Geno’s EDC Since 2017: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Geno from New Hampshire sends his “Current EDC since 2017” for comment.  From Everyday Carry.

Geno writes that he’s an office professional, meaning he probably drives a desk.  I can sympathize.

At the same time, he carries a lot of stuff.   A whole lot of stuff.

His carry piece?  A Ruger LCR.  I notice the 8 rounds he has stuffed into a Speed Strip for a reload.  Good deal.

The Kimber Pepper Blaster pistol?  Not so much.

Three knives, including a fixed blade KaBar TDI.  And a laser pointer, and a tactical pen.  For a flashlight, he carries a Klarus XT1A.  I just got mine a week and a half ago and it ROCKS!  Two thumbs up!

I think if he had more ammo, his collection of stuff might outweigh mine.

He writes this of his stuff:

Carrying EDC since 1985 maglite/sak
Carry these dailyCarhartt Cargo Pants
Focus on daily use needs and force options and same all year round carry ie can still open knives I carry with gloves

Comments are open:






  1. avatar Aaron says:

    Good Lord, that’s alotta crap.

  2. avatar WI Patriot says:

    All he needs is a change of underwear/socks and he’s good for a weekend getaway…

    1. avatar The Crimson Pirate says:

      A fellow could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.

      1. avatar Sean G./The Rookie says:

        Aw, ya beat me to it! 🙂

        Love that movie.

  3. avatar "keep yur hands off my dead guy" possum says:

    My EDC is a gunm a holstered, a pocket nife a wallet and a keychain with two keys. Oh I about forgot the Bic lighter and bag of tobacco. My wallet has an ID card, fishing license and $20.

  4. avatar daveinwyo says:

    That’s more stuff then I carry in my truck bag. Though my truck bag does have first aid stuff.

  5. avatar No One Special says:

    Maybe carrying all that crap is like wearing ankle weights. It adds resistance walking to and from the car every day to keep the midsection spare tire from over inflation. I am curious if he left the kitchen sink in his other pants since that seems to be the only thing that’s missing.

  6. avatar B.D. says:

    This is ridiculous. Even with cargo pants and a fanny pack, this is ridiculous.

  7. avatar Gunner says:

    3 knives but no medical, yep seems like most of the EDC tool bags I see online…

    1. avatar No One Special says:

      Adventure Medical Trauma Pak Pro First Aid with Quickclot and Tourniquet= black pouch next to the revolver holster.

      1. avatar guest says:

        What a dummy.

        1. avatar No One Special says:

          Someone calling Quickclot, tourniquet, gloves, tape, and trauma dressing medical supplies makes them a dummy? What do you call it?

  8. avatar OldProf49 says:

    Anytime I see more than 10-12 items listed for EDC, I wonder how many are really Carried Every Day. Gun, holster, reload, knife, flashlight, keys, phone, wallet, lip balm and cane/walking stick make my list and this feels like a lot at times. Sometimes it’s just gun, holster, knife, wallet, phone and keys. I understand the desire to include first aid equipment and built-in redundancy (2 is 1 & 1 is 0), but where should we draw the line between EDC and bug-out bag?

    1. avatar NM says:

      Good question… there is a line there somewhere.

      One thing I think some do not consider, though, is how easy it may or may not be for someone else to keep a bugout bag handy. Some of us have easy access to our vehicle or can stash the bag in a private office… others, not so much. I think bigger EDC “loadouts” can stem from this. I know I carry more on me when I won’t have access to a bag…

      The reality is that you only have what you can access quickly and having a bag full of stuff in a parking garage or 2 miles out in the parking lot really doesn’t do you much good.

      Also, just to get this off my chest: people should quit hating on what some other person chooses to carry. We aren’t all the same and if you are happy with your minimalist (or, I suspect in many cases, non-existent) carry, rock on, but realize that not everyone has the same needs or situation, k?

      1. avatar SoCalJack says:

        Some comments are constructive criticism and some sound like grumpy rants. IMO, I’d like to know, from those with personal experience, why my EDC items may or may not be as effective/functional and what they suggest would be a good replacement and why.

        1. avatar Sld says:

          This setup is yours? If it works for you, or someone else, that’s all that matters. I can say it is more than i want to carry on my person, or that I think to blades not including tools, one for each hand is plenty. BUT, that’s my comfort zone, this man’s experiences and situations are different.

          I tend to as others alluded to, carry a lot more every day, in a GHB, just a matter of differing choices in my pockets.

          Like the song says, whatever gets you through the night…

  9. avatar Widdler says:

    Damn! Go Go Gadget EDC! Even got the tabasco squirter.

  10. avatar Hannibal says:

    Hey, it’s Dwight Shrute. Gotta make sure you pack your tacticool pen with your tacticool lights and tacticool mint container otherwise you might not survive the trip to the gas station today.

  11. avatar Specialist38 says:

    357 LCR doesnt say if he loads with 357s or 38s.

    Mist carry it in a cargo pocket – based on holster and grips.

    Cant abide a pepper gun…..wasted ounces. Dump it and carry a 5 star speed loader.

  12. avatar Cloudbuster says:

    This more like a dump of my top dresser drawer, minus the socks and underwear.

  13. avatar Duke 357 says:

    I’ll bet he wears suspenders with his belt.

  14. avatar Mrs Lead says:

    Another fictional carry. With so many dishonest gun owners no wonder we have so many negative stereotypes.

  15. avatar Teddy says:

    Hahaha 5 knives (counting the two multitools)! He has as many knives as he does rounds in his gun ffs…

    Unless 90% of this is in a bag, there’s no way this is carried. And even if it’s in a bag, why?!? What possible situation would you need that 3rd 4th or 5th knife?

  16. avatar Will Drider says:

    Why does he carry less gun and more trinkets? Three knives plus two swiss knife gadgets!
    Just because you where cargo pants, it doesn’t mean you should be a pack mule with ill conceived priorities. Another ridiculous presentation.

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