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“One of George Zimmerman’s former colleagues at CarMax, where he worked in 2008, complained formally about the man who killed Florida teen Trayvon Martin, alleging serial hazing that lasted for months and included pranks and ethnic jokes,” ABC News reports. “When the salesman complained to management, Zimmerman denied the harassment.” And that’s about it really. Oh, you want context? Well, we are talking about a car salesman complaining about another car salesman—which is a bit like Bernie Madoff kvetching that a real estate broker ripped him off. A “sales associate” who says he rose above hazing to become a “top salesman.” Corroboration? Like any good salesman, the anonymous colleague has got that credibility thing covered . . .

“The guy was so convincing when he was confronted by management to the point where I doubted my own self. I would not be surprised if he got away with it [Martin murder accusation].”

“He’s got, like you say, a good poker face. Great poker face,” said the colleague. “That pretty much summarizes this guy’s personality. Great poker face.”

So even if Zimmerman says the anonymous Arab-American is lying through his teeth, Zimmerman’s lying through his teeth. And you can tell because you can’t tell. In fact (or a loose approximation thereof), Zimmerman “mastered the art of emerging as the nice guy to others in order to make me look like the unsocial type and out of place.”

Are you buying this? At least the inconsistencies are completely consistent. ABC manages to cram the main one in a single paragraph.

The former car salesman insists that Zimmerman, who was 24 at the time, was not a racist, but would do anything to gain the approval of his colleagues, chiefly harassing their new colleague with Middle Eastern jokes. He said the racist remarks hurt more than anything else.

A person who isn’t a racist who makes racist remarks. Riiight. Anyway, I’m intrigued. Who IS this guy?

Zimmerman’s former colleague asked that his identity not be revealed because he feared any association with the Zimmerman trial could jeopardize his family’s security.

Oh please.

And what, you may ask, does the dealership or the dealership’s mothership have to say about this on-racist racism? “CarMax does not provide information on internal human resources matters.”

Is this really the best that the prosecution can do in the form of a smear campaign? Or is this merely a car salesman who wants to have something to talk about with his customers before he goes for the jugular, so to speak?


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  1. And George is also a master of getting a bigger person to knock him down and bash his head against the ground just so he could shoot him.
    Right. At least Mr. Arab American won’t be on a jury.

    How about we ask our middle eastern decent man about his feelings towards us infidels, I bet he’s got some pretty good white guy jokes in arabic to tell.

  2. Soo………why the hell did I read this? What does this have to do with guns, or anything for that matter.

    • It DOES raise an interesting point FOR THE REST OF US…..

      IF you are ever in a defensive gun use, and any part of it is in question, then it opens the door for any of your past enemies to come out and get their revenge on you. Maybe Zimmerman stole this guys girlfriend, or “snaked” (a car sales term) a deal out from underneath out from under him…. and now Zimmerman is in the spot light, and this guy can add to the possibility of jail time.

      Makes me question who would come out of the woodwork if I were ever in the spotlight and about to go on trial.

      It IS relevant to the gun community and an angle I had not considered before.

      • We now know that George Zimmerman has worked the following jobs: car sales, insurance sales, mortgage brokerage… You don’t need to be an aggrieved former co-worker to guess that he DOES have a talent for sales, which would certainly lend credibility to the guy’s statement that Zimmerman is a smooth talker.
        As to “not racist, but makes racist jokes”, what the hell is so unbelievable about that?

        • Interesting perspective, but I would argue the exact opposite…he’s a terrible salesman, hence the job-hopping. He seems like he could be likable, but also capable of being F.O.S. if you know what I mean…I think the salesmans story lends very little one way or the other. I sum GZ up as a “selective racist” whose more of a bonehead than anything else…for the uninitiated, a selective racist is one who catagorizes blacks (or any race) as “good” or “bad”. Much like Ann Coulter who thinks right wing blacks are better than left wing blacks…many people make subconcious (and concious) distinctions like this, which is why GZ could tutor black kids, but also profile them as well…

      • Is the FBI and national media going to investigate you (or anyone else) like they are Zimmerman?

        • If I ever have to shoot a black guy? Probably. And it will will probably be even more vicious as they wont need to pretend that im white.

  3. It’s depressing because even though it seems fairly obvious this is a smear campaign, people will believe it. “I read in the paper that Zimmerman fellow is a racist”
    Everybody caught the media with their pants down and now they’re just making stuff up. I’m sure someone told them but no way did they do any diligence in fact checking.

  4. Getting ragged on as the newbie in a high pressure sales job is par for the course. In 30 years in the sales field you should have seen some of the crap I’ve seen. Sorry dude but if you can’t hack it get another job. It is part of the winnowing process to handle customers who can be much more irate. The company has no obligation to retain every person they hire. Fire him. Survive the hazing and you bond with the group. You learn to cope with rejection.

    Here is the letter that ABC posted. I would expect a more coherent letter from a 4th grader. I would have fired this guy just cause he demonstrated he can’t handle the English language.

  5. Actually, the right to bear arms, and any Constitutionally protected right, extends to any citizen, no matter what your opinion of them is.

    Oh, right, I forget we’re living in modern America where only one’s own protected class or political cronies/lackeys deserve rights.

    This guy just sounds like a scumbag with a chip on his shoulder making things up. Talk about a guy who really looks like Obama’s son.

