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Here at TTAG, we know we’re only as good as our last post. The same’s true for gun gear, only more so. A firearms accessory company is only as good as every single product that leaves their factory. While we understand that branding is a suitable shorthand for busy buyers, our reviews are based on actual performance rather than rep (cough SOLO cough). We want our readers to know how something performs in the field and on the range regardless of the name on the box. And so we turn to a rifle scope by KONUS, an optics company out of Europe. Konus may not have the sex appeal of Swarovski, Leupold or Nikon, but we’ll give them the exact same attention. From Konos’ website  . . .

For more than 30 years, Konus has provided customers with the highest quality European-designed products for their optical and sporting needs, with special attention given to avid hunters and tactical shooters.

KONUS line ranges from riflescopes to spotting scopes, from electronic dot sights to binoculars, from telescopes to microscopes. Most of our products are backed by a Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty that is available to USA customers.

KONUS’ world headquarters are based in Verona, Italy, while Konus USA headquarters are based in Miami, Florida.

Our biggest success is the acclaimed Konuspro M-30 series of riflescopes, which marks a gigantic step forward in the industry: every professional feature that could previously be found only on the most advanced military and tactical models is now available, along with some other highly innovative details that are a true Konus exclusive. Therefore every serious hunter and sportsman has now the opportunity to take his game to the next level and maximize his performance on the field.

Specifically the M-30 I will be testing has the following features:

Engraved reticle technology
Built-in anti-canting bubble system
Locking fast focus ocular
45 degree offset illuminator switch
Flip-Up lens caps
True 30 mm tube (throughout)
Fully-multi coated hi-def optics
Locking tactical turret knobs (resettable to zero)
Mid-sized parallax wheel for easier adjustment and clear visual (down to 10 yards)
Ultra Blue illumination for dark targets
Precision 1/8 MOA adjustments
Includes 4″ sunshade

 All of this can be had for only $399.99. Comparable scopes from Nikon ($1299.95) and Leupold ($1449.99) could really make a dent in the pocketbook. And the Konus has a built in anti-canting bubble system to keep me on the straight and level at long ranges. I’m a sucker for cool features.

I will be mounting this on my Armalite AR-15 for the duration of the test. I will be doing all of the standard tests for fit and function as well as testing the claims of waterproof and fog-proof operation (Gunnutmegger). If there is a specific test that you’d like for me to perform, please let me know. I am at your mercy. And the M-30 is at mine.

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  1. I have a Konus spotter. Great value for the money. I think all of Konus’ products are Chinese made.

    With respect to the scope itself, 1/8 moa clicks are way too fine for a “tactical” style scope. 1/4 moa clicks are customary, (matching) 0.1 mil clicks are even better if the reticle is mil-based.

    Do a box test to see how the knobs track, which is probably the most important test you can do other than basic functionality. Also, report on how much elevation/windage travel it has, and its eye relief and eye box.

  2. ‘Features’ are much easier and cheaper to build into an optic than ‘quality’ is. Especially when it comes to complex optics, I’m extremely skeptical of getting more for less. I’ve sometimes been happily surprised, though.

  3. Are you in Miami?
    I will be in the area in march, the first week and want toi buy the KonusProM30 4.5-16X40 for my .308, Savage 110fp Polic/Tactical
    Is this doable?


  4. I had a brand new KONUS scope that came with my CVA .50 cal Optima black powder rifle as part of a pkg. It was a 3-9x x 40mm scope with illuminated reticle. Looked nice, until I tried to remove both dust caps off the scope to begin the sighting-in process, and found the elevation dust cap so ‘frozen’ onto its threads, that unscrewing it would only COMPLETELY remove the ENTIRE assembly from the cope tube, thus causing the nitrogen filled gas to escape – rendering the anti-fog properties of it useless, and – had to call KONUS custom service about it and get them to ship me a brand new scope out. I do have to admit – their customer service skills were bar-none, and they even stated they shipped me a brand new replacement scope out, and a upgrade at that, to a 44mm scope as well. However, time will tell once spent at the range – HOW the scope performs, holds it’s zero, and/or the quality of the optics and MOA adjustments, etc.


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