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As I’ve said before (and will say again, no doubt) the SCAR is a bit of an ugly duckling. It seems like a ton of work was put into the internal gubbins, but when it came to visual design they threw it together in a weekend. From the chunky forend to the Ugg boot shaped stock, its not the prettiest gun on the range. But it can be. More and more companies are coming out with replacement parts for the SCAR, and Kinetic Development Group has recently released a stock for the gun that looks pretty damn slick.


First, a reminder of how the SCAR looks when it comes from the factory. That stock works acceptably well, but it just doesn’t look very good. Like I said, it more closely resembles an Ugg boot than anything else. There are replacement stock adapters out there already like the VLTOR Re-SCAR that will let you mount a standard AR-15 stock on the SCAR, but if you’re looking for a SCAR specific solution then KDG has just the treat.


The SAS SCAR Stock is a drop-in replacement for the original SCAR stock, and has most of the same features. The stock is adjustable for length of pull, and has a cheek rest that pops up to give you a better sight picture with higher optics. There are also some new features baked in as well, like a set of QD cups in the rear of the stock for your sling. It also folds up, just like the FN original.


The main difference between the original SCAR and this stock is that when folded, this stock doesn’t rely on anything to keep it folded. The original stock interfaces with the shell deflector on the rifle to stay folded, but this one just uses good old spring power. It makes the stock much easier to manipulate, and won’t wear anything out. Another benefit is in the chunkier hinge mechanism, which uses one large tooth instead of the two smaller teeth as on the original. I’ve gone through two SCAR stocks due to those smaller teeth breaking off with (admittedly heavy) use, and one chunkier tooth should do the job better.

There’s also some storage space in there for CR123 batteries. Which is nice.


What you’re really paying for is the style. The stock is a direct copy of the one on the Bushmaster ACR (formerly the Magpul Masada), which is fine because that’s a beautiful gun. Then again, beauty is in the eye of the gun holder, so your mileage may vary.

Speaking of appearances, the colors probably won’t match your gun. As I’ve said before, no two SCARs are actually ever the same color, so matching the stock to your specific SCAR might not be possible. This brings the total number of shades of FDE on my gun up to four, as even the magazine is a different color. Oh well, can’t win ’em all.


Out on the range, the stock feels solid as can be. Even on a SCAR 17, there’s not really any play and the stock just stays put. It works as you’d expect a stock to work, and better than the RE-SCAR to be honest. Its here that you notice another wonderful feature, namely the weight. The stock weighs in at 15.2 ounces, which is 1/4 pounds less than a regular Ugg boot style SCAR stock. Weight savings is critical on a rifle, and every ounce matters, but they did it in a way that doesn’t throw off the balance of the gun at all.

I’m running out of things to say here. Its pretty and it works. Uhh… We should probably wrap this up then.


Kinetic Development Group are a new company on the scene, but they are putting out some beautiful and functional pieces of tactical artwork. The only problem might be the price. At $299 a pop, these are actually more expensive than a Magpul PRS stock.

Specifications: KDG SAS Stock for the SCAR Rifle

Colors: FDE, Black
Price: $299 each

Ratings (out of five stars):

Fit and Finish: * * * * *
It feels like someone actually took their time to make this thing right, not that it was mass produced in a hurried fashion. I like it.

Ease of Installation: * * * * *
Slide off, slide on.

Overall: * * * *
The price is an issue. At $299 its twice the price of a RE-SCAR, and even more expensive than a Magpul PRS. There’s no doubt that the stock performs with flying colors, but the inner cheapskate is rebelling at the price tag. Come down $100 and you’re perfect, but up at $300 four stars is the best I can do.

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  1. Long time follower of TTAG, first time posting a comment. Im a huge SCAR 17 fan, in my humble former infantry opinion I think it is the best option for a 308 rifle that civilians can get their hands on. Its a rifle I can carry all day, It can reasonably hit what its pointed at and it is superior (in my opinion) in reliability to the AR10 platforms. That being said, when the rifle was released it needed more options (QD sling mounts mainly). The mag change is dumb and Handl Defense fixes that issue. The handgaurd is too short KDG, PWS and MI fixes that problem. The stock is terrible and now KDG fixed that, without adding the weight that Vltor did. I just got in the mail today a KDG scar stock that I installed on my rifle, really tight fit (needed rubber hammer love tap) besides that it feels better and stronger than the stock… stock. Will have to see how it holds up.

