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Our man ShootingTheBull410 ripped RIP ammo a new one. Using proper FBI protocol, STB410 refuted the company’s claims for the round and concluded “this isn’t all that impressive.” FPSRussia’s latest video uses a different gel and has a different take. “This is a very, very deadly self-defense round,” FPS opines, once again inflicting his painfully pathetic Russian accent on unsuspecting Millenials. Even assuming Kyle doesn’t get a commission from G2 (or free ammo), even assuming the ammo maker didn’t prepare the faux Russian’s ballistic gel, FPS does his viewers an extreme disservice by pretending to know what the hell he’s talking about. Will someone please tell Kyle to please go back to simply shooting stuff with big guns?

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    • I think they just showed camera shots from both sides there. I’m not very impressed with penetration of 3.5 cleaned out chickens. I’d expect most legit self defense rounds to do significantly more damage with more penetration than that.

      And the ballistics gel results looked consistent with ShootingTheBull410’s, IIRC. They just came to different conclusions based on the performance. And I agree with STB410 — 4″ of penetration for those “trocars” is worthless. 4″ of penetration in ballistics gel is equivalent to like 0″ to 1″ of penetration in a real body. Over 3″ of gel is the equivalent of just penetrating human skin. As STB demonstrated, you can penetrate 3″ of ballistic gel just by poking it with your dang finger. That’s why the FBI wants 12″-18″ penetration in gel. Yeah, you don’t have to penetrate that much in a body to get to vital organs but ballistics gel isn’t a body, it’s a consistent analogue. If those trocars can’t make it 12″ in gel they probably aren’t going to make it to anything important in a bad guy either.

  1. Fps Russia is out of north Georgia, and so is Dixie ammo dump, who I think is responsible for the ammo.

  2. Leave FPSRussia alone. If lying about firearms were a criminal offense, 75% of gun shop customers and range visitors would be in jail.

    So what, FPS lied about RIP ammo on his youtube channel. Im more worried about the counter jockey at Gander Mountain telling a woman she can’t handle anything bigger then .38 Special.

      • Yep, talking down on the .38 is about as bad as talking about what a woman ‘can handle.’ Especially if you start talking about a good 38+p defensive.

    • Would you let your mother who’s never fired a gun before start with a j frame 38 special revolver? I know I wouldn’t, so I guess I disagree? I believe the reverse, I wouldn’t want a girl to shoot anything smaller than a 9mm. I forget where I was going, but unless its a full size revolver 38 isn’t easy to shoot. Tiny 9’s are much easier to shoot accurately.

      • In my 47 years of experience with firearms, having tested many different types of firearms and ammo I have found that the .38 Spcl out of a 4″ bbl to be equal to a 9mm out of a 5″ bbl, and superior to a compact or subcompact 9mm with a 4″ or shorter bbl. With today’s newly designed bullets, a +P.38 Spcl 2½” to 4″ bbl revolver is superior to a 9mm 4″ or shorter barrel .
        Not being a sexist pig, many women find it difficult to manipulate a slide on a semi-automatic and a DA/SA J-Frame .38 is easier to handle. My wife carries a 3″bbl K-Frame revolver, and heaven help you if she fires on you!

    • Don’t forget about thinking semi autos are too complicated for women and new shooter.

      I mean there’s a trigger, slide lock, and mag release to figure out. That’s one whole thing more to operate than a revolver.

  3. Watching watermelons get shot up is always fun, but I’m not that impressed with the round–I watched with the sound off so I could see the ballistics without having to listen to his patter. The petals that shear off seem unlikely to do any real damage in most cases, and having them separate means that the main projectile will do much less (in the video, it basically behaved like ball ammo after losing the petals). I’d rather shoot a hp that will carve a bigger channel through 14 inches of gel than these rounds, which produced some small shrapnel with little penetration and one small round with a small wound channel and over-penetration.

