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A definite highlight of Media Day was running two mags of 5.56 full auto through the sub 6-pound Daniel Defense MK18. This excellent little rifle features a 10.3-inch cold hammer forged barrel (1-7 rh twist). The new Daniel Defense furniture on this rifle is pretty nice as well – it’s very ergonomic and features soft touch rubber overmoulding.  It feels softer and more “grippy” than the Magpul furniture I’ve been running on my AR . . .

The pistol grip comes with an integrated trigger guard.   The pistol grip is made out of injected molded nylon, and has a dual O-ring water-tight storage compartment.  The buttstock has interchangeable buttpads and limited rotation QD swivel attachment points on both sides.  Nick, Chris and I were all in agreement that if this furniture proves to be rugged and hits the right price point, we will be seeing a lot of it at the local range.

The MK18 also features the Rail Interface System (RIS II):

Courtesy Joe Grine

The RIS is held in place using the patented six bolt “Bolt-Up System” attachment system, which is currently fielded in quantity by various USSOCOM units. This provides a strong free float connection between the receiver and the rail.

Unfortunately, Chris and Nick left me to my lonesome at Media Day, so I didn’t get any video of myself busting caps with the MK18. Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised by how controllable the carbine was when shot in short 3-4 round bursts. I experienced some minor muzzle climb, but I suspect with a little more practice that could even be a non-issue. Damn the Hughes Amendment! Damn high ammo prices! At least the semi-auto SBR is available to civilians (with the obligatory $200 donation to Uncle Sam, of course).

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  1. See, one of these, with the Tac-Con trigger group – I’m thinking civi-ownable PDW with rapid-fire capabilities, in what appears to be an outstanding small package!

    • This was my first SHOT Show Media Day and I was a little overwhelmed. I had a High Def video camera in my bag and I totally forgot about it. Even my little Sony point & shoot takes pretty good video. Lesson learned.

  2. Not a true Mk-18 the Navy SOCOM version still has the normal AR front fight with iron sights. apart from that nice carbine.

      • Not anymore. The MK 18 Mod 1 is free floated. Doesn’t have the traditional AR sights. Great gun, can reliably get 500 yard first round hits from it.

        • As opposed to what? DD makes good stuff but it is so overpriced. They got a military contract years ago and they are riding that wave.

          500 yard first round hits are 90% indian 10% arrow.

          I prefer Centurion Arms FF rails. IMHO better quality, at a cheaper price, designed by an actual Navy Seal. I guess he felt his DD rails were lacking in some way????

        • To larry I was referring to my issued MK18mod1. I was trying to correct Lance when he said the military MK18 had the old school sights. And 500 yard shots out of a 10.3 inch barrel firing 5.56 is a lot more about the gun than the shooter.

  3. Shot an old style Mk18 clone full auto, the ones with the Crane engravings on the side. Damn hard to control unless you shoot in bursts, as are many machine guns, but fun as hell. As for the furniture, many on are hating on the new DD grips/stock. At first, i was wishing i had ordered my DDM4v5 later so i could get the new stuff, but now i am fine with what I have. I’ll end up swapping it anyhow eventually.

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