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The surveillance video above was taped inside the Sanford, Florida police station. It shows George Zimmerman emerging from a police car the night he shot Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman’s attorney Craig Sonner has asserted that Martin broke his client’s nose and left the neighborhood watch captain with a gash on the back of his head. “I think the video speaks for itself,” the Martin family’s attorney, Benjamin Crump, told “You don’t see any broken nose. You don’t see any blood on his head. You don’t see any stuff on the back of his clothes. You have to ask . . .

why did this police chief, state attorney and now this acting police chief conspire to protect George Zimmerman for killing this unarmed teenager?”

Alternatively, you could ask if the surveillance video—taken after Zimmerman received first aid with ABC’s GD logo obscuring Zimmerman’s face—is clear enough to prove anything. And wait to hear if Sanford police took photographs of Zimmerman’s injuries.

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    • From about 1:05 to 1:07 as he turns his head, you can see a pretty big gash as the light shines on his head.

        • Also you see an officer clearly look at the back of his head.
          And you see him swoon and then backup to the wall for support.

          Again media distortion like MSNBC’s cutting up of the 911 call to make him sound like a racist.
          “This guy looks like he’s up to no good … he looks black,”
          911 transcript
          ZIMMERMAN: This guy looks like he’s up to no good, [begin ellipsis] or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.

          911 DISPATCHER: Okay, is this guy, is he white, black, or Hispanic? [end ellipsis]

          ZIMMERMAN: He looks black.

  1. Questionable at best. Looks like someone wanted to obscure the origin of the video. At about 0:34 you can see part of the date stamp which is curiously cropped out of the video and to my eyes appears to say “DEC” and not “FEB” which would be the correct month for the incident everyone is chattering about.

    • I’m not able to see any date time stamp anywhere even around :34. I must be losing my vision.

      • Lower edge, left half. Almost directly below the mid-screen ABC news logo. On my screen right now it is shown in the still selected to represent the video before pressing ‘play’. I’m guessing that this version was filmed hand-held watching the source video on a monitor given the way what should be a date stamp briefly moves into and then out of view.

  2. That man is in handcuffs. I thought zimmerman was never detained or arrested on that night. Soooo, yeah, this doesn’t look right.

    • I agree. Clearly this is doctored because the media has repeatedly asserted the cops failed to do their job and he was never arrested. Seriously, if being brought in to the police station in cuffs isn’t an arrest then we have a curious definition of arrested.

      • The media has also been using a mugshot from a prior, unrelated arrest (that he was never convicted for) in their coverage, so if he was never detained on the night Martin was shot, and the date/time is cropped…

        • I’m suspicious enough of this video to think it is from that prior, unrelated arrest. If that is even Zimmerman in the video…

    • Whoops. I just read the publicly released report. He was placed in handcuffs, odd. But at least the facts match up.

      That same report says an officer did see blood on his nose and back of his head though. And that he WAS treated at the scene. So if the officer was telling the truth about placing him in handcuffs, he’s probably telling the truth about the blood.

      • Thank you very much! Finally someone else in this world takes the time to review the actual legal facts instead of the scuttlebutt. For everyone else: no you do not need to be “under arrest” to be cuffed or detained. Law enforcement can detain you for hours without arresting you, which is what they did while writing up reports and presenting them to the prosecutor. Yes, he received first aid at the scene and “police determined he was fit enough to ride in the squad car”. This video is inconclusive at best. There is no way you can see damage to his nose in the video … it is not close enough nor is his head in the correct position. It appears that there is a scar or injury to the back of his head. I’m just so fed up with idiots reading WordPress blogs and calling that “news” and that it is a legitimate source of information.

        All of the official reports are quite clear what transpired and if you really think the police are doctoring and covering up then you have really lost your minds. The police department clearly did everything by-the-books.