      • That’s the question that sparks the most debate about any weapon system. Most aspects of a firearm can be measured in way. Accuracy can be measured, weight, even reliability. But questions like “Best for the money” / “Bang for the Buck” can be debated, but cannot be measured. But best for the money can only be answered by the owner of the firearm, although opinions and suggestions are abundant on the internet.

      • Is the SCAR best for the money? No, it’s too expensive. Is it the best .308 battle rifle on the market otherwise? Absolutely. I’ve owned the big three .308s (FAL, M1A, HK91/PTR91), and the SCAR 17S beats all three hands down in every category but price, and maybe getting run over. Even AR-10s, with their massive improvements are either going to be either finiky, pricey, or heavy. Often, some combination of those.

    • J Dub, been issued a lot of SCARs by the military at this point, and can tell you that a SCAR is no way superior to a AR. Lets look at the evidence to begin with. The SMUs, CAG and DEVGRU do not use them. They stick to the AR platform, and one of them is looking to move away from the HK417 back to most likely a DI AR10. If the reliability of a SCAR was somehow truly better than a AR, than why did the Rangers drop the MK16 so quick, and SOCOM as a whole shortly after. The SCAR family was adopted do to a lot of screwed up reasons, but not one of them was it was the best rifle on the planet.

      • In a world where no one has to prove who or what they are I question the veracity of your statement. The AR10 can not be compared to the SCAR.

        • Your absolutely right. You can’t question the veracity of my statement. But you can ask yourself the questions I have posed. Why did the MK16 get dropped so quickly? Why did the SMUs never use the SCAR platform? Why do they still stick with a AR platform for both 5.56, 7.62, and 300 Blackout? The MK17 pretty much only had to be better than the MK14 at the time of its adoption, which is a pretty low standard to begin with. The platform has come a long way since it was first adopted, but it still does nothing better than a AR, other than a folding stock. And if anybody plans to buy one, at least wait to the Mod 1 comes out without the reciprocating charging handle.

      • So what your saying is because the Rangers don’t like the 5.56 SCAR the 7.62 SCAR isn’t worth buying? Also it is proven that the SCAR is more reliable than the M4, they cancelled the 5.56 SCAR program because they couldn’t justify the cost and I agree with the DoDs decision the 5.56 SCAR is too expensive for the benefits in the context of replacing millions of M4s that work fine.

        • Where do you get that the MK16 is more reliable than the M4? Cause its not. Thats why the Rangers dumped the MK16 and stayed with the SOPMOD M4A1. They got rid of them cause of large scale reliability problems. The current SOPMOD M4A1 crushes the SCAR platform. The MK17s only competition for the battle rifle position in SOCOM was the MK14. And the first couple of years that the 17s were fielded the MK14 was more reliable. And that is a pretty low bar to have to beat. The MK17 can’t beat any of the better built AR-10s on the market. Why do you think that none of the SMUs use the SCAR platform. Its a overrated platform. Yeah at this point they are to the point of being reliable and accurate, but they do not do anything better than a AR.

        • Here’s the results of the M4, HK416, Scar16 and Remington ACR. The M4 finished dead last in DOD testing but due to cost, it was deemed acceptable. Read the whole thing, it tells the history of adoption and end of support due to cost.

          here’s some cliff notes.

          The M4 Carbine is the Army’s existing weapon.

          ◾ 882 jams, 1 jam every 68 rounds, again using heavy lubrication. In addition all 10 of the M4 barrels needed to be replaced, and a number of their parts were replaced during the test. None of the cold hammer forged HK416 and XM-8 barrels needed replacement.

          The HK416 is a modified M4 carbine, which can be and has been converted from existing rifles. Used by US Special Forces.

          ◾ 233 jams, 1 jam every 257 rounds, 3.77x more reliable than the M4.

