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You may have read reports of a lawsuit that has been filed against a Lee’s Summit, Missouri gun store alleging that they discriminated against a Muslim woman who wanted to shoot at the store’s range. Rania Barakat says she was refused service on the Frontier Justice range because she was wearing a hijab.

Stories of the lawsuit have been picked up nationally and paint Frontier Justice as a bunch of Islamophobic racists. This from the Washington Post . . .

The couple told the manager they had used several other shooting ranges with no problems caused by the hijab, and that people wear long sleeves and shirts that cover their necks to protect them from shrapnel, according to the lawsuit.
The manager said the gun range had different rules, according to the lawsuit. The couple left the store after the manager became “aggressive and loud,” the suit alleged.

The lawsuit contends that it is Frontier Justice’s policy to turn away Muslims wearing hijabs, citing several social media posts from other Muslims about being refused use of the shooting range. It also claims that Instagram posts from Frontier Justice show customers wearing baseball caps turned backward, and hats and scarves.

“It is completely unacceptable for a business establishment to deny service to customers based on their religious beliefs — and that is exactly what Frontier Justice has done,” Moussa Elbayoumy, chairman of the board of CAIR-Kansas, said in a statement. “The claim that a hijab somehow presents a safety issue is merely a bad excuse in an attempt to justify a pattern of discriminatory treatment of Muslim women.”

The scrupulously fair and impartial journalists at the Associated Press claim that Barakat was “ordered to remove her hijab.”

“I’ve encountered racism before, but it was never to the point someone told me I had to remove my scarf in order to enter a facility or do any type of activity like this,” she said. “It was very shocking to both my husband and I.”

She later discovered online reviews about Frontier Justice that were written by other Muslim women who had also been told they needed to remove their hijabs to shoot.

“To have this happen to me personally, it was very sad and, you know, frustrating,” Barakat said. “And I would never want anyone to go through what I went through.”

The Kansas City branch of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, claims that Frontier Justice’s policy has nothing to do with safety and is only intended to exclude Muslims.

[CAIR-Kansas City’s Moussa Elbayoumy] contended the range’s policy is not based on any legitimate safety concerns, but is meant to exclude Muslim women.

“Frontier Justice, you know, says they value faith, family and freedom,” Ghalawanji said. “That appears to be their motto, but, however, their actions tell us that they have shown otherwise.”

TTAG spoke with Frontier Justice’s CEO Mike Brown who told us that, contrary to the Associated Press’s report, Ms. Barakat was never ordered to remove her hijab. He said Frontier Justice has been serving customers of all ages, sizes, shapes, colors and religions — including Muslims — since they opened.

According to Brown, Frontier Justice has had an “appropriate dress” code in place for years that’s designed to minimize the chances of shooters winding up with hot brass between their clothing and their skin.

If you want to see what can happen when hot brass gets between clothes and skin, watch this.

Brown told us that Ms. Barakat was offered the option of shooting on a simulator or wearing a “swimmer’s hijab” (which the store keeps on hand) on the live fire range. Barakat refused those offers and told store personnel she’d be contacting her attorney.

As the incident happened almost two years ago, I asked Brown if he’d been in contact with Barakat or her attorneys in the mean time trying to work something out. He said he hadn’t heard anything more about the matter until the lawsuit was filed — one day before the statute of limitations would have expired.

Brown provided TTAG with the following written statement explaining the store’s policy and how it’s applied to all customers.

As addressed two full years ago with Ms. Barakat’s legal team, Frontier Justice remains firm in our stance that we do not discriminate against anyone. We will not apologize for safety rules that are designed with our client’s best safety practices in mind.

It is a large responsibility to own and operate a sporting venue because of the serious safety measures that must be taken to ensure everyone’s safety. We have clients on our ranges from the age of 8 to 100 that rely upon our steadfast commitment to their safety. Our dress code was created in 2015 when we opened, with this very concern.

The four firearm safety rules, found here (The Four Fundamental Firearm Safety Rules – Frontier Justice (, can be inadvertently overridden if a shooter’s expended brass finds its way to bare skin, exacerbated if it finds skin and is trapped against skin by clothing barriers. This can result in what the industry has dubbed, “the hot brass dance”.

