consistently and seriously violated federal firearms laws while transferring guns; 

4. Ensure public transparency by disseminating robust statistical data. 

Since 2003, the ATF has cited a narrow interpretation of federal appropriations riders, known as the Tiahrt Amendments, as a restriction on its ability to share data on crime guns. The ATF must clarify that the appropriations riders do not restrict the Agency’s ability to publish or release aggregate data on crime guns and gun trafficking;

5. Update critical reports and develop new ways to affirmatively share information about gun trafficking and the source of crime guns.

The ATF annually publishes its Firearms Commerce in the United States report, however, since the 2001/2002 edition this report has only provided information on the firearms industry and ATF’s regulatory role. Previously this report included detailed aggregate data about how firearms are diverted from FFLs to the illegal market, information that is invaluable to researchers and lawmakers. Additionally, the ATF has not updated its gun trafficking report, Following the Gun: Enforcing Federal Laws Against Firearms Traffickers, since 2000. This report reviewed the agency’s trafficking investigations and their dispositions by prosecutors and courts. This report should be reissued annually and updated to include aggregate data on ghost guns; and

6. Require FFLs to notify the Department of Justice every time they complete a gun sale where a background check has been initiated but not completed to ensure the prioritization of completing background checks where a sale has been made.

Ensuring that federally prohibited individuals are not armed must be a top priority for law enforcement. While most background checks are completed instantly, approximately ten percent of checks require additional time to complete and three percent are delayed more than three business days. From January to October 2020, there were over 450,000 checks that weren’t completed within three days, and it’s possible that the total number for all of 2020 may be closer to 600,000. However, federal law allows these sales to proceed after three business days without the completion of a background check, allowing some individuals that are prohibited from purchasing a firearm to obtain a weapon. This loophole, called the “default proceed,” and now known as the Charleston Loophole allowed an avowed white supremacist prohibited from owning a gun to purchase a firearm and kill nine Black parishioners at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Our nation’s gun violence epidemic has struck our schools, churches, families, and communities.  We need a strong leader at the ATF who understands the extent of our nation’s gun violence epidemic, is committed to ensuring that dangerous individuals don’t gain access to firearms, and will take steps to combat the rise in gun violence in our country. Our nation cannot wait to take action, and we urge you to quickly nominate an ATF Director who will attack this crisis head on. 

— Senator Diane Feinstein et al. in a letter to President Biden

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    • Got my best high-steppin’ dancin’ shoes on and holdin’ my bladder just to dance and piss on ole Diane’s grave. RBG….check. Will be takin’ water pills for Pigloosi and Slummer.

    • Maybe soon. As I recall I have read reports that Di Fi is observably suffering from Alzheimer’s much like Mr. Biden so my first question is did she really write this letter or did a surrogate? If so why are we being ruled by the unelected?

      • She’s worse than Biden. Do they both take the same Alzheimer meds or just both chant ‘Hail Hydra’.

    • 5th Great Grandfather, Revolutionary War. Blacksmith ,and Gun Maker. he didn’t register any guns either.There’s no provision in our Constitution give government, or Legislators, or any agency they create the ability, the right, to infringe in any way on our individual, natural, inalienable,civil right to own and bear arms!
      Everyone needs to raise holy hell with Feinstein and any official who tries to felonously deny our Right To Own And Bear Arms! Everyone better quit relying on somone else to stand up object and shout down these Communists!

  1. Could shorten that POS document up considerably by just saying-New director needs to do the bidding of the current anti gun administration regardless of constitutional issues! There, fixed it for ya!!

  2. SENILE Geriatric Gun Control Crusader Rages On Against Americans’ Second Amendment Rights….

    there, fixed that headline for you.

  3. Diane rants radically from behind the safety of her team of ARMED security.

    In the midst of the leftist euphoria of their supposed victory, now is the time to set the stage for the elimination of NFA and all subsequent federal firearm laws including the closure of BATFE and termination of all BATFE employees.

    Work in your local district to find real constitutional conservatives and prepare to either primary or promote a new crew in Washington, D.C. This radical swing toward communism is going to cause a prompt and extreme rejection of those leftists! We must get to work now!

    • In early 2023, that should all be possible under cover of the several and sequential impeachments of Joe and the Hoe, Nancy and Chuck, et al. They have made clear that all that’s required is a one-vote majority in the House, don’t need a reason or even a charge. I’d suggest one impeachment a week for 2 years as a starting point, spread them around to House, Senate, SCOTUS, let everybody join the fun.