        As for Martin’s parents … if they had done their jobs as parents he would have been home in Miami doing his homework and not at his dad’s in Orlando serving a suspension from school. They are as much to blame, if not more, for their son’s death than Zimmerman.

        p.s. for the others stating Zimmerman was so much larger … Martin was significantly taller, younger and more athletic. At 6’3″ he would have had a major reach advantage and leverage over an out of shape 28 year old who was overweight and a mere 5’9″

    • Police have the right to detain you for questioning, without you being arrested. They have the right to handcuff you as well, with out arresting you.

    • Charlie, et al,

      The police report available at the City of Sanford website states that Zimmerman was cuffed at the scene, treated by SFD paramedics at the scene and then transported to the station for questioning.

      There is nothing in the Florida statue that prevents the police from restraining someone suspected of a violent crime in handcuffs, and nothing that prevents them from investigating an alleged DGU. Only after the police make the determination that the gun use was actually a DGU is the person released. If the police determine that the circumstances and evidence do not support a DGU, the suspect can then be arrested, detained in jail and charged with a crime.

      According to recent reports, the investigating officer wanted an arrest for negligent manslaughter, but the State Attorney said there was not enough evidence to justify an arrest. Where the SYG law does create problems for police and prosecutors is that if a DGU goes to arrest and trial and the shooter is found to be innocent, the shooter can recover damages from the city and state. This raises the bar for prosecutions of defensive gun use. The intent is not to cover up crimes, it is to make it less likely that clear SYG cases are not taken to trial for political purposes. The lady in Oklahoma that shot the intruders in her house IN THEORY could have to come up with tens of thousands of dollars to keep herself out of prison for doing the right thing (as Spike Lee would say) if the DA wanted to prosecute her and she would have no recourse even if found innocent at trial. The SYG law in Florida is intended to make that less likely.

  3. Based on this video, no he doesn’t (IMO) appear injured to me. It is curious that no date time stamp is running in the video. I would think that SOP as it is in police cars. It would seem far fetched that a defense attorney would make a statement that his client received a broken nose and other head lacerations, in a fight, if not true since there would be medical records to prove or disprove such a claim. I mean if someone gets their nose broke they go to the hospital where there are going to be filled-in reports, x-rays, and other documentation, etc.

  4. At the 0:50 mark, the cop looks closely at the back of Zimmermans’s head. Interestingly, the damn ABC banner is right over his head at that point, obscuring what the cop is looking at.

    At the 1:00 minute mark, there’s a clear shot of the back of his head. No real injury visible there.

    • It’s not just you; looks the same to me.

      By the way, having a shaved head really does make head injuries pretty visible. Had my head shaved a few months back and I took a really nasty hit to the head in a car accident after getting rear-ended from stuff I had in the car flying around after the impact. Wife made me wear a hat for awhile to hide the injury, it was so nasty looking…

  5. Going directly to the ABC site where the video is located, I pulled off the following news piece below by ABC:

    Trayvon Martin Video Shows No Blood or Bruises on George Zimmerman

    “The initial police report noted that Zimmerman was bleeding from the back of the head and nose, and after medical attention it was decided that he was in good enough condition to travel in a police cruiser to the Sanford, Fla., police station for questioning.

    His lawyer later insisted that Zimmerman’s nose had been broken in his scuffle with 17-year-old Martin.

    In the video an officer is seen pausing to look at the back of Zimmerman’s head, but no abrasions or blood can be seen in the video and he did not check into the emergency room following the police questioning.

    Zimmerman was not arrested although ABC News has learned that the lead homicide investigator filed an affidavit urging Zimmerman be charged with manslaughter. The prosecutor, however, told the officer to not file the charge because there was not enough evidence for conviction.”

  6. Since when do police departments release “exclusive footage” to the media anyway. SOP so far has been to release everything publicly.

  7. If you watch the video from about 1:03 on until he walks out, you can see a gash just below the crown of his head when the lights reflect off of it.

    Hard to get much out of this video though.

    • Cry me a river. Since when does initiating a confrontation with a child who then gives you a very mild ass-whupping give you the right to kill him? That’s called a pussy where I’m from.

  8. TRUTH!!!! He picked a fight with whom he thought would be an easy win, got dat ass WHUPPED and needed a gun to save HIS ASS!

