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Future Forged Vektor SG-3 beavertail ar-15 grip
Future Forged

Future Forged tells TTAG that their new SG-3 Beavertail grip for AR-15 rifles is lighter than any other AR grip on the market. They achieve that through an additive manufacturing process (basically 3D printing) using carbon fiber and “super polymers.”

They’re not anxious to disclose much more than that for competitive reasons. They say the process is complex, but results in an incredibly durable product. That’s why their unofficial motto is “hard to make, hard to break.”

Here’s Future Forged’s description of the ultra-light grip.

Inspired by the legendary 1911 pistol, The Vektor SG-3 corrects trigger finger placement by precisely bolstering the palm and webbing of your hand. This places your trigger finger in parallel with the axis of the rifle and helps you build an intuitive aim point with more consistent shooting mechanics. This can become a major advantage in high speed/dynamic shooting conditions.

future forged beavertail vektor sg-3 ar-15 grip
Future Forged

You will immediately feel an improved hand and trigger position that is “sharp and on point” when you pick up a rifle fitted with a VEKTOR SG-3 grip.


Lightest pistol grip on the market for the AR15/AR10 that features a beavertail ~1.29oz
Optimized 11.5 degree grip angle
Improved trigger finger placement and feel.
Unique Beavertail feature that helps you feel & control the rifle’s point of aim.
Great for women or youth shooters as well.
Need a custom fitment for even better ergonomics? Call or email us with your order to participate in our “Biomechanical Customization” program Beta.

Price: $84.99

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  1. Yeah….Cause that extra 3 tenths of an oz will just break the backs of the super warriors in the urban streets….

  2. Instead of buying fancy parts, why not spend money on ammunition and spend time at the range actually getting better?

    • Because this grip will allow the shooter to reach sub 1/128″ MOA due to correct trigger finger placement and therefore perfect trigger squeeze. No need for more ammo if you can hit every target every time exactly where you want to…

    • Scraper, because that’s too much like right. Don’t you know if you buy enough accessories you don’t need to shoot/practice. Skill will come to you via osmosis.

      • What if I am not into guns for the accessories , but because I really enjoy shooting?

    • I found the stock A1 grip more than good enough. The stock A2 was okay once I was used to the finger divide.

  3. Why did they have to put a finger groove on it? The main reason I swap the A2 grips on my ARs is because of that freaking finger groove. I am going to stick with my magpul grips.

  4. Perfect finger placement even if you’re being run over by a car OR taking multiple .338 hits to the back.

    Tactical Tomfuckery for the discerning Mall Ninja.

    • “Perfect finger placement” for a 250# ham-fisted 6’6″ giant and a 105# 5×1″ woman? I don’t think so. Seems like answering a problem nobody asked.

    • For those too young to remeber Gecko45:

      That brought- back some memories.

      Just to round it out I searched for gunkids stuff also, but couldn’t find it anywhere. The highlights of that one were: tactical wheel barrow, and post apocalypse floating down the Mississippi with a 10/22 sniping people on shore to steal their stuff.

    • I prefer to use a “gun boy”, like in the old B&W safari movies, buwanna.
      But that’s because my 2 barrel drilling weighs more than I do.
      Just kidding.
      My newest (not here yet) weighs about 6.5 pounds w/o sight.

  5. 85 bucks for a grip??? Wow. My $20 Hogue works just fine, thanks. I like the overall design but that finger groove has got to go. That would shave off another moving box to make it even lighter.

  6. It’s gonna be hard to do…but, I’m going to pass this one up.


    p.s. I wonder how the Democrats will view another black thingy to hang under the black rifle’s dangling thingy.

  7. An utra light weight pistol grip huh?

    Wouldn’t it be better to have a complete shell of a grip and just fill it with helium? Maybe add some attachment points for helium party balloons too? Like on the sides of a quad rail?

    That way we could just tow our Modern Evil Black Ak Ak Death Spitters on the end of a leash, overhead where they wouldn’t scare nobody.


  8. Well, you can’t really call it a pistol grip ’cause no pistol has a grip like that, so maybe it will help make your assault weapon not really an assault weapon.

  9. That is probably printed on a Markforged printer with Onyx carbon chopped fiber. They are making quite the profit depending on quantity they actually end up selling.

  10. But wait, there’s more. Buy now and we’ll also include more worthless trash, a gazillion dollar value, FREE, just pay a separate process and handling. This offer not available in stores. Call or click today!

  11. It does look kinda nifty. I wouldn’t pay $85 for one, though. I need a better trigger and a better stock on my budget AR before I’d go for a new grip. Since the standard grip works great for my purposes, it’d be an aesthetic decision more than anything.

  12. I saw a water bed set up on styrofoam cups back in the late 80s, running over it with a Toyota and stacking dumbbells on it isn’t impressive.

  13. Well, since most of the weapon bans bills now have a weight limit for pistols…..
    In a few years you may be wishing you had this and other ultralight weight parts

    • …and in a few years the Democrats will re-write the legislation dropping the weight to unattainable standards…”problem” solved…another category of firearm legislated out of existence.

  14. “Incredibly durable”. I wasn’t aware that AR shooters were having a problem with fragile pistol grips.

    • Based solely on the (mostly) humorous
      Comments here, I wonder just how many of these skeletonized carbon reinforced, expensive as H***, AR grips they will actually sell.

    • It might defeat the purpose but I can see a Houge rubberized grip on it. Might counter the hollow feeling in the center and give it a more full feel in the hand. And with Houges hex pattern, it would look cool I think. Just my 2 cents.

      • That’s what is on both my Arsenal AK and my Saint 300 blk pistol is the Hogue Rubber Grip Beavertail with Finger Grooves in black and the same for my Arsenal AK, of course with no beavertail on that one. They really do feel very nice. Even though they are hollowed out and you can put batteries or something up in them I choose not to put anything in them and the AK has the available plug I stuck in it, plus the AK has the trap door in the butt stock for the cleaning kit and so forth.
        There’s gazillion products on the market there is certainly no harm in someone trying to get their own little piece of the pie. I wouldn’t buy it though, mostly because I find it ugly as sin and there is no way it’s more comfortable than my Hogue grips.

  15. I support 2A. No gun control. Don’t ever give an inch!

    That said, I do lament the replacement of the sporting nature of firearms with this new tacticool craze. I own 4 ARs and one AK, and honestly- I’m over it. I want wood stocks and iron sights. I want blueing, not cerekote. When I was younger there was sporting goods stores. Now there’s gun stores that look like something from a bond movie.

    Don’t get me wrong- the 2A was intended for and guarantees us the the right to own weapons of war… and I own a lot… but I miss the good old days when people showed off their 16ga A5 for waterfowl, not the AR 15 with lasers coming out every direction.

  16. With exchange and shipping, that pushes this into the “not in this lifetime” territory price-wise, regardless of how cool it looks or how well it works. Their weight tests don’t “prove” anything; a raw egg stood on end will easily support 1000lbs. How about doing the same tests but applying the weight with the grip vertical? Then I’d be impressed…

  17. TYR and Smoke Composites both have grips that are lighter.

    TYR Ti Grip – .917oz
    Smoke Composites Ti Grip – 1.14oz

  18. I literally just 3d printed a grip last night and it’s basically the same grip without a beavertail. Cost me less than $4 when it was done. Mine can easily pass those “stress tests” as well. lmao Anyone that pays $85 for that is a sucker. Fork over another $100 and buy a printer and have an endless supply of grips.

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