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Greetings from Fullbright Outpost in sunny Union, South Carolina.  Cocky country where everything appears just ducky.  Lord, who chose their college mascot there?

Mr. Fullbright, or Sammy to friends, carries a Springfield Armory XDM9.  In what I think is a Springfield freebie holster.   If it is the holster that came as part of the package with the gun, well, I put mine back in the case and never used it again.  Why?  It was a little flimsy and didn’t keep the gun tucked tightly against my body.  Sammy’s mileage might vary.

Love the Trump coin.

The gun holds about 4,102 rounds, so I get the no reloads.  But why no light?  (“Duh, he’s not in California!” the smart alecs would say.)

No blade either.

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  1. Large, but, nice gun. Springfield and Croatia did not create the striker fired poly pistol, they just made it better and the gun that all others are are compared to. Glocks are Glocks and regardless, Gen 1 to Gen 5, they are all still just Glocks.

  2. Holsters like that are comfortable but pretty bad at concealing without significant cover garments (loose or heavy jackets, etc). Still, better to work with it than to go without one.

    • I have to take issue with you and Boch both on this particular holster.

      One exactly like it came with my XDm compact, and it is very much not comfortable in the long run. For an hour or two, maybe, but not all day. The holster holds the gun quite a ways out from the belt, so the paddle ends up being levered inward and starts to chafe and dig into my hip after a while.

      As for Mr. Boch’s “flimsy” comment, it is no such thing. It may feel flimsy-ish in use because its design doesn’t help the gun hug your belt and lets the holster slop around a bit, but in reality, that’s a practically indestructible chunk of plastic.

      The Springfield XD and XDm are kickass guns, too. Ing approves. 🙂 If this guy is carrying the full-size XDm, he’s probably not worried about concealing it. That grip is enormous; I couldn’t even properly conceal it under a big, bulky winter coat or sit down without it knocking into something (which is why I have the compact version).

      • Oh now Ing, don’t sell yourself short. I’m 5’9″/165 and I carry my XDm9 everyday without issue. Generally, I don’t need more than a medium weight t-shirt to conceal but I also carry AIWB. I also have a TDI knife on my belt as well as a spare mag, flashlight and ankle holster trauma kit. Not an issue for me to carry this stuff all day.

        • 6’2″/285 here…whether that’s a help or a hindrance to concealment in general, I dunno.

          The 3:30 to 4:00 position is the only place I can comfortably carry, and that giant honking grip — which is what I’ve got if I put the extended mags in my gun — just bangs into everything and I feel like it sticks out like a sore thumb, even with my usual IWB rig.

          The XDm compact is just right in that regard. I can conceal it beneath a loose t-shirt and it’s still got a reasonably substantial grip with 13+1 rounds on tap. If I carry a spare mag (which I usually don’t), it’s the big-ass 19 rounder, because why not.

  3. A couple of end-of-day tid-bits to digest on until tomorrow –

    You know those kindly Socialists, like AOC and her ‘gaggle’?

    “47% Of American Socialists Believe “Taking Violent Action Against The Rich May Be Justified”, Survey”

    And this gem –

    “Protester Spits on Trump Supporter During Interview at Minneapolis Rally”

    • It’s always nice when pollsters show their work for free and not just to other “rated” professionals.

      Remember what I was saying a while back about how young people are somewhat bitter that they’ve never tasted the benefits of capitalism and think old people just want to get out before the ponzi scheme collapses?

      Here is yet more evidence that I’m right about that. And this is why Warren should scare the ever-living-fuck out of everyone in the 2A community. Because what “topics” get a current Democrat elected don’t matter, they come at us with gun control HARD no matter what. It’s also why video games, internet culture and other things matter more than many people seem to think.

      Warren is quite aware, and I have to wonder if she’s getting assistance from Obama and his former team, of how well microtargeting works and she’s going after the 18-30 crowd very, very hard. That’s about 23% of the overall population or about 75.9 million potential voters.

      Trump won the Electoral College but lost the popular vote by something like 2.8 million votes.

      Like it or not properly targeted and motivated it doesn’t take a lot of that 18-30 group, spaced out right, to put Warren in office. She knows this. That’s why she’s gunning for them so hard on issues they’re too ignorant to realize they’re going to get screwed by.

      Lot’s of people will tell you that those 18-30 voters don’t tend to show up. Historically that’s true but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my life, across numerous fields, it’s something I say often: panic kills. Panic also motivates. And being in your late 20’s with few job prospects above $15/hour and looking at a system that can’t last much longer (governmental pay schemes we call “entitlements”, or ponzi schemes like Medicare/Social Security) they’re starting to panic that they’re never going to have a decent life and going to work till the day they die.

      Offer the kids a life raft with an hidden price tag and some bread and circuses thrown to the older folks who are still asleep and say hello to President Warren.

      It reminds me of the opening to HBO’s series Rome. “The balance of power is shifting, and the nobility have grown fearful – Though of noble blood himself, Caesar stands with the common people. A man like that, an aristocrat with soldiers, money and the love of the people… Might make himself king.”