          FN SCAR is US special Forces’ new weapon, designed by SOSOCM. It just went into production in late 2007.

          ◾ 226 jams, 1 jam every 265 rounds, 3.85x more reliable than the M4

          XM-8 is a developmental rifle. It’s an advanced version of HK’s G36, a rifle in wide use by many NATO armies. The US Army cancelled the XM-8 weapons family 2 years ago.

          ◾ 127 jams, I jam every 472 rounds, 6.95x more reliable than the M4.

        • thanks John for putting a “wanna-be SF” keyboard warrior in his place, talking about you seans.

        • Seans has a major hard on for denigrating the SCAR. He trolls every major forum, firearms news aggregate, industry postings, etc. (i.e. places that haven’t banned him yet) with the same canned and tired line and no evidence to back up his claims. By now, the humor of it is getting old, albeit I give him credit for his lame persistence. You’d think by his petulant statements that a SCAR walked off with his wife or something 😛

  2. Hello, overpriced ACR stock… Bushmaster sales their ACR stock for $159. So, this company is basically charge $140 for the small, black hinged section that interfaces with the SCAR. However, if you paid what a SCAR costs, you probably have cash to blow anyway.

    • 140$ for a Anodized piece of Aluminum that nobody else is making. In the world of parts that isn’t too bad. Ar15 people buy PWS buffer tubes for 150$. Going back to the world of SCARs, Handl defense sells a similar hinge plate for 200$ that allows you to keep the original SCAR stock. I would say a pieces with a low production number like that should go for 150-200$. Small business needs to make money my friend.

  3. Nick, I’m so glad you put a SCARish stock back on your SCAR. I thought it was completely dorky to put an AR15 stock on a SCAR when the SCAR stock’s enhanced functionality was one of the feature advantages of SCARs over AR15s in the first place.

  4. I would love to replace my SCAR stock with this, but at $300 it makes it a tougher sell. Maybe in the future. Although for how much I paid for mine used, I would still be $300 under what a new one costs.

  5. Pray tell, what makes a SCAR so much better than say, a para FAL? Not starting a gun war but I’ve never understood the massive price difference vs value.

    • Well I don’t want to fight a gun war either, so ill tell you why the SCAR is more expensive.
      1. Newer than FAL, therefore less available parts and way few machines to produce them.
      2. More machine time to produce, more complicated and different parts.
      3. They sell fewer SCAR rifles compared to the FAL so they have to keep prices up to turn same profit percentage.
      4. People are spending the 3K to own them if not enough people bought them they would lower the price or halt production.
      5. Research and Development isn’t cheap, price is high to turn a profit on that one aspect of investment

    • Pick one up and take it for a ride. Three things sold me on it:

      1) It truly is as light as most M4/AR15s you will pick up. Every time I hand it to someone who hasn’t held one, they are shocked by its weight.

      2) Mine shoots MOA all day with brass Herters crap ammo. Call me a liar if you want to. It is seriously accurate. This drives my buddy with a PredatOBR crazy. (note: Buy a Vortex scope for it because people say they tend to destroy scopes, and Vortex will replace it forever for free. Otherwise buy something ultra nice like S&B or NF)

      3) It has the recoil of an AR15, at least with the stock muzzle device. It’s loud to others around you, but it’s a pussycat on the shoulder.

      Point 4 is too embarrassing to warrant its own point: It’s nice to have the same rifle you see in photos of bearded pixellated tough guys in Afghanistan.

  6. One feature of the new stock is immediately noticeable. The indexing for the extension length is external and now exposed to the elements, instead of internal on the OEM version. It seems like sand and dirt could catch in the indexed portion and end up jamming-up inside the extension mechanism. Could it be, that was the reason why FN decided to internalize the stocks extension mechanism? It’s all smooth, with no recessed index points that could easily collect sand and debris. Just a thought.

  7. I’m not a huge SCAR fanboy, but I just don’t see a substantial difference between this stock and the OEM one that converts the SCAR from an ugly duckling to sleeping beauty. They have similar profiles, both adjust for LOP, both have that shoulder thing that goes up.

