Full-Size CZ: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Mike, a lineman from Arizona shows off his “Full-Size EDC” from the good folks at Everyday Carry.

He’s packing a CZ-75 SP01 tactical custom pistol.  Even living in Arizona, I’m pretty sure he’s not Mexican carrying it.  At least I hope.  I’ve heard good things about the new SP01s, and that have a nice 18+1 capacity of 9mm goodness with which one can share with bad people with evil in their hearts.  Have not shot the SP01 line though myself.

Given that Mike wears a real watch (a Citizen Watches Mens BM8180-03E for those keeping track), I’m going to guess he’s at least in his 40s.  Young people seldom wear watches unless they are electronic gizmos.

And I do like his Protech TR-3 X1 Tactical Response Automatic Knife with the Fish Scale handles.  I like automatic knives, even though they don’t always like me.

How so?  Well, mine cut me up pretty good one day when I was reaching into my pocket for my keys.  It’s so sharp I didn’t even realize it for a short time until I petted my German Shepherd dog.  I thought the dog hurt himself until I discovered I hurt myself!  About six Band-aids later on three fingers, I was sore but good to go.  Today, I’ve still got scars to show for it.

No, I don’t carry an auto knife anymore.

So, automatic knife carriers, have you ever had your knife inadvertently deploy in your pocket?


  1. avatar WI Patriot says:

    “So, automatic knife carriers, have you ever had your knife inadvertently deploy in your pocket?”

    Nope, been carrying a Boker for many yrs now…

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      I have, but it was the ‘saturday night special’ of switchblades (except it wasn’t small- just cheap). Thing would constantly pop open in my pocket which made for a bunch of holes in my clothes and the occasional YIP! from me. It had a lock but at that point you’ve exhausted the reason for having it if you are going to go through multiple actions to open it.

      Was still pretty neat though. Nowadays it’s a lot easier to find one that isn’t mall-ninja quality.

      1. avatar Craig in IA says:

        You let that happen more than once and didn’t toss the thing in the garbage??? Hmmmmm

  2. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    A Spyderco, or my Benchmade Emerson CQB open plenty fast enough. Auto knives? No thanks.

    1. avatar Vic Nighthorse says:

      Fixed blades are even faster;-)

      1. avatar Bitter says:

        I love a good fixed blade, I sometimes carry a small old timer and when I go hunting I have the exact same version in full size.

  3. avatar Fun Gunner says:

    That is one of the last handguns I would want to carry all day, and one of the first I would like to have in my hand in an actual gunfight, if I could make it magically appear.

    John, kudos for naming the watch. My inner horology nerd appreciates it. FYI, traditional watches are making a comeback with the younger crowd.


    1. avatar John U says:

      SP 01 Tactical isn’t easy to carry concealed, but it can be done. Only rig I have found which allows for anything more than an hour or two is a Miami Classic clone shoulder rig.

      Even then, it feels more like a mini PDW than a big CCW. I admit both my duty and off duty weapons are polymer 15 round strikers. However, if I ever feel the need to deliver a high volume fire and take shots at extended ranges, I have the tool.

  4. avatar Wedge259 says:

    I used to carry a sp01 with streamlight tlr1 in a kydex owb holster recently, have switched to the same setup with a m9a1. The Sp01 and the PCR I still carry had more felt recoil than I expected, but it was straight back into the hand with minimal muzzle flip. And I have had an auto open in my pocket, my Benchmade CLA. I was wearing flannel PJ shorts though and didn’t have it clipped to my pocket, so that might have had something to do with it. Also, I’m a bit of a watch guy and under 30. I have six I think, all are analog and 4 of them are chronographs. A couple of Seiko chronographs, an Orient automatic defender, and a couple of German made ones, an Elysee Stentor chrono and a Junkers 6680 Hugo Junkers Chrono.

