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GEMTECH is one of the “big three” manufacturers of silencers (also in the club: AAC and Silencerco). And in general they’re known for quality stuff. They have to — their products cost almost as much as the guns they go on, require a 6 month wait and a $200 tax. Turns out some of their stuff wasn’t up to spec and GEMTECH has issued a recall. Check the letter they sent to our buddy FirearmsConcierge for more information (after the jump)…

Dear Gemtech Customers,

Gemtech has recently identified a few samples from a specific lot of 7.62mm suppressors that had incomplete weld penetration, and so in an abundance of caution, we are voluntarily recalling all the serial numbers from the affected lot for inspection and re-welding where necessary. We are firmly committed to safety and customer service and this inspection will be at no charge to our clients.


SANDSTORM: ONLY SERIAL NUMBERS S11-49511 through S11-49647

QUICKSAND: ONLY SERIAL NUMBERS S11-49353 through S11-49452 S11-49453 through S11-49495

HVT (Thread mount): ONLY SERIAL NUMBERS S12-51058 through S12-51097 S12-51100 through S12-51224 S12-51344 through S12-51377

HVT-QM: ONLY SERIAL NUMBERS S12-51225 through S12-51291 S12-51378 through S12-51431 S12-52669 through S12-52868

If you have any of these suppressors in your inventory, please discontinue use and immediately email or fax us* with your business name and an email or fax number so we can provide you with a pre-paid UPS shipping label and a Return Authorization form.

EMAIL: [email protected] FAX: (208) 939-7804 * Please do not call our Idaho Sales Office

Print out and fill in the form with your serial number and your return address information, and send the suppressor and cover letter at no charge using the UPS shipping label to the GEMTECH-Michigan factory address. (Do not send to any of our Idaho addresses.)

There is no need to process a Form 3 or 5 to send this to GEMTECH-Michigan. There is no need to change anything with the process of any pending Form 4’s if your customer has a Form 4 transfer already in process. We understand that this inspection comes at an inconvenient time and we are working hard to ensure that everyone receives their product back as quickly as possible. Gemtech assures you that we remain firm in our commitment to leading in providing superior service and safety to the suppressor industry, and thank you for your understanding and continued support.


Gemtech Staff


1) Why are these suppressors being recalled?

Gemtech identified several samples from this specific lot of suppressors that had incomplete weld penetration.

2) Are other Gemtech products affected?

No. Gemtech has carefully checked other items, as well as other lots of the above mentioned products to determine the scope of the problem. We are confident that ONLY the products listed and ONLY the serial number ranges listed are affected.

3) How long will it take to get my suppressor(s) back from Gemtech?

Turn around time from receipt of your suppressor at our Michigan facility should be about 2-3 weeks.

4) How do I check the status of my inspection/repair, or insure that Gemtech received my suppressor(s)?

Due to the volume of inspections, in addition to our normal production operations, we will not be able to respond to individual requests for status on inspection/repair. Please retain the tracking number from your return shipping label so that you may insure that Gemtech received your shipment at the Michigan facility. If you include an e-mail address on your Repair Authorization form, we will make every effort to e-mail you a tracking number when your suppressor(s) are shipped back to you. Please do not call for status updates as our Idaho Sales and Technical Support office will not have access to the status of your suppressors at the Michigan location.

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  1. If a silencer falls in the forest and there’s nobody there to hear it, does it make a sound?

  2. I was wondering how well the FRAM oil filter would work with an AK-74, and now I know: it sucks. After a few more rounds, that oil filter would have caught fire.

    • There’s a good reason he kept pausing.

      Sorry for the repost of the vid – I forgot it was TTAG where I saw it first. Halfheimers.

      • That’s the most redneck thing I’ve ever seen. And I’m from Kentuky. That’s saying something

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