  6. I was willing to give GZ the benefit of the doubt — but that was before I found out that he was a used car salesman.

  7. Meanwhile all of Trayvons internet posts are scrubbed clean and his history is being cultivated by PR types.

  8. Please, this is a bunch of crap. Most likely a news ploy to try and create more anti Zim ammunition. The media has already skewed peoples view for headlines (Yeah NBC, we still remember what you did) News needs to be REPORTED and not CREATED.

    And to the supposed “colleague”: grow up asshat, this is not some middleschool he said/she said BS to garner attention

  9. Hmmmm, wonder what he would have done if he had been subjected to some of the crap we went thru in basic training to a straight leg infantryman in 1981!!!!!
    And that was after we started being a kinder gentler army!!!!!
    What a wuss!!!!

  10. It took a dozen FBI agents and an army of local LEOs to unearth this single tidbit? I wonder how much effort went into confirming that the anonymous Arab-American car salesman is a pillar of honesty and not a bit of a racist himself.

  11. Any wonder that only 20% believe the MSM is factual rather than pandering to partisans .. while losing credibility / viewership of more of subscribers .. because that financial model is what hurt the print media in most of America .. opinion, hearsay, speculation are not facts .. to 80% of the people ..

  12. Seriously, must we defend this guy?

    Moreover, must we care what happens to him?

    This is a lose-lose situation for us. The 911 call sums up everything. He was told not to follow, he followed, and then he shot a kid. Maybe the kid attacked him first. Maybe he didn’t. Either way, he’s not someone we want to defend or associate with.

    • With information as freely available as it is, there is no excuse for being this misinformed. Assuming Zimmerman’s account–which is supported by the other evidence–is accurate, he is the poster boy for justifiable use of a firearm in self defense. Further, regardless of what actually happened, the case has made it nearly impossible for honest people to ignore the racist, dishonest lunacy of “progressive” thought. That’s a good thing, even if the price paid for the revelation has been disgusting.

    • Seriously, must we defend this guy?

      Only if you think he’s innocent.

      Moreover, must we care what happens to him?

      Yes. Defend him or not as you see fit, but caring about his fate is mandatory for every gun owner who carries. The same laws and process that are being applied to him apply to the rest of us.

      If you think that what is happening is justice, fine. If you don’t, we need to stand up and tell our elected officials there is a problem, because what is happening to him could happen to the rest of us.

      • Can you say the same for any of the IGOTD’s that are posted on this site? Why is it our right to defend someone who by all rights and his own admission went looking for trouble? He literally brought this on himself. It’s not the job of every gun own owner to track down every suspicious lead in your neighborhood, he went out of his way to do that. This is completely a lose-lose situation. This isn’t Joe Horn, or grandma defending herself from a kick-door robbery. GZ didn’t wander down that dark alleyway because he was on his way home from tutoring underprivileged kids. He was in that dark alleyway because he was following what he thought was an armed criminal high on drugs. This case is a dog for 2a, he is getting portrayed as a yutz in the media because he put himself in the situation. Instead of declaring this guy a IGOTD and moving on, everyone raised their 2a flag and rallied because that’s what the GOP, the NRA and Limbaugh told them to do in response the civil rights groups and the President coming out for Trayvon. If it wasn’t an election year this case would have been dumped, and Martin would be a leper.

        • I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it until it sinks in: If you have to lie to support your position, it probably is not worth your support.

        • “GZ didn’t wander down that dark alleyway because he was on his way home from tutoring underprivileged kids. He was in that dark alleyway because he was following what he thought was an armed criminal high on drugs.”
          I wasn’t aware that a dark alleyway was involved. Are you sure you aren’t just making sh!t up?

        • You’re going to argue the correct name for the space between a group of homes? So does calling it a breezeway, corridor, walkway, alleyway, change the fact that GZ followed someone he beilved was armed and on drugs or does using the correct term validate his tactically poor decision?

  13. Again, just because he carries a gun and is a concealed carry holder, rights that we fight to keep. Doesn’t mean we should be on zimmerman’s side. As I stated numerous times, the first rule in the book is “identify yourself”. This is done to calm the opposing side, and have them submit. GZ failed to do so on several occasions, he could have also kept a vest with neighborhood watch or security written on it in his car. It would have de-escalated the situation to some degree. TM would have treated him more like a wannabe rent-a-cop rather than a hostile stalker. Simply pure negligence on Zimmerman’s part, and lack of training.

    Also, i’m inclined to agree with this arab-american and believe him. Something exactly like this happened at my wife’s police department. Her coworker, a fellow officer, is a bully on and off the street and she tried to ignore him. He escalated and threatened her so she wrote a complaint. He played the nice guy, she’s crazy and horomonal, no such thing happened card. The higher ups swept it under the rug. Funny thing is, he’s already suspended for threatening another officer, he played the nice guy and they believed him.

    As to the author of this article with your comments. “a racist making racist jokes”, yes it happens all the time at my job, nearly an everyday occurance. What’s your point? And your “oh please”, what do you mean by that???????? This is a high profile case, if people are willing to donate $150k in money to an idiot vigilante just because he’s a fellow gun owner, wouldn’t you think people would harrass this guy and his family??? Being involved in this case would most definitely have some backlash.

  14. Carmax HR never truly investigates racial issues, and will always pretend they didn’t find anything. CarMax HR, they would have done a better cover up for 9/11 😡

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