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For some reason, FPSRussia breaks character to answer YouTubers Q&A. To say it’s jarring to hear Kyle speak in his normal (gently Southern) accent would be like saying Barbara Palvin is kinda cute. [Note to Kyle: Disney doesn’t let actors remove their costumes in front of the public. Ever.] Despite claiming he’s got the best job at the world, Kyle/Dimitri’s chafing at the bit, creatively speaking. He says he wants to do “behind the scenes” videos. In other words, he wants to be a reality TV star. He also aspires to be the Dear Abbey of guns. [Note to Kyle: racking a pump shotgun may not send burglars running.] This video shows Kyle’s affinity with Nutnfancy, if you know what I mean. Shark jumped?

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  1. This video shows Kyle’s affinity with Nutnfancy, if you know what I mean.

    The video wasn’t 6 hours long, so no, I don’t know what you mean.

  2. Clearly his idea for the channel was good, as evidenced by its popularity. I think he blew it by not hiring an actual Russian to play the character though. Obviously HE wanted to be famous though so that wouldn’t work.

    • His channel was originally videogame gameplay with commentary in a Russian accent. It didn’t matter what he looked like, because we never saw him. Yes I was a nerdy subscriber way back then.

      The channel seems to have transformed into what it is now by happenstance. I remember he posted a few gun videos to break up the videogame monotony, and those really propelled him into the spotlight. But I don’t think that it was planned at all.

      • “Russian Accent”

        really ? really ?
        like Sean Connery’s Russian accent in Red October
        total failure

      • Yeah, people forget that FPS is for First Person Shooter. Games like Doom, Quake, Battlefield, Half-Life and the like are called FPS games.

  3. FPS Russia didn’t jump the shark just now….in fact, he was *always* on the far side of the shark.

    • it didn’t jump the shark. It stuffed a pound of Tannerite down the shark’s throat and hit it with a .50BMG from a half mile away using a Soviet made antimateriel rifle.

    • If someone breaks into your home while you are there, he aint there for the TV. If you surprise a petty thief with a sound effect of racking a shotgun and he runs away, he probably would have run away if you just offered him a beer.

  4. He’s been doing his non-Russian voice for a while on his other show, PKA (Painkiller Already).

  5. It’s a good, honest video. I don’t begrudge the “racking the shotgun” thing (not that I would do that). I appreciate FPS’ honesty, although his safety can be spotty. I’ve definitely enjoyed some of his videos.

  6. Hey that was a pretty good American accent for a Russkie. Damn Russkies have moles everywhere. Georgia USA. Right ! More like Georgia USSR. Oh and btw, would like to see the video of his interview with the cops after his manager got wacked. Or did he?????

  7. Maybe he can tell me how to make the hammer cocking noise with a glock like they do in the movies.

  8. I think the phrase “jumped the shark” has itself jumped the shark. Generally it just means a hokey gimmick, but it really means one that’s so hokey as to destroy whatever credibility and value the underlying thing had, by making a mockery of itself. Well.

    That stupid episode was in what, about season four or five of “HappyDays”, when they went out to California? The show ran very successfully for another five or six years beyond that season. So its post-shark period alone was much longer than most shows run in total.

    Somebody must’ve still been watching and pleased with the product, in addition to buying all of those lunch boxes and board games, despite its sharkiness. Yet, its become fashionable to deride that success as being, well, unsuccessful. Its silliness.

    As for FPS Russia, I only ever first heard of him after it was already widely speculated that his shtick was an act. So it always sounded like a cocktail party Yakov Sminoff impression to me. Things got real once a dead body made the scene, though. So I don’t know what the hell they’re into or up to.

  9. Kyle’s been a bit rudderless since Keith Ratliff was murdered and the ATF raided Kyle. Maybe he needs to reinvent himself.

  10. I find fps mildly amusing. I don’t think his faux Russian is that bad. And I know some real Russians. But then I’m not his target audience(I’m old). My favorite is the automatic shotgun. I don’t quite understand his appeal though…

    • Honestly – I think Kyle serves as surrogate bigger than life big brother type for an entire generation of boys who have been raised without fathers in feminized suburban environments where gun ownership is deemed an anathema and, hence, never really experienced shooting except, of course, in videos games. It’s why they flock to his channel in what seems like millions. I sometimes wish he would be a little bit safer, but, I think, he probably does a lot to increase firearms knowledge and interest in the younger generation.

      Although older, Hickok45 has a similar appeal. Although, they’re usually looking for a grandpa. I always get a kick when Hickock is doing, say, an WWII era gun and says “this is what I carried” and these kids – raised in irony free zones – are like, “Wow, you must be 90 years old!”

      It is hard to underestimate the effect that a guy like Hickok and, yes, FPS are going to have long term. I think more than a few future shooters will be able to point back to them as the starting point on their journey to becoming armed Americans.