    1. avatar Fun Gunner says:

      I have an Orient Defender too, with the grey dial, along with a Bambino ll and Ray ll. The Ray II is my work day beater, and it has held up to a lot of rough stuff. When I get home it comes off and a Sinn goes on the wrist. I’m like Mr Rogers with my watch and shoe changes.

      1. avatar Wedge259 says:

        I JUST shattered the crystal on my defender a couple days ago. It’s also my work beater, my brother thinks I need to go to sapphire as I’m rough on my watches (not intentionally), but I don’t think I want to put sapphire money into it. 200-300$ is about tops I’m willing to spend on a watch as I know they’re going to get beat up, no matter how careful I am!

  5. avatar daveinwyo says:

    Have a few, but don’t carry ’em. My Kershaw Leek opens plenty fast. I have never had an auto knife or assisted open in my pocket. How did you do it? Is that a negligent discharge? Did it have a safety? And why was it IN your pocket and not clipped to the side? We want to know!
    You should never carry anything in the same pocket as your knife, unless it’s a slip-joint.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      The cheap mall-ninjay one I used to have didn’t have a clip. It was old-school greasers stuff but with a long wavy blade that deployed from the side. It would open when you hit the button or sometimes when you didn’t. The only good news was that the spring wasn’t so strong that the dull side would cause real damage on opening.

  6. avatar TommyJay says:

    The CZ SP01 Tactical on the CZ website shows an inch thick plastic baseplate on the magazine, and that model is claimed to be 18 rounds. The one in the above picture looks like the old standard CZ75B 16 round mag. with the thin steel baseplate.

  7. avatar PATRON49IFT says:

    CZ-75 SP01 full size is a sweet shooter. Love the capacity and lower recoil of the full size.

  8. avatar strych9 says:

    “Young people seldom wear watches…”

    *Glances at watch collection then at wrist* Uh… OK. Whatever ‘old man’. That thing isn’t even a nice Citizen EcoDrive.

    As for the QOTD: No, I’ve never had an auto knife deploy in my pocket. But then I don’t like auto-flippers because I have had an assisted-flipper open in my pocket. So, that might be why I’ve never had that problem with an auto: because I’m extremely selective about assisted-flippers now and that translates to having never seen an auto-flipper I was willing to buy.

    Which leads one to wonder what a walrus would carry.

    1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

      “Which leads one to wonder what a walrus would carry.”

      Ask the Egg-Man…

      1. avatar strych9 says:

        I’d have said “Ask The Fool on The Hill” but the Walrus works too.

        Provided you find said walrus flying in a Strawberry Field at the intersection of Penny Lane and Blue Jay Way.

        Personally I always thought SPLHCB to be a better album.

        1. avatar Full Otto says:

          I’ve got blisters on my fingers!
          Oh wait…those are knife cuts.

  9. avatar machnuone says:

    I EDC autos, both push button and OTF, and never had a deployment I didn’t intend. If that happens, you’re doing it wrong.

  10. avatar Specialist38 says:

    Back in high school, I had an out the front stiletto made in Italy that I won in a Bourre game.

    It came with a sheath to attach to your forearm. It came out with such force, there is no way I would have carried it in a pocket. The blade was almost 5 inches long.

    Traded it for a ZFlex skateboard a year or so later.

    The only reason I have an automatic now is to play with while watching TV. My griptillian and spyderco open plenty fast and only when I want them to.

  11. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    the only push button folder i carried went in a horizontal sheath, so no.
    my friends pardue 3550 has a safety with a detent, but i think he has had it launch inadvertantly a couple times. benchmade replaced the pocket clip he lost which so far has solved that problem.

  12. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    I do carry auto knives, both otf and side open, never had an ad with one. Use to carry steel frame 1911, but now I go to a gym or ride a bike for exercise! Striker fired light weight autos for me loaded with Federal HST 124s.

  13. avatar Chris says:

    CZ is on the blacklist for not allowing standard mag sales to California. Very few companies said no and it was only due to the backlash that they finally agreed. They don’t care about your 2A, why should you care about them?

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