      • No doubt, I hold *zero* illusions that Trump is gonna get re-elected, like so many here want to believe. His pulling it off in ’16 was an unprecedented gut-punch to the Leftists. Facebook and Google are doing everything they can to cleverly skew search results to favor their candidates this time around, and they are smart enough not to show their hand this time in doing it, because they know it *works*.

        We need to enjoy next year and get what we need done before the political winds turn ice cold. I’m not even counting on RGB kicking off, just out of spite she’ll hang on. Warren being elected I predict will send at least 2 of the senior Leftist justices into retirement and if NY Pistol goes our way, she’ll answer the call to pack the Bench…

        • Trump very well could win…but if he does, it’s not going to be by any kind of landslide. It’s probably going to be a lot closer than it was last time.

          Unless something really weird happens, you have to figure the Democrats have the edge here.

          The leftward lurch in the primaries isn’t some kind of political insanity. They’re competing for the support of their true constituency, which is the billionaire donor class and the big-tech/big-media propaganda machine. Google alone probably swayed 2 million votes toward Clinton in 2016. The tech giants have all got the same idea now, and they can exert tidal pressure on the electorate.

        • One thing that could help Trump get reelected would be the investigations into the Russiagate scandal. Once people hear the real truth on that and the current impeachment nonsense it could turn more people away from the dems. It will be interesting for sure.

        • There are a lot of “events” that are going to happen between now and next year so I am not making any predictions. However, most polls show Trump increasing his share in the black and Hispanic communities. If this translates into votes then it could counteract any increased turnout among the 19-30 olds. Every black vote beyond about 8% and every Hispanic vote above 35% is two vote swing in Trump’s favor. And Warren, like Hillary Clinton, will not excite the black vote. Warren’s, and the rest of candidates, promises are really directed at socialist white voters. Everything else is lip service.

          Elections are typically 40-40 automatic votes for each party. Elections are won at the margin of 20%.

  4. Not everybody is a knife person for utility or defense and these break down further. I’ve carried a kinfe every day as far back as I can remember. Dad said I was Six when he busted of a small branch the gave me his pocket knife. Said skin it, then left me alone. I hacked, slashed, jabbed and wittled on It till he came back. Stick looked like a dog chewed on it and left it bloody (my blood). Dad took the knife and branch, said “Nope” and walked away. Same thing happened I guess once a month for several months: same result: Nope. Well some time later, after dulling every kitchen knife and the OMG Dads holiday meal Carving knife (caught hell for that too): I delivered an appropriately skinned branch, not a knife mark on it and stripped down to the q-tip size buds. He rejected a few I thought were perfect, no critique, just: Nope. Dad said Here! What? Its Your, and handed me the knife.
    I guess he saw the dumbfounded look I probably had. Dad said “took you long enough, thought I have to give you a razor first! He was still laughing hard at his own joke when we went into the house. As kids do, I lost that hawk blade Case folder a few years later. Bothers me more now than then. Other than three months of Boot Camp, I’ve carried a knife every day, even on commerical props and jets before all the current restrictions hit.
    I’m a knife guy, gun guy too but thats another story.

    Flashlight, Nope.

    • I like your story, thank you for sharing. My dad did something very similar, and i too cut myself a few times. Finally, right before my sixth birthday he gave me a shiny new swiss army knife. I still have it. I have done the same with my six year old daughter and am working on it with my four year old son. As for guns, i have carried a handgun on me every day since i was twelve. Growing up in the country is allot different than the alternative.

  5. Spare mag is not so much about spare rounds as it is clearing a malfunction and reinstating a magazine that probably caused it to begin with. No light? Well, they say can’t fix dumbass.

  6. No knife? Give back the pistol. Your too stupid for an EDC. Kidding. At least he has something.

    • I have no problem with quality guns, no matter where they are made. I’m forcing rehab on my hand so I can employ my my new Czech Republic CZ RAMI…

      • There are so few manufactured goods I can buy and fully support American workers. Guns are the very easiest, so I spend my guns and ammo budget on MADE IN USA.

        No doubt there are lots of good people around the world making good guns. I can’t help them, I am many billions of dollars short of being able to help them.

        But I can toss a few bucks here and there and now and then a bit more in an American direction.

        It’s the Nationalist Patriot in me, wallet-wise 🙂

        • that kind of thinking would have me on a harley. my scoot ~is~ sportster powered, but that isn’t why i bought it.
          i would consider a u.s. made slide in frame. but the new p210 isn’t a practical carry.

  7. Whenever I see criticism of someone for not having something in their EDC the first question I ask is this: do we have a documented incident where someone critically needed that item and suffered for not having it? Don’t get me wrong, I carry a knife because it’s utilitarian and in case I need to cut some cake. But let’s stop a moment and consider how ridiculously unlikely it is that someone would actually use a knife in self-defense, especially when they have a firearm. We can always imagine some “wish a motherf@$%er would” scenario where we’re in a wrestling match over the gun and pull a knife out like we’re Jaime Fookin Lannister and put it through the bad guy’s head but in the real world… it just doesn’t happen.

