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BlackPoint Tactical’s Mini Wing is an inside-the-waistband (IWB), thoroughly adjustable, all black, mostly Kydex holster. If BlackPoint sounds familiar, that’s because companies like FNH USA and SIG SAUER have hired them to make rigs for many of their guns. So what makes the Mini Wing worth the $85 price tag . . .

When I first pulled the Mini Wing out of the box I thought, “Oh look, it is just like a Comp-Tac CTAC!” I tested that particular holster a little more than three and a half years ago. While I admired it at the time, it wasn’t for me. Specifically, I was bonier back then and the Kydex shell dug into me something fierce. I was also only carrying at the 4 o’clock position at the time. Since then, I’ve put on a few pounds (all muscle, I swear) and moved towards appendix carry.


I will, on limited occasions, carry on my right hip.These days my preference when toting my full-size M&P is to have it pointed at my jiggly bits and my femoral artery. That said, I can still appreciate the finer points of carrying just behind the right hip. In this position, the Mini Wing really shines.

I’ve found that twenty minutes spent adjusting the Mini Wing’s cant and ride height results in a fantastically concealable carry rig, even on a full-sized gun. Within a few minutes, I had my M&P perfectly canted and riding just where I needed it. Even under a fairly trim collared shirt, the only way I could get the gun to print was by bending at the waist to get at the bulk cases of Topo Chico on the bottom shelf at the grocery store.


The Mini Wing spent most of its time outside its intended scope as a straight drop appendix rig. I talked to the BlackPoint guys about this. While they didn’t design the Mini Wing with appendix carry in mind, customers send them pictures of their holsters configured thusly.

In this role, the two points of contact on the belt make for a very stable platform that can be adjusted up or down an inch or so. I ran it on the lowest position for the photo above, primarily because I tend to hike up my trousers like my grandpa now. If you wear your pants a little lower, you can raise the gun a bit to keep it from digging into your thigh when seated.


Now that permitted open carry is legal in Texas, the Mini Wing is my preferred open carry appendix holster. First, I don’t really care about printing if the gun is right out there in the open. Second, as the gun isn’t pressed into the belly, it’s very fast on the draw. I put it on a shot timer against another holster I’m testing that is much better at concealment. The Mini Wing is consistently a tenth to two tenths of a second faster. Not much in the grand scheme, but it’s there.

The sacrifice: the gun prints like crazy. There’s simply not enough pressure from the holster to push away from the belt and into the belly. As such, the butt of the gun sticks out like a sore thumb. I wore a less tailored shirt when I was wearing this gun. Another trade off: shoving a piece of Kydex inside your pants means some discomfort vs. leather or neoprene. But at least your gun won’t be basting in your sweat and other juices and, again, your draw will be unencumbered by friction.


The Mini Wing is well-constructed. After months and months of everyday carry, only the very shiny inside parts — where I’d repeatedly drawn and reholstered while dry firing — showed signs of wear. Even after making all my adjustments with an electric impact driver, I was unable to strip any of the hardware or break anything. There are no rough edges, and the rivets around the leather portion are free from defects. The leather wings seem to be of high quality.

Overall, BlackPoint seems to recognize that asking $85 in exchange for a holster means that you have to hand over a versatile, comfortable, well built piece of kit. That they have.

Specifications: BlackPoint Mini Wing

  • Type: IWB
  • Adjustable: Yes (cant and ride height)
  • Materials: Kydex and Leather
  • Gun Models: Lots
  • Front Colors: ~20
  • Back Colors: ~20
  • Leather Colors: 5
  • Hand: Right and Left
  • Clips: Metal and Plastic
  • Price: Starting at $85 – additional clips and some colors cost more

Ratings (out of five stars):

Fit, Finish, Build Quality * * * * *
As you’d expect for something that costs nearly a Benjamin (and passes muster with SIG and FN), the build quality is top notch.

Adjustability and Customization * * * * *
I wore this holster for both strong side and appendix carry. Adjust it for cant and ride height to your heart’s content. There are a large number of color choices for the inside and outside shells as well as the leather wings.

Function * * * * *
If you’re on the bony side, you’ll hate this holster. If you’ve got a little flesh on ya, this will do just fine. It’s inherent stability and good presentation to the draw hand make it suitable for appendix carry. If you’re bit squirrely about pointing a gun at your giblets, 4 o’ clock rocks.

Concealability (used as designed) * * * * *
Top notch.

Concealability (not used as designed) * * 
It doesn’t scream “gun” when you use it as an appendix holster, but folks might wonder what medical device you’ve got implanted in your abdomen that happens to look exactly like the butt of a full-size pistol.

Overall Rating * * * * *
When used as designed, the Mini Wing is a versatile, top notch Kydex IWB holster. It’s worth $85.

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  1. I find their holsters very well made, but uncomfortable for me. I guess it is the boney thing you mentioned.

  2. I would have to agree that this is a great 4’oclock holster. This was my first kydex holster and so far I have been very pleased when using it as described in this article. I have tried on many occasions to appendix carry as most of my friends do and still can’t manage to hide my G43 without wearing larger than normal clothes which my wife will have none of. Another benefit that I don’t believe was mentioned is that this is a tuckable holster which for me is a must have as I need to wear suits or at least collared shirts for work. At the 4’oclock position I can easily hide my gun in skinny jeans and a tailored fit shirt with the gun fully canted. Also check out their spare mag holders, just picked one up the other day and am really impressed (you will have to buy IWB clips separately). Carrying both the holster at 4:00 and the mag carrier at 6:00 makes it a little hard to tuck in a shirt because of the bulge but still doable.

  3. I’ve been trying this with my G27. With my muffin top and lack of an ass, my options for carry inside the waist are limited. Cross-draw appendix works best for me with this holster.

  4. The “clips” are they in fact clips? Will I have to run my belt thru it each time I go to carry? I really love my g-code holsters because of the clips, but I want to give this one a try with my new sig.
    Thanks, D

  5. My new OWB holster’s sweat guard, with enough pressure from a seat belt or hand, shut off my 320’s safety. Repeated tests. Bummed.

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