  4. I find FPS entertaining. The auto shotgun video is a favorite. I DON’T take him seriously. EVERYTHING I see on YOUTUBE I take with a grain of salt.
    Millennials? I’m just an old fart 60year old baby boomer. I find TNOUTDOORS ( spelling?) pretty ammo informative.

    • I love TNOutdoors9’s videos. Unfortunately he’s been ill lately (he almost died from H1N1, hopefully his recovery is going well). I’ve been watching a lot of the Shootingthebull videos, but I haven’t seen much from him lately. The internet need more people like these two, because nobody else takes the time to make sure everything is tested in such a controlled environment (which makes comparisons very difficult).

    • You never know when the chickens want revenge for McNuggets and KFC.

      The watermelons have me stumped.

      • I have a serious issue with watermelon shooters. I love watermelon. It seems such a waste to use food for targets.

        • I guess I am old-fashioned like that too. I can’t stand to see food wasted (except for science).

        • This is why 3rd world countries hate us…

          We shoot food with guns and poop in water.

        • If R Lee Ermey thinks ‘melons are the enemy, who am I to judge? He’s a USMC honorary GySgt and I’m a mere has-been cavalry/armor SFC/PSG.

        • ROHC, one of my buddies put it this way. We Americans do things backwards. We eat outdoors and sh!t indoors..

  5. I feel fairly certain that no serious person is using FPS Russia as a source of information about ammo selection (or anything else).

    What’s next, is someone going to gripe about CarniK con’s dubious testing protocols and absurd conclusions?

    • Actually, he personally gave me advice about my first pistol, my Smith & Wesson M&P9c. Its a great gun, & my everyday carry piece, and he does his research when it comes to the guns he talks about, so he kinda does know what he’s talking about, & he has his own gun brand too.

      • And when my poor Mittens was stuck in a tree, FPS Russia personally climbed up it to rescue her. The guy’s not just an expert, he’s…*sniff*… he’s a hero.

        Anecdotal evidence sure is fun, ain’t it?

  6. ShootingTheBull410 is wrong on this one. You can clearly see the razor sharp teeth on the bullets. Know what else has razor sharp teeth? Sharks. Now I have never heard anyone say sharks are mediocre or “not good for self-defense”.

    Think of the G2 RIP as a mini-shark that you shoot at your enemies. Because it is essentialy a small shark made of copper going 400 meters per second, know how fast a shark goes? Significantly slower. So in all respects this is actually better than throwing a shark at someone.

    I even made a visual aid:

    Note the teeth and movement. The G2 has air disturbance lines which means it goes faster.

  7. RIP ammo … simply another clever marketing ploy to treat Projectile Dysfunction. I guess for a Male Enhancement product, it might make one feel a little better.

  8. if you want to look like someone who has premeditated murder on their minds if you happen to go to court over a self-defense shooting, this is the ammo for you

  9. The shark analogy is utterly stupid and irrelevant. For a self defense round to do what it’s supposed to do, it needs velocity, but it needs energy to properly expand, penetrate and create a nasty wound channel and hopefully CNS shock. The energy comes from the bullet moving real fast (velocity), and expansion happens when the bullet meets resistance (target). The key is, that to retain maximum energy, it must retain maximum mass. So, I’m not real confident in a bullet that loses half of it’s mass the moment it hits it’s target, even if those sharp pieces create their own little wound channels. Sure, you could get lucky, but I wouldn’t stake my life on it.

    • But it is a supersonic shark made out of metal and you have 13-20 of them per magazine. Say that once out-loud and you too will be a believer.

      it is scientistically proven that supersonic metal sharks are superior to any conventional bullets, Including cop-killers (you aren’t going to be shooting cops so they are inefficent).

      • @lolinski Please Please Please tell me you are on youtube! Your posts are very educational/funny you could make great videos!

        • Sadly I am not on Youtube.

          I have a good voice, but have a speech impediment which makes everything sound garbled. I would rather not use a synthesizer (though I could do a good Daft Punk impression).