This type of incident has been known to, on tragic occasions, take a life. It is not the person who is shooting that is usually injured but someone in proximity that ends up with the muzzle pointed in their direction as the person tries to free themselves from burning brass.

It is our desire to mitigate as much risk with the sport as we possibly can. We want patrons to feel safe and comfortable while enjoying the shooting sports. Our dress code is one way we mitigate this risk.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to safety and our safety rules. We have not had any complaints from anyone wearing a hijab about our policies except from this one patron, mentioned above, which stems from an alleged incident that occurred two full years ago.

Her complaint ignores that we offer the alternative of the use of the simulator while wearing a hijab. Or we have in our inventory and have procedures in place to offer a swim hijab to any Muslim women who wish to enter the range but have come unprepared for the safety of the sport with their apparel.

It is this same type of solution we offer to ladies who might come with low cut blouses that we offer a t-shirt solution. The t-shirt prevents brass from becoming a hazard by going down to their chest the same way a swim hijab mitigates the risk of brass getting caught in fabric next to the neck or chest.

Many examples of this safety risk and need for these policies can be obtained with a simple google search of “hot brass dance” or “brass burns”. Our safety rules are necessary for the safe operation of our services and activities.

Please visit our website for a complete listing of our rules, which are also posted in the stores.

“It saddens us that anyone would say we are not inclusive, given that we serve all races and religions every single day in all of our stores. We pride ourselves on this fact, and we strongly believe in America and the Second Amendment that is for every single American. Period,” Bren Brown, President

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  1. Undoubtedly a set-up to generate the negative publicity and payday. The muslims lie all day every day. Next question.

    • I worked with Muslim coalition partners during Desert Storm and Saudi and Jordanian air commandos a couple of times after. Most were trained in the U.S. and were pro-western, some attended year long or longer training where they could bring their families and a few had kids born in the states while they were in USAF, US Army, or US Navy schools. They believed the biggest threats in the region were the Iraqis and Iranians, not Israel or the U.S. Some died serving with Americans.

      As a contractor I trained Saudis how to use a recon jet we sold them (RE-3A). The new RE3s look like USAF RC-135s, the jet I flew on while on active duty. Some of these guys spent years training in Texas and loved the US.

      My son and brother served in Afghanistan along side ANA forces and had Afghan interpreters. My son said the ANA guys would get on the radio and tell the Taliban US jets flown by women had just creamed their asses and laugh. Once the ANA guys got on their radios and discussed how air support had been cancelled and the US forces with them had to retreat before they were caught in a trap undefended. It was a lie, the Taliban came out to attack, F-15Es bombed the fuck out of them and my son said there were only chunks of burnt Taliban assholes left.

      I’m betting you approved when Biden abandoned not only Americans in Afghanistan but also the thousands of SIV holders that help us with the promise of being able to go to America. Some of them have been executed in front of their families or their families were tortured and killed in front of them before they were killed.

      • Michael A. Cronagle is a jerk and perverted weirdo who, by the looks of his photo, is transitioning to womanhood late in life.

      • Perhaps all true.

        But to Crognale’s point, you’re relating how Muslims were lying.

      • Recent history (past 20-30 years) shows that the most problematic Muslims in the U.S. are the 2nd gen spawn of the ones that immigrated, not the original immigrants.

        The most efficient way to solve that 2nd gen problem is to never let the original immigrants in the first place. That may seem harsh but IDGAS.

        • So your plan to make things better is to go back in time and keep the original immigrants out?

          You are a fucking genius, a racist genius, but a genius none the less.

        • 2nd gen is worse than 1st, 3rd gen is even worse, 4th gen equal to 3rd. When they reach a critical mass of 10 to 15% of the population is when things go to hell. They stop asking for their “rights”, but enforce those “rights” with guns. Rights such as the right to rape any non-Muslim woman they find on the streets without an escort. Read up on conditions in Muslim areas in Europe.