    • In her mind, she wasn’t just elected to govern. She thinks, and therefore knows, she was chosen to rule!

  4. It is already against the law to criminally misuse any firearm no matter if it is old, new, homemade or factory made. Apparently criminals are not getting the message. And Jim Crow Gun Control Zealots do not want criminals to get the message when criminals are a component used to chop away the 2A.

    Criminal misuse of firearms and the rights of decent people are 2 entirely different subjects. They are not to be mindlessly combined so a bunch of demented gun hating scumbags can have their way.

    • Because leftists truly believe the solution to a problem is another law, regardless of how many laws are already broken.

    • Just Lefty/Socialist politicians tryin’ to protect themselves from American Patriots “keeping and bearing” those scary black assault weapons. There, boys and girls, is the Xiden Gun Violence Plan in a nut shell.

    • Debbie W – it is a criminal act to commit any crime regardless of what tools may or may not be used. Period – there, I shortened it up for ya.

  5. Actually number 2 is a good idea. There is no fixed standard right now and their should be. Maybe with certain exceptions , like for an estate , but an actual rule that goes through comment AND can be challenged in court should be made.

    Of course an actual standard written out would limit BATF and allow court challenges so they are against it.

    As far as 6 goes how about the ATF just sends the denial and then the FFL responds IF a transfer took place. This makes the most sense because 90% of the hold proceeds will be non prohibited persons.

    • Number 2, like the rest, is clearly an *infringement* on RKBA. If we think it may be helpful, we would be suggesting implementing it by means of a FUCKING AMENDMENT!!! Anything else is attempting a backdoor coup, violating everyone’s oath to protect and defend.

    • Hmm, must already be a law for Number 2, since Caldwell was convicted of selling firearms as a business without a license, and is probably still in prison…

      The best way to clarify the issue would be to repeal the law, not pass another or write more regulations.

  6. D. feinstein said: .” Modernize, strengthen, and prioritize oversight of the gun industry. ”

    No Diane, We The People need to “Modernize, strengthen, and prioritize oversight of elected political officials/POTUS/VP ,Senators, Congress personell who break and ignore their sworn oath to uphold the US Constitution and Bill of Rights or who try to enact laws that/ignore/try to reverse the US Constitution and/or support, fund, bail out of jail, supply legal aid to anarchists and seditionists, and members thereof, such as BLM and Antifa.
    And oversee that those who break said oath and laws are tried in a court of law, convicted and sentenced to face the death penalty for their crimes with no appeals allowed.
    The electric chair, public hanging and the firing squad should be the choices.

    I’ll vote for it faster than Joedolph Biden signs an Executive Order too. Once that is done you and your ilk will line the trash can of US History.

    • The problem she perceives is clearly a lack of adequate staffing at the NICS counter, preventing prompt evaluation of an application. Please observe, the Federal government has 537 elected employees, if each one ponied up $10 a month we could hire one more low-life to fill a slot. So, DIFI, how many are you going to sponsor? My guess is none, the old bat has stayed in office for decades with absolutely no accomplishments other than publicized shouting about GUNZ!!! But she has not given up her armed protection, probably not her concealed carry permit, impossible for normal people to obtain in either D.C. or CA.

    • Her driver does not have to be much of a spy, she is on the CCP payroll and probably earn it every day.

    • I was going to bring that up as well.

      This old witch has been on the disarm train since she was first elected. She, like many others, believe they can disarm Americans with votes. Go ahead and try, we ain’t Europe or Central/South America.

  7. “We need someone with experience in firearms and DOMESTIC TERRORISM.”

    That’s the new excuse going forward for authoritarianism. It’s really in our best interest for them to save us from ourselves. They’ll keep us safe. They promise.

    • Yep.

      Knock knock –
      – who’s there?
      The BATFE ! Our sources say you supported Trump. As a “domestic terrorist”, we are here to confiscate all of your firearms.

    • Reminds me of the national media hysteria about right-wing militias in the ’90s.

      It’s basically the same thing, just with a different, improved term of opprobrium (“domestic terrorist” is much more flexible in application than “right-wing militia”). And this time, the government has far more power to abuse.

  8. She’s a pathetic hypocritical treasonous bitch. I wish I could post the meme here that I have of her and the statement she made when confronted over the fact she has a concealed carry permit while she’s trying to pass a law to outlaw handguns. Stated; “One day Americans will know their place, and realize they don’t have the same privileges as us.” She’s nothing but a dirty knee and sore back SKANK that should’ve been taken out years ago as she has sold out our rights and protections every chance she had for her own benefit and accomplishments. True enough I would love to watch her hung by her scrawny treasonous neck and left to rot in full public view while praying that her soul burns in Hell for all eternity. Her entire bloodline can follow and share her same fate as well as everyone else that shares her decrepit mindset.