    • Where did that come from? You got some evidence for that?

      OH! Sorry! My sarcasm detector is running a little slow tonight. I get it now. 🙂

    • Rich,

      You need to do us, well actually the whole country, a favor. Stop whatever you are doing and contact your local FBI field office immediately as you are apparrently the only other human being on earth who knows exactly what happened aside from George Zimmerman.

      Thanks for your help.

    • I usually post here as Rich.

      I’d like to point out that the above poster is a different person.

  9. After a wipe and celox or equivalent, you aren’t going to be able to see anything much in a video like that. I laugh at this kind of hanging onto and imaginatively second-guessing every publicity stunt the networks or the family conjure.

  10. If you read the police report, Zimmerman was handcuffed at the scene while his weapon was secured. Promptly after, EMTs gave first aid. I would say this falls in line with the police report. Doesn’t prove anything that the Martin lawyers should shout about.

  11. The ABC banner is in the same place it’s always in. No big conspiracy there.

    The cops don’t appear to be wearing gloves, so there’s probably no blood on Zimmerman at that point. Not that that tells you anything.

    A lawyer buddy of mine found the way they treat Zimmerman odd. No one’s on his elbow, they let him get behind the officers @ 11sec. But again, that doesn’t really tell you much if anything.

    I’ve spent some time in a dojo and got punched really hard in the head in an attempted mugging and to me Zimmerman’s not moving like a guy who just received a life threatening beat down. I just can’t see someone who’s had their head bounced off the pavement moving like that. But, maybe he just has a really hard head.

    I don’t think this tape tells you anything. But, it does help the TV people sell soap.

    • That is something that was brought up in a thread on therightscoop dot com, the lack of blood on Zimmerman. It was raining that night so that may have contributed to the lack of blood on Zimmerman’s head and clothes.

      Wouldn’t the police have taken photos of him at the scene?

    • Correct the tape shows nothing. However,

      You stated that, “A lawyer buddy of mine found the way they treat Zimmerman odd. No one’s on his elbow, they let him get behind the officers @ 11sec. But again, that doesn’t really tell you much if anything”.

      They are parked in the detainment bay in the police station. When someone is brought in there are a series of doors. The interior doors are not opened until the exterior garage doors are closed. This is the ensure a secure environment and prevent escape. Just like a prison. You cannot go through one set of doors until the one behind you has been closed and secured. They had him in the secured detainment bay so it was clear that he wasn’t going anywhere and in handcuffs was no imminent threat.

  12. I take it you hold posts that have profanity in them? You are always preaching about ammendments and whatnot, so please, insert *flame deleted* into my previous post where profanity was used, and get it on the board. That is, unless you don’t want to be criticized, and delete the posts that do so in an overt manner.

  13. Clearly, in this video, Zimmerman is among fellow chubby guys with crew cuts. Members of his tribe. Everyone knows that crew cuts lead to flawed thinking and aggressive behavior.

  14. 1) The stamp in question isn’t showing the date, where it looks like DEC, it’s actually REC. 2.)Look at the tag number on the cruiser, can you make it out? Neither could I! How the hell can you tell if there is a laceration on someones head if the video isn’t clear enough to see the letters and numbers on a car tag? just sayin…

  15. Why’s everyone convinced that this is George Zimmerman?

    ABC news is claiming that is has exclusive police surveillance video. This isn’t a surveillance video, it’s appears to be a cam shot of a monitor showing the feeds from mounted cameras in the garage and intake areas. And the time code is obscured, so you know that isn’t not the source video.

    Also Zimmerman was reported to have been wearing a red and black fleece, but that appears to be a red leather jacket with black leather arms.

    Now maybe it is Zimmerman, but based on other turns in this case, I’ll wait until the Stanford PD confirm that fact.

    • Hell, everybody is convinced that the pic of the kid with the middle fingers is Trayvon. It isn’t. And even if it was, so what? I can tell by his demeanor that he wasn’t in any type of life threatening altercation. The first detectice on the scene wanted to charge Zimmerman, but was shot down. And the people that blame the parents for their son’s death are poor excuses for human beings. I used to love this blog, but now when SHTF people show their true colors. Disgusting.