        • The 1st gens came here searching for the American Dream and they got it. The privileged 2nd gens, educated in our schools were brainwashed much like they would have been if their parents stayed where they came from.

          The solution is to reinforce the American ideology to these 2nd gens and prevent them from getting brainwashed by the left.

      • Damn few of those Obiden has admitted to the US since his Debacle in Kabul had diddle squat to do with the US military operations in Afganistan. IF the real Afgan supporter of the US actually were due US refuge Obiden largely left them behind. Don’t be a gullible tool.

        The mainstream media insurgency continues.

      • “Some of them have been executed in front of their families or their families were tortured and killed in front of them before they were killed.”

        . . . by other Muslims.

      • So you sucked some raghead dick so now they all need to move here. That’s all you needed to say

      • I’m refereeing to the statement….. Undoubtedly a ( “set-up to generate the negative publicity and payday” )

    • Michael A Crognale saying, “The muslims lie all day every day” is despicable and something far away from a safety concern used to deny service.

      A hot brass dance can and does happen. Ejected brass can have a mind of its own and land in numerous places. That is why it is prudent to do a check where ejected brass lands remains consistent and does not land here and there and stovepipe in a crisis situation.

      What the range master should have done is fire a 9mm picked up the brass with a screwdriver and dropped it in her hand. Or offered revolver shooting or even a sweat band to prevent the hijab from being a catcher’s mitt or asked her to come back wearing something that is not a potential hazard for 2 free sessions, etc. Like it or not…What the range master says goes or pack up your gear and go home.

      It’s something like this…You are trying to shorten your to-do list and take your car for a state safety inspection and it fails, you do not get a sticker. You have to fix the problem and come back. Same rules apply to all vehicles and all owners. Life is sometimes a beach.

      • None of your proposed alternatives would have worked. It is evident that they were looking for range that they can sue. There are not that many ranges in any area of the country, where a couple would be visiting several of them for their recreational shooting. Clearly, they were searching for a lawsuit.

      • I’m trying to understand how a hijab, in and of itself, is a danger. I’ve looked for images on the internet, and I can see that if it is worn loosely, and tied carelessly, yeah, it’s much like a low cut blouse.

        If it were pulled tight around the head and lower jaw, tied carefully, and allowed to drape over the dress/toga/serape/whatever they call it – wouldn’t that be just as safe as a swimmer’s hijab?

        I’m asking Debbie, ’cause she’s a woman, and has probably worn a scarf once or twice in her life.

    • Specific clothing at most ranges are common and is considered a severe liability policy. Do a youtube search for hot brass at gun range to see what happens.
      At my ranges you are not allowed to wear tank tops, low cut clothing or flip flops.
      Im sure they would tell a nun the same thing.

  2. If Muslim men aren’t being turned away the religious bias basis for the claim collapses. So too does gender bias claim since women in general aren’t being refused. All that remains is the safety concern the hijab presents. Frontier Justice is 100% in the right in refusing service and should counter-sue.

    • Indeed.
      As long as a business can show they made reasonable accommodations for religion, or that the reason for refusal was a violation of safety protocols; and that both of these aspects applied consistently and equally, then it’s a pretty open and shut case.

      The same legal principles apply to union materials in the work place, notice boards, etc.

    • a further blow to her false claim is that other woemn come dressed inapropriatey for these activities, and are provided with alternate clothing options to protect them. Thus the issue really does come down to the dangers posed by this woman’s specific clothing choices on that day. She WAS offereed alternative equipment but refused.

      Further WHY did she wait two years? Methinks someone in some outfit likc CAIR caught wind of it all and urged her to hel them “punish” the range. This is often called “lawfare” and is part of the whoe taquiyya thing they like to do. So innocentlhy, of course….. yu understand…. its all for the betterment of society and all that claptrap.

      • I think her lawyers waited 2 years because they were in hopes of others jumping on the bandwagon. Having discovered she was the only rider she/they finally had to act alone.

    • eeeew. If Muslim women did not enjoy being abused by men, even violently, they would not be Muslim.