  9. “confronted over the fact she has a concealed carry permit while she’s trying to pass a law to outlaw handguns.”

    The same could be said for the hypocrites that want a carbon tax when they’re the biggest individual carbon emitters on the planet. That tax won’t bother the people pushing it like John Kerry and Bill Gates. However, it will crush the hard working middle class that can’t afford it.

    • That is the idea. The goal of these people is to totally impoverish all except the privileged class, to the point they are dependent on the government for their dinner tonight. Totally subservient, begging for crumbs from their massas. If you look at their actions, nothing else can explain them. They are ACTIVELY trying to destroy America. Not stupidity, but evil.

  10. TLDR; I already despise her and know she will never change and she will always hate the people of the gun. FDF.

  11. Have you ever noticed that we’re being ruled over by our very own version of the Politburo?

    So many of our erstwhile “leaders” are doddering, cranky, senile octogenarians.

    • Yes, and I’ve noticed as the older I get I’m not as sharp as I used to be. I wonder about these 100 year old leaders and their mental capacity.

  12. I’m not ragging on the dead cop in Chiraq but Bauer ran after homie UNARMED. Homie had a loaded Glock. Duh…this ancient harpy can rail all she wants. Civil War 2 in focus😕

  13. Soon, sudden destruction will come upon these corrupt rebellious officials along with associated calamities of justice. We have to bring this war with china’s useful idiots to a quick close. Hope you are all prepared to endure it.

  14. You’ll notice that DiFi never goes to New York anymore. Something about Cuomo and old women gets her spider sense tingling.

  15. Feinstein forgot to add in her letter that she’s also demanding a new IRS director that will audit her and her billionaire husband. They’ve gotten stupid rich since she’s been in the Senate representing her interests rather than those of the people and State of California.

  16. None of this bullshit is necessary nor a good idea. Whoever thinks so is an absolute idiot. The whole damn NFA is absolutely unconstitutional and any person in office that so much as thinks it belongs in our society needs to be hung for treason.

  17. She is really hurting collectors. Even those with a class 3 FFL have to transfer though a class 1 FFL in Ca unless you also have even more expensive license from Ca. The small time collector is screwed. Buying a case of rifles, keeping the best and trading off the lesser examples puts you on a list as an unlicensed seller.
    Collectors of any mass produced item have been doing this for years and these laws keep us from our passions.

  18. Would someone take her out to the field and put her out of OUR misery? She should be rolled into the Home by now. Damn Traitor.


  20. Well hell, shes just about regulating ever gunm right away. I thought elected officials took an oath to protect the constitution?

  21. “We need someone with experience in firearms and domestic terrorism who is prepared to take decisive action at the ATF…”

    One wonders if she realizes that she just requested a ATF director to be selected on the basis of being a domestic terrorist who is proficient in at least one aspect of firearms…

    • That’s how I read it too. Can we nominate the Qanon Shaman from the great “insurrection” of 2021? I’d like to see that.

  22. This woman is almost as ignorant as Sheila Jackson. For one, the ATF Director has no authority to implement gun control regulations. That is solely in the purview of Congress.

    • They don’t make laws, but they can make regulations. 80% receivers aren’t a law — they’re a regulation of what is considered receiver, as is the definition itself of frame or receiver. She thinks the definition of “engaged in the business” is ambiguous when it’s been used to convict people of dealing without a license for years. I bet the examples she gave were even charged as such. It has nothing to do with the number of guns sold — it’s whether those guns were purchased or made with the intent of selling them for a profit, so making even one gun to sell needs a license. Flipping a gun during this period of heightened demand is also dealing since you bought the gun with the intent to sell it. Manufacturing multiple guns, not firing them, and selling them shortly after making them are all evidence of intent. It’s funny then that she wants the ambiguous “designed” and “easily turned” definitions for unfinished receivers. That’s not an unfinished receiver — I manufactured and marketed it as a novelty paperweight or to make non-functioning facsimile guns, so obviously no “designed” to be a gun. It’s not my fault somebody else made a jig to convert it into a firearm — they could have done that for a rectangular billet.

