Gen4 Glock 23 [Not Shown] Heading for Stores

For those of you who don’t clock Glocks, the Glock 23 is the compact version of the Austrian gunmaker’s .40 S&W ammunition-firing pistols. The fourth generation version includes interchangeable back-straps (an “innovation” that carried the Smith & Wesson M&P a LONG way). It also boasts a dual recoil spring to reduce recoil. (Clever eh?) To the same end, the Austrian gunmakers have strengthened the Glock 23’s frame. The other big news: new stippling on the grip that makes the grip grippier—but not as aggressively as the RTF2 treatment (law enforcement didn’t like it). I guess that means Glock perfection is now perfecter. More perfectful? And headed your way in a little over two weeks. TTAG will have a full test as and when we get our hands on a 23. But not before. Of course, you could buy one (probably retail around $560) and write a review for us . . .


  1. avatar doug says:

    The generation 4 glock 23 is the best pisot I have owned. More reliable than the g36 and as accurate as the shooter. Recoil is comparable to the 9mm HK P30 ….can't make it fail after 500 rounds. Conceals well and will bring those who didn't like the g23 or 22 back to Team Glock.

  2. avatar Ruben says:

    Doug, what ammo are you firing? I’ve read some of these gen 4s are having FTF and FTE troubles, but that it may be due to low quality ammunitions, and not the new design of the pistol. I’ve never owned a Glock, but have had my eye on a 23 for a while now. Curious to learn more about how these generation 4s perform…

  3. avatar GunTrooper says:

    Just picked up my G23 gen4 a few days ago and immediately went to the range to fire. Although most of my handgun shooting experience has been .40 S&W, it’s always been Sig 226 or Beretta 96D. This is my first Glock and I thought it was really good. Gun is much lighter than above mentioned models, yet the recoil is not any less manageable…. Accuracy is very good! I like the feel and the look of the gun, and it fits in concealment wonderfully (fanny packs, inside-the-belt holsters, etc…)

  4. avatar Sean W says:

    I’ve had mine for a while now…love it as I do ALL my Glocks!! GREAT pistol eats all ammo I have put thru it…NO ftf/fte ever,but I use quality ammo no crap low end dirty stuff…SW

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