    • Never apologize, because leftists take an apology as an admission of guilt. Better to dream up some appropriate insults, rather than apologize. Mr. Dennard sort of alludes to that idea, but he doesn’t specifically state that an apology is an admission of guilt. Never apologize, your friends don’t need it, your enemies don’t deserve it.

  3. Golly Eagle Sports shop n range at 5900 w 159th in Oak Forest,ILLannoy is moose-lamb owned n operated. A genuinely creepy & insanely overpriced & den of middle eastern types all jabbering away in Arabic. I bet they’ll let you shoot missy. When did moose-lamb become a race?!?

    • Its not , it is actually a belief. The reasons people confuse it with being a race is because of the high speed that it’s adherents are using in trying to turn the U S into the same sort of shithole that they or their ancestors came from.

      • Hey shthead…Obviously your ancestry traces back to slavery, nooses, cross burning, concentration camps, gas chambers, swastikas and the like. Its you and your ilk’s holier than thou white trash rhetoric that gives such filth mouth to mouth resuscitation.

        • Certain day of the month for you, Debbie?? It is the people of European ancestry in the Western countries that have had to endure the most criticism, the most hate, and the most debasement of their culture in the last 50 years. Your little girlish crusade and hate-filled, CRT laden rant does nothing to further a more tolerant conversation. It is you and your ilk that our causing the divisiveness in our society. Go eat broken glass.

        • Dear Debbie, if your diatribe is directed to me, I’ll take the bait. As a matter of fact, my ancestors do trace back to slavery… on the recieving end. Like many fleeing Ireland, they, along with a large number of Chinese, went to work building the railroad, at pennies a week. If a worker died on the job, two men were assigned to drag the corpse far enough away so the buzzards didn’t interrupt the job. Don’t recall anything about welfare or other assistance programs for the newcomers, and in spite of the hard labor and minimal pay, they were glad to have left something worse behind, unlike the average ungratefuls now plying our land. So, take your racist holier than thou comments and stick it.

        • Holy shit – this is the first evidence I’ve seen that Debbie is actually a liberal. WTF? Muslims mostly hate America. They love our money, but hate our freedom. When they come to the US, they establish a ghetto, and generally don’t allow outsiders in, or allow insiders out. Get a grip, girl. Do a few internet searches for “no go zones” in Europe. The cops don’t go there, unless they go in force.

      • hmmmm… a belief….more accurately it’s a cult, especially with the practice of killing anybody who wants to leave the cult.

  4. Regions bank started a policy a few years ago that you had to take your hat off before you entered. The teller made me remove my cap before she would do business with me. As I was conducting my business, I noticed an older lady to the right of me was wearing a hat as part of her outfit. No one asked her to remove her hat. Do you think the WaPo would write some sob story about me being targeted because of my sex? Fast forward a couple of years and they were begging people to put on their masks before entering lol.

    • If my bank tries to dictate whether I can wear a hat, they will simplify their workload because my accounts will be gone.

  5. If you have never had hot brass stick to your skin then you probably don’t understand that this a very good safety rule. Being a south paw and being forced to shoot the M60 machine gun without a brass deflector I can tell you from experience it flat sucks!

  6. The Courts will decide if the Shooting range is putting up every roadblock they can to prevent Muslims from shooting there or if the Muslims did not want to take the options offered to them. This does not seem like a simple cut and dry case. Both sides may have strong arguments as to there feelings or actions on the matter. I am willing to bet the Shooting range will lose.

    • darcydodo…They are not playing miniature golf. This is a Shooting Range which is a totally different ballgame. To have a firearm in your hands especially at a range you cannot be a felon. To purchase a firearm from an FFL you must first pass a NCIC. Purchasers and those renting a lane do not set the rules. The owners and their experience and their insurance company and their attorney sets the rules.

      When someone sticks their behind in front of any one of the rules it is neon lights going off that says other shooting rules may not or do not matter to that individual. That is all the evidence needed to put it all on the individual who has demonstrated they are prone to not respect safety rules. This range incident does not rise to the level of discrimination like the multiple replies seen on this forum…You lose your bet.