      • 80% also involves rulings. If there are 2 80% receivers and one has markings for where pin holes would be drilled, it’s beyond the 80% threshold.

  23. I am all about regulations. Let’s start with term limits. Anyone who doesn’t like term limits is a white nationalist right wing terrorist.

  24. I am thinking of starting a crusade against spoons. Do you realize how many people accidentally gained excess weight thanks to them? Or how many fewer people are able to be loaded into planes or how seats and wheelchairs and so on are having to be redesigned thanks to the effects of spoons? Or how they cause deaths, think of all the lives shortened due to the effects of spoons, and how they are disproportionately affecting black, Hispanic and Native Americans. Fewer would be overweight and suffering from health problems if spoons were banned or regulated. Why should restaurants be allowed to place them on tables so people can helplessly scoop up excess calories from ice cream and other evil fat delivery devices? Why are people being allowed to possess them in their own homes? Where are MDASA or Everytown for Spoon safety at? There should be outrage at the effects caused by allowing anyone to possess or use a spoon without training or permits.

    And don’t get me started about the left click on computer mouses. There needs to be a law passed that requires anyone pressing one needs to have a permit or training to do so. That would reduce the amount of garbage spewed here and other places. If a law was passed that banned or regulated use of them you would not of read this drivel.
    That alone should be reason enough to do so.

  25. I guess the DIY stores will have to stop selling certain sizes of iron pipe or get a FFL and put serial numbers on them. And do background checks before selling them to people to make a slam fire shotgun.

  26. Grab your knitting and Joe, go sit on the porch and mind your business! You were irrelevant for 100 years, you still are!!!

  27. “According to the most recently available data, a small percentage of gun dealers are responsible for the overwhelming majority of recovered crime guns, yet the ATF frequently allows these businesses to continue…” – #3 of DiFi’s list

    Where is this recently available data? How small of a percentage of gun dealers? If it’s that small and creating an ‘overwhelming’ majority of recovered crime guns, then wouldn’t it be just as easy to post the names of these dealers? Feinstein, why don’t you just pick up the phone and call it in to the ATF asking them to investigate? Seems like that would be a quick and easy fix.

  28. OK, lady. You have a lot of complaints, but I hear NO real solutions!
    From your own rants you have proven that criminals simply ignore laws already on the books.
    YOUR SOLUTIONS are the Same old – Same old: “Let’s make more laws.” This then puts the burden on the people legally trying to follow the laws, make a living, protect themselves and their families. YOU WANT TO TIE THEIR HANDS AND CONTINUE TO MAKE THEM DEFENSELESS AGAINST THE CRIMINALS.
    It sounds to me like you would prefer we live under a totalitarian government like the old Soviet Union, or Communist China.
    OUR FREEDOMS COME AT A PRICE. Every time our law makers lay on more restrictions, we lose some of our freedoms in the name of “security.” BEFORE you go that route, I suggest you take a really close look at history, starting with Ancient Rome and their abuses, and continuing from there.

  29. So-called ‘representatives like Dianne Feinstein, Charles Schumer, and Shiela Jackson Lee are irrefutable proof of the dire need for TERM LIMITS.

  30. Biden and his administration are moving towards legislation to remove firearms from Hispanics and Blacks who own firearms to protect themselves and their families against criminals, and this is racism. Whites are also included in this legislation in order for liberals in government to more easily justify their actions and to cover up their racism against Americans of color. Rather than enforce the laws against criminals in our society as what should be done to eliminate crime, the Biden administration is using crime to justify making firearms illegal for Hispanic and Black Americans to cover up their racism.

  31. Omg take cars away car accidents cause more deaths,take away alcohol, they kill way more innocent citizens than firearms.
    Look at how well gun control has worked in mexico,Mexico, they have gun violence under control right,it worked great in Chicago, and New York all the criminals have no access to fire arms right?

  32. Feinstein is a demented old liberal who should no longer be allowed in Congress as her mental facilities are highly suspect. I also have no doubt that she DID NOT write that letter. I also rather doubt that Biden could understand it! Gun ownership and possession is a Right according the the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution and can ONLY be removed if so many States wish to remove it. That will not happen so they cannot legally seize your firearms, period. Besides, who is going to take them? Cops? Nope as they also have their own personal firearms as well as their friends and family. The Military? No again and for the same reasons. I am not worried about the Government taking away my right to own or possess firearms.

    • @Jim. “Feinstein is a demented old liberal who should no longer be allowed in Congress as her mental facilities are highly suspect.” This is also the case when it comes to Joe Biden…

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