      • Here in Florida, receiving a mild ass-whupping from an unarmed child you are hassling don’t get you the right to kill said child with firearm.

        • I love your name are you a Primus fan?
          What if the teenager that was serving you said beat-down grabbed at your gun? Would you shoot him if you felt like he would beat your ass and shoot you with your own gun?

          • I never took guns to fistfights when I was at that age. You either won or lost without resorting to taking a human life. That’s for pussies.

            • But how do you know if a life would be taken? I had a highschool friend die because he hit his head on the curb. He and his best bud were just horsing around drunk one night and it got out of hand. Straight left, he fell, he died.

              Would you take the chance? I wouldn’t. Call me a pussy all day long. At least I can hear or read it.

            • I had a friend who was horsing around with his buddy outside a bar. They got serious, a nice punch was thrown and a dude had his brainstem severed by a curb.

              Would you bring a gun to that fight? Would you rather have your principals and be dead?

              How about just not fighting in the first place?

              Fighting is for pu#sies.

              • Buuurr: My email to your log-in address bounced. Anyway, it’s not the language that’s hanging-up your comments. The spam filter doesn’t like your nic: too many “u”s and “r”s. So . . . you keep writing them, we’ll keep releasing them.

              • Any you could get hit by an asteroid tonight. Are you saying your 2 buddies should have jus shot each other first?

              • “Not Too Eloquent says:

                March 29, 2012 at 11:20

                Any you could get hit by an asteroid tonight. Are you saying your 2 buddies should have jus shot each other first?”

                No. I am saying they should not have been fighting with each other to begin with. One is dead. The other was locked up for 5 years for killing someone he loved dearly. Good times! Another round!

        • Not too eloquent seems to take a few liberties with the law, natural law at that, and uses the under 18 status of Martin to make a point.
          The point is their 6’2 little boy messed with the bull and got the horns. If there is a message in any of this it’s that the next time that hoodie you are wearing makes you feel like a tough guy then you might get more than you bargained for.
          I’m expecting Booby Rush to submit a bill protecting Hoodies as a sacred piece of clothing covered under the civil rights laws.

          • 6’2″? He must be a modern Achilles. Imagine how threatening my 6’5″ dad must have been at 17. Oh, he weighed 160 . . . scary.

          • I’d agree with you except the bull went after the boy, not the other way around. Boy was minding his own business. What happened in the ring is immaterial to the bull leaving his pen. Bull needs to stay in his truck and wait for the po-po, not play Rambo. I don’t defend the bull just because he has a CCW and boy is black.

            • “Not Too Eloquent says:

              March 29, 2012 at 12:20

              I’d agree with you except the bull went after the boy, not the other way around. Boy was minding his own business. What happened in the ring is immaterial to the bull leaving his pen. Bull needs to stay in his truck and wait for the po-po, not play Rambo. I don’t defend the bull just because he has a CCW and boy is black.”

              Hearsay. We don’t know this for sure.

              You talk of asteroids as if being in a fight means someone is unlikely to get injured.

              All this talk of bull is reminding me of the term ‘cattle’.

        • At some point the gun came out, either drawn by Zimmerman or Trayvon from Zimmerman’s holster. At that point, what was a fistfight became a gunfight.

          The fact that the police wanted an arrest for negligent manslaughter suggest to me that Zimmerman may have been struggling with Trayvon for the gun and the trigger was pulled, e.g., “It went off.” Accidentally shooting someone during a fight over a handgun certainly sounds like a negligent discharge, and if the person with the GSW is dead that sounds a lot like a negligent homicide to me.

          Another clue that there may have been a struggle for the gun is that the chamber was empty with a full magazine. This is consistent with a mis-feed, and while it is legitimate to say, “Well, it’s a Kel-Tec, what do you expect?”, other possible causes include retardation of the slide or partial release of the magazine due to hands on the firearm during a struggle.