    • Evidence of their policies and alternatives will have a strong influence on the jury. Videos shown to the jury of the hot brass dance will win the case for them. After thirty plus years in the industry, I see this as a defense case. This is not a criminal case, and the burden of proof is only a preponderance of the evidence, i.e. that is is more likely than not.

  7. I’m searching for the race of muslim. To be racist, you know. CAIR, that gives credit to the whining “victim” of racism. Send in the gestapo and force a private business to comply.

    • The world population can be divided into 4 major races, namely:
      and Australoid.

      Most people don’t understand the difference between race and ethnicity. Many uneducated people define race as nationality or religion. The over-educated people (college degrees and following an agenda) want you to believe race is a socially constructed concept.

      Just remember, when you change “your truth” and can identify as anything, race can be whatever you decide it is. Words mean nothing.

      • To Ragnar

        “The science of genetics demonstrates that humans cannot be divided into biologically distinct subcategories”; and it “challenges the traditional concept of different races of humans as biologically separate and distinct. This is validated by many decades of research.” In other words, “race itself is a social construct,” with no biological basis.

        In 2014, more than 130 leading population geneticists condemned the idea that genetic differences account for the economic, political, social and behavioral diversity around the world. In fact, said a 2018 article in Scientific American, there is a “broad scientific consensus that when it comes to genes there is just as much diversity within racial and ethnic groups as there is across them.” And the Human Genome Project has confirmed that the genomes found around the globe are 99.9 percent identical in every person. Hence, the very idea of different “races” is nonsense.

        • Nonsense. Yeah, I share 99+% of my DNA with every person in the world – and I also share 99+% of my DNA with the rest of the great apes. I share almost 90% of my DNA with the rest of the mammals on earth.

          If you’ve ever thought a Pekingese or Pomeranian puppy was cute, you’re just as racist as anyone who see races among men.

        • As far as I’ve always been concerned, there is only one race. The Human Race.

          Although 45+ years of watching sci-fi has also broadened my horizons.

        • So if Dacian says ” In other words, “race itself is a social construct,” with no biological basis.”, than this must also be true:

          In other words, “racism itself is a social construct,” with no biological basis.

        • Why am I not surprised that the same people that are always pushing for “diversity” are the same ones saying that race and gender are social constructs. The only thing they’re consistent about is being inconsistent.

        • It’s a crap term that tries to include everyone from the Pacific islands, but fails. And, nothing anywhere makes mention of the people found in the Americas. There is Australian aborigine roots in South America, there are Pacific Islander roots in South and Central America, as well as West Coast American Indians. There are a couple hints of Black African blood in Mexico and Central America. Lots of Mongoloid or Asian blood in all the Native Americans, North, South, and Central Americas. Basically, everyone came here at some time or another, before the White Man arrived.

    • she isn’t claiming racism. She is basically claiming she is a protected class (religion) that was discriminated against.

      racism and protected class discrimination are two different things

        • There its still discrimination of/towards a protected class and not racism. The actual merit of her case is she is claiming she is a protected class due to her religion. She throws racism into it to make it sound more severe and tug on the emotional heart strings to ride the wave of current society sensitivity to ‘racism’.

          There was no racism, its not racists for a publicly accessible business to refuse service to someone because of the way they are dressed if they are dressed in such a manner as to violate a ‘dress code’ for enjoyment of the services offered by a publicly accessible business. We see this all the time, for example “no shirt no shoes no service’ businesses.

          If it was intentionally done, its discrimination against a protected class if a publicly accessible business refuses service based on religion.

          Can racism be a basis for discrimination happening? Yes it can, but no racism happened here.

          It was specifically her ‘hijab’ not her, this was made clear to her and she even keeps coming back to having to remove the ‘hijab’ to shoot and if she had do0ne that she would have been able to shoot. She was offered a suitable substitution, one allowed by her religion and she refused it. It was clearly that she refused to meet the dress code. When they tried to accommodate her and her ‘religion’ she refused the accommodation. I don’t see any discrimination here actually, and not a hint of racism either. All a business needs to do is accommodate and they tried to do that and she refused. Yet despite her refusal and being a intentionally difficult customer the gun store still further tried to accommodate her by offering the simulator.