          Besides I would need a bunch of material.

  10. Due to recent political events, FPSRussia will be changing his name to FPSUkraine. Солідарність!

  11. I enjoy FPS too… But yeah, have to say his whole fake-Russian-schtick thing doesn’t really lend itself well to serious ballistics testing. Kinda like trying to take someone seriously in a gorilla suit or something. Just be the gorilla bro.

    • Ever think that Kyle is a real Russian who has been here so long that he is losing a lot of his accent and picking up a southern one? ( 🙂 ) for those who can’t spot sarcasm.

  12. Whats with all the haterade on G2 RIP? If I am ever attacked by chickens or watermelons on a bench, this is precisely the right load for me.

  13. FPS Russia is making a LOT, a whole, whole lot of money, in YouTube Adsense revenue, he surely does not need to try to be a shill for a brand of ammo.

    Agree with RF: he needs to stick with purely entertaining videos, that’s his niche and he should remain there.

    I’d like to see more machine guns and blowing stuff up (safely, of course).

  14. I’m more worries about other stuff too, mainly why my back is so lit up this morning

  15. Is FPS’ shilling for G2 really any worse than any number
    of “professional” magazines that give every POS that
    appears in their mag 5 stars?

  16. I was in the super market the other, and I stopped by the poultry stand to pick up a whole chicken. The first one I picket up had this nasty hole going in one side, and when I turned it around there was this chunk of copper right on the edge by the skin, It had a couple of petals flared out and………………………….You don’t suppose ???

  17. I just cannot understand why Robert is carrying this grudge. It should be beneath him, but it’s like C.J.Grisham getting under Michael Yon’s skin.

  18. The major flaw in this test is shooting from too close to the target. He needs to back up to give that bullet a chance to really get some speed up and those buzz saws to be spinning when they hit a chicken.

    FPS evidently lost his access to cool weapons and is not going to be blowing up stuff for money. Maybe this is why his videos are so bland and he has teamed up with the pawn shop guys? Ya Think?

    • He teams up with RatedRR for the slow-motion, he buys Clearballistics gel to try and surf a bit on tnoutdoors9 who is arguably the more popular – if temporary – youtube gunny to ever use them… Something tells me he’s desperate for attention, so he tries all the cool visual tricks he can find.

      But nothing can fix stupid, he’s still Kyle Myers from GA, with a fake Russian accent for no other reason than trying to sound cool to the CoD-Kiddies. A stereotypical, fake Russian accent at that.

      I already suspected he was becoming a sellout when he did the quad-rotor promotional bullshit for CoD Black Ops II, then the death of his friend and the ATF raid happened. He’s trying to keep his head above surface, but he has truly jumped the shark by making completely FALSE claims; this time, G2 RIP is a “viable” self-defense round? Man, what the fuck does he know about -anything-? What’s the next wacky claim? What a waste of a POTG. He was a lot more interesting and informative in 2011.

      The only reason he continues is his army of unwavering, low-information fanboys. Just read the comments, you won’t have any trouble finding anyone defending blindly his statements and opinions as if they were fact and gospel. Ctrl+f “kevin bailey” or “how much people will moan” and the absolute retardation of his comment when one is aware, SEVERAL MONTHS IN ADVANCE, of ShootingTheBull’s video about G2 RIP. There are people like him dime a dozen.

      Once again, what a waste. If only, if ONLY he didn’t do something so stupid as this video. I wish he was more like hickok45, or tnoutdoors9, someone who’s informative, more defending of the 2nd Amendment, someone who’s a real public figure for gun owners in the US… instead of someone impersonating a character from a nationality that is soon going to run out of popularity.

  19. I’ll stick to Federal HST, Speer Gold Dots, Remington Golden Sabers, Winchester T-series (bonded) basically anything but this stuff in my Glock 19 EDC. God forbid any of us end up in a DGU, and have to explain to a jury why we had our weapon loaded with this overpriced Star Trek crap. Stay safe y’all.

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