          There is more heat than light on what went on that night.

  16. When you get a cut of any significance of the scalp you get staples not stitches. Cuts on the head bleed a lot, so much so that it actually appears the wound is worse than it truly is.

    A fractured nose can be considered a broken nose by some, especially to a lawyer. A completely broken nose will generally bleed quite a bit.

    Considering the description of his injuries he should have a visibly bloodied shirt and jacket for sure.

    None of these things are visible in the poor video.

    • Generally I would agree with you but I have been in self defense for a number of years and I have seen some wrecked noses. Yes, they bleed a lot. But that doesn’t mean the blood HAS to fly everywhere. I’ve seen guys and girls sustain nasty cuts and wounds to the head and neck area and not have a drop touch their Gi. I have also seen those nasty bleeding wounds covered and cleaned in seconds and staunched within minutes. The good thing about the face and head bleeding a lot is that it scabs a lot faster, of course. So by your same observation his wounds could also not have been so visible with proper care. I have also seen what you described as well but really both are very plausible.

      I will wait for someone on a podium to tell me what went down.

  17. Approaching this film snippet as a forensic review only and not arguing who this is or when it was recorded, I would only make the case that it is very unlikely that the person being detained was or had been injured. This is due to the fact that none of the police officers appear to be wearing gloves, which I firmly believe they would be if there were even the remotest possibility that there would be any bodily fluids on the body or clothing of the detainee.

  18. I guess that some folks were expecting to see arterial spray pumping out of the head wounds on Mr. Zimmerman as he staggered around uncontrollably. On my last trip to the ER, I walked in under my own power, and calmly produced my I.D. and insurance info before a nurse basically forced me into a wheel chair. I had fallen down a flight of stairs and smashed my face on impact at the bottom. Docs were taking bets on how many bones in my head were fractured. So I look at the video and see a guy under poor resolution walking slowly as directed by officers and I have no reason to think he is injured or not injured, the video just does not offer any decent views. I was able to walk as well as he is and I ended up in a hospital for 3 days and a rigid neck brace for 30 more days, so any speculation on how badly he was injured is nothing more than speculation. I would sure hate to be diagnosed based on what we can see in this video, even if each and every one of you was a doctor specializing in emergency medicine, but that is apparently what Mr. Farago is asking us to do. My answer is I can’t say either way, due to the poor quality of the video and the distance it was shot at.

    • I’m with you, Bontai. I was T-boned in 2004. Smashed from the side, my head smashed out the window. My nose hit the steering wheel. My sciatic nerve was severed in my right leg from the seat belt. I had whiplash. I had a wrenched spine…

      I got out and asked if the drunken lady and her friends who hit me were okay and went home. The next day was a trip to the hospital because I was wrecked and could hardly see from the migraine and injuries I had.

      I helped the ladies out of the car though and walked around like nothing had happened.

      No blood. I had glass in my head and hair and some in my shoulder. No blood.

      Severed nerve but no bruising.

      A back injury that nags me just a little this long after but at the time required accu and a injury guy at the gym but the ladies were leaning on me as I helped the three of them from the car.

      If I were on video they would have had me as a witness and I would not have gotten to win a case against a drunk.

      • Endorphins and adremaline are a wonderful thing. They can keep you functional for quite a while despite significant injuries. I fell off a ladder and powdered my left distal radius in 2009, tore my skin open from the trauma. I noticed that I had a new joint (not good), checked for other injuries, stood up and asked for a towel to catch the blood and a wheelchair because I didn’t want to pass out on the way to the ER, I’m too big for most people to carry. I had a little tunnel vision and got fairly woozy, but never passed out, my goal was to get an IV and some morphine on board before the endorphins wore off.

        My wrist never really hurt, despite requiring a plate and nine screws to fix. The fact that someone is not visibly staggering is a function of the time since the incident and a number of other factors, I wouldn’t read too much into this video.