          Racism (in terms of people); A belief in distinct human races, and that they have different inherent attributes or abilities, and generally that some are superior and others inferior.

          Discrimination (in terms of people); The distinct treatment of an individual or group to their disadvantage; treatment or consideration based on class or category rather than individual merit; partiality; prejudice; bigotry. The act of making unjustified distinctions between human beings based on the groups, classes, or other categories to which they are perceived to belong. People may be discriminated on the basis of race, gender, age, religion, or sexual orientation, as well as other categories.

          A publicly accessible business has a legal right to refuse service based upon the way someone is dressed if there is a ‘dress code’ in place as a requirement to use the business services. They do no have a legal right to discriminate based upon on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin in public accommodations. The law also prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities when it comes to employment, transportation, and public accommodations. Places of public accommodation include stores, theaters, restaurants, hotels, daycare centers, gas stations, and doctors’ offices – and by extension ‘sometimes’ (but not always) other types of business that provide or have services for the public.

  8. I am looking forward to the day when harassment lawsuits are tossed out and the filing party fined heavily for this kind of B.S.
    That is not the only gun range in the KC metropolitan area. She should find a range that doesn’t care as much about the safety of their clientele.

  9. I’ve seen ranges around here tell normal ‘murican ladies they need solid shoes and less plunging neckline to use the range. These guys say they have appropriate clothes there to lend. The places i have seen do not, and the women have to go home and change.

    • My home range lets you shoot with an low cut or open blouse so the twins can jog, so long as the shooter agrees to single loaded magazines or a non-ejecting firearm (pistol or long arm). Non compliance results in the immediate ejection from the range… most shooters take the t-shirt and ballcap option that is offered. No loose fitting hijabs are allowed unless they are Mn. hands-free phone compliant. ( Yes, state law allows you to use headgear to count as hands free as long as you can demonstrate that it holds the phone to your ear securely).

  10. Not my problem. I don’t patronize public ranges. I have my own range on my property and NOBODY gets to shoot there without my permission. And mean NOBODY. I don’t give damn what somebody else’s opinion or complaint is.

  11. So make them sign a release and let them wear whatever they want. If they get burned so what. Inshallah.

    • “If they get burned…” Yes, Darwin’s Award available to all. HOWEVER–this doesn’t relieve the problem of the danger to those around her. Usually the victim of the hot-brass dance tends to be innocent bystanders. Maybe they should make the hijab wearer rent the entire range so they can close it to other shooters, that way she can practice AND wear her preferred headgear, and not endanger others. Methinks she won’t take that offer either.

      • Exactly. Someone wearing in appropriate clothing to a gun range is most likely a novice, and I’m guessing more than a few innocent range goers have been negligently shot by someone in another lane doing the hot brass dance and sweeping them

  12. The owner of the range should go to their mosque and refuse to remove his shoes. Then sue for discrimination.

  13. I get what the complaint is about here. But the fact is that the HIJAB is NOT a religious requirement in Islam, but is a matter of personal choice, any more than the BURKAH is. All that is required is that the hair remains covered and there is MODESTY in dress for both MEN and WOMEN. 90% of the application of suppose Islamic dress codes is about tribal tradition and the interpretation of sex obsessed and illiterate old men Old Men. Most complaints of this nature are nothing more than an attempt at extortion or to make some kind on political point or even to avoid security measures.
    Like BORIS JOHNSON [the UK Prime mInister] said,’ if any man or woman want’s to walk around looking like a letter box that’s their own business’

  14. It sounds as though the business offered to make reasonable accommodations and does indeed have a valid safety concern. I do believe many of us had had the pleasure of meeting a hot piece of brass or two. But when I got to the point that said the person complaining had seen an on-line review from another Muslim with a complaint, I really didn’t have to read any further.

    Technically the business is privately owned. As far as I am concerned, they can allow or deny services to anyone they choose. Including me. I then have the option of spending my money elsewhere.