  11. Good gun porn…entertaining, with a little extra value maybe. At least it’s not another boring gun blog…:)

  12. I like his channel but have always been a annoyed by the lack of safety gear. He has the potential to inspire tons of new gun owners, but he should be demonstrating how to Safely have fun. That said, in his last couple that i have see he was actually wearing ear protection, so i guess that’s a start.

    • Speaking of inspiring new gun owners…

      If TTAG authors and contributors refrained from sexist and mysogynistic remarks, it would:

      * further the cause of the 2nd Amendment by creating a welcoming atmosphere for women, millenials, etc.
      * help bury the stereotype of gun owners being exclusively OFWGs

      The reference to Barbara Palvin is unnecessary.

        • Humor is subjective… and as a tech-savvy 30 something, I think the links to models just make the TTAG writers look like they desperately need to get laid.

          Whether you think it’s in bad taste or not it’s unnecessary and unprofessional.

        • @Michael – I am not a prude. In fact, as a geeky con goer, I’ve probably seen things that would make a number of regular posters on here pass out.

          What I /am/ is professional and unbiased. There is a reason why the Wal Street journal doesn’t include random pictures of hotties in serious articles. If I have to explain why to you, then there’s nothing else I can say here.

        • @CRZ If this were just an entertainment blog, I would agree with you.

          The problem is that this blog is front and center in the fight for our 2nd amendment rights. As such, I think our right to keep and bear arms and the effort to keep our communications classy towards that end is more important than a short chuckle.

          • T Bear…Chill Bro! It’s going to be alright. Do I come here to look at sexy women? No man. Does the occasional outside link to a supermodel distract from the point the article was trying to make? I can’t imagine how. Does this site cater to TheBear? Thankfully not. Does this site cater to me? Unfortunately not, but that’s the way it is dude. Enjoy the girls or better yet just chuckle at the joke that was made by mentioning the gorgeous woman and continue reading. She was not the focal point of the article. Don’t make her out to be. Was that line and picture necessary? Absolutely not but these articles are not tech manuals. Good Grief you must be the most boring person on the face of the Earth.

        • I hear you man…

          But I didn’t start a comment bitching about it. I just responded to those who mentioned it. 🙂

  13. I tend to see Kyle and his FPSRussia character a little differently. FPSKyle used to be a COD commentator back in the early days of video games on youtube. He also had several impressions that he would do while commentating videos. One of the more popular ones was FPSRussia. Kyle saw the success of this character and decided to spin it off to another one of his hobbies to make some money to supplement his FPSKyle channel. Eventually, he left the COD scene but his FPSRussia channel was still doing well so he kept it going.

    The way I see it, Kyle is a really good business man and just likes making money. The character served as a source of income so he kept with it. Anybody who didn’t know he wasn’t really russian never read the comment section of his videos or listened to Painkiller Already (his podcast, mentioned elsewhere in the comments)

  14. “He says he wants to do “behind the scenes” videos. In other words, he wants to be a reality TV star. He also aspires to be the Dear Abbey of guns.”

    I don’t see it that way at all. He has a massive audience. There is a lot of work that goes into planning and shooting the videos he produces. Why not take that cutting room floor footage and make something from it. First it drives more views, which puts more money in his pocket. Second, it’s a low cost solution to adding more content. Third, it further engages his audience in discussion of the episodes. I think his Q&A was the right thing to do. Watch his channel really take off this fall.

  15. “This video shows Kyle’s affinity with Nutnfancy, if you know what I mean. Shark jumped?”

    “He says he wants to do “behind the scenes” videos. In other words, he wants to be a reality TV star. He also aspires to be the Dear Abbey of guns.”

    Please don’t shit in the pool Robert.

    • He rarely uses hearing protection.

      I think that’s about it, but yeah, RF never misses a chance to trash the guy. Should give it a rest IMO.

  16. HEY! TTAG keeps telling us not to give the anit’s ammo but isn’t that what R. Farago is doing with this petty infighting? Kyle does a good job making an entertaining channel that get loads of views. And no, he’s not perfect. He’s shown that on camera. I doth think someone protests too much. Covetous much?

    • So do a lot of other readers. The irony of course is that RF made and entire post complaining about how he isn’t able to get any good dates with women while simultaneously not having the self awareness to recognize what a creeper he looks like with the model links on here.

  17. Nutnfancy reference;

    I don’t understand the Nutn’ hate, he is clearly doing something right and he fills his niche quite well. Jeff Quinn has never met a royalties check he didn’t like, Hickok has his range, militaryarms doesn’t own a weed-wacker (watch recent video), Nutn’ covers every aspect of something and seems to care about his audience. I listen to his hour long epochs while I do my gun cleaning, he has mastered boring blabby but informative nerveless.

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