  19. Had the Sanford chef immediately announced that “a suspect was taken into custody for questioning” (which is different than being arrested), and that he’d requested an arrest warrant but the DA had decided instead to convene a grand jury right away, the chief would still have his job, the racial arsonists would be back at home picking lint out of their navels and this wouldn’t be the huge media event that it’s become.

    This is a perfect illustration of the Cascade Effect. For the want of a nail, the shoe was lost . . . and you know the rest.

  20. According to the EMS report, the paramedics cleaned up Zimmerman.

    The ABC video shows Zimmerman AFTER he was cleaned up.

    • Did they wash his clothes, too? The way it was described that Zimmerman was being pummeled, suffered a broken nose, and shot Trayvon at close range, you’d think there would be more evidence of blood on his shirt since his jacket is red it would be difficult to see. I’m pretty sure that the jacket was not secured because one of the witnesses said he saw him with a white shirt on.

  21. There appears to be “something” on the back of his head, but since this is a camera recording a video of the surveillance footage, blowing up this image won’t do anyone any good. The questions I have are where is the blood transference from Martin on his clothes, and why isn’t the wound bandaged at all?

    Zimmerman alleges that he shot Martin while on the receiving end of a beat down, my question is if Martin was on top when he was shot, where is the blood transference? If Zimmerman was pinned down when he shot Martin in the chest there should have been some blood transference, if he was not pinned down (as is suggested by witnesses and the position of Martin’s body) then I don’t see Zimmerman’s story as acurate (Lawyer’s lie for the clients, so why would anyone believe Zimmerman’s Lawyer?)

    My question from this video is if that is a gash on his head, where are the bandages? I would expect a severe head wound (like one receives when his head is bounced off concrete) to be bandaged after a visit with the paramedics. Steri Strips, Butterfly bandages or even a 4×4 and some tape. This video shows Zimmerman without a scrap of sterile bandages. If there is some scrape on the back of his head it would have to have started clotting and healing itself enough for the paramedics to clean it with some alcohol and send him on his way. That would suggest the wound (if it i there) is not deep or threatening.

    Another lingering question that I have regarding the case, the body position of Martin. Martin’s body is described as lying face down with the hands underneath the body. Martin could not have been on top of Zimmerman when he was shot, Zimmerman would of had to roll Martin off of him to clear the body, and Martin would not have been lying face down with his hands under.
    There are two possibilities…

    1)Martin was on his feet with his hands in-front of his chest when he was shot.

    2)Zimmerman moved the body after he shot him.

    If he moved the body, where is the blood transference?

    • irock350;
      You are making assumptions with little to no evidence to support them.
      1. Not every case of a fractured or caved in skull will have a corresponding severely lacerated scalp, it may just be severely bruised and not every scalp laceration requires bandaging once the bleeding, if any has been stopped.
      2. No statement or evidence has been given to show just what positions Zimmerman & Martin were in when Martin was shot. They might have ended up side by side just as the trigger was pulled.
      3. Contrary to how tv shows, not every close contact gunshot will have blood transfer. Martin was wearing a hooded sweatshirt (otherwise known, initially in gang parlance & now widely used by the hip/chic crowds, as a hoodie) which could have prevented any blood transfer.
      4. The energy transfer from the bullet impact could have thrown Martins body clear of Zimmerman.
      5.You’re assuming Martin was killed instantly upon being shot when he could just have easily staggered off of Zimmerman before dying.
      6. This tape does show what “could” be a large stain on the left side of his shirt which “could” be a blood stain either from Martin of from Zimmerman.
      7. This tape does NOTHING to prove the extent of Zimmerman’s injuries. Only a detailed examination of photos of his clothing and him can do that.

      What this does do, since it is of such poor quality, is give the race-baiters & guilt-pimpers out there something with which to incite the ignorant & biased masses into a deeper racial divide where their inflamed emotions will cause them to see things which are not there.