    Carrying a gun for self defense is hedging against what are usually very long odds (unless you live in Chicago, Baltimore, etc). Let’s not pretend that carrying a knife in addition to the gun provides any real increase in security in real world encounters. I will still continue to carry one because you never know when you’ll run into a cake.

    • I look at it this way – I’m no gunslinger. If I need more than 1 cylinder or magazine, I showed up at the wrong gunfight…

    • Exactly.
      My knife has been used to cut open boxes at work, nothing else.
      I have no dreams of trying to defend myself with it.
      Havent ran into a cake yet but I’ll have my knife on me when I do.

      • Yeah.
        Carried a knife since about 8 years old. (Almost took off the end of my left thumb with it, oh well.) Except for basic not with out one.
        Not for defense per se, but it’s awful hard to open a package or letter with a gun.
        PS Except for my 590 w/bayonet, difficult, but not impossible.
        PPS Keep the darn thing SHARP. A dull knife is like a democrat, mostly useless.

  8. Yes indeedy, first rule of gun fighting is be someplace else!!!

    The first time I needed a gun to defend myself I was 17 years old, it was a great surprise to me, completely unexpected, and it was my Ruger 10/22. I did not shoot anybody, they ran off.

    The second time I needed a gun to defend myself I was 21 years old, it was a great surprise to me, completely unexpected, and it was my Harrington & Richardson 649 six shooter in .22 magnum. I did not shoot anybody, they ran off.

    Some decades since ….

    My plan is to never ever under any circumstance be in such a situation ever again come hell or high water or flying monkeys.

    And to have a much bigger gun in hand at the time 🙂

  9. I carry a 17 round magazine in the gun and a 17 round spare with one chambered.. I figure if I need 35 rounds I’m in more trouble than I’m getting out of anyway and a knife won’t be much help

  10. When I carry my full size Ruger SR9 it is with two spare magazines on the belt. That’s 17+1 in the gun, 17+17 on the belt. Why? Because it is easy to do so.

    Also, because Milla Jovovich does not live near me I figure that, come the Alien Vampire Zombie Virus Apocalypse, I figure I’m on my own in the whole surviving the attack of the horde deal.

  11. I’ve carried a pocket knife since grade school days strictly for utilitarian reasons. I’ve carried a flashlight since I entered the workforce 45+ years ago and the first AA and AAA lights came out.. Strictly for utility. Truth be told, the flashlight’s probably the most used item in my EDC kit. Almost daily or nightly, it’s being used. Maybe a neck to neck run with my multitool as far as how often it’s used. My CRKT M16 foldrr is seldom removed from my pocket, but I’m ready for the Cheesecake Rebellion regardless.
    The point behind EDC, as I understand it, is preperation for defense against various situations one might find themselves in, as well as being concealed or on your person. If there’s much more to it than that, by all means enlighten me. So the 7 -20 cartridges one’s semi auto carries is sufficient for it’s purpose, but ask yourself this, what if you were carrying a 5 round snubbie? Would you feel 5 rounds is enough? I know that I’d want at least one speedloader if not two or three. Or how about a Bond 2 Shot Derringer? I’d want a hald dozen plus rounds in my pocket for sure, if not an MTM wallet full.
    The point about a spare mag is this, in just about every malfunction drill, you first drop the magazine,before proceeding to clear the gun. In a stressed out, adrenaline rush of confronting an attack, that mag’s going to hit the ground more often than not. I don’t know about anyone else, but taking my eyes off my attacker while looking to see where the ejected mag ended up, isn’t a real smart thing to do. So one reason I carry a spare or two is for just that very possible scenario. I wouldn’t go Elk Hunting or any other hunting activity, with just the 3+1 rounds my rifle held on my person, so why would carrying in defense of life be accorded less status ammo wise than hunting (even though I usually filled my tag with only one shot)? Yes, the average self defense shooting, according to statistics, consists of 2 to 3 shots, but that statistic is misleading, because it’s only looking at the number of rounds fired over the attacker stopping. It doesn’t factor in attackers retreating and reattempting their assault or multiple attackers (with increased gang activity leaving the inner cities for suburban and rural communities steadily rising this is a valid scenario).
    The old Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared” doesn’t end with Scouting. It’s a life lesson that one ignores at one’s own peril.
    As far as holsters go, there are so many possibilities and opinions that it’s an area of study in and of itself. Is the gun protected? Secure? Readily accessible? Concealable? Comfortable enough that you’ll wear it? If the answer to all of those questions is yes, then by all means buy and use it. Haters are gonna Hate as they say. I’ll be the first to admit that watching someone with their gun in some of these Tacticool One Fits All Holsters clipped to their pocket flopping around gives me the heeby jeebies, so I’ve a little bit of snobbery going on there😂.

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