  15. Any news site that publishes an article where they quote C.A.I.R and then fail to note they are an unindicted co-conspirator in Hamas funding (Hamas is a terrorist organization) is a Leftist slanted and therefore completely untrustworthy source.

    There is plenty of info about CAIR online though you will find nothing on most legacy media, which says more about them than the terrorist supporters at CAIR, but one source is:

    • My thoughts exactly. As soon as I saw that she’d reached out to CAIR her claim instantly lost any shred of legitimacy in my book

      • Reached out? I always thought the ‘reach out and touch someone’ jingle referred to high powered rifles with real range. I think the term in common usage today is ‘sniper rifle’.

  16. I frequent Frontier Justice often and can tell you that their commitment to safety is as they claim. I’ve seen folks of all stripes there and have NEVER observed anything as described. As mentioned above, I think these are folks who were hunting for a lawsuit. Sort of like some disabled folks who make a living going from one small business to another looking for any ADA infraction that they can find.

    • LOL at ADA. I’m far less agile than I’d like to be. I’ve actually used some of those ADA access ramps, to avoid awkward steps and such. But, I can’t imagine actually filing suit because I can’t easily get into a building. There’s always a competitor nearby, I’ll just take my money where I can get in.

      Odd thing about access ramps – you invariably have to take extra steps to get to them. For that reason, if I’m feeling especially bad, and I know the steps are awkward, I’ll park close to the ramp, instead of close to the door.

      Now that I’ve typed that all out, I suspect pictures would help to understand it . . .

  17. I have had the hot brass expeience. Came out of a uniform shirt in a hurry. brass went down the back of the collar. If the womans headgear was loose, the same could happen and possibly endanger others. If other suitable clothing options were provided, what would be the problem? Just someone looking for a deep pocket lottery win.

    • Deep pockets ? If all ranges are like the one I’m a member of, receipts are way down due to lack of ammo available…. I doubt that the owners are making out like bandits

  18. Islam is an intolerant supremacist faith. It’s no wonder its adherents expect exclusive privileges denied to others.

  19. Sadly, thanks to Debbie W and her fellow big government progressives, the rights of free association, freedom of contract, and basic property rights are null and void in the USA today.
    Yet again we see how diversity does not work and how open borders have destroyed America. All immigration is bad.

  20. As with the LGBTQXYZ crowd during the past couple decades, equal treatment isn’t the goal here, but special treatment.
    The range should be filing a counter suit to recover legal expenses.

    • May I help you? That LGBTblahblah acronym is properly pronounced ‘likbutt’. All other letters are silent, so you don’t need to type any of them. Likbutt will be understood, even by those who claim to be offended.

      • I was kinda hoping that ‘thing’ would have lunged over the counter towards the clerk and gotten whatever-the-hell-it-is shot in the process…

        • I just love the way that he wants to fight like a man and talks about it while demanding to be called “Ma’am” because he’s not a man.

          I wouldn’t have been able not to bust out laughing if I saw this IRL.

      • I wonder what would happen if the cops were called, and they show up and ask this ‘it’ “Can you tell us what’s going on sir?”


  21. I lived in the middle east for a few years. They are all animals. They dont belong here and they dont have any business with guns. They kill because allah tells them to, and because they enjoy it. They should not be allowed to infect a civilized society.

  22. They should have to take them off to drive a car, I regularly dodge Muslim women in Dearborn who cannot see where they are driving.

  23. Gotta love having to spend money to defend yourself from people fishing for free money……disgusting.

  24. Shooting range rules are for safety & apply equally to everyone, for everyone’s safety.
    To demand exclusion from the rules, on religious grounds, is baseless, dangerous to others & and unreasonable on it’s face.
    This is a sue happy person that went looking for an excuse to file a lawsuit, based on an attempt to violate standard safety rules.

  25. Why do people from what is often called the most IN-tolerant religion demand others be tolerant of their antiquated ideas? These are the ones that search our soldiers gear looking for bibles.

  26. Need to pressure wash the range with some bacon grease fat soap! Make it nice and clean! Smell good too!

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