      • Furthermore, skull plain films are negative in up to 25% of lethal intracranial injuries, this is well-known in diagnostic radiology, which is why we never recommend skull films for trauma. Not only do they not give very much helpful information, they can actually be misleading if you think you’re going to find trauma and do not but miss a subdural hematoma or subarachnoid hemorrhage that would be visible by CT. Bones break to absorb force, that’s what they do. Intracranial hemorrhage that is part of trauma that can be lethal, and does not require significant external wounds.

    • The prudent thing to do is to wait for the post-mortem, find out what the angle of entry was for the GSW and what organs were hit. GSW’s to the heart do not necessarily bleed like stink if the bullet damage disrupts the electrical activity and causes ventricular fibrillation. Literally, the heart stops beating. A bullet fired through the interventricular septum can completely destroy the electrical system and stop the heart from effective contraction in seconds. If your heart stops, the pressure to push blood out of your chest forcefully is no longer there. The faster your heart stops, the less pressure-driven bleeding there will be.

      This of course does not mean the GSW victim is completely incapable of movement, if your heart stops you have about 15-20 seconds of O2 and glucose in your brain before everything goes black. Treyvon could have pushed himself up off of Zimmerman in a startle response, there is no way of knowing.

      Your list of possibilities is incomplete.

  22. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought he wasn’t arrested/detained? Seems to me he’s in handcuffs at a police station, which sounds an aweful lot like being arrested.

    • You can see the officer look at back of his head..that is a nice size gash..officer also wipes his hands off in video after patting zimmermon down..I have a feeling officer got blood or something on him when he did it..

    • He was taken to the station for questioning in handcuffs. This is in the police report, available at the City of Stanford website.

  23. Freeze the video at 1:07 – you’ll see a head wound.. When Zimmerman bends his head down, you can see an obvious mark on his head. While gunshots don’t “blast” people in the air, Trayvon Martin was listed at 6′ and 160 lbs – thin and athletic. Even if hit in the heart, he’d have 14 seconds to react – long enough to instinctively leap away from the situation. (Unless hit in the head with the bullet, it’s not like the movies where you drop or stagger.) Ask any police officer or combat veteran. With regard to body position, I’ve been in some scraps that ended on the ground. To try to determine where the combatants were at any point in time is impossible. When you’re on the ground, you’re moving all over the place. Once Martin had him on the ground, Zimmerman did what you’re supposed to do when attacked – use every advantage and defend yourself with everything you got. If you don’t think a teen would attack an adult without provocation, come to my town, Philly. Black school kids attack people all the time. What the papers don’t say is these “kids” are frequently like Martin, 6’+. These “kids” are equal opportunity thugs and they’ll choose anyone they think is soft.

  24. Hey, does anyone know if there was powder residue on Martin? Has that information been released?

  25. Accidents and fights are two totally different things. There should be at least some type of blood stain on his shirt. He’s just a wuss that other wussies can identify with. I’ve fought with juveniles alot larger and stronger than Trayvon in my line of work so there’s no way you can tell me this is justified. The evidence of a knock down, drag out war isn’t there. Chris Costa said it best, “there is nothing defensive about firing on another human being.”

  26. Just want the case to be heard in a court of law. This is not too much to ask. Too many conflicting stories to Zimmerman’s account. He should not have pursued this young boy. Glad that more is coming out about his temperament- not looking good. Personally, I could care less one way or another because it is my guess that he’ll ultimately place the barrel of the gun in his own mouth and pull the trigger. The karma he has created is already a hell to be reckoned with. Justice ALWAYS prevails.

  27. U can sum this up pretty fucking easily people. And a lot of your ?’s could be answered simply of better police work had been done the night in question. We may never know of there was blood transference, gunpowder residue, etc., because some1 took the word of a self declared murderer as fucking gold. What we do know is that the racial comments were clear”fucking coons”, and he was told

  28. And he pursued after being told not 2. That throws self defense out the window 4 a defense. I wish Trayvon had a pistol and had shot his ass. I bet we wld b having a totally different conversation. He was being stalked by a complete stranger. I wldve ran 2 and when cornered then I wldve beat his ass 2. Difference is I wld be arrested, detained and probably convicted by now. I’m a black man .

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