    I guess I’d have to think long and hard before spending that much cash on a rifle that I’d then have to rebuild from the ground to make me happy. What’s left on that SCAR that hasn’t been swapped out? The barrel and receiver? I guess the new forend went on RF’s gun.

  8. I’m an Vltor SCAR fan, myself. It maintains the style, improves the storage, and just generally looks baddass.

    To each his own, I suppose.

    • Agreed. Plus thwapping someone in the head with an aluminum stock is more satisfying than with the nerfed Boot.

  9. I really want a scar. It’ll be a long time before I have that kind of disposable income though. If ever. Maybe by then they’ll sell a version with the better doodads on it. 🙂

  10. Or just buy an AR, trick it out however you want then take a vacation with the money you saved on this overpriced brick.

  11. Nick,

    What grip you running on your 17S?

    Any thoughts on swapping out to an Aluminum lower (Handl or Stryker)?

    • Magpul MIAD with the short backstrap is my current grip, love it. I’ve supposedly got a Handl lower en route, but its been en route for some weeks now and I’m afraid I may have been forgotten. Then again, I’m not particularly displeased with the original lower.

      • Thanks Nick,

        I had a Handl but sold it to a buddy as he got me a job. He had to do a little Dremel work on it to get the trigger pins to fit. I am wondering if others experienced this and how it measures up to the Styker Industries one.

  12. I have not shot a lot of 7.62 since WWVietnam but I had a lot of good experience with M-14 and M-60’s in that era and with the AR platform. I thought long and hard about the AR-10, M1A, and SCAR when looking for a 7.62 platform. Aramalite got the nod. Parts, support, reliability, accuracy, and cost were all considerations. The M1A was my emotional choice, but version I wanted was just too pricey, and the SCAR was way beyond me at the time. The AR-10 works well for me, A2 stock, 16″ SS Barrel, Inexepensive Redfield 3×9 scope works so far. Added ATI grip.

  13. I think I see more people talking crap about the scar than anything else and I don’t get it. I can only think of two reasons. The first being that they’ve never shot one. The second is that they can’t afford and therefore talk crap about to make themselves feel better about it. I personally like mine and will be getting another but this time it will be FDE.

    • I agree with you 100%.
      The constant reference to the cost of the rifle is mind numbing. If you can’t afford it get over it. I don’t hear the complaints from the people that actually own one or that have shot one.

    • I used to own a 17s and now own a 16s and don’t understand why people think they’re so great. My AR’s cost less to build, are more accurate and weigh less. I think it looks cool and bought them because I thought it was some badass king of the hill rifle from the way people talked about it, but I fail to see what’s so great about it myself. I’ll probably hold onto the 16s until prices skyrocket from politicians and the unload it. Not to mention this $300 stock is visually similar to the original, just uglier.

  14. As far as Kinetic Development products are concerned, they are nice enhancements, But their prices are a bit high for what you get. They are charging over $140 for an aluminum hinge. Their scar hand rail is Over $120 more than the one offered by MI. They are using 6061-t6 aluminum not 7075 which is stronger and more expensive to use.
    I like the products, and it’s tempting, but will wait for better pricing.
    Wish them luck.

  15. I have always asked the speaker complaining about the price of my weapon, how much the vehicle he drives cost. All to often that pretty much stopped the discussion as to the price of my weapon.

    Some folks question experience too. Well just tell me, how many confirmed kills do I have to have and how many Purple Hearts will qualify me? My guess is that I would qualify.

    Go figure.


    Semper Fi

  16. I personally love the look of the Scar and the original stock is part of it’s signature. Not to say it cannot be improved as far as functionality or additional features. Aesthetically I like the look of the original stock. I just got an FDE 17 heavy with a Geisselle super scar trigger and GG & G CH had already been installed. I added a Vortex 1-4X24 PST TMCQ MOA reticle on a Aero precision mount. I do have a vision of how I want customize my Scar.

  17. I know this thread is old but I thought I would comment. I recently purchased this stock and while it does make the rifle look better I find it unusable because the cheek riser does not rise up enough for me to get a good line of sight. I was hoping that if this was a drop in replacement that the cheek riser would be comparable to